‘Pose’ Stars MJ Rodriguez & Indya Moore on Cis Actors Portraying Trans Characters | MTV News

‘Pose’ Stars MJ Rodriguez & Indya Moore on Cis Actors Portraying Trans Characters | MTV News

– Gender is a social
construct but so is race, and that still doesn’t make it okay for white women to play Asian women. Still doesn’t make it okay for cis people to play trans people. It’s not like you’re doing us a favor because you’re flicking your nose, essentially at an entire
demographic of people who are telling you we
are not okay with this. And we are more than capable of not only telling our own stories but
telling stories in general. – If this is a way to
challenge yourself as an actor then I think you should let us challenge and play some cis roles. We’ve been asking for
it for a very long time. It’s something that we
have always been able to do because we understand the
experience of a woman. I’ve played cis roles before. But I haven’t played that many. I’ve wanted to play more
and I haven’t played them to a demographic that is higher up or to a demographic that is widespread. I haven’t gotten the chance to do that. And if someone can do
that and play our roles then I think it should
be allotted to us to play the roles that we know we’re
more comfortable with as well. – I mean, what is a cis role? You know what I mean, like
what we are conceptualizing as cis roles is like just
somebody playing a role and telling a story that has nothing to do with their gender being dissected. I think we just want to like tell stories that aren’t always specifically about our experience as trans people. We want to tell stories that
really investigate what it is to be a human being and
have those human experiences with love, with family,
but Pose is different in that it investigates it through the gaze of our experience and also family and love
and what that is for us because of the way cis
people influence it. (light music)

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  1. I knew it was hard for trans and gays but this made me understand even more. I absolutely love this show and I hope they keep this show on for years to come.

  2. Mj can't play cis roles coz she don't pass. And Indya says "what is a cis role?" Then what is cis woman? It's just a woman, it's just a role.

  3. This came up in my recommended and I just wanna say that 1) gender is not simply a social construct, 2) race is for sure not a social construct and 3) please don’t wear jewellery like that in an interview, the sound from them is very annoying

  4. My sister put me on this show, we would watch it together , I got to know the characters , and really enjoyed the show , I'm a straight man , not bi, not curious , none of that shit , just very comfortable with my sexuality. I like them in these settings honestly, but when we get to throwing them in the mix with regular women and letting them play women roles is gonna be confusing , not for guys like me , but younger kids. How to explain , oh nah that's not a real woman , that's a man , …kids ain't gonna know what to think . Only way it should be cool is if before the movie or show they should have a note stating that these are men playing as such and such role or character , then I think that would be totally cool, but to just throw them in the mix and not let nobody know , kinda cruel ..lol. because you honestly couldn't tell that they are men so why do that ? Anyway , I love the show..haven't seen season 2 yet, waiting for it to drop on Netflix

  5. Mh…I don't know. Sure, everything is correct what they say. But to my mind, an actor should play any role that the director wants him or her to play. A male actor can play a woman, if it makes sense for the play. A Trans woman can play a cis-male, if it makes sense in the play.For the sake of the freedom of theater I would say that a white man who plays a black manned vice versa is just ok. and if it helps the audience to understand, he plays a different ethnicity he of course could paint himself. I would not call it black facing because intention makes it different. I know, I know….shitstorm ahead. But theater is more than the first dimension of understanding and seeing things.

  6. They're phenomenal actors! I think they convey their emotions more in those roles in Pose because of who they are and what they have experienced. I really do forget sometimes that they really are not biologically women because of how great their acting is. You can't get that kind of emotion out of someone who hasn't experienced that. The show is great and there are definitely so many stories to tell that are actually worth investing in than some regular white dude from a suburban neighborhood, ya know?

  7. I hate the term cis there is no such thing we are women period stop adding subs to our name to make you feel more comfortable. And let me be clear I am not degrading trans woman I just hate this whole made up terminology to fit others narrative.

  8. POSE is my new favourite show. I can't remember watching another TV show that made me feel so many feelings.

  9. I love these ladies. I was cracking up at how Indya talks with her hands a lot so all her jewelry was clicking and clacking while she was talking. Kinda adorable.

  10. I really love POSE and lovely stars of POSE!
    It's embarassing but I actually never thought about trans women until watch POSE but POSE made me know about trans women facing hardships I never tried to imagine.
    And I could find things I can relate to in all characters' personality.
    I really pleasure to know this series.
    Now Japan, I live in is sadly divided between cis women and trans women.
    In Japan, the stupid idea that men are superior to women is still remains and women are opressend but a lot of people don't think that "women" isn't including only cis women but also trans women.
    I'm thinking about what can I do to we unite.

