Proyector Casero Para Celular SmartPhone | Cinema en Casa – DIY

Proyector Casero Para Celular SmartPhone | Cinema en Casa – DIY

Hello, to begin we will need a shoebox a large magnifying glass a small magnifying glass scalpel a marker basis for smartphones a black ribbon and cell let us begin we will take the shoe box and one side we will take the magnifying glass big and we will position the front left in the computing center the center of the left and right and a little to the bottom now we take the lead and mark around the edge of the magnifying glass and later with the scalpel make the cut mark ready now taking big magnifying glass and remove the base (handle) and you are viewing the positioned in the cut we just did with the knife and look in position cutting the hole and you’re seeing now with ribbon stick magnifier the edge of the entire box finally, something must stay or similar to what you’re watching you must cover all the holes to prevent light from leaking Now the small magnifying glass (increase or approach approximately twice relative to the other lens) should have good increase bearing in mind the location of the first lens We find the center on top of the box and make a hole width the handle (handle) the second lens (magnifying small size does not matter) Let’s say, we position the magnifying glass at the top from the box Given this let’s make a hole width of the handle (hilt) of the second lens the hole should cover three quarters of the box about front to back to focus images to project cell through the two magnifiers as time and perform the hole – three quarters of the total box at the top, we took the magnifying glass and verify that You can enter the position yourself in front of the first lens here we position You should stay similar to what you’re watching should be positioned at the center the two magnifiers facing each other to focus images yielding cell almost to finish we took two sheets of paper, as you’re watching take two, three or all your consider necessary, they must be of a dark color and positioned in the hole to prevent light from leaking follow the steps in the video again for best results when projecting and make the projector more airtight ready and hermetically sealed box with black ribbon and the paper sheets are located inside the box now we introduce or positioned magnifier within the box to place it facing the first magnifier after making this into a dark and the cell site magnifier move sideways to focus the projected image on the wall or the site where you make the projection remember to be a very dark place and you must position nicely the two magnifiers and with this we have finished our projector the second lens allows you to focus images or increase the projection size depending on the distance to the wall you choose you can now test your projector at home I hope you enjoyed the video, any concerns about the projector you can leave it in the comments answer as soon as possible, successes.

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  1. ► Hola, en la descripción encuentras el enlace al vídeo donde realizamos la prueba, reproduce el vídeo a partir del minuto 7:01 para ver las proyecciones.
    Nota: Solo tiempo después logre captar las imágenes debido a que mi cámara no graba en condiciones de poca luz, por eso solo aparecen imágenes, muchos éxitos.
    ► Hello, in the description you will find the link to the video where we made the test, play the video from 7:01 minutes to see the projections.
    Note: Only after I manage to capture the images because my camera does not record in low light conditions, that's why only images appear, many successes.

  2. हा व्हीडिओ फेकु आहे सारे अंधुक दिसते क्लीअरटी दिसत नाही

  3. ohiga les digo algo el youtuber no tiene que esconder su rostro porque le vi su rostro en la lupa

  4. Amikos no lo hagan no funciona los colores se ven muy pálidos aunque le subas todo el brillo al celular y solo se ve claro a una distancia pequeña así que no se los recomiendo que lo hagan bye

  5. Y luegooooooo?
    Como putas funciona?

    Es como indicar cuáles son los ingredientes para el pastel, lo mezclas todo y no lo cocinas, tons pa que chingados lo haces?

  6. Cuando dice Smartphones muestra unos celulares muy antiguos. Funciona tbn con el Nokia 1100?? 😂😂😂😂

  7. No me gustó al final el vídeo.
    Pero lo correcto sería haberlo probado para ver los resultados, aparte que mas se escuchaba la música que lo que explicaba.

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