Power Paandi (Dum Lagade Aaj) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Dhanush, Rajkiran, Madonna

Power Paandi (Dum Lagade Aaj) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Dhanush, Rajkiran, Madonna

‘I’ve fallen in love with ‘I Love’.’ “I love you.” ‘My heart says, ‘Wow’.’ Pandey, haven’t seen you around
from past two days? I go for jogging at the beach
these days. Alright. Power Pandey,
eat some steamed cakes. I eat only after jogging
and exercise. As you wish. Hello, Master.
– Hello. Thank you for catching
that dope dealer. You’ve earned us a
good name. I’ve only done my duty. Who is he?
He is so strong at this age. His name is ‘Power’ Pandey. He was a great fight-master
in movies. He’s a famous guy
in our area. Pack some mutton for Master.
– Okay. I’ve packed the usual, Master. I’ve also packed liver
and intestines, too. Thank you. Hurry up.
I’ve been waiting for so long. I turned it on the way you said,
but it suddenly got loud! I finished night shift
and just went to sleep, dad. I need to go back to work
in some time now. I’m so sleep deprived. Why did you do like this? You should’ve let him sleep
for some more time. The kids don’t have school, either. ‘Your father has just returned
from a night shift.’ ‘You’ve woke him up!’ ‘He barely gets sleep.
Reduce the volume.’ Let him watch. Grandpa! Children, come here. Punch! Side punch! Varun…
– Dad, some more time, please. You’re always strolling
wearing the headphones. Come down! Don’t play in the mobile.
– Give me five minutes more. Mobile has spoilt you. I’m coming. – So, Varun,
you’re getting scolded at early hours. Why won’t you just study? You’re educated, right?
What did you achieve? Always playing on your iPod! You should run and play!
Your body will become fit. I take my vitamins, sir.
I’m fit enough. In my time, 10-15 of us
would get together and play Kabaddi, volley-ball,
running race, etc. We had fit bodies. I haven’t seen you playing
even cricket! When you hit old age,
you people start off your ‘Back in my time’ speech. Go practice your
‘dishoom’ now. Who do you fight anyway? Go and study. Go. Father-in-law,
here’s the bitter gourd juice. Please take the children out. I can’t handle them on weekends! You’re saying that for two kids? My mother raised six children!
She took care of everyone. I was the youngest of them. Then why did you stop after one son? It’s easy to say. Get ready now.
The breakfast is ready. ‘We’re just not able to have
a second child.’ ‘We have one.’ ‘We’ll just be happy with one child.’ ‘It’s not that.’ ‘When we have many children, if not one, another son
will take care of us.’ ‘My son is not like that.’ ‘He will take such good care
of us, you’ll see.’ Take them away! Let’s go?
– Yes, let’s go! Hello. Is this fight master
‘Power’ Pandey’s house? Yes, sir.
What is the problem? Why does he care if someone
somewhere sells stuff? Your kids? Sweet family. Don’t you want to live in peace? Ask your father not to
do social service. He’s an old man.
Why should he do this? I’ve done my duty now. Ask him to take back his complaint or you’ll be in trouble. Let’s go. Go upstairs and bring
your grandpa, Dhruv. – Yes, dad. What is it? What happened? What have you done today? Fine, don’t just stand there.
Come down soon. You called me, son? What complaint did you file
at the police station? Yes, I did. They’re selling drugs
in our area. I can’t stay quiet about it! Let anybody do anything. Why do you bother?
Just stay out of it. How could I? Children in their formative years
will wreck their lives! Those policemen are
on their side, you know. They’re threatening us
to take back the complaint. What? They threatened us? You have two children, too. If they were to be exposed to drugs,
would you be fine with it? Dad, I’m not interested
in social service. Please retract the case tomorrow. Why are you scolding grandpa?
– Go to your room! Why are you scolding me? Go upstairs, child. Watch it. What do you want from me? Take back your complaint
first thing in the morning. I’m begging you. Please. ‘Instead of studying in the school,
you’re always picking fights.’ ‘He hit me first, dad.’ ‘Your teacher insulted me, asking me not to teach
my cinema fights to my son.’ ‘Sorry, dad.’ ‘How will ‘Sorry’ help?’ ‘Let it go.’ ‘He’s learning from you.’ It won’t be good if he
learns from me, too. Okay. I’ll take back the case. Sign here.
– Get up. Come on. Come on.
– Okay, sir. Go home, sir.
Just mind your business now. Don’t poke your nose
in unnecessary things. Don’t go near the station. Here, you smoke.
Don’t you know? I want some more. So, uncle! Got scared? Look there. You filed a complaint
like a big-shot. You came back to your senses
in just one threat. You’re right.
– What happened? Why are you glaring at me?
Want to fight me? One on one.
It will be fun. Come on. Hit me. ‘Take back your complaint
first thing in the morning.’ You should fear us.
Good you got scared. He’s messing with us
in our area! He has grown old,
but doesn’t listen. He’s gone mad. Dad! You took your complaint back?
– I did. Okay. Why haven’t you gone to sleep? You’ve been working all day. It’s an important file.
I need to submit it in the morning. Master, got yourself a
high dosage? – Stay quiet. Why do you bother doing all this
at this age? Talk about my age again,
I’ll knock your teeth off. You’ll knock my teeth, huh? Are you drinking beer? Do you want to take a sip?
Go ahead. I don’t want to ruin my health. There’s no life without enjoyment. Life means, enjoyment and drinking. You don’t find happiness
at home either. What’s the point of such a life? What’s wrong with my life? He’s given me my own room.
I have full freedom. And two cute grandchildren! What more could one want? Master, you’re living for your
son and grandchildren. You don’t have any excitement
in life other than them. Anyway master,
you are happy. Here he comes. The Hitler. Grandpa, don’t talk to him. You’re the reason my grandpa’s
always getting into trouble. Grandpa, are you coming
with me now or not? Hitler is calling you.
– Get lost. He’ll abuse me more if I sit here.
– You go. He’s confusing you, grandpa!
You come with me. ‘He got scared.’ What is it? He had to submit this important file,
but he’s left it behind at home! You could’ve called him up. He doesn’t answer his phone
while driving, father-in-law. Give it to me, then.
I’ll give it to him. How will you go, father-in-law?
– I’ll take an auto-rickshaw. Is that okay?
– No problem at all! Thank you, father-in-law. Hold on, sir. Wait! Whom do you want to see? I need to give this file to
Manager Rajendra. Please give me your ID card
or you can’t go inside. It’s an important file.
I must give it to him. You can’t see him like that, sir. I’m a stunt master called
‘Power’ Pandey… You’re Pandey sir? Yes.
– Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Please go. Why have you come to office, dad? You left this file behind. Why did you bring it, dad? You said it’s an important file? If not today,
I’d have submitted it tomorrow. Anyway, thanks. How will you get home now?
– I’ll take an auto-rickshaw. Sure?
– Sure! Okay. Get home safe.
– Okay! Sir, this is the security
from downstairs. Your father has been
standing here from a long time. I think he’s unable to find an auto. Could you please take a look? Why are you still standing here, dad? You walked out of work? You can’t find an auto? I’ll manage! I will find one. Fine, I’ll drop you home.
– I’ll be fine. Don’t trouble yourself. Son, aren’t you late for work? Yes, but what can I do? Thank you, Son. The car should’ve been taller. It’s hard to get down. No problem. Drive safe! How do you drive?
Are you blind? Sorry, sir. Who asked you to come to the office? I thought it’s an important…
– That’s my problem. I’d have given it the next day. Why did you come there? I wanted to be of help. Don’t do anything!
Just stay quiet. Just don’t do anything,
that would be a great help. Go away. Listen, don’t take tension. You don’t know. I rammed the car
as I drove in tension. The car got damaged. What if
something had happened to me? Why do you talk like that, son?
– Dad, just go. Please go upstairs. It’s okay, grandpa.
Don’t feel bad. Dear, write it again. Hi, grandpa! Son, I need to talk to you. What’s the matter? Tell me. All this trouble happens
because I’m always home. I’m thinking I’ll get a job. What’s the need for you to work? I don’t need it as you take
very good care of me. I’ve saved up some money, too. I just need something
to pass the time. So, you want to take up a job? I will feel better if I do. This is not your age
to take up a job. Eight! Seven. Six. Five. Four more. Four. One. Relax. Where’s dad?
He’s gone jogging? He woke up at six
and left to the gym for job. He’s started a new drama. Kumar, if you want your body
to be strong and muscular, you must drink porridge
made from finger millet. What millet?
– Finger millet! Finger millet! Mr. Pandey, don’t ask
them to drink millet porridge! Protein shake. We’re selling it right here
at the gym. Okay. If you want to get muscles,
drink protein shake! Okay. It had to come now? Sir, you’re here already? The gym only opens at 6:00. Open up. You won’t see results
if you don’t do it properly. Oh, I’m done. Master, long time no see.
Been busy? What’s up? I’m not jobless like you.
I’ve got work! I know. From a fight master,
you’ve become a gym trainer now? One must work hard to earn a living. That’s a different feeling. You’ve become unfit
because of your iPod. Come join the gym.
I’ll make you fit. I will have to work very hard. I can’t! Two. One. Relax. Relax? Don’t lie, there’s four more left. You should know whom to push,
and how much! He was a thin fellow. You made him do too many reps
and he’s unwell now. He’s been hospitalized. Our job is to make the client strong! No one trains like you do. I shouldn’t have appointed you. I’ve made a mistake. This is not some cinema fight
that anybody can do. Look, you’re crossing a line. You think anyone can do
a cinema fight? Do you want to fight? Stop! What? Fool. I don’t need you or your job. Never speak ill of any trade. Forgive me. He picks a fight everywhere. Who would hire him? I asked him to sit at home. He doesn’t listen to me. He wanted to take up a job.
He ended up fighting. Who will hire him? Tell me. Why do you laugh? Nothing. You said you’d work hard
to earn a living! Now you’re also a wastrel like me. See, Master. Jobs may come and go. This state of joblessness
is perpetual. Are you proud of it? You’re jobless and
you even drink beer. You’re not a trainer anymore.
Stop advising me. I’m in love with a girl, but she won’t even look at me. So, I remember her
and drink beer. You’re depressed about that? How much do you love her? Don’t mock at my love. This is my first love. I message her and she replies, but she says I’m her friend. She talks to me on phone, but still calls me a friend. I ask to meet and she
meets me too, but as a friend. I think she’s friend-zoned me. How do I tell her that I want her
to be my girlfriend? I’ll tell you?
– Yeah! Just tell her. What? Tell her courageously that,
‘I consider you as my girlfriend’. Aren’t you ashamed? I Phones, iPods, PlayStation, Skype, Facetime, chatting, WhatsApp, SMS, what’s the point of all this? You don’t have the guts to
tell a girl you love her! You would have known
if you were in love with someone. How do you know I’ve never
been in love? You mean,
you had a love-marriage? No. Oh! You loved some woman
before your marriage? Yes, my first love. Master, tell me in detail. I’ll tell you some other day. Now my mind is occupied
with ideas for a new job. You’re going to take up
a job again? What job? Wow! I don’t care how you do it, by nightfall,
tell me you’ve killed him. Get the tomatoes,
I’m the don of this area. – Cut! Oh, he’s started. Those dialogues were
not in the script. Idiot. Enough. It will be more better
if you keep it a low angle. Really? Did you understand? Go, go. I was thinking, we could drop the ‘tomato’ dialogue? Gautam, this is your film. I said ‘tomato’ so nicely. How can I say it better than this? Go for the take,
don’t waste my time. Okay, sir.
– Go. Sir.
– Don’t touch. Stay away. Sir, a selfie? You come closer. Who keeps the goons close? Sir, him? No, I want someone mature. The action will be done.
– Okay. Can you say the
dialogues properly, Master? Yes. Get him to learn the dialogues.
– Okay, sir. You’ve got two minutes. You have to say, ‘It is the duty of
this servant to finish the job.’ ‘Boss, whatever you order,
this servant shall do it.’ It’s in interior… It’s set in interior, so you have
to remove the sunglasses? If I take off the glasses,
I won’t look like a star. – What? Even I have to look pleasing. Sir, his sunglasses. He won’t take them off.
What can I do? Idiot. Ready? Ready, Master.
Take! Roll camera… and action! Boss… I… you… Cut! What happened, Master? Sorry, sir. One more take.
– Okay, sure. Master, ready. One more, ready.
– Okay, sir. Roll cameras… guys ready.
Action! Boss, whatever you say…
– Cut! What is going on?
– Master! Sorry, sir.
– It’s a simple dialogue, Master. First time in front of camera
that’s why I’m a little nervous. I will do it, sir.
– Okay. Sir, shall we change the person?
– No, let him do it. He’ll do it. Ready, Master. Come on, do it.
Ready! Ready? Ready. Roll cameras. And action. Boss… Boss…
– Cut it. Gautam, don’t waste my time. Change the artist. Sorry master,
the hero is getting stressed. We’ll do another scene. True. We mustn’t waste time.
– Okay, Master. Thank you. What happened next, grandpa? What happened? I finished my dialogue, in a single
take and the entire set applauded. Very good, grandpa.
