Phoenix, AZ | Musical Instrument Museum – MIM (TRAVEL GUIDE) | Episode# 12

Hipfig travel channel offers DIY travel
video guides for more than 25 cities in Asia, US, and Canada. If you like this
video then subscribe, give us a thumbs up or a comment. Welcome to this episode of Higfig Travel Guide series on Phoenix Arizona, USA. Did you know that the
musical instrument museum is the number one attraction in Phoenix according to
Trip Advisor? In this episode we’re going to feature the musical instrument museum
or MIM Travel Guide. We’ll share our own experiences and provide tips for your
time at the musical instrument museum in Phoenix. Watch this episode till the end
to get the most out of this MIM travel guide. The Phoenix MIM is located at 4725 East Mayo Boulevard Phoenix Arizona you can get to the MIM in Phoenix by the
Valley Metro bus route number 44 exit bus 44 at Tatum Boulevard and Mayo
Boulevard bus stop walk on Tatum Boulevard to Mayo Boulevard
and you will see the MIM at the corner it will be a 10-minute walk from the bus
stop to the MIM in Phoenix. For information about Valley Metro buses
check out our Phoenix public transport travel guide on or hipfig
travel channel on youtube. We had a rental car so we drove to the musical
instruments museum. We took AZ 101 loop north to North Caden Boulevard in
Phoenix we took exit 31 from AZ 101 loop north
and made a right on North Tatum Boulevard when you get to Mayo Boulevard
make a right you’ll see the MIM at the corner on the left side of Mayo
Boulevard. You will see the sign for the musical instrument on tatum boulevard
after you get off the freeway. If you’re driving we suggest using your GPS from
your location to the MIM in Phoenix Arizona. We followed the signs to the
parking lot. Parking at the MIM is free the MIM is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m. daily. It’s closed on Thanksgiving Day and open on Christmas Day from 10:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. From the parking lot we followed the signs to the main entrance. ticket prices will vary depending on the options you choose. You can purchase
tickets online or when you arrive at the ticket counter. When we visited in 2019
general admission one-day tickets started at $20.00 per adult. Afree
orientation tour is available with your general ticket. Amuseum docent will
guide you through the MIM to see, hear, and travel the world through music. No
reservation is necessary and the tour will take 30 to 45 minutes. Orientation
tours are every Monday and Friday at 2 p.m. or every Saturday and Sunday at 11
a.m. and at 2 p.m.. What makes this the number one attraction in Phoenix? The
MIM has a large collection of instruments on display from 200 plus
countries and territories of the world. The MIM brings these instruments to
life through technology that enables visitors to see and hear these
instruments in their original cultural settings which is awesome. The 13,600
plus instruments and artifacts were acquired in the geographic and cultural
regions of origin. Iwasn’t really expecting too much but what a delightful
and engaging surprise the MIM is! Once we purchased our tickets we got a
Sennheiser guideport compact receiver with headphones which are automated
audio guides with highaudio quality we took the escalator up to the second
floor where the geographic galleries are located. The Mim’s instrument collection
is presented in geographic sections that focus on five major world regions. There
are so many instruments from all over the world which we had no idea existed and
the accompanying video displays and the music recordings are very impressive. The guideport provides the correct soundtrack for videos and
more at the 300 plus sites around the museum. Hidden identifiers are installed
at exhibits that cue the audio guides to automatically play the correct
soundtrack. This feature really enhanced our time at the Museum. We started in the
Asia and Oceania gallery. This gallery features countries and island groups
from all over Asia including Oceania and the caucuses. We continue to the other
galleries the Africa and Middle East gallery, the Europe gallery, the Latin
American gallery, the United States and Canada gallery. We continued our visit
downstairs to another section called the mechanical music gallery. This section
features automatic machines instruments from the 19th and 20th century which
automatically play themselves. They also visited the artist gallery which
features instruments and artifacts from popular musicians from different musical
styles and eras. We saw musicians like Elvis Presley, Clara Rockmore, Ravi
Shankar, and many others from around the world. We are also able to watch
technicians maintain and preserve instruments at the conservation lab
through a large viewing window. We ended our visit at the MIM at the experience
gallery. Here we could have hands-on experience banging gongs and trying to
play a Burmese harp. There is also a stem gallery which is new. The MIM also has
rotating special exhibits and concerts available for an additional fee.
Please check online or at the ticket counter. Hey here’s a tip, the food in the
cafe is pretty good and it’s a good place to have a snack or lunch and to
rest your feet. You’ll be walking and standing a lot so wear comfortable shoes.
We spent almost half a day there and that was not enough time to explore
everything. The MIM is highly recommended for the whole family. Happy Travels! Go to for more information
Go to our hipfig travel channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for
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