PW:AA x MLP:FIM – Elements of Justice ~ Turnabout Theatre (Case 1)  [Part 1/2]

PW:AA x MLP:FIM – Elements of Justice ~ Turnabout Theatre (Case 1) [Part 1/2]

[Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] right anything agency Phoenix speaking then now I’m a lawyer no we don’t publish anything it’s alright so understand though bus did we get any clients unfortunately no the person calling thought this was a blog publishing company second time this week where are people getting the idea that we published books maybe it’s the right part they probably a mistaken right with right maybe he’s right if she’s reconsider she keep mistaking words that assemble I ins call you guys up sorry true see not yet you guys haven’t gotten a case in over a month yeah ever since that last big case this is just where slow snail’s I wonder why that is only I knew we need to get some Klein soon we still gotta breathe uh bills by the end of the month I’m getting pretty hungry yeah all this waiting for a client is making my stomach growl I guess I can go for a few bites it’s settled then let’s go get some metal dudes real quick and then come right back here just make sure you don’t eat so much that you get a heart attack look what in the what’s wrong I I can’t move my body I don’t know mr. right your hands huh my I can’t stay in a way this feeling mr. right we’ve got you I can’t move either and I’m fading away – what’s going on here Oh are we dead I sure hope not guys I think we can move again and I don’t think we’re dead what oh where are we I don’t know wherever we are it’s huge I’ll second that I bet you this place is super expensive what’s with these Thrones is this supposed to be a king’s castle why would there be six Thrones though should there be at least the king and queen maybe the other four are their friends or something everyone would get a throne if that’s the case enough about the Thrones we still need to figure out where we are and how we got here Oh Phoenix it’s so good to see you again um did that horse say something I heard it talk to excuse me but I happen to be a pony it’s totally talking Phoenix don’t you remember me um daddy how does this Pony know you I don’t know Phoenix he you don’t remember me at all uh I’m sorry but I don’t think I know this Pony can it really be so Phoenix high I remember you yes your your tweye yes Twilight Sparkle Phoenix you do remember me I guess I do remember it’s good to see you again it’s good to see you too is mr. right seriously hugging a talking purple pony right now I don’t know but I don’t care I’m sensing so much joy from the both of them I’m gonna go join in on their hug too hey I wanna hug the cute purple pony too come on Pauline you hug the pony too I’ll lose my masculinity if I do [Music] hence been a while since I’ve talked to a human well it’s been a while since I’ve talked to a pony and it’s been a while since I’ve lost my mind so you tried to summon the greatest defense attorney in Equestria again huh no I just simply summon Phoenix right okay at least I didn’t get so invite accident this time hey wait Twilight do you have wings oh you noticed yes they do but the last time I saw you you’re just a unicorn well I received the title of princess a few months ago and Princess Celestia gave me wings to go along with that title so I’m now an alicorn Wow congratulations Twilight it’s like she wouldn’t have a mere mortal to be honest oh it’s nothing big after all that title is nothing more than a title if you say so so boss think you can fill us in on what’s going on boss sorry guys this is Twilight Sparkle hello Twilight Sparkle by the way what’s that tattoo on your butt there for my what oh yeah it’s my cutie mark cutie mark it’s work that shows what your special talent is mine represents my expertise in magic magic I’m an expertise in magic too really I thought you said magic doesn’t exist in your world I guess Trucy is an exception that’s right my name is true see right I’m his daughter daughter I sure do I used to be having a daughter such a shocker to everyone so who are they daughter – my name is Athena Sykes I’m a defense attorney here at defense attorney – that’s right I also specialize in analytical psychology you are that’s amazing I had also been studying analytical psychology and it’s such an exquisite subject I know right I’ve been also using analytical psychology in court – you can do that she sure can it helped us out of some tight spots during some of our cases well Apollo oh sorry I’m Apollo justice I’m also a defense attorney Wow had an entire team of defense attorneys sure do Apollo has a power he uses in court like Athena what’s that well I have a strong sense of sight so I’m able to perceive even the smallest nervous habit of someone who is lying you can’t you must have really special eyes I guess I do well it’s very nice to meet you all wait a minute how are they all here I only wanted to summon you I’m not sure well they did try grabbing on to me when I was going to be teleported and then they just ended up going with me that explains it you see when something gives physical contact to the subject that’s being teleported then that something gets teleported with the subject I remember something about that but I forget where I heard it anymore Wow interesting you think you could teach me how to teleport I don’t know I’ve never taught a human magic before but I guess I’ll teach you a thing or two hold on a sec juicy so mr. right how do you know her huh how do you know this talking purple pony well that’s right I didn’t explain it yet you see a little over eight years ago I was summoned by twilight accidentally while she was trying to summon the greatest defense attorney in Equestria she needed help trying to offend one of her friends when she was accused of murder wait did you say eight years ago yeah why it’s only been a year and a half since I summoned you how it was definitely eight years for me hmm I guess because we’re from different worlds time works differently guess that explains it it’s still a little weird though anyway I agreed to help her friend and ended up winning the case I also proved that there was no murder in the first place so no one was sent to jail or