– Of course. Your grandpa is not an ordinary man. The director said I must do
a big role in his next movie! Do it, grandpa! But, dear. If grandpa starts acting, the other actors
would feel insecure. If you become a big actor,
I’d show off! Dear, small roles are just boring. Your grandpa is a fighter! Much better.
– Father-in-law, Shakeel wants to talk to you. Tell me, Shakeel.
– ‘There’s a fight scene tomorrow.’ A fight?
– ‘Will you come?’ I’ll be there at 8:00 a.m. ‘Okay, I shall hang up now.’ What’s up with him?
Where did he go so early? Father-in-law… Where are you going so early? I’ve got a fight sequence today. I must go there on time. Master is here. Welcome, Master. Greetings, Master. Master, there. Thank you. Greetings. Greetings, Master. Why does everyone respect
him so much? You’re new here. All the fighters dream of
becoming like him. Greetings, Master.
– Famous actors respect him. Good morning, sir. Sir, ‘Power’ Pandey master is here. Master, I’m sorry. I didn’t notice.
How are you, Master? I’m so glad, Master. Thank you for giving me this chance.
– Oh, come on. I’m so proud to have you
working in my film. I’m happy. Greetings, Master.
– It’s okay. Master, are you ready?
– Yes, I’m ready. Shall we start or you want to rehearse?
– We’ll start. Come on. First, a right miss.
Then a left miss. A leg miss, a front kick miss. A back miss. A right miss, left miss, then a double miss.
– Superb, Master! This is it, right? Okay, Master.
– Superb. Boys, ready.
– We’re ready, sir. Is the camera ready?
– Ready, Master. Ready! Roll camera.
– Rolling. Action! Cut! Master, you were great! Superb, Master!
– We enjoyed it. Well done. Wow! Wonderful! Well done! Superb. Thank you so much, Master!
– You’re doing such a great job. Bless me, Master.
– Don’t do that. Thank you, Master.
– Well done. I’m so happy working with you.
– Thank you. Master, I’ll drop you home.
– I’ll walk home. Come here.
– What, brother? Check if he’s got money. Come on, out with the money
or I’ll hit you. Come on, hurry up.
– Pick up the sack! Out with the money,
your betterment lies in this. Come on, give us the money. Do you want us to fight? I only have only Rs. 50.
– Give it to us. Get going.
– You’re too much. I asked you, but you didn’t give me. He’s baldy.
– Explain it to him. Tell me a fair price. Hey, kid. Come here. What are you studying?
– Twelfth grade. What do you want to be?
– An engineer. My foot! If you buy stuff from these people, you’ll be selling it
with them someday. Are you in love with some girl?
– Yes. Does she love you back?
– No. Why would she? Your parents are toiling hard
to make you study. Study well, become an engineer, marry the girl you love
and live happily. Don’t you want that life? If you want that life,
throw that packet away. Go. If you see you here again… Isn’t he the same old man who complained
about us at the police station? Yeah, boss.
– What is his name? I can’t recall his name. Grandpa, won’t you be quiet? We’re not killing time here. If you lecture our customers,
our business will be under loss. School going boys are
our customers. One day, I spiked the drug in a
chocolate and offered a girl. Grandpa is getting angry!
Fear him or he’ll hit us and fight with us.
Come on, fight with us. Why do you pick trouble
with an old man? Don’t you feel ashamed? Granny, are you his girlfriend? You can come together. Who threw me in the garbage? I’m in the market. Why is everyone
sleeping like little babies? Who’s that? You said you forgot my name. I’m Pandey. ‘Power’ Pandey. Don’t forget my name. Go. Move! Prema! Children, come here. Prema!
– Yes, father-in-law? I’ve got mutton. Cook an elaborate dinner. What’s up, father-in-law?
You look so happy. – I’ll tell you. After so long,
I was in the sets and all the young fighters touched my
feet to seek my blessings. They look up to me with respect. ‘Bullet’ Raju is the Number- 1
stunt master of this time. He took my blessings, too. Come here, kids.
Come on. Do you know how your grandpa
fought today? All in my first take! Everyone around me applauded. You said the same thing yesterday. That was different. Today, they actually did it. So, you lied yesterday? No, this was a fight! Raju, the fighters treated me
like a legend. They made me so emotional. Prema. – Yes, father-in-law.
– After a long time, I’m really hungry. I want to eat to my stomach content. Cook a great meal! ‘I searched this Google
and everything…’ ‘Never found anything
as good as mutton.’ “I’m so happy to see the mutton.” Sir!
– Who is it? I’ve come to take your father
to the police station. A complaint has been
filed against him. Who has filed?
What’s the complaint? He’s beat up 10-15 men
and broken their limbs. They lodged a complaint
against him. Fine, let’s go. What is this?
– My bad luck. Sign here. Sir, what was the need for you
to do all this? Mind your own business.
– He beat up our guys. I’ve admitted them in a hospital. I’ve incurred expenses.
Ask him to compensate. Really, sir! I’ll pay. Tell him to go carefully at night.
– Okay. We’ll work it out later. Hello.
– Okay. I’ve lost all my respect and dignity. So, Master… Heard the police came home
looking for you. The things I didn’t do in my age,
you’re doing at your age! You’re a carefree man. I thought you were some
beefed up body-double for cinema. You actually beat up
those 15 men. This calls for a party. Give me that beer. Beer? No way.
You can’t handle it. I could chug down a bottle
all by myself. Give it to me. You never listen.
Take it. Go easy or it’ll hit you. Give me another.
– Here, take it. What’s wrong with him today? Master, that’s not fruit juice!
It is beer. What’s wrong with him today? Master, enough. Master, be careful. Don’t trip on the staircase. Why did I give him to drink. Master! What dignity have you lost? What is it? What have I done wrong? You took your father for a coward? That I’ll keep my mouth shut,
no matter who does what? I’m brave. A brave-heart! Who are you to question me?
Tell me, who are you? The other day when a cop came, you sent my grandson to fetch me
and then you question me? Why? Couldn’t you come upstairs
to speak to me? Am I your father
or are you mine? The other day, I accidentally
turned the TV volume high, you did so much drama! ‘Oh, he toiled all night!’
And ‘I ruined his sleep’. Did you forget the days
when you were a kid? I used to spend sleepless nights
to bring you up. Who would I complaint about it?
To you? It’s torn from glass-breaking. 17 stitches. For whom? For you. How long should I be patient? Your mother said, ‘He’s our only son.
You are raising a fine boy’. ‘He will have your back someday’. You’re supporting me nicely. Look, I don’t need anyone to back me up. I’ll stand alone. I’m Pandey.
‘Power’ Pandey! Oh, my little ones. Your grandpa lives for you. Where are you taking them?
