Pujarini | পূজারিণী | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Ranjit Mallick, Moon Moon Sen

Pujarini | পূজারিণী | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Ranjit Mallick, Moon Moon Sen

O Goddess! You don’t know. But your mother was in a lot of pain
at the time of your birth. Your mother’s name was Anjali. One day, I woke up early and.. ..went to Dakshineshwar
to pray for Anjali. Then you were born.. ..and Anjali died. Do you know what happened then? I named you Pujo. Anjali died. But she left you.. ..with me forever. Let it be. You’ve done enough. There is no need to study
and show off your knowledge. I don’t care if you’re in college. I don’t care what your
father says or does. You won’t study anymore. If both the girls study,
who will work at home? Since we’re having a lot of guests,
you will have to cook a lot of things. But don’t use that as an excuse
to finish your work.. ..and go to sleep early. The expenses have increased. I won’t be able to deal with
so much expense. Listen to me. You’ll have lunch
after you wash all the clothes. You broke this imported dish! I broke it!
– Who else did? You are lying!
Do you know what I feel like? I want to slap you! What is this? Where did you find this? This is my mom’s necklace. I had it. ‘This is my mom’s necklace. I had it!’ You stole it and now you’re lying! Give it to me! Didn’t you hear me? This is mine. When did you steal it
from my cupboard? Why are you quiet? One, two, three, four.. ..five, six, seven, eight, nine… It’s 10 am already!
I’m really late today. What are you doing? This is called buffet system. Delicious! This is great! Pujo has become a great cook. Why wouldn’t it be delicious? She has been handling the chicken
from a long time. – Chicken! Yes.
– I think mom wants to say kitchen. Right, mom?
– Shut up! If she can’t cook or
do the household chores.. ..who would want to marry her?
– Yes. Nowadays, everyone wants a woman,
who is efficient in household chores. There is a case of murder. You prepare everything regarding it. And the petition we have received.. ..you take care of all the witnesses. Welcome, Kazi Mastan. Have a seat. So, how is your underworld? I wanted something else.. ..but I’m stuck with
something else completely. It doesn’t matter if
I want to enjoy the life.. ..I am surrounded with problems. I… Day after tomorrow is the hearing on
my case regarding the arms. – Yes. But… It will be really difficult to get
your follower released. But there is a solution.
And the solution is… Listen. Ask them to visit me at 8 pm tomorrow. You should visit at 8 pm tomorrow. Bye. The solution is that Nepal’s
old servant.. ..Ramu needs to be accused for this. After his son went astray.. ..Nepal’s dad decided to leave
that pistol to Ramu in his will. No one knows.. ..that Nepal stole that gun, used it
and then left it at the same place. I had suggested him to do that. I asked him to wear gloves, do the
job and to leave the gun there. Your job ends at giving suggestion. But I need to follow the law. I had to work really hard
to ensure the bail. You had to take a lot of trouble. Sir, please accept Rs 5000. Is the petition ready?
– Yes. Get it typed. Let it be. Give him a cup. Get this petition typed.. ..and ask him to give it to
me immediately. – Yes, sir. Kazi Mastan. You are a messiah to the poor. If anyone doesn’t get married,
if anyone doesn’t get a job.. ..if a patient can’t
afford medicines.. ..you provide them with money
and people.. ..to solve their problems. You are like Robin Hood. So, I help you because I like you. Listen, my fee is 60 coins. That is around Rs 1020. Plus Rs 60 for clerks. So, leave Rs 1080 and take
the rest of the money. ‘Dear friend Nikhil..’ ‘..you’ve written to me
after a long time.’ ‘Or are you upset because
your wife left you?’ ‘Anyway, I read your son Arindam’s
articles in our law journal.’ ‘I’ve also heard that he is
a famous lawyer.’ ‘Hence, I have a valid
request to you.’ ‘Send your son Arindam
to Kolkata immediately.’ ‘I will hire him as my junior lawyer.’ ‘Your son is like a son to me.’ Pujo! Pujo! Pujo! Look! An ape is looking at us.. ..from a long time. Disgusting! Don’t say such things. Is Mr. Ghoshal at home? He is fresh from garden! What? Did you say anything?
– No. I was asking something. Where have you come from? I’ve arrived from Katak. My name is Arindam Lahiri. I’ve seen it before. You are like a gem. It’s alright. Have a seat. Your mother died early. Your father has quit practising.
I want to meet him. Dad has sent sweets for you. Sweets! Amazing! I know it’s delicious. He still remembers that I love sweets. That’s great.
I hope you’re living here. No, you will live with me. Munu! Manorama! Listen to me. Ask Pujo to prepare a room for him. He must be tired after his journey.
He shouldn’t have any problems. Go and make arrangements. You must be tired.
Go and get some rest. We have a lot to do at the court
tomorrow. We’ll leave at 10 am. I’ll call you Aru if you don’t mind. Eat it. You must be having so much trouble. You have to work so hard.
Things must be difficult for you. Pujo, give him another piece of fish.
– No, it’s okay. There is no one to
take care of me at home. I lost my mother
when I was very young. My dad, I.. ..and my younger brother Apu,
or Apurba. I helped him get enrolled in
the college before coming here. Ask him to come and visit Kolkata
for a couple of days. – Not at all. He doesn’t like studies. He is always busy with
friends and games. Six. He hits sixes all the time. Is he a great cricket player? Why didn’t you tell us? We are fresh from garden. Get lost! Please forgive me, boss. I will never make this mistake again.
– Won’t you? – Never! You scoundrel! You informed the police about
my wine factories. – No. Police arrested my boys. I incurred a loss worth millions. No! – Now you claim
that you’d never do that. Please forgive me.
I won’t do it again. – Why? Your father.. Won’t he do anything?
– No. Forgive me, boss. – What’s this?
I don’t like it when someone cries. No. Please forgive me.
– He wants me to forgive him. Okay. Let him go. It’s a new place. I don’t think
you could sleep properly. I slept very well due to your
excellent hospitality. You woke up early. It is just the crack of dawn. But the sky is red already. I always wake up early. I never start my day without offering
my prayers to the Sun God. Have you ever ended your day
at the time of dusk? Wow! That’s such a deep thought. How much have you studied? I lost my mother
when I was just a child. That’s it.
– What do you mean? Didn’t your dad pay for
your studies after that? If everyone studies,
who will look after the guests? Don’t say that. You should say that if everyone
studies, who will perform prayers? Stop practising yoga. You do all that just to avoid me
before going to bed. I’m alive because of yoga. You know Arindam did amazing
work for the Behala case. If she did well in Behala case.. ..doesn’t mean he’ll find
the best woman for himself. What do you mean?
