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presents Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita is the immediate God’s Vision. They say that Gita is a Hindu book,
a most significant scripture. I say that it is the Light of Divinity in humanity. They say that the Gita needs an introduction. I say that God truly wants to be introduced by the Gita. Arjuna is the ascending human soul.
Krishna is the descending divine Soul. Finally they meet. The human soul says: “I need you.”
The divine Soul says: “I need you, too. I need you for My self-manifestation.
You need Me for your self-realisation.” Arjuna says: “O, Krishna, You are mine, absolutely mine.” Krishna says: “O, Arjuna, no mine, no thine.
We are the oneness complete, within, without.” The Gita is unique. It is the Scripture of scriptures. Because it has taught the world that the emotion pure, the devotion genuine can easily run abreast with the philosophy solid, the detachment dynamic. There are 18 chapters in the Gita. Each chapter reveals a specific teaching of a particular form of Yoga. Yoga is the secret language of man and God.
‘Yoga’ means ‘union’, the union of the finite with the Infinite,
the union of the form with the Formless. It is Yoga that reveals the supreme secret: man is tomorrow’s God and God is today’s man. Yoga is to be practised for the sake of Truth.
If not, the seeker will be sadly disappointed. Likewise, man’s God-realisation is for the sake of God. Otherwise untold frustration will be man’s
inevitable reward. The Gita is the epitome of the Vedas. It is spontaneous.
It is in a form at once divinised and humanised. It is also the purest milk drawn from the udders of the most illumining Upanishads to feed and nourish the human soul. The Gita demands man’s acceptance of life and reveals the way to achieve the victory of the higher Self over the lower self by the spiritual art of transformation: physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual. The Gita embodies the soul-wisdom,
the heart-love, the mind-knowledge, the vital-dynamism and the body-action. The Gita is an episode in the sixth book of the Mahabharata. ‘Mahabharata’ means ‘Great India’,
‘India the Sublime’. The main story revolves around a giant rivalry between two parties of cousins. Their ancestral kingdom was the apple of discord.
This rivalry came to its close at the end of a great battle called the Battle of Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra is also called ‘dharmakshetra’. ‘Dharma’ means the inner code of life; souful duty;
moral, religious and spiritual law. Poor Arjuna was torn with grief between two equally formidable ideas: he must go to war or he must not. Arjuna’s arguments against war are very plausible
to our human understanding. Sri Krishna read Arjuna’s heart.
Confusion ran riot across Arjuna’s mind. The unmanly sentiment in his Kshatriya blood
he took as his love for mankind. Arjuna for the first time came to learn from Sri Krishna that his human belief concerning life and death
was not founded on truth. He prayed to Sri Krishna for enlightenment. For the first time, the word ‘disciple’ sprang from Arjuna’s lips. Until then, Sri Krishna had been his friend and comrade. Arjuna had to fight the battle of life and not the so-called Battle of Kurukshetra. Strenght he had.
Wisdom he needed. I read the Gita because it is the Eye of God. I sing the Gita because it is the Life of God. I live the Gita because it is the Soul of God. The Gita is Sri Krishna’s Heart, His Vision-in-Fulfilment. The Gita is humanity’s breath,
its journey towards Immortality. If the Avatar Sri Krishna is the most complicated Door, then the Gita, His Song, is the most effective Key. Gita teahes us the purest oneness.
This oneness is the innner oneness. This inner oneness is at the same time
spontaneous and unique. This oneness is beyond the reach of the physical mind. For an earth-bound soul Gita can fruitfully smooth out the teeming problems of human life. For a Heaven-searching soul Gita can awaken
new consciousness for an ever-growing Bliss. Every human being should learn five supreme secrets from Gita: 1. See the Truth.