Stop. Can’t I embrace my grandkids? I don’t have the rights
in this house? Rajender, look. I looked everywhere. I named you as ‘Ramu’
after giving a thorough thought. You gave excuses and changed
it to ‘Rajender.’ Why, Rajender? Not now,
I knew back then that you won’t listen to your father.
You’ll do whatever pleases you. Your mother thought
you’ve got my back! She won’t tell the same today. Wait a minute. I want to talk to you
something important. One moment. We don’t know what to do, but you can do whatever you want. Stay home, go out, beat up people,
get arrested. Want to beat us up?
Go ahead. We won’t question you. We’ll stay quiet. Isn’t that what you want? From now, we’ll do it that way. Only your happiness is important. Where is dad? Upstairs. The kids are asleep? Yes, by eight o’ clock. Has dad eaten?
– No. Since you left in the morning,
he’s been locked up in his room. He hasn’t eaten. Not even dinner? You could have knocked on the door
and given him food. So egoistic. He’ll come around in the morning. Have you given tea to dad? No. He usually comes down by 6:00,
but he’s not opened the door yet. What are you saying? At this age… I am scared. Dad. Open up, dad. I want to talk to you. Please open up. I want to talk to you. Open the door or I’ll enter
with the spare key. Bring the spare key. Please, dad. I’m sorry, okay? Open up. Dad. Dad, please…
– Take this. ‘Dear Rajender,
you are a good son’. ‘You have done a lot for me’. ‘You gave me a room to stay,
and took good care of me’. ‘You gave me two
amazing grandchildren’. ‘You gave me freedom’. ‘I had everything,
but I felt like I was in a prison’. ‘I was your father,
you were my son’. ‘But now you’ve become
the father, and I, the son’. ‘This change is natural.
It had to happen’. ‘But I couldn’t take it’. ‘You’re facing a lot of
problems because of me’. ‘I tried to change,
but I couldn’t’. What will I do now? Why did he do this? He always fights up with
people wherever he goes. What’s happened? I don’t know where he’s gone. I’m scared. What?
– Don’t know if he has any money. Anybody can fool him. He’s very innocent. I don’t know where he has gone
and what’s he going through? ‘I don’t wish to be a burden
to anyone’. ‘In my last days, I want to fly freely
rather than live in your golden cage’. ‘Don’t try to look for me.
I will be happy’. ‘My blessings to my dearest
daughter Premalatha’. ‘Kisses to my dearest babies
Dhruv and Sakshi’. Did you ask his friends? You’re lying. Grandpa hasn’t gone out of town. He ran away from home
because you yelled at him. My friend’s mom told me. Grandpa really has gone to the village.
– Don’t lie, mom. You told me one mustn’t lie. It’s all your fault. Why did you scold grandpa? Isn’t he your father? Would you like it
if I scolded you? Jobless boy, it’s Pandey here. Master, where are you? I’m in some highway. What? You’re great, Master. You do the things people
my age are supposed to do! You come home drunk,
the cops come looking for you. Did you go alone or have you
eloped with some girl? Don’t talk rubbish. I’m safe here. Don’t tell anyone I called. No one must know that
I’m in touch with you. Okay? I wish to hear
my grandchildren’s voice. I’ll stay on the line, you go talk to my grandchildren.
I’ll hear them talk. Don’t get me in trouble. You’ll be fine.
Please do this. I even got you beer, right? Do you want me to work for you now?
Fine, I’ll do it. Hey, Dhruv! The two of us should go
and find grandpa? Keep quiet! What if we get lost? We’re kids. Little ones, why are you quiet?
Why are you staring at me? Look who’s here. Where is your grandpa? Our dad scolded grandpa,
so he left the house. Don’t talk to him. What did I do? Anyway, forget it.
Why are you so upset? You love your grandpa a lot? I like my grandpa
even more than my parents. Not anymore, though. He went away without telling us. I will not talk to him. Don’t feel sad. Old man will be fine
wherever he is. Don’t talk about our
grandpa like that, I’ll knock your teeth out. Get out of here! Fine, don’t get upset.
Sit down. I’m going. Did you hear that? Wherever you are,
just come back home. I do miss my grandchildren, too! I just needed some peace. I’ll just come back to my children
when I’m done. You are looking for peace?
What are you saying? Where are you going? Kaasi or Rameshwaram? Hang up, moron. Have you lodged a complaint? I’ve given them the details. They’ll find him? That’s what they say. He’s withdrawn
his twenty five lakhs. How will he be safe
with so much money? You’re right. Two chapattis.
– Okay. Hello, boss! Eat with us. Come on. You’ve run away from home? Yes, how did you know? Who did you think we are? We’ve all run away from home, too. So, why did you run away
from home? I just didn’t want to burden anyone
in my old days. That’s not a good reason. Gurumurthy, you ran away from home
because your daughter-in-law hit you. This is a much better reason. There should’ve been
an ad in the newspaper. What ad? How long since you left home? About two days. Peter, pass me the newspaper. Here. ‘Missing Person’. See. Oh no. This photo looks funny in
the newspaper. – Hey. Even your photo was published,
I look better than you in it. Your photo belonged in
‘Obituaries’. This is not done. This is nothing. Your son gave an ad requesting
you never to come back home. Where are you going now? I’m just going where
the bike takes me. Will you go wherever
the bike takes you? I want to do something meaningful. Like, soul searching. What’s so meaningful to you? Meaningful to me, was my Pushpa. Who is Pushpa? My first love. You mean, you’re looking for her? I didn’t leave home to look for her. But now that you mention it, I feel like I could go looking for her. At sixty, why do you bother? We don’t even know why we do it,
we’re roaming aimlessly. At least he’s got a purpose. Who is your first lover? Tell us about your love story.
Let’s pass some time. It’s nothing far-out.
Just the usual love story. But those were the
golden days of my life. My Pushpa. ‘We must win this game,
somehow.’ ‘We have to win this round.’ ‘If our team wins,
we’ll be applauded in the village.’ ‘They’re a tough team, man.
We need one solid player.’ ‘Don’t worry. – Where is Pandey?
Doesn’t he know about Kabaddi?’ ‘Bruce Lee film is releasing today.
You’ll find that guy in the theater.’ ‘Pandey can even steal money to
watch the movie. – Hey!’ ‘Get started, man.
– Hold on. Pandey isn’t here yet.’ ‘Will you wait for him to come?’ ‘Get started.’ ‘Is this our home-town, dad?’ ‘Oh, this is your first time!’ ‘Yes, dad.
– Take a good look. That’s our town.’ ‘It’s been five to six years
since you came here, Pushpa?’ ‘They are here.
– It’s a car.’ ‘Welcome.