– Do I still need to explain? You are so dumb! I won’t be
able to make you understand. I can’t raise a traitor anymore. I’ll have to get her married anyhow. Aru’s dad is your childhood friend. He belongs to the same cast as us. You are right. Pujo and Arindam
will make a nice couple. I was also… Great! You are trying to
ruin your family! I am thinking about Chanchala.. ..but you’re…
I’m warning you! Chanchala will get married first. I will get Chanchala married to Aru. I’ll do that at any cost. What is the time? “Time flows like water.” “If someone doesn’t understand,
I curse them!” “The clock is ticking!” Tell me the time.
– Hey! I have no one. I have only one person. It’s you, Chanchala. Stop it. I hope you understand.. ..that I am going through a bad phase. If I can’t do something.. ..I won’t be able to improve my life. I’m in a mess. Sorry. I’m in a terrible mess.
I have many nice suitors. But I don’t know why I love you. No, I must sound a little more loving. Why did I fall in love with you? That is the question. Yes, tell me, sir. You can’t solve such
an easy mathematical problem! I am teaching you maths
because of your dad’s request. You’re regretting, aren’t you? Forget about all that. Instead, you and I
should love each other. Love is like a mathematical problem. Love! What are you saying Last night, when I was walking
down the corridor.. ..I heard.. ..my parents trying to fix
the date of our wedding. My mom was holding the almanac
and dad was reading. What?
– Don’t worry, sir. Even if the wedding date is fixed.. ..the pre-wedding rituals
aren’t fixed yet. I shouldn’t have agreed to
help you with your studies. I don’t like talking about marriage. I’m going.
– Wait! Don’t you dare to move! Otherwise, I won’t spare you. What’s the matter?
Why don’t you love me? Didn’t you hear me? Start!
– Love! Yes. Love. Soften your voice. Now say after me.
‘Chanchala..’ ‘..I love you a lot.’ Chanchala, I love you a lot. Believe me, Chanchala. Believe me! I really love you. Now repeat after me. ‘Do you know
how many moons are there in the sky?’ What do you mean?
There is only one moon. Are you a lover or an astronomer? Lover. Now repeat after me.
‘How many moons are there in the sky?’ Now repeat after me.
‘How many moons are there in the sky?’ ‘You are the only moon
I have ever dreamt about.’ “O my darling moon!” ‘You are the only moon
I have ever dreamt about.’ Do I need to speak in Hindi
to fall in love? – Yes. O my darling moon! Indraneel! Oh no! Why do these people call
at the wrong time? Disgusting! Fine. You may carry on. Pujo, you should speak in my place. I’ll be right back, my darling sister! How is your student’s
studies going on? What? How are the studies? – Didn’t
you notice how naughty she is? Forget about her. Why didn’t you join us?
I’d promised to teach you. No. I’ve studied enough. What? What will you teach me? Tables? I know. Everything one reads
has to be used for chores. Do you want to study maths? Household things need a lot
of mathematical education. You should pay attention to this. The flower used for worship…
– That’s wrong. Your Honour.. ..and the invisible
members of the jury. Today, I want to bring a case
to the court’s notice. It’s a very important and inevitable.. ..issue of a man and a woman’s lives. Your Honour, just because
the accused looks innocent.. ..don’t even assume that
butter won’t melt in her mouth. Let me tell you. This is a really serious matter. After all, she is my daughter. She is
presenting her argument very well. Of course, it’s amazing. But I still don’t understand
which court this is. She is addressing the
judge in different ways. Where did she find that gown? I gave my gown for a wash. But it didn’t reach the laundry. But the judge, that is aunt,
is sleeping. What’s the use of this argument? One must get answers.
But if no one answers them.. ..what’s the use of answering
asking questions? Your Honour… The accused has fallen in love.
It isn’t a crime to fall in love. But she has fallen in
love with someone.. ..who doesn’t belong to
the same cast and is jobless. We don’t know what he’ll do
in future and where he’ll be. Now if you declare that
the accused is innocent.. ..the accused will be free
as an adult woman.. ..to marry that jobless man.. ..through registered marriage service. Then it’ll be a huge problem! Oh no!
– Why? What’s wrong? We can still think of many sections. We can still carry on, can’t we? Sorry. I’ll send your gown
to the laundry next week. Look! I have a lot of
cases to deal with. You always come up with
such stupid pranks. What would dad have thought?
– I wasn’t joking. Do you know why
I organised that mock trial? Why?
– You didn’t understand. I need to think about my future. Just assume. What if you or I.. ..fall in love with a jobless man,
who doesn’t belong to our caste? What if we are in love? Don’t I need to know how the family
members will react in such a case? You worry about stupid things. Are you really in love
with some useless man? What happened? Answer me! Don’t you remember my special classes? Useless! If anyone can’t find a job
and lives on family money.. ..is useless, indeed. “You useless man!” “I’m in trouble because of you.” “You useless man!” “I’m in trouble because of you.” “You didn’t do anything!
What a rotten luck!” “You just stole my heart.” “You useless man!” “I’m in trouble because of you.” “It’s useless looking for
a job in the classifieds.” “It’s useless looking for
a job in the classifieds.” “Even applications didn’t do the
trick, yet you had to type them.” “You’re really unlucky.” “You useless man!” “I’m in trouble because of you.” “O great writer, no matter how much
you try to find the right verses…” “O great writer, no matter how much
you try to find the right verses..” “..you will be trapped in my love
and fall at my feet.” “What a trouble!” “You useless man!” “I’m in trouble because of you.” “You didn’t do anything!
What a rotten luck!” “You just stole my heart.” “You useless man!” “I’m in trouble because of you.” “You useless man!” “I’m in trouble because of you.” You know my classmate Lina. Her father is a famous industrialist.
I told him about you. He asked you to send an application. I copied your signature
and applied on your behalf. Here is the interview letter
that you’ve got as a reply. Chanchala! Chanchala! It’s no use winning cases, Somen. I’m losing at the home-front. Yes. Pujo! A sari! Have you brought a sari?
Let me see! It’s a beautiful sari. Chanchala! Why did you buy such
an expensive sari? Expensive? Yes, the sari is a little expensive. Chanchala, where are you? Why were you shouting?
– Wait. Beautiful! This sari suits you. Didn’t I tell you that your
father loved you a lot? But I’d brought the sari for Pujo. It’s for Pujo! Why does she need a sari? But Chanchala doesn’t
like to wear saris. So, she wears all Chanchala’s saris. But, mom.. ..if dad has brought the sari
for Pujo, let her wear it. – No! She’ll wear what suits her. This is your sari.
I won’t let Pujo wear it. Mom!