  11. Cis people? Sounds like a disease. Why can’t you just say women? And the only way to ensure the right person plays the right role is having control over the project to keep it honest. It’s one of the reasons that Pose is successful in conveying a story.

  12. I don’t see an issue with cis people playing trans people and vise versa, as long as the character is played well. I for sure think Hollywood should do a better job with representing the LGBTQ+ community and other minority groups and ethnicities, but if a German guy were to portray a Irish guy I would not have an issue with that. Also, the the character from the Ghost in the Shell franchise was never specified to be a specific race, even the creator said so himself, so I’m not sure why everyone acts like the live action adaptation was completely white washed when the main character never had a specific race/ ethnicity to begin with🤷‍♂️

  13. I Just want to tell storys that aren’t always spesificly about our experience as transpeople.
    I totally agree, as long as actors who aren’t trans are allowed to tell stories about transpeople.
    But if you advocate a segregated acting comminty like you have to be this and this to play this and this. That is what you gonna get.
    I think as actors you should be able to act like something you are not I real life.
    Gay playing straight, straight playing gay. Trans playing a woman, woman playing trans.

  14. I love Indyas jewellery, but it did sound like white noise lol. And MJ we love you, dont talk about yourself as being lower than another demographic, your not people who make you feel that way aren't worth shit. X

  15. I agree with the fact that trans people should be able to play ANY role, but I'm going to have to say I believe vice versa as well. If you're binary you honestly should not particularly care who plays what role as long as YOUR "construct" isn't discriminated against.
    That argument I totally support. Roles should be universal. Period.
    I like MJ😊

  16. Both my faves speaking facts and calling out the BS while looking flawless. I have no choice but to STAN. I love a set of fellow educated & fashionable women (trans or cis doesn’t matter). Give them & other trans actors/actresses the ability to “challenge themselves as actors” by playing more mainstream cis roles if the cis can play trans to “challenge themselves as actors”.

  17. I hope in my life time their is a day where tans can play a role as women, not as a transgender. Because they have the skill they dedicated themselves to play these roles. I amm episode 3-4 in pose. My friend whom is gay recommended it to me. I am happy my best friend has a family that supports him. I think if he did not, he would not be the most independent 20 year old i ever met with so many creative talents, Seriously a jack of trades. Nonetheless discriminated in our classes, i cry when i watch pose and i can only think of my friends inner struggle.

  18. Indya Moore is a fucking TREASURE. Their mouth is a fountain of wisdom from which intellect flows generously into the world. I’m forever indebted to them for using their platform to educate me and others on issues that I as a white cis woman do not suffer from.

  19. I think the actor that can portray their role best should be able to play it. And if it isn't okay for white women to play Asian women and cis people to play trans people then why is it okay for a non-white person to play the role of a originally white character? Seems hypocritical to me

  20. Honestly i am so happy that in a long time black and brown people finally can have centre stage in LGBTQ TV shows. I may never see a show that made me feel included ever again but I will cherish these moments. Also what was said in the video is really true. I want a movie about Black kids just being kids or other minorities having a character outside their struggle. Same goes for LGBTQ actresses and Actors. They should get a chance to play a character going to space or being a super hero (example in Titans ) 2020 will be our year for minorities.

  21. Devil's advocate here but (I might get eaten alive….)
    : Confused as why they can and want to play more cis roles meanwhile asking "what is a cis role!?" as if cis sexuality is less than. In my opinion they're fighting for a world were their sexuality is no more special or odd than the majority. They don't appreciate people playing transgendered roles but they want to continue to play cis roles? Isn't that a double standard? Or are there no double standards if you are living an "alternative" life style? I understand celebrating pain, growth and overcoming hardship and wanting that perspective to be shared by someone who lived it but the double standard is strong. As a black woman I don't play white roles and wouldn't want a white woman playing a black role. It goes both ways.

  22. India Moore is a pig who attacked and tried to rob a Trump supporter, then tried to play the victim. Watch for yourself https://youtu.be/Kv-f2dlpy0g

  23. I didn’t want this show to end it was so good😘 I didn’t even look at these women as nothing else but freaking awesome. Xx

  24. Ok fine. I’ll ask. Can someone please define “cis” for me? Sorry for my ignorance. I tried context clues while they were speaking, so I guess third grade was a complete waste of time.

    Love Pose by the way!

  25. MJ has a beauty about her that is like other worldly 🥰🤩 her eyes are just so captivating and I love her voice 💖 and she plays blanka so well in the show, only just found pose a couple of days ago and I'm already thru the season how long till season 2!!!!!

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