– Get going!’ ‘They’re not letting the
car come here.’ ‘How are you?
– Welcome. How are you?’ ‘Pushpa, what are you studying?’ ‘Bachelor of Arts, first year.’ ‘She studies well.
So, I thought I’d let her study.’ ‘You could have let me study, dad!’ ‘You have to go to
school regularly, silly girl.’ ‘Stop talking about studies, I’ll get you married.
You start a family. Got it?’ ‘How is the farming coming along?
– Good.’ ‘Hold him.
– Kabaddi.’ ‘Very good.’ ‘Losing from others in our
hometown is so embarrassing.’ ‘Where is Pandey?’ ‘He’ll be here.
Don’t be mad.’ ‘They’ll defeat us before that.’ ‘Shall we go to the
garden tomorrow?’ ‘There’s a sacrifice at the
temple tomorrow.’ ‘We’ll go day after.’ ‘What are we doing today?’ ‘We’ll eat and sleep.’ ‘Then, we will play.’ ‘I am bored of playing
indoor games.’ ‘We used to play
all the time when we were kids.’ ‘What are they playing?’ ‘They’re playing Kabaddi.
Jobless boys.’ ‘They’ll go to every town,
play Kabaddi and pick fights.’ ‘Let’s go watch.’ ‘We’ll be fine.
Who is that new girl?’ ‘Who is coming this way?’ ‘Fatso, don’t you have
any work at home?’ ‘You’ve come here to watch
our macho sport?’ ‘You’re playing a match, right?
How many bulls did you catch?’ ‘You think you’re a brave guy.’ ‘You’ve lost in a silly Kabaddi game
and sitting out here.’ ‘Try to save the honor
of our hometown!’ ‘I will save the honor
of our village.’ ‘Hey!
– Who is this girl?’ ‘Is she from the city?’ ‘Hi, I’m Pushpa.
I’m from Madurai.’ ‘What’s she saying?’ ‘Go play Kabaddi.’ ‘Most of your men are out. Go.’ ‘We’re playing one man short.
Pandey is not here yet.’ ‘Once he’s here,
we’ll send them running.’ ‘Sure. Get going now.’ ‘Such girls are dangerous
for the village. – Go!’ ‘Sweet fellow.’ ‘Who is Pandey?’ ‘You see, he’ll be here.
He plays nicely.’ ‘He got out.’ ‘There’s one guy left.
You celebrate like you’ve won already.’ ‘The game’s over, buddy.’ ‘The game has just begun.’ ‘Pandey is here,
now watch the game!’ ‘I’ll show you the real game now.’ ‘Pandey, very good. Well done.’ ‘Yeah!’ ‘Yeah! We won.
– You defeated everyone.’ ‘Wonderful.
– Great!’ ‘You kept up the dignity of
our village. – Very good.’ ‘Kabaddi.
– Be careful.’ ‘Kabaddi.
– Be careful.’ ‘Kabaddi.
– Don’t let him go.’ ‘Go!’ ‘I threw him.’ ‘There was a fight
inside a room with mirrors.’ ‘It looked terrific!’ ‘He lifts his leg higher
than palm trees!’ ‘Wow. You defeated them.
You played well.’ ‘You always talk to me.
What are you doing here?’ ‘Just like that. – Who is this girl?
Is she from the city?’ ‘She’s come from Madurai.’ ‘I noticed the car
outside your house.’ ‘How are you related?
– My paternal uncle’s daughter.’ ‘Then she’s my cross cousin!’ ‘Don’t joke.’ ‘What’s your name?
– Pushpa.’ ‘You played great Kabaddi.’ ‘Is your name Pushpa?’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘It’s getting dark, Fatso.
Go home.’ ‘Ghost will catch you.’ ‘You go.’ ‘Why do you laugh?’ ‘We know each other since childhood,
so we talk casually.’ ‘We’re sacrificing the goat
at temple! Come for lunch.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘What is it, Priest?’ ‘You’re just standing
there like the goat.’ ‘Who are you looking for?’ ‘I won’t sacrifice the goat.’ ‘I’m looking for the butcher.’ ‘Is there no one else?’ ‘He usually slays the goats
for our temple.’ ‘Pandey!
– Yes?’ ‘The butcher is not here today.
You must sacrifice the goat for us.’ ‘Sure.
– Get the machete.’ ‘Here!’ ‘Oh no!’ ‘Why are you getting scared?’ ‘No, dad. That’s a sin.
I can’t watch it.’ ‘Are you a vegetarian?’ ‘You love to eat non-vegetarian
food, don’t you?’ ‘Then? If you don’t slaughter,
how will you eat?’ ‘It’s a sin.
– Eating it is not a sin?’ ‘Killing it is a sin.’ ‘I’ll go on the other side, then.’ ‘It was fun playing
Kabaddi this time.’ ‘Look, girl from Madurai
is sitting here alone.’ ‘What happened to her?’ ‘So, Miss…’ ‘You were clapping and cheering
for the Kabaddi game.’ ‘Why are you sitting alone now?’ ‘They’re sacrificing a goat there.’ ‘Then let’s not go that way.
Let’s go this way.’ ‘They’ve put up a good movie in the
theater, want to come along?’ ‘No. My mom, dad and uncle
are right there. – So what?’ ‘You go.
– Let them be.’ ‘We both will go together.’ ‘You lost the Kabaddi match,
but want to show heroism to the girl?’ ‘Pandey, are you feeling jealous?’ ‘Winning in Kabaddi
doesn’t make you a hero.’ ‘Go on now.’ ‘Play some girl sport.’ ‘You’ve got no spine.
You’re talking about heroism to me?’ ‘There’s no need for a fight!’ ‘It’ll be fun. Hold this.’ ‘I should have dealt with you there.’ ‘You’re talkers. I’m a doer.’ ‘He broke my nose.
Why are you just watching? Go!’ ‘Pandey is hitting all our men.
Let’s go. Hurry up.’ ‘Come on!’ ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘You may get hurt.
Go to your father.’ ‘It’s alright. This is interesting.
I’ll watch and leave.’ ‘You’re enjoying it, right?
Then keep watching.’ ‘Sinners, when will you come?’ ‘Pandey, we heard you had a brawl.’ ‘What is going on here?
– Even you’re here.’ ‘You called a fellow
townsman to hit me?’ ‘I didn’t call him!’ ‘Is it Gopinath’s son?’ ‘He does this all the time.’ ‘Show me some respect.’ ‘The fight will be over soon.
You get going.’ ‘You want respect?’ ‘I asked you to hit him,
why are you falling on me?’ ‘He thrashed me,
how will I hit him?’ ‘No. You won and I lost.