– Stop it! I won’t let her wear it. I won’t let anyone else
have the last say. It’s just an ordinary sari.
Why are you… I know that none of you remember.. ..but I am her father, so I remember. Today is.. ..Pujo’s birthday. Can’t I buy her a sari
on her birthday? I’m going to call my father. I’ll go to my father’s house
with Chanchala. That’s what you’ve been threatening
me with for the last 20 years. Yes, I do that. Don’t you remember how much money
you still owe to my father? I owe your father! You are… I’ve paid all the debts
by marrying a woman like you. Give me that sari back.
I’ll gift it to anyone I wish. Do you mean it? Are you sure? Her birthday! It’s her birthday! Mom! Mom, why did you give birth to me? Why did you ruin
every birthday for me? The sari isn’t torn that much. Won’t you be able to repair it? I want.. ..that on this special day,
that is your birthday.. ..you should wear what
I’ve bought for you. Sit down. Pujo. We are exploiting her so much. And she is tolerating it
because of me. I do feel for her. But… But Chanchala is my daughter, too. Listen, I’ve written
a letter to your father. My wife and I want you to marry
our daughter Chanchala. ‘You have fulfilled my life
by accepting me.’ ‘The moment darkness engulfed
my life, I found freedom.’ ‘I’ve lit the lamp of love
in the temple of my heart.’ ‘To ease the pain of separation,
his face appeared in my heart.’ You like the end of the poetry,
do you? When you can’t enjoy the beginning,
you have to like the end. Beautiful! These flowers seem alive. They seem to be talking. If a Japanese gentleman could.. ..see your art of decorating flowers,
he would marry you. What about a Bengali gentleman? I have a reason not to fight. You know, Somen, I don’t like
to fight in this age. You are already married and… Somen, can you find a good match? Someone, who will accept Pujo
even after knowing the truth! He will love her. What about a Bengali gentleman? Pujo, please help me learn this song.
Day after tomorrow is the function. I have a music competition.
Since, I’ve enrolled for it… Why are you irritating me? I don’t have time. Please, Pujo! My darling sister! Don’t you understand? I’m tired.
Now you want me to sing! Do you think I am a machine?
– Yes, a machine! I need a machine now. “No matter where you stay..” “..I wish you are always happy.” “No matter where you stay..” “..I wish you are always happy.” “No matter where you stay…” “I’ll stay lonely, if you don’t think
of me during your problems.” “I wish you are always happy.” “No matter where you stay…” “If you forget my music..” “..I won’t be angry with you.” “If you forget my music..” “..I won’t be angry with you.” “When you feel
the pain of separation..” “..I won’t ask you to
draw my pictures.” “I wish you are always happy.” “No matter where you stay…” “If my Dollhouse is..” “..broken in a gust of wind…” “If my Dollhouse is..” “..broken in a gust of wind..” “..I will still have the hope
of our reunion..” “..but I won’t ask you to look at me.” “I wish you are always happy.” “No matter where you stay..” “..I wish you are always happy.” I wanted you to sing a song. I didn’t want you to cry. I’ve always wanted to cry alone. Why are you crying with me? Just because I act like a child all
the time, can’t I cry for others? You are really silly. It doesn’t
matter what our parents want. I think about everything. You will get what you deserve. Do you get it, Preeti? – Why Preeti?
You always called me Lata. I used to call that when you were
young and used to move fast. What nonsense do you talk these days? Forget all that. Now listen to me.
– Tell me. Arindam’s dad Nikhil
has answered my letter. Did he? Show me. They want to meet us.
Let’s leave tomorrow. Greetings. Give me the bag. Wow! The house looks beautiful. Sweetie! So cute! Welcome! Satyasindhu!
We are going to be relatives. Welcome. I hope you
had a nice journey. Let me introduce you. He is my
guardian angel. Hara Prasad Bose. He is an expert on several matters. He may look Indian. But he likes
Western culture. – That’s enough! People get older. But why are you exaggerating my age? It’s okay, dear.
Freshen up and eat something. I’ve kept your favourite sweets ready. Tonight, we’ll have chicken.
– Yes! Wonderful! Excuse me. Excuse me. Why were you clicking my
pictures this morning? What’s the problem? People click
their favourite people’s pictures. I can’t delete them.
– Don’t talk rubbish. You know that your wedding is
being fixed with Chanchala. I know. And I also know that
Chanchala loves someone else. I like Chanchala. Then why did you let her
go to your house? That’s because you haven’t
accepted me yet. How could I stop them? No. I am too trivial to have
such high dreams. Why are you insulting me? Insulting you! Did I insult you? My mom isn’t alive.
I’m staying here for my father’s sake. Even my dad is helpless
when it comes to me. I’m sure you’ve realised that.
You should understand. I understand that’s why I love you. You need a real shelter
for your entire life. Come with me. Why? Why did you do this to me?
Answer me! Why? Why did you do this to me? These roses are beautiful flowering! These are flowers, not flowering. Did you hear her?
– Wow! These roses are beautiful flowers. I liked them a lot! They are gorgeous! I loved them, you know! The credit goes to my wife. She said that I created
nuisance all my life. So, she decided to grow flowers
to beautify my life. Anyway, dear, can you stitch and sow? We have many tailors
in our neighbourhood. I see. So, can you sing? We have a radio and
a record player at home. No problem! You’ll be able to
hear from religious songs to disco. But we don’t have such things at home. You should have such things.
As they say.. ..a happy family must
have a gramophone. Why don’t you answer him properly?
– It’s alright. Have you read Ramayana or Mahabharata?
– Yes, I have. Bharata ruled instead of Rama. And in Mahabharata, Draupadi has five
husbands. No matter what you say.. ..I didn’t like it. It’s absurd. Chanchala! Dhritarashtra had 100 sons! Such things don’t work
in this age of family planning. Can you cook?
– I can. The best I can cook is water rice. Rice plus water! I see. What about studies? Education never ends. We can just acquire a few drops
from the ocean. Am I right? Your son eats a lot of vitamins. Listen. Now answer
a few of my questions. Is it about afterlife?
– You don’t need to think that far. What is your zodiac sign? It must be something or the other. Stop it! It’s cancer. What time?
– Twilight. Stop it!
– Gemini. Do you know other stars?
– Yes. Satellite Sputnik. – Stop it! I think she was born by Saturn. No, I am the daughter of
Satyasindhu and Preetilata. I wanted someone,
who could speak her mind. She will keep my son under control.
She has a personality. Pujo! Take these.
– What? I don’t like empty flowerpots.
– Why suddenly? This is not sudden. The decision on
one of my cases were declared today. That’s when I thought about you. Do you mean it? Ask the flowers.