2. Feel the Truth. 3. Be the Truth.
4. Reveal the Truth.
5. Manifest the Truth. Sri Krishna’s Flute stirs the Universal Consciousness. Sri Krishna’s Gita enchants the Transcendental Consciousness. To know Sri Krishna is to know the Supreme Knowledge. To realize Sri Krishna is to realize the live of everything
in the essence. Arjuna said: – O, Lord, please tell me something about death. – Arjuna, this is a divine battle, so be not afraid of
killing others, nor of being killed yourself. Here is my teaching with regard to death. As a man casts off his worn-out garments and puts on new ones, so also the embodied soul casts off the worn-out body and enters into a new form for manifestation. One who has taken his birth is sure to die, and after death is sure to take birth again. So what need is there for lamentation? – Is there anything that is not killed? – Yes, Arjuna – the soul. The soul cannot be killed. Weapons cannot cleave the soul. Fire cannot
burn the soul. Water cannot drench the soul.
Wind cannot dry the soul. It is everlasting, present everywhere, unchangeable, immovable, and eternally the same. – O, Keshava, my hands still refuse to pick up
the holy bow Gandiva. I don’t understand how I will benefit from this war. – Benefit! Loss! These are irrelevant, o, son of Kunti. I know you don’t want neither Heaven nor Earth.
Hence, Aruna… Go beyond victory and defeat,
loss and gain, happiness and sorrow. Just do your dharma – this is karma-yoga. Devoting all your actions to Me, in complete knowledge of Me, with no desire for profit and giving up up all inertia – fight! Be knowledgeable, Arjuna! Knowledge is the best. Knowledge is the essence of action. Only knowledge frees you from the bondage of temptation. Only knowledge can cross the sea of sin. O, Yogeshwara, if knowledge is excellent why do you
ask me to act and fight in this war? Why not be a sage and avow silence? – O, Arjuna, there are two types of people in this world – the meditators and the doers. The meditators search for God within themselves.
This is Jnana Yoga. The doers try to attain God through action. This is Karma Yoga. But searching for God within is also action.
Life without action is impossible, Arjuna.
The eyes will see, the ears will hear. The man who forcibly suppresses his senses and tries to meditate, is not a jnani, not a yogi but a liar. A real yogi does not suppress the senses, Arjuna,
but controls them giving them a direction
with his awakened mind. Take me for example: I need not do anything
in the three Worlds, there is nothing that I cannot obtain. And yet, I am before you. Doing my duty! I am proving that life can be spent in desireless action. O, Arjuna, you are my disciple and my friend. Hence,
I am giving you this lost knowledge. I revealed it to Surya (the Sun-god), who gave it to Manu, who gave it to his son king Ikshvaku. – But Krishna, Surya is ancient! And you were born
in this age! How could you then give this knowledge
to the Sun-god? – Arjuna, we have both taken many births.
I remember them all but you don’t. In a sense, I am eternal and undestuctible.
The Lord of all living beings.
But through My wondrous power I incarnate myself. O Arjuna, whenever righteousness declines and unrighteouness prevails, Myself I embody and manifest. For the protection of the good and for the destruction of the wicked, and for the establishment of the inner code of life, I come into being from age to age. O, Kaunteya, I am the greatest Truth. The entire Universe revolves around Me. I am the taste in water.
I am the light in the sun and the moon. I am Omkara and the Vedas.
I am the warmth of fire and the life in living beings. I am the penance of sages, the wisdom of the wise,
the lustre of the lustrous, the power of the powerful. I am desire when it is pure. I am in everything and yet, separate. I am the Soul in the heart of every living being. I know everything of the past, the present and the future, but none knows Me! I am the Father of this Universe as also the Mother. I am the Creator and the Destroyer, the Sustainer and the Grandsire, the Witness, the Refuge and
the dearest Friend. I am immportality, and I am also death.
Both spirit and matter are in Me. O, Arjuna, I am the way. I am everything! I don’t love or hate anyone. They are all equal to Me. But those who worship Me with faith, they are in Me
and I am in them. – O, Krishna! I am grateful to You for Your boundless Grace, through which I have recognised the Truth.