Go on now.’ ‘Thank you!’ ‘I threw them on the ground.’ ‘You fight just like Bruce Lee.’ ‘Bruce Lee is my hero.
Don’t roam alone out here.’ ‘Don’t tell your relatives
about the fight. They’ll scold you.’ ‘The meat gravy smells great.
Go eat!’ ‘Keep that.
Run along and go play now.’ ‘It’s my turn now.
– Rummy!’ ‘Here.’ ‘Triple A and duplicate.
– Come on.’ ‘How’s that?’ ‘You’ve got all the Jokers.
– You’re right.’ ‘The expense for the feast,
the sacrifice, priest’s fee… father sent
Rs. 750 totally.’ ‘Okay, Pandey.’ ‘Distribute the cards.
– Pandey, come eat a mouthful?’ ‘No, auntie. I’m still full from
the afternoon meal.’ ‘Listen, where are you going?
Come and play with us.’ ‘Am I a kid to play games?’ ‘What’s wrong in that?
She’s asking you to play.’ ‘I do what I please.’ ‘Why should I listen to her?’ ‘She’s ruling over me.’ ‘Where are you off to?’ ‘Pushpa wants to go out.’ ‘At this hour?’ ‘Understand.’ ‘Oh, right.
– Play your card, man.’ ‘Shall we go to the market
tomorrow morning?’ ‘How can we go alone
without elders?’ ‘There’s no thrill in that.’ ‘Listen, what happened to your leg?
– A thorn pricked me.’ ‘How can we go alone in the dark?
Ask him to come with us.’ ‘It’s a good idea.
Watch what I do now.’ ‘Listen, we are going out.
We’re feeling scared to go alone.’ ‘Will you come with us?’ ‘Are you stupid?’ ‘You call a man to keep
watch while you go?’ ‘Take your mother.’ ‘How can I?
– Then take your father.’ ‘Father is playing cards.’ ‘They’re all talking.’ ‘It’s enough if you wait
at the street end.’ ‘She’s requesting you, just come.’ ‘Why are you getting scared? You fought
like a hero in the afternoon.’ ‘I told you not to tell anyone.’ ‘Will you keep a secret
from me?’ ‘No way.’ ‘Yes, she will.
What about it?’ ‘Don’t say that.’ ‘Go on then.’ ‘That’s where women go, not men.’ ‘I’ll wait here.
– Okay, let’s go.’ ‘Pandey, you get into trouble because
of your helpful nature. Be careful.’ ‘Pandey, I’m bored in the village. Will you
take us to the market tomorrow?’ ‘I swear, your dad will kill me.
– I’ll talk to my parents.’ ‘I must go to the
dairy farm tomorrow.’ ‘I’ll tell father.’ ‘She’s calling you,
go with her.’ ‘I’ll feel safe if we go with you.’ ‘Let him be.
I’ll talk to dad.’ ‘It’s okay if you don’t want
to come along.’ ‘I mean, no problem
if you don’t wish to come along.’ ‘No, it’s not like that.’ ‘It’s not like that.’ ‘You want me to come along…’ ‘It’s a snake!’ ‘Why are you scared of snakes?’ ‘This snake is not poisonous. I’m seeing
it for the second time today. Go!’ ‘It’s gone.’ ‘What’s up, buddy?’ ‘You’re wearing a new shirt
and looking like a hero.’ ‘Oh, is it for the city girl?’ ‘Shut it.’ ‘You have fine taste.’ ‘I said, shut it.’ ‘Listen, take her away.
– They’re here.’ ‘Even fatso is coming along.
She’ll talk constantly.’ ‘We’ll go for a movie
after visiting the temple.’ ‘Who is this boy?’ ‘My little brother.’ ‘They said
I have to take him along.’ ‘You have to take him
if he’s come along.’ ‘You must sit next to fatso at the
bus somehow. – You’ll enjoy.’ ‘I understand.’ ‘How much longer for the bus to come?
– It’ll be here.’ ‘Sankarapuram, come on.
Get down.’ ‘Sankarapuram.’ ‘Hurry up.
– What could I do?’ ‘Sir, give me two tickets.’ ‘Pushpa, we’ll eat snacks
in the market.’ ‘It will be fun.’ ‘Will you eat?’ ‘Wonderful scene.’ ‘I need to pee urgently, sister.’ ‘Oh, God.’ ‘How can I take you?
– But I need to, real bad!’ ‘I can’t come with you.
– Take him.’ ‘I can’t watch your brother-in-law
peeing for your love. I won’t go.’ ‘It’s your brother-in-law,
you take him.’ ‘Done?’ ‘Wait.’ ‘Are you done?’ ‘I can’t pee if you shout!’ ‘Did you sleep inside?’ ‘Do you pee so soon?’ ‘Come on.’ ‘He’s ruling over me.
– My grandpa taught this to me.’ ‘Sir, stop. We have to get down.
– Sankarapuram residents, get down.’ ‘Let’s go.’ ‘I’m feeling sleepy, Pushpa.’ ‘I’ll get going.
You come.’ ‘Shall I leave?’ ‘Why are you standing outside?
Come under the umbrella!’ ‘Why are you standing inside?
Come out of the umbrella!’ ‘Getting wet in the rain is fun.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you, too.’ ‘Where are you going?’ ‘Just the temple.’ ‘We’re going back home tomorrow.’ ‘Pack your stuff.’ ‘I thought we had another ten days.
– Some urgent work has come up.’ ‘I need to go to the temple, dad.’ ‘No need. Go inside.’ ‘Go pack the clothes.’ ‘Sister, where are you going?’ ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘What could I do?
I’m studying.’ ‘I must stay at home only.’ ‘When do you plan to get married?’ ‘How would I know?
My parents must decide.’ ‘Gold prices are rising…
– So is my age!’ ‘Just marry your cousin Pandey.’ ‘I can’t marry him,
my father has to fix the marriage.’ ‘I’ll talk to your father.’ ‘Looks like he doesn’t like me.’ ‘We’ll discuss and settle things.’ ‘Fatso, there’s a work.’ ‘What are you doing here
at this hour? What happened?’ ‘Nothing happened.’ ‘Haven’t seen you or your relatives
coming out of the house today?’ ‘Oh, that!’ ‘Pushpa and uncle are all
going back tomorrow.’ ‘I don’t know why they are
leaving suddenly.’ ‘But she said they’ll be here for
two more weeks.’ ‘Who said that? – No, I heard
someone talking about it.’ ‘I don’t know why.’ ‘Uncle suddenly said
they must leave.’ ‘Pushpa has been crying
since morning.’ ‘He won’t let her go out.’ ‘I think there’s something fishy.’ ‘Listen, come in and eat something.’ ‘No, no.’ ‘Did you take the luggage?