I’m sure they won’t lie. What do you mean?
– Take these flowers. Accept your mistake.
– What mistake? What are you trying to say? I’m trying to say that.. ..you had stopped being formal to me.
– Really? Thank you for your…
– You are being formal again. Do you think I am a problem for you? You are the apple of my eyes. This is good. Welcome. You have become too audacious. A widow and her only daughter… Do you love her?
– No. You tricked her and then
you wanted to run away! – No! I will make arrangements for you. You scoundrel! Sir! Please don’t kill him!
Please spare him. You want me to spare him! No! I’ll tie him up! C’mon, colour her forehead with
your blood and marry her. There you go! Sujata! I was dreaming about Sujata. I am reminded of Sujata,
whenever I see you. Have you read Sujata
written by Subodh Ghosh? Did you read Parineeta by
Sharat Chandra? – Yes. Don’t I remind you of Lalita? Strange! You are dressed as
a worshipper early in the morning? Where are you going? I don’t need to explain
anything to anyone. What do you mean? – I’ve explained
everything to Manorama. You won’t have any problem
before leaving for the court. Do you understand my problems? I didn’t try to understand so far. Now do you understand?
– Absolutely. Where are you going so early
in the morning? I don’t have the time to explain. If you are really concerned about me,
why don’t you come along? Did you read Parineeta by
Sharat Chandra? – Yes. Don’t I remind you of Lalita? What have you done?
– Why? What did you do? We are in a temple! I did the right thing. Will you be able to undo it? Will you be able to undo this? Wow! “You changed when I garlanded you.
You seem different.” “You changed when I garlanded you.
You seem different.” “One glimpse is enough to know that
you and I are ready for each other.” “Now no one can do anything about it.” “You changed when I garlanded you.
You seem different.” “You changed when I garlanded you.” “Dance like Goddess Radha
and I am Lord Krishna.” “Dance like Goddess Radha
and I am Lord Krishna.” “We will decorate our boat,
I’ll row it.” “You and I are ready for each other.” “Now no one can do anything about it.” “You changed when I garlanded you.
You seem different.” “You changed when I garlanded you.” “Your eyes are beautiful like
that of birds.” “Your eyes are beautiful like
that of birds.” “Your eyes are beautiful like
that of birds.” “You look at me with
so much adoration.” “What else can I say about them?” “You and I are ready for each other.” “Now no one can do anything about it.” “You changed when I garlanded you.
You seem different.” “One glimpse is enough to know that
you and I are ready for each other.” “Now no one can do anything about it.” “You changed when I garlanded you.
You seem different.” “You changed when I garlanded you.
You seem different.” “One glimpse is enough to know that
you and I are ready for each other.” “You and I are ready for each other.” “You and I are ready for each other.” What’s wrong with you?
You look really upset. I’ve investigated everything. Your father-in-law is an amazing man.
Very funny! Listen. Arindam is leaving.
– I see. Inform us when you reach.
– God bless you. Tell us how your father is.
He is really worried about Nikhil. Aru, everything regarding
your wedding is decided. We just need to decide the date. If you talk to your father… He is going with a worry. You should leave now,
lest you get stuck on the way. I’m leaving now.
– Bye. – God bless you. Mister, why are you leaving quietly? Did you see her?
I’ve kept something in your bag. Have a look at it when you have time. ‘What did you do?
We are in a temple. What did you do?’ ‘I did the right thing.
– Will you be able to undo it?’ I’m going. See you. Don’t betray my trust. ‘Will you be able to undo it?’ ‘I’ll be waiting for the lawyer
from Katak.’ ‘Yours, Fresh From Garden.’ ‘Am I a problem for you?’ ‘You are the apple of my eye.’ Amol!
– Yes, boss? Did you go to the place I told you?
– Yes. How many bottles did you supply?
– 40 bottles and 8 pouches. Is there anything on credit?
– No. – Give me the cash. Rs 950. Full payment. Very good! Did you take the medicines on time? There is nothing to worry about.
You’ll be fine. Arindam! Even if he recovers.. ..there will be some complications. So, I think you should
consult an expert. You should live in Katak.. ..for a few days.
– I understand. Music and games are good. You will have to study law
so that you could… Working with criminals all day… You know.. ..that I want to become a player,
not a lawyer. – Don’t talk rubbish. Look at dad’s condition. I’ll have to stay here for a few days. And I want to supervise your
law education while I am here. Why are you doing this to me?
– What are you saying? I don’t understand. You had promised to get your son
Arindam married to my daughter Shobha. I didn’t know that Satya would…
– Satya would! Fine. What do you want to do now? What is your final decision? I promised Satya right in front
of you that his daughter… You like her a lot, right? Great! You’ve treated me well
for our long friendship. Your daughter is really talented.
She’ll get married soon. I’ve studied the birth charts. Arindam and Chanchala
don’t make a good match. Both of them have absolutely
different star charts. I don’t know about stars. My word is law. I’ve promised Satya. Now you have to find a good date. I’ve heard that Aru also likes… Just because you are a lawyer,
your word isn’t the law. In fact, it is the other way round.
I can predict the future. Anyway, you aren’t well right now. I won’t excite you anymore. There is God to take
care of everything. If He doesn’t do anything about it,
we will have to do something. We need to take care of good and bad. Good and bad deeds matter. How are you feeling now, dad?
– I’m fine. Listen. I’m sure you know.. ..that Satyasindhu from Kolkata.. ..came here with his daughter. She is a nice woman, but… I also have an issue
regarding marriage. Don’t worry about it right now. You need to recover first.
Then we’ll talk. There is nothing to worry about.
I won’t do anything.. ..that will upset your
childhood friend or you. Did you read these papers? I have, but I want to read again. Excuse me for a minute. Kali, wait. Post this letter.
– Okay. People in Kolkata must be
waiting for me. Don’t wait. Go to the post office.
– Kali, give it to me. I am going towards the post office. I’ll drop it.
– That’s excellent. Strange! It’s been a week. I can’t even
get through to him on phone. Doesn’t he have any sense? He couldn’t even write a letter
in the last seven days? Take it. I couldn’t even get through
to them on phone. Chanchala, did you try? I’ve tried thrice today. I booked an urgent call. An hour ago, the telephone exchange
informed that the line is dead. Dead! Disgusting! How many times do I need
to remind you? – What’s the matter? Didn’t I ask you to inform
the telephone exchange.. ..that the phone was dead?
– What can I do if they don’t visit? I’ve been writing letters to them,
but they aren’t answering. Do me a favour.
– Tell me. Go and send a telegram right now. Right now?
– Yes. It’s night already.
Do you know the postmaster’s house? Yes.