Now all my doubts are dispelled. Krishna, I have a supreme desire. – No true desire of yours will remain unfulfilled, Arjuna. Let me know what you want. – My heart cries to see the Universal Form of God in you. – You cannot see It with your present eyes, Arjuna.
For that you need divine vision. – In Your Body, O Krishna, I see all the cosmic gods and numerous hosts of beings. You are the Primal God. You are the Supreme Haven of the Universe. I see Lord Brahma seated on his lotus throne as well as Lord Shiva, all the sages and celestial Nagas (snakes). You are the Ancient Purusha, Who has neither beginning, nor middle, nor end. You are the Knower. You are the Knowable. You are the Supreme Abode. You are Shashanka, the moon god.
You are Prajapati, the grandsire of the Creation. You are Varuna, the sea god. You are Vayu, the wind god. You are Agni, the fire god. O Being of infinite Forms. A thousand times, and again and again,
my salutations to You. Krishna! Be gracious to mel! O, Lord, my heart
is gladdened to see This Universal Form of Yours
but my mind is perturbed by fear. My Lord, bless me and reappear in Your original form. O, Narayana! Forgive me! Forgive me everything I’ve said
without knowing who You really are. I have dishonoured You many times, jesting
as we relaxed or ate together, sometimes alone and sometimes in front of many friends. As a father can forgive his son and a friend
forgives his friend, please forgive me, Lord! – There is no forgiveness between a father and a son, and between friends. The basis of these relationships is love. Arjuna, I am the real path to peace. These who accept Me as the Lord Who is a friend to all, will attain peace. The one who worships Me, meditates on Me with faith, is the Perfect Man, a yogi. He always lives in Me and is not caught up in this world. – Krishna, on different occasions I have asked you
for advice. Every time your advice has strengthened
my heart and fulfilled my purpose. But today is the day for me to ask you
what your supreme advice is. Arjuna, renunciation is the forsaking of selfishness. Therefore if you wish to think, then think only of Me. Oneness with My mind establish. Devote your life to Me. Sacrifice your breath to Me. Abandon all varieties of religion and
just surrender unto Me. In Me alone take refuge. From all sins you I shall liberate. Grieve not. If you do that, I give you My word – you shall, in truth, come to Me. – O, Krishna! To your Will I surrender my life unconditionally. My existence is totally at your disposal. – Arjuna, you are dear to me in my role.
You are dearer to me in my soul.
You are dearest to me in my Goal. In you is my supreme Realisation.
With you is my supreme Manifestation. Therefore just fight and you’ll defeat your enemies. O Arjuna, you can become a mere instrument
in this battle. So pick up your Gandiva and fight! – Take back our chariot, Narayana – and I will fight.
I shall be afraid neither of killing others
nor of being killed by them. Fight I must, and conquer the forces undivine. Everybody is dear to God. But the sweetest and the most intimate relation exists only between a devotee and the Lord. What a devotee needs is the determined strength
of his heart. Once he has achieved it, his self-realisation
will no longer remain a far cry. To understand the truth is one thing.
To believe in it is another. Not to understand the truth is no crime, far from it. But to disbelieve the truth is nothing short
of an unpardonable sin. Sri Krishna is the Wisdom Absolute.
He is the Glory Supreme. His Glory nobody understands. No, not even the gods. Arjuna may not understand Krishna,
but his implicit faith in Krishna speaks for him: “O Krishna, Thou art the Lord of the Lords.
Supreme art Thou. This I believe. Neither the gods nor the demons comprehend
Thy mysterious manifestations. The source of all beings art Thou. Thou art known by Thee alone.” Divine perfection can be founded only on the fertile soil of universal oneness. Serve humanity precisely because Divinity looms large
in humanity. Know Divinity and you will in no time realise
God’s Immortality in you and your Immortality in God.

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