– Give it to me.’ ‘I don’t feel good. You’re leaving
so soon. – Put this in the back.’ ‘Bye.
– Bye. Be safe.’ ‘I need to pee, mom.
– Okay, come soon.’ ‘Go and pee there.
– Why there?’ ‘He wants to pee.’ ‘We’re leaving town.’ ‘Okay. Don’t forget me.’ ‘My sister asked me
to give you this.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘My mom will look for me.
I must go.’ ‘Goodbye.’ ‘Pandey, my father suddenly
said we’re leaving.’ ‘They didn’t let me
out of the house.’ ‘I don’t know
how I’ll live without you.’ ‘In all my eighteen years, these past
two days have been my happiest.’ ‘Don’t forget me.’ ‘I’ll finish my studies in two years.
We can get married then.’ ‘Or we will elope.’ ‘Please visit me in Madurai.’ ‘Let’s go inside. – ‘I wish to see you
one last time before I leave.’ ‘I love you so much, Pandey.’ ‘I can’t live without you.’ ‘I’ve written my address
at the back of this letter.’ ‘Come and meet me. Don’t forget me.
I love you.’ I didn’t see Pushpa since. I wrote many letters,
I didn’t get a reply. Life took strange turns. I married the woman
that God chose for me. She died a few years ago. Mr. Power, no one marries
the woman they love. We all end up marrying the woman
that God wishes upon us. Whether it’s the woman we loved,
or the woman God gave us, it’s all the same. Are you going to meet her now? Where will you find her now? I think I’ll find her in Madurai. Why do you laugh? Which century are you living in? Haven’t you heard of Facebook? Mr. Power, tell me your Pushpa’s
father’s name. In two minutes,
I’ll give you details about them. Chandrasekhar.
Pushpa Chandrasekhar. One minute. Here! Your Pushpa. Is this her?
She lives in Hyderabad. She has a granddaughter. Status says single. Looks like she doesn’t have a husband.
– That must be her daughter. Can I go there and meet her? No, no. You can’t just turn up
like that, Mr. Power. You send her a message. Ask her if she’d like to meet. If she says okay, go there. You don’t know
what her life is like now. We can’t disturb that.
– You’re right. I don’t have a phone now.
I must buy one at the town. No problem. Use this. What about you? Let it go.
This phone is such a pain. First, we must create an account
for you on Facebook. Then send her a friend request. She needs to accept it.
– Yes. Then you can message her. Okay. Tell me your full name.
– Prakash Raj Pandey. Age?
– Sixty four. Relationship status? I am single. Great. We need a display picture. Strike a nice smiley pose. Check this out. This is not good. Ready?
– Yes. You’re looking great.
– Wow! Look at this. Isn’t it great?
– Bye! Bye!
– Thank you, bye. “I will fulfill my dream.
I won’t stop anywhere.” “I have decided to win
as God is with me.” “You will show me the way.” “My passion will not decrease.” “O world, listen,
I won’t get disappointed.” “Caravan won’t stop anywhere now.” “Whether near or far, I have to
reach my destination.” “Until I don’t reach my destination,
I won’t rest.” “Listen, O traveler.
Don’t stop anywhere.” My father, the stuntman
‘Power’ Pandey. Sorry, we have no idea. We don’t know.
– Thank you. “Listen, O traveler.
Don’t stop anywhere.” “Listen, O traveler.” “I have to find myself.
O heart, listen to me.” “I have no complaints from life.
I just have to think about my path.” Is my father home? He has been missing for two days. So, I came to ask. No. Even you must be
enduring your father like me. Come tomorrow. Your dad’s gone missing?
– Yes. Did you care for him
when he was here? Now you’re searching for him.
Continue. I’ll escape like this someday.
Then you’ll know my value. You think older people just sit
at home and watch TV shows, drop your kids at school, and be watchmen to your house
when you’re going out? They are bound to run away
from the house. ‘Oh my god, you’re still alive?’ ‘Luckily, I am.’ ‘I’ve come to Hyderabad on work.’ ‘Thought I could come and meet you.’ ‘I would love to.
Please let me know when you’re free.’ ‘Tomorrow at five.
Anywhere you want to meet. Okay?’ ‘I’ll text you the place in a bit.’ Hello? Who is this? Pandey. ‘Power’ Pandey. Master, you’ve got
a new phone number? Where are you? I’m in Hyderabad.
Don’t tell anyone. I won’t.
What are you doing there? Remember I’d mentioned
about my first love? I’ve come to meet her. Master, you’re great. A new chapter of romance in your life? It’s not romance or anything! I just came to meet her. I’m meeting her at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. Go ahead, meet her. Dress nicely and meet her. Don’t turn up with
that long face of yours. What’s wrong with my face? Go look in the mirror! I look handsome. The time is not passing. Yes! You don’t have a single grey hair! We meet after all these years and this is the first thing
you ask me? You’ve never heard of hair dyes? Salt-and-pepper
is the fashion these days! Well, there is salt, but I don’t see any pepper. You had a straight nose.
What happened? I don’t work on a computer.
I’m a fighter! I had a fall during a stunt,
and it just splattered away. How is everyone at home? All good. Now, my life revolves around
my granddaughter. You?
– I have two! A grandson, and a granddaughter. You have two grandchildren? I can hardly believe it. How is Karan? Doing really well. He’s in Dubai.
– Oh! Want to see?
– Show me. Is this Karan? He’s changed so much. What did you expect?
That he’d remain a kid forever? How is Mani? He got married to Poonam
and settled down at Sankarapuram. He’s a farmer now. Really?
– Yes. I heard that you’ve become
a cinema fighter master. I think about you at times. I looked up on Facebook and Twitter,
but I never found you. Why didn’t you reply
to any of my letters? Dad spotted us at the village. He became strict with me. When your letters came,
he used to tear them. I couldn’t do a thing. I cried a lot and went mad. 117 letters in total. Why didn’t you come to Madurai
to find me? I did. I ran away from my home
to see you. I went to the address you gave me.
They told me you’ve shifted town. I couldn’t see you,
or could I go back home. I came to Chennai with a relative. Then I became a fighter,
and then a master. Life took its own course. So… It turned out to be a good thing
that dad tore all those letters. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have
gone to Madurai looking for me. You wouldn’t have gone
from there to Chennai, or become a great Master
in cinema. Understood? Anyway, why did you come to Hyderabad?
A film shoot? I came to see you. Well… Okay, let’s go for a walk. Shall we go?
– Yes. Since we got drenched in the rain,
when you go home… Careful.
– Sorry! Sorry? Are you blind?
– What? She apologized, right? Is this the way you talk to a woman? You bumped into her. Is she a you girl for me to
deliberately bump into her? Hey, talk with respect.