– Go there directly. Give this to him and ask him
to send it tomorrow morning. Where are you going this evening? I hope Nikhil is not in a problem.
– No. I’m going to the market. Arindam needs to send an urgent
telegram to Kolkata early morning. He asked me to give it to the
postmaster, so it reaches tomorrow. I’m going to his house
and then I’ll go to the market. Is it a telegram to Satyasindhu? Give it to me. I’ll send it. Somen, listen to me. Go to Katak tonight. I think there is some problem. It is more than a month now. I think there is something fishy. Otherwise, Arindam
is not so irresponsible. My darling Pujo. I had to gather a lot of courage
to write this letter to you. I hope you find this. It’s strange. I sent so many letters and a telegram.
But I didn’t get a reply. Are you angry with me? Are you feeling separated from me? If I made any mistake that night.. ..it happened due to
the circumstances. I apologise to you again.
Send me a reply to relieve my worry. My dad isn’t well. I’ll come back to Kolkata
as soon as dad is alright. I want to tie a knot with you.. ..and this time it will be for life. I hope you won’t object
to a registered marriage. Yours forever.. ..Arindam. Dad, come here soon!
I’m connected to Katak! Give it to me. What’s the matter?
No one is answering the call. Why would they? No one is at home. There is a huge lock on the door. What?
– I just returned from Katak. There is a lock on Arindam’s door.
No one is at home. A neighbour told me that Arindam’s
father’s condition deteriorated. So, they left from Katak the next day. No one could inform me
when they’d return. What nonsense! Where would we find them? There is no need to find him. I’ll find out
who is responsible for this. No! – I’ve seen many women
shed crocodile tears. Touch the God’s idol
and tell me the truth. What’s the matter? Why are you quiet? Tell me the truth. Then I won’t
punish you. Tell me the truth. Why are you quiet? Tell me the truth. What are you eavesdropping?
Go and get back to work. I don’t like this. I won’t be able to
do anything before dad recovers. There is no need to be impatient. He just had a surgery.
Dr Subramaniam did it. He is the best heart specialist here.. ..in Vellore. He promised that
everything would be fine. Then why are you… This isn’t fair. What is Pujo’s fault? Why is she crying in the prayer room? Have your meal quietly. Your sister has ruined this family. Come here. Get up!
I want to talk to you. Go and sit there. Go! I want to talk to you. Go there! Sit down. Am I a problem for you? No. You are the apple of my eye. What makes you such a fool? He used to sit here and work. If he really loves you.. Why would he run away from you
after doing something of this sort? Why don’t you understand? He wants to get rid of you. He wants to stay away from you. Mom! Quietly. The longer you stay here,
he will never come here. So, I hope you understand that
you will have to leave this house now. Mom! I’ll do whatever you want. I’m ready to consume poison, too. I am ready to kill myself.
I just have one request. I beg of you. Please don’t throw me
out of this house. After what you’ve done to us,
do you think I’d nurture my enemy? I can’t do that.
No matter what the weather is.. ..you will have to leave from here. Where would I go? Please forgive me. Have mercy on me, mom. Forgive you! You want my mercy! You want me to have mercy on you
after what you’ve done! How could you forget.. ..that you had a sister? I have to get her married! Please don’t say that. I will leave right now. I won’t let any harm come
to Chanchala. Never! Then leave right now. There is your suitcase. Come with me. I will open the door for you. Come on. What are you thinking? Preeti doesn’t let you come
to me or sit next to me. I know, dear. But every morning,
we will be together.. ..in this prayer room. What are you waiting for? Come on! Stop it! There is no need to
pretend to respect me. Leave! Let me tell you something
before I leave. Ever since my mother died,
I loved you like my mother. That’s why, you betrayed us. Leave from here! If I have hurt you intentionally.. ..I will be punished for that. Please don’t betray my trust. Come this way. Leave now. Don’t wait. Leave! What are you doing here at this hour?
Why are you still awake? Why did you kick Pujo
out of this house? You shouldn’t have done this.
– Shut up! Don’t tell anyone.. ..whatever you saw or heard. “What a beautiful sari?” “You look like a flower…” Look at her, boss! Where is she going at this hour?
She is gorgeous! Where are you going? She turned away! Let’s go and catch her.
– C’mon! Where would she go?
She is going into that garden. Help! Help! Help!
– I didn’t get.. ..what I wanted. Hey! Do you have the courage
to snatch away what I want? Please let me go! I beg of you! Please let me go!
– I loved someone.. ..and she left me. Now that I’ve found her,
I won’t let her go. I won’t let you go. Wait! You are the lawyer’s daughter,
aren’t you? I know you. Where are you going all alone
in this stormy night? I don’t know.
– You don’t know! You don’t know where
you are going! Strange! Did you run away from home? Did they kick you out of your house? Why? I get it! “O clouds, don’t rain so much
that he cannot arrive.” “And once he arrives, rain so much
that he shouldn’t be able to go.” I get it! Love, romance, affection! You are on the streets so that
you can live with your beloved. What happened then? Didn’t he come to marry you? I see. So, your lover betrayed
you and didn’t arrive. I don’t know.
– You don’t know! If you don’t know,
why are you roaming outside alone? Tell me why. – I’ve ruined
their reputation in the society. Society! You ruined your family’s reputation
in the society! I get it. Another innocent woman
has come to seek shelter with me. What will you do now? I don’t have anywhere to go. Very well! If you don’t have a place,
stay in my house. Are you scared? What is there to be scared about?
I have everything. I have love, money and friends.
I just don’t have a family. Dear, will you be my family? You will be my daughter, Munni. You’ve come to meet us after 5 months! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? We never imagined that
you’d stoop so low! What are you trying to say?
I don’t understand! You don’t understand, do you? Had you not been my friend’s son,
I would’ve kicked you out! We wanted you to be our son-in-law
because you’re his friend’s son. You turned out to be quite a friend.
Thank God, my daughter is safe. We wrote so many letters.
Couldn’t you reply one? I sent you many letters and a
telegram. – I don’t believe you. Liar! What do you mean? Don’t talk rubbish! Am I talking nonsense? You traitor! You ruined a woman’s life
when you found her alone! Where is Pujo? Do you remember now? Do you remember now?
Do you know she is missing? She left from here to
save our reputation. She left! Please believe me. I tried to contact you so many times.. ..through letters, telegrams
and phone calls. I had to go to Vellore
for my father’s surgery. But I couldn’t even save my father. What are you saying? He died! Nikhil left me! Listen! My sister has never
tried to hurt anyone. But all of us have hurt her. Where could she go in this condition? Who would give her shelter?
