Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

98 thoughts on “Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

  1. Too bad you cannot make these in the oven because if you try to without a grill they won't come out right. I think.

  2. So I got a vege spiral maker. It makes bigger boreholes – can stuff more goodies into those spuds.And then deep fry the spirals . Yes I can feel my arteries hardening as I speak. Cold bottles of beer wash that right out , right? 😅
    And ohh yeah , slather on the sour cream. Can you say "salivate"??

  3. That was looking really good until they broke out that can of SPAM. Do you know the old question about "does a chicken have lips?" If they did, they would be in SPAM. At the 12:00 mark I couldn't help but wonder how many carbs were on that plate. But they sure did look good.

  4. If you have S.I.V. (males) sand in your vagina please dont attempt to eat, give your potato bomb to Ellen DeGeneres, charity,

  5. Yummy will make these when the weather warms up in Victoria Australia 😄😄 thankyou for sharing your recipe,they look awesome 😘😘

  6. Wowww 👍😁 BTW JUST Have To Ask.WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE Utensil. FOR Making The Hole IN THE MIDDLE! 👍👍

  7. Saw these on pbs too! Hollowed out , they called them volcanos- they stuff the hole with a mixture of cheddar cheese and sour cream. Wrapped them up in bacon, and topped them with more shredded cheddar and green onions! Trying these for sure w/ pit boys bbq beer can bacon burgers! Oh boy!

  8. How about a bbq'd grilled hot dog, filled with cheddar down the center of a potato bomb. Sounds relishes too me. I'm a try it!

  9. drinkin Guinness = bonus points. glad I discovered these guys.. so many yummy things to cook on their website!

  10. How come it only takes 12 minutes to cook? Is that healthy? Haha I’m sounding like one of those vegan sissy’s

  11. While these look fantastic, I personally prefer to make twice baked potatoes with personal preference ingredients. You can mix all the potato and ingredients together instead of having just a core of ingredients. But this still looks good. 👍🏻

  12. First time visitor to the BBQ Pit Boys … have a feeling I will return many times. This puts a whole new meaning to 'stuffed potatoes' … must try. Hope it tastes as good as it looks like it might. 😉

  13. next time use a scrub brush on them taters./….. those dont look properly cleaned.
    we dont need the natural black peppa on them bombs!

  14. "I got some spam.. O yea gotta have the spam".. 😆… His friend walks off camera then 4:07 gun shots. Friend comes back and starts loading patato bombs.

  15. Are the plugs wine corks? LOL it's hard to tell. These spuds look totally delicious, can't wait to give 'em a try!!! Thanks!!!

  16. Should put a candle on both ends and light it because just watching this video shortened my life by 2 days….. But dying with a smile on my face. SOOOOO GOOOOD!

  17. These look freaking AMAZING. I do not have a grill (no open fires where I live). Any ideas if these can be made in an electric smoker? If yes, how?

  18. A hungry person always makes a great cook… What else can one do to sodomize a potato ? That was sinful
    now I want one… Sucks I'm on a diet my mouth watering from these country boys.

  19. Hi mr. Bbq pit boy I love watching you cook the simplest things and making it taste and look like the bomb. You are awsome. Please keep it coming. Because of your way of cooking my son is now gaining a lot of weight. He's 6 feet

  20. That's an awful lot of work just to stuff some bad stuff in a baked potato when you can throw it on top later.

  21. For nice idea. If I do it will fill them with cooked lentils, freshlly cutted brown onions and maybe little rice, salt, pepper for taste. Eat it as it is nothing with it. Maybe some parsley, with mint grinded in grinder coarsely and black pepper berries crushed coarsely too in big big amounts mixed into it and generously covered in apple cider vinegar. Some fresh green chilies on bite next to that herbal pepper sauce/salsa. Lemon or lime to squeeze onto potatoes cutted in half. Maximum one spoon of coleslaw with drops of pepper sauce like tabasco. But not a lot to avoid to do not finish whip yourself next morning and afternoon at toilet.

  22. I am from ireland too and saw the "Potato bombs" heading, I thought you were a chip off the old block! They look like a BBQ favourite and that Guinness bottle you were swigging from shows you have irish blood in ya too somewhere. Keep er country brother.

  23. Okay this recipe is just plain silly. I can understand why he did it this way if he ate it like a sandwich whole, but cutting it in half afterwards just killed the point.
    Easier to cook the potato first and then scoop it out and stuff it with whatever you like.

  24. Looks good and probably tastes great. Whomever came up with this concoction kuddos to you. But imho seems to complex. But I am sure they will be a hit at any bbq gathering.

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