– He’s getting angry. Apologize to her and leave.
– Or what? I’m telling you for your good. Just apologize and get going.
Okay? What if I don’t go?
What will he do? Look… Do you know a good orthopedist? Who is he?
He knocked him in one punch. God! Look, I gave you a warning, right? Are you okay? I’m not okay. He’ll remain like this for a while,
we’ll talk to him later. You go and sit there. Okay. Just go easy on them. Okay?
– Okay! I’m telling you, let’s leave. Sir… We treat women like Goddesses
in our country. Don’t misbehave with them.
– No. Go. Let’s go. Hurry up.
– I sent them flying! What happened? What happened? What’s happening to you?
Tell me, what happened? Tell me.
– I need to take my medicines! Listen, don’t joke with me. Pharmacy.
– What? We need to go to the pharmacy. Hello? Mom, I’m at work.
I’ll call you back. When your parents call,
talk to them! It’s just my mom! I was careless like you,
and I’ve ended up losing my dad. They don’t expect much, just a few kind words,
have you eaten, did you sleep? At least reply to them properly. I’m sorry. Calm down. – I should have
taken better care of him. He was my father. I lost him. Even though he was a fighter,
he’s never raised his hand on me. He took good care of me
since childhood. Even when I was in a foul mood,
he always used to smile at me. After mom died,
he brought me up. He brought up my kids. What did I do with him?
I left him alone. I left him alone. God will never forgive me. I am a sinner. Please Varun, tell us if you know something. Even a small clue would help. I don’t know anything.
He hasn’t spoken to me. My kids are refusing to eat
without their grandfather. The house looks dead. If you know something, say it.
They’ve filed a police complaint. If I come to know
that you did know something, I’ll not spare you. I’m telling you
I don’t know anything. Believe me. You just had your medicines
and recovered now. You already want a cake? I love cake! You look fit, but, you’re also getting old,
Mr. Power Pandey. Getting old? Me?
– Yes! No young man can take me on
even today. Power Pandey. Brave heart! That’s right! What’s with the name?
‘Power’ Pandey? All stunt masters
in cinema need to have an attractive prefix to their names. Otherwise we won’t have an identity! I’m happy you came to see me. I’m happy I came. Look at that!
You speak English really well. My grandchildren taught me. Hello? Yes, tell me.
– ‘Hello?’ ‘Where are you?
When are you getting back?’ I’ll be back in half an hour. What is Pooja doing?
– ‘She’s sleeping.’ ‘Get back before she wakes up.’
– Okay. Bye. Pooja? My granddaughter. My daughter loves me so much,
she named her daughter after me. I have a grandson too. My son never thought about
naming him after me. But he’s a good man.
He’s very responsible, but I think he isn’t
very emotional! What’s your grandson’s name?
– Dhruv! What?
– Dhruv. Dhru… Dhruv.
– Oh, Dhruv! What did I say? Okay, I’ll get going.
Be in touch. Okay? That looks like grandpa. That is grandpa! He’s in Hyderabad? Dad,
I’ve found where grandpa is. ‘What are you doing?’ I was thinking about you.
You?’ ‘I messaged you because
I was thinking about you! ‘What were you thinking about me?’ ‘Everything.’ ‘From Madurai to the present.’ ‘You?
– I was thinking what next.’ ‘Pandey, don’t you know
what next after this?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Do I still have a place
in your heart?’ What is it? Why didn’t you reply? I asked you a very
important question. God! My daughter and granddaughter
are sleeping inside. Are they fast asleep? Go to the terrace.
– Terrace? Just go to the terrace,
I’ll be there. “Since you’re here,
there’s brightness” “Or the lamps were extinguishing.” “I got a reason…”
– Why did you come here now? I asked you a very
important question. Why didn’t you reply? I shouldn’t have given you
my address! Just answer my question. Pandey, we have our own families. We have children
and grandchildren. What kind of talk is this? All of them have their own lives. We need a life for ourselves, right? They are our whole life. Are we their life? Answer me. Are we their whole life? This isn’t important now. This is important. In fact,
this is the most important thing. Pandey, what are you trying to say? Nothing. Whatever it is,
ask me directly. I’m scared…
– Then don’t ask me. Do I still… have a place… in your heart? Answer me. Do I?
– You fool! You always were in my heart,
and you will be! Is that enough? Happy?
Stop smiling. What should I do now? A future for us… Pandey, turn around. Come home tomorrow for lunch. What for? Meet my daughter
and my granddaughter. See what my life is like. After that, we’ll talk it out. Okay? I should go now. My granddaughter
might wake up. Ride back safe. Don’t talk to me. Fine! Then get going. Back in Sankarapuram, I never
knew you were such a big-mouth. Your dad took you away!
– Get lost, old man! Were you in love with him? I was. He’s confused me now!
– And him? He was in love, too. Then I think you guys
should hook up! What are you blabbering? What’s wrong in that, mom? You’re single, he’s single too. You were in love…
– Hey, wait! It is not so easy. It was my first love,
several ages ago! Finding your first love
is the toughest! You’re going to live for just
another ten or twenty years. You can live out the rest of your life
in peace, happily, with each other. I wasn’t fortunate enough
to make it work with my first love! Because of that NRI. But people will talk!
– What people? People from Chennai or Hyderabad? Are you Sridevi
and he’s Kamal Hassan? The papers are going to write about
your love story? Come on, mom! At this age… What do you mean by age? Look, if a girl becomes a widow
at a very young age, what’s wrong if she remarries? Similarly, it is not wrong to
get married at the age of 60. Love doesn’t have age barriers.
Moreover, he’s your first love. Don’t blush thinking about him.
Go to bed now. The groom is coming tomorrow
to see you. Oh, shut it! So cute.
– Go. Don’t think much. In a week’s time,
my husband will take me with him. Then you’ll be on your own. You will need someone. Have you ever shown this level of
interest when cooking for me? You should watch
Pandey eating meat. It’s a beautiful sight!
– Wow. Forgive me, dad. I made a mistake. Please come home, dad. Live as you please.
I won’t say a word. I’ll change myself, dad. Please, dad. Please come home. I’ll listen to everything you say. Without you,
it doesn’t feel like home at all. You were the reason
it felt like home. Please, dad.
Come home with us. Please, dad. You run away from home,
and upload photos on Facebook? Well… it was…
– I put up that photo. Sorry. Sorry… I’m sorry! Both of you, get in the car. We’ll wait in the car, dad. Where are my toys, mom?
– At the back seat. Take them. Aren’t you ashamed?
You ran away from home! This is the second time
I’ve done that, for you. Idiot! What’s with that long face?
I’m right here. You leave now,
we’ll meet later. Take this. I shall leave now.

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