– No matter where she is.. ..I’ll find her anyhow. I’ll do anything. God bless you. I’ve always prepared
garlands for prayer. I perform prayers. That’s why, my father named me Pujo. You have pictures of three Gods. But you haven’t lit
even a single lamp. Will you buy a few lamps for me? I have pictures of Gods. They symbolise Hindus,
Muslims and Christians. I’m a sinner and these mean
the same to me. I also wanted to light lamps. But I couldn’t. Dear Munni. If you could light lamps… Why did they do this to you? I know they are really stone-hearted. Their temples are made of stones, too. But human hearts are very tender. They are like flowers. Where are my flowers? My flowers of worship! My roses! Munni!
– Father! What did you call me? Say it again. Father. You are like my daughter, Munni. Don’t believe tears. I have cried enough. Why didn’t
he arrive even after promising? He left his marks on my body. No, father. I don’t want any marks
of sins to be left on my body. No, father. I won’t listen to you. Why should he live if he wouldn’t
know his father’s identity? I won’t tolerate this sin. You don’t know his father’s identity! Tell me everything. I’ll turn the world upside down. He has been really unjust to you. I won’t spare him at any cost!
I won’t! – No! No one hurt me.
No one did any harm to me. You are lying!
– No! It’s true! You claim that you’re telling
the truth, but you aren’t. Tell me his name.
Tell me his name, Munni. Tell me the name of the man,
who has insulted you so much. He doesn’t have a name. He never
returned, so it doesn’t matter. That’s why, I’m saying, father. I
won’t give birth to this sinful baby. Sinful! Why do you call it sinful? How can a mother consider
her baby to be sinful? So, you must consider my
company to be sinful, too. Father! My daughter Munni died. But you must give birth to your baby. He will be your only support. Take care of the baby. I’m sure he will find
his father one day. There is no need to find anyone. You promise me something. No one should find out
that I live with you. You won’t even tell your lawyer. You won’t go to that house ever.
Please promise me. I promise you. ‘Pujo, wherever you are,
please come back.’ ‘Yours, Arindam Lahiri,
13 B, Dober Road, Kolkata – 29.’ Is that okay?
– Yes. I have a request.
Print this advertisement.. ..for seven days in a row. “Why are you so lonely?” Your daughter is anemic.
She has hemoglobin deficiency. Listen, do me a favour. Come to this nursing home
tomorrow with some money. “Flowers are decorated in sequence.” “Marigolds are strewn around.” You scoundrel! Give me money. So far, I didn’t ask you for a share.
Today I need money. Give me some. I don’t have money. Believe me, boss.
I don’t have money. I don’t.
– You don’t! I’ll find out for myself. You don’t have money! Listen! Did you go to all the places?
– Yes, boss. Did you manage any money?
– Yes, some. Doctor. – We need blood immediately.
Come with me. Take this money and go with the doctor Do whatever he asks you to do.
I don’t like all this. Kazi, you have a grandson. That’s great. Please don’t do that. Congratulations. “If my Dollhouse is..” “..broken in a gust of wind…” “If my Dollhouse is..” “..broken in a gust of wind..” “..I will still have the hope
of our reunion..” “..but I won’t ask you to look at me.” “I wish you are always happy.” “No matter where you stay..” “..I wish you are always happy.” Get out of here! Go away right now! My darling grandson! My darling boy! No! You won’t touch him! Never! You don’t want me to
touch my grandson! What are you saying?
– I mean it. He is my grandson. Why can’t I touch him? I can’t even love him! Why?
What is the reason? Is it because I am
a goon and a bad person? Fine. I won’t touch this boy
or come close to him. Oh no! There is no bullet in this gun. That is not the reason. I have nothing to say
in the way you have.. ..lived your life so far. Some people may hate you
and some may love you. But today, you’ll quit that path. You love your grandson
a lot, don’t you? Then you should swear on his
life that you’ll quit this life. From now on, you will be
a different man. Come on.
Swear on your grandson’s life. Forgive me, my son. I will never choose that path again. I’ll quit all illegal businesses
and become a better man. If we earn even a few pennies
by working in the right path.. ..we’ll be able to live
happily, father. Thank God, you got
a job outside Kolkata. I was feeling suffocated
in that house. You helped me find this job. Never forget that! What’s the use of crying? Your daughter hasn’t
done anything wrong. She had a registered marriage
and left from here. She even left a letter. She apologised to us. Thank God, He is watching over us.. ..and meting out justice. You kicked out a girl like Pujo
on a rainy night. You threw her to face the world alone. You deserved this punishment, Preeti. You don’t have any more jewellery.
What will you do now? I can earn ten to
twenty thousand rupees. But you’ve forced me to sit at home. That’s the problem of
being a gentleman. We will have to choose
the right path, father. We will manage in whatever we have. I am not worried about us. I am talking about your son. There is nothing at home.
What will he eat? No. I can’t see him suffering. Never! Come in. How are you?
– Good. – It’s okay. I’m glad you are here. Start working
with me from tomorrow. I have no time to deal.
I have a mountain load of cases. There was a huge crowd gathered
outside your chamber. – Sit down. Arindam, why do you work
on cases all the time? Do you enjoy all that? I have no choice but to like them. Those, who have to face
oppression and injustice… I’m fighting so that they get justice. That makes me proud
of this profession. You were my junior one day. I am really proud of that fact. What brings you here? Go in. Freshen up. I’ll send your bag in. Do you have any news of Pujo? What do you really want? Don’t fight against me. Let me… Let me win this case.
– No, I won’t. Let alone this case, I won’t
let you win any cases. One night your wife had.. ..kicked out a helpless
pregnant woman. She didn’t even think
about its consequences. I’ve been punished for that crime. You may not know.. ..but Chanchala has left us. One can never hide his sins. Everyone gets to know about them. Your wife has committed a huge sin. Let alone me, no one will
be able to forgive her for this. Grandpa! Mom’s finger is bleeding. “You will have become great
to pay for..” “..your mother’s hard work,
that’s all I want.” “My grandson, grow up fast.” “My grandson, learn to
speak your mind.” “You will have become great
to pay for..” “..your mother’s hard work,
that’s all I want.” “My grandson, grow up fast.” “My grandson, learn to
speak your mind.” “You are the apple of
your mother’s eye.” “She has tolerated a lot
of pain for your sake.” “You are the apple of
your mother’s eye.” “She has tolerated a lot
of pain for your sake.” “All her dreams and hopes
revolve around you.” “Never forget that.” “My grandson, grow up fast.” “My grandson, learn to
speak your mind.” “I don’t know what you’ll do
when you grow up.” “Keep your mother’s image
imprinted on your heart.” “Vow to end injustice
and to love the truth.” “Learn to walk down the path of good.” “My grandson, grow up fast.” “My grandson, learn to
speak your mind.” Why are you so worried, sir? Robbing shops, banks.. ..murder, vandalism and
no matter what else I do.. ..I am not worried about anything. You are a magician, sir.
I don’t hire you for no reason. No matter what I do,
you’ll get me released. No, Kanhai Mandal.
I am really worried about this case. I am not able to think of a way. Objection sustained! Please proceed. Sir. Your Honour, I have a humble
request to the court. This matter should be
considered again. The man, who was in Maniktala
between 10:30 to 11 am.. ..how could he witness a jewellery
shop being robbed at the same time? Does Prabhat possess
some supreme power? In this consequence, if my
learned friend Rudra says.. ..that on 3rd May Prabhat was present
at Garia at that precise time.. ..then someone cast a false vote
in Maniktala under his name. So, I request the court to order
to prove that the voting was false. The government will have to accept
that this scam took place. Then only my client should be
punished with the help of.. ..this testimony. Otherwise, the accused Kanhai Mandal,
Raju Das and Bachchu Sardar.. ..should be cleared of all charges. I’m hungry.
– Shut up! Give me the money.
– He didn’t give me money. He said that he’d pay after the
delivery is made this evening. I’m really hungry.
– Father, get those blouses. I’m really hungry.
– Did you get the money? You stayed awake all night
to stitch these blouses. And they don’t pay you on time. How can one survive like this? Don’t cry, son. In the evening,
I’ll give you whatever you want. I’ll buy you sweets. Please give me something to eat now.
I’m really hungry. What’s the matter? – I promised
to give you anything you want. Grandpa, I am really hungry.
Mom isn’t giving me anything to eat. I’ve been telling mom that I’m hungry. Here, take milk for the boy. Take the milk away. I don’t have money today. How could you ask me to take the milk
back because you don’t have money? I am not a traitor. Kazi has done a lot for us. Even if I give you milk all your
life, I won’t be able to pay him back. C’mon, take it. You are a darling boy! Boss, are you going to live
your life in this manner? Go away from here!
Are you here to taunt me? I heard that you are taking
care of something beautiful. So, I’m here to witness that scene. Why are you getting upset? You have such a beautiful
woman with you. Everyone can see that. I am not here to enjoy a share
in that beauty. What did you say?
– Grandpa! Go away, scoundrel!
This is your lucky day. I’ve sworn on that child’s life. Fighting won’t help us
discuss business. Tomorrow and the day after,
we have some huge operations. If you join us for them,
you’ll get a good share. If you can’t do that.. ..give me the imported gun you have. I’ll pay you for that. You and your daughter will be able
to spend a few luxurious days. You won’t have to starve then. That’s all you are capable of.
– Shut up, scoundrel. Okay. Let’s see how long you can stay good. Let’s see how long
you can continue this. Let’s go. He is useless. Pretending to be a gentleman! Father, come and have lunch. Hey! Do you have anything to eat?
Or are you planning to fast? No, father. I have enough. This show of status,
this high profession.. ..and success mean nothing. Crime doesn’t pay.
– Crime! What are you saying, Arindam?
You haven’t done anything wrong. I may have. I may not have.
– Arindam! Take you and me for example. We live a luxurious life,
eat good food.. ..and wear good clothes.
What if someone close to us.. ..someone beloved.. ..someone close to our heart.. ..who might be a child.. ..may not have clothes to wear.. ..or proper food to eat,
when he is starving? Why are you saying such a thing? No. It’s nothing. I’m just muttering. Eat your meal fast. I’ve noted down a few points
for tomorrow’s case. Before you go to sleep.. ..match the penal code sections
for them and prepare a brief. “Flowers are decorated in sequence.
Marigolds are strewn around.” That woman has.. ..turned Kazi into an honest man. You are right. No matter what you say, boss,
that woman has a glow about her. She looks like a movie actress.
– Absolutely right. – Shut up! I will kill you if you
even look at her. She belongs to me. I will abduct her sooner or later. “No matter where you stay..” “..I wish you are always happy.” How much longer
are you going to sleep? Wake up! You need to grow up
and find your father. I am here to help you. Father, where is my Khoka? He was right here.
We were playing hide-and-seek. I can’t find him in the house.
Where is he? Khoka! Khoka! Aunt, did you see Khoka?
– I saw him playing. Go and try to look ahead. Khoka! Have you seen Khoka? Khoka ran that way. Come with me. I’ll show you.
Come with me. “Flowers are in sequence.”
– Excellent, boss! “Marigolds are strewn around.”
– Well done. “Flowers are in sequence.” “Marigolds are strewn around.” Help! Help! This is a premeditated, preposterous,
preplanned murder, Your Honour. Your Honour, all the murders
that have taken place so far.. ..you will find that all
of them have been.. ..preplanned and well planned. This shows the distorted human minds! When these murders are
planned by women.. ..you will see how distorted
and disgusting.. ..a woman’s mind can be. So, I am accusing such a woman today. Your Honour, her actions.. ..can disgust any human being
and shame the society. The police first information report,
that is the FIR says.. ..that the deceased Kaltu Das
was brutally murdered. The autopsy and forensic reports.. ..also support this statement. The report also says.. ..that the deceased had a lot
of alcohol in his body. Hence, it is proved.. ..that the deceased was drunk. He died in a helpless state. I want to ask the court.. ..who got him so drunk? Then they killed him with
a sharp knife. In this context.. ..I am forced to take help of the
forensic report to present my case. The knife that was used to kill him.. ..that is exhibit number two. Exhibit number two.
Yes, show it. The fingerprints on
this knife belong to.. ..the woman in the veil.
It’s Munnibai. She is a hardcore criminal. Massage here. You scoundrel!
Did you think I was invalid? Did you think you could do anything?
– Boss, let me go. I am not going to spare you. You tortured my daughter!
I won’t spare you. Tell me what happened.
Tell me the truth! Let me go! How else will
I tell you everything? Let’s go out. I’ll tell
you everything. – Come on. Go to sleep. Badla, you can see my condition. I don’t know when I’ll be
able to stand again. This child always wants
to meet his mother. Tomorrow is the date for the
next hearing, right? – Yes, boss. Take him so that he can
meet his mother. Who is defending you? What? Don’t you have
anyone to represent you? So, you are saying.. ..that Michael was at Kanhai Mandal’s
house since that afternoon. And that shameless woman
went to that function.. ..was present there to dance and to
excite everyone with alcohol. She was giving more
attention to the deceased. Order! Order! Too much attention for the deceased
was the reason behind this murder. The accused was attracted to Kaltu Das
and she liked him. If you know anything in this regard,
please tell that to the court. Your Honour, that woman asked Kaltu
to marry her several times. She wanted to be his wife. Did she say that on the day
of the incident, too? Yes, she was irritating that man
while they were drinking. She was asking him to marry her.
– That’s good. What did Kaltu say? He refused every time.
– Why? Your Honour, everyone knows
about her virtues. Besides, she has a son. Why would Kaltu Das marry
such an immoral woman? Yes, Your Honour. If an immoral woman tries to
trap a gentleman.. ..and if that gentleman is smart,
intelligent and has good morals.. ..why would he accept such
an illogical proposal? Hence, it is clear.. ..that she had a fight with Kaltu Das
because he objected to her proposal. That fight turned ugly. As a result, this brutal and
abominable murder takes place. She looks so innocent and decent.
But she is so cunning. She must be punished.
– Order! The court is adjourned. The hearing will start at 2 pm. What is your name?
– My name is Abhijit Lahiri. Your surname is Lahiri! So is mine. C’mon, have a sweet. No, if I do that, mom will scold me. Your mom will scold you!
Where is your mom? They have locked up my mother. She is your mother!
– Yes, she is my mother. Grandpa says that a mother
gives birth to a child. Don’t be naughty. Come on, eat it. I won’t eat it. You eat. Do you know how we were related
in our past life? I was Lord Krishna. Yes, you were Him. Mom! Mom! Mom! Why don’t you understand
my mother’s pain? Why don’t you help
my mother get released? As a legal expert, I don’t think
you’ve committed this murder. You can’t be the murderer. But more experienced
and learned people than you.. ..think that I am the murderer. That I am the criminal
and I am a fallen woman. That is not enough to prove so. We will fight and win. I don’t have the wish
to fight and win. Please don’t represent me. Since I have never
been loved by anyone.. ..I don’t want that now. Please don’t force me.
– Please think about your son. What will he do if you die? How will he survive? You aren’t thinking about him!
You are a mother. Excuse me, Your Honour. Quick! Your Honour, it has been proved
in the last hearing.. ..that the woman, who has covered
her face behind that veil.. ..is trying to hide her sins
behind that veil. Hence…
– Excuse me. For the last time,
I am asking the accused.. Doesn’t she have anyone
to represent her? Do you want government legal aid? Do you want a government
lawyer to help you? We shouldn’t decide anything
on one-sided evidence. I want to ask you for the last time.
Will you present your case? Please tell us your side of the story.
Please proceed. I think we will have to proceed
on one-sided evidences. Your Honour, I seek your permission.. ..to represent the accused
in this case. Here is my degree.
– What? Your Honour, if you give me two days.. ..I’ll be able to shed
a new light on this matter. Day after tomorrow, we will start
the proceedings with a new angle. If you wanted to oppose me,
you could’ve told me so. Why did you insult me in the court? Is that what your education
and family values teach you? You have taught me to
follow my heart.. ..and to do what I think is right.
– Great! Will you take the wrong path
if your heart says so? I have a feeling that…
– To hell with your feelings! I request the court to punish this
woman, who is the bane of the society. This immoral woman should
immediately be punished.. ..with death sentence under section
302 of IPC. – I object, Your Honour. Objection sustained! Thank you, Your Honour. A woman is being addressed as an
immoral woman or a fallen woman.. ..in the court and in front of.. ..so many people every day, yet… Yet, her crime hasn’t been proved yet. How does my learned friend know
that she is an immoral woman? That will only prove that
my learned friend.. ..was in regular contact
with that woman. You scoundrel! Believe me! I don’t know anything. Did you think I wouldn’t be
able to do anything? Your Honour, my first
witness in this case is.. ..Gupi Mandal, who is
the right hand man of.. ..the famous goon Kanhai Mandal. He will elaborate the sequence
of incidents of that day.. ..in front of all of you
as an eyewitness. Tell everything to the court. Repeat after me. ‘I..’
– I.. ‘..vow that..’
– ‘..vow that..’ ‘..I will tell the truth.’
– ..I will tell the truth. ‘I won’t lie.’
– ‘I won’t lie.’ ‘I won’t keep any secrets.’
– I won’t keep any secrets. ‘May God help me.’
– May God help me. Your Honour, Kanhai and Kaltu
were interested in that woman. The two of them were
drinking that day. That’s when, she came to me
and asked me if her son was around. I lied to her.. ..and told her that her son
was inside the room. She ran into that room. Then I followed her and locked
the door from outside. They jumped on her to tame her. Tonight, we will enjoy you. You are too haughty!
You want to be a moral woman! You won’t let us touch you! Come to us! We won’t spare you! Kaltu, move away from here. I asked you to move away, Kaltu! I have forbidden you.. ..not to look at her. You still want to touch her! Let me go! His game is over. Wow! Great job! Finally, you left your
fingerprints on the knife. Kazi Mastan, I won’t spare you now. I challenge the witness.
He is lying. FIR, forensic report.. ..fingerprint and autopsy reports
can’t be ignored for one eyewitness. That’s not possible.
– I want my mom. Kanhai Mandal has nothing
to do with it. So, I want to cross
examine the witness.. ..whom my learned friend
has produced here.. ..just to win this case. I want to go to mom.
– Shut up! ‘This is my chance.’ ‘If I could show that innocent face
to the judge only once…’ ‘But she won’t uncover her face.’ ‘Then what is my choice?’ ‘Yes!’ I want to meet mom! Khoka! Your Honour, have a look
at this innocent face. Do you think such a loving woman
could ever kill anyone? Khoka! Khoka!
– Mom, I want to stay with you. Mom, I want to be with you. Darling! – You will go to her.
But come with me for now. Come with me for now. Come on.
– Mother! I have seen evidence.. ..and heard witnesses of both parties. After examining everything as per
the law, I’ve reached the decision.. ..that the accused was.. ..falsely blamed as a result
of a conspiracy. So, I clear her of all charges. And instead, I order to start
the proceedings again.. ..with Kanhai Mandal
as the key accused. Where are you going? Let me go!
– Let’s see who is punished now. I didn’t get.. ..what I wanted. The game is over. Arindam, I won. I know that I’ve lost. But this is not my defeat. This is a huge victory.
It’s alright. You should touch your
sister-in-law’s feet. Come to me, my son. Come to me. My brother, this is the answer.. ..to all my questions. He will be your junior in future. I didn’t get what I wanted. Moti, what’s the news? I hope everything is fixed
about your sister’s wedding. Yes, everything is fixed, but… You know everything. Here, keep Rs 1000. Come again later.
Don’t worry about anything. I’ll bear all the expenses
of your sister’s wedding. What are you doing?

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