anything well there were beasts oh by the way Twilight whatever happened to those two that were sent to prison you mean Gilda and Sanada yeah when Gilda was released she met up with Rainbow Dash and the two made up however I haven’t seen her since that time as for Sanada I have no idea I asked the police about it they told me when it was time for her to be released the police asked her what she was going to do now that she is out but she just looked back and told them I’m going to help out all those who need it I always wondered what happened to her I wonder too now that we got that out of the way I like to ask you something since we got here what’s that why did you summon me oh that’s right you see I need your help with what so Phoenix tea remember some pony named rarity rarity yeah she’s a highlight oh that’s her right now oh [Music] it’s been so long Wow I’m marshmallow pony oh hey you’re rarity right like Phoenix you do remember me uh I sure do I remember you fixing up my suit when it got ripped up that one time yes I do remember that there’s another talking pony well yes we are in a world filled with ponies after all so there’s a lot more of them yay I can’t wait to talk to each and every one of them oh who are you exactly they’re friends of mine this is Apollo Athena and Trucy my daughter my bi you have quite the team oh you have no idea rarity you think you should tell them why you need them oh that’s right Phoenix yes okay okay what is it it’s my friend what about your friend peaceful okay so I’m guessing you want me to defend your friend then she take do it he took my how could anybody and I could do such a thing I need to go talk to her first I’d like to know how she’s involved in this murder so where’s your friend now she’s in a Maine huntin detention center where’s that it’s up Northwest from here it’s the biggest city in Equestria you’ll need to go there using the Train uh I don’t have any money for the Train no need to worry I shall take you there and help you pay for the tickets okay but might I ask how are you so sure she’s innocent [Music] hard to do so she has a promising career might I add a fee foolish fer to simply throw that away these Phoenix you must help her should I really take this case I guess I’ll go see what’s going on okay let’s go meet her then uh mr. Wright what about us well I guess you’re gonna have to stay in the castle wait for us oh come on really what are we supposed to do while we wait it’s not like we have TV to pass the time you know I’m actually interested in seeing the city it could be fun yeah daddy don’t leave us here all bored okay okay you guys can come too rarity do you think you can pay for their tickets as well not a problem [Music] I get to see more cute ponies yeah nothing but a bunch of neon color deck wines everywhere we go Oh Phoenix I almost forgot you’re going to need this what your attorneys batch for Equestria oh no this ridiculous magic together oh goody while I’m here this is anyway oh [Music] my gosh that that is so cute can I have one of those too sorry Athena who may have one with me huh why does mr. right get all the cool stuff never mind that let’s go to the detention center Wow this place is huge it truly is a wonderful place isn’t it they told buildings the stores the entertainment and just the atmosphere this place is absolutely exhilarating all that at a taxi what are you talking about there’s taxis everywhere it’s best not to talk about it I wonder if I should start my own show here I think I’d make good money over here trust me true see the money over here isn’t worth anything in our world everywhere we go all of these ponies are always staring at us oh don’t worry you’ll get used to it it was awkward for me when I was the only human here last time so rarity where’s the detention center it’s right down the street okay let’s go Wow these ponies look super tough state your business well I’m a defense attorney I’m here to meet someone Lister was your branch sir oh here you go permission granted go right ahead hey what about us sorry but attorneys with official question badges can only answer what does my badge not count for anything I’m afraid that badge is it legible for this town it’s shiny and official I am NOT going through this again sorry about her she gets upset when she doesn’t get what she wants but hey I’m not some spoiled brat you know it’s alright guys I’ll be right out as soon as I’m done in there I’ll make sure she doesn’t flip any of these guards while you’re gone I’ll flip you if that’s what you want matter how many times I come in in here it always gives me the creeps I wonder where are you the ones who came to see me oh are you supposed to be rarities friend yes are you ok fine it’s just that I have a headache for some reason so what’s your name Coco pommel who are you I’m Phoenix right rarity told me you’d be here she wants me to defend you Oh so are you going to defend me I didn’t expect a human to defend me I haven’t decided that yet I’d like to ask you a couple of questions first okay mister so you think you can tell me a little about yourself miss palm male voice I’m a costume designer here in Manhattan I design costumes to plays over in the theater though once in a while I get asked to make designs for anything fashion related making costumes and designs huh you resemble rarity quite a bit Oh rarity is a huge inspiration for me before I met her I was the assistant of somepony who would always tell me that it’s every pony for themselves in the big city but when rarity showed up she showed generosity to others even though it started to hurt her when I realized this I quit being an assistant and rarity gave me the job of being the costume designer of some big place in Manhattan Wow Rarity’s me quite a change in your life my life has become so much better because of her I owe it to her so much nice to hear that may be horrified but there always will be people who will turn your life around for the better it’s nice to know what happens in this world too so Miss pas mal do you think you could tell me what happened on the night of the murder it’s just awful it was a play going on it everypony was watching was in sheer al from the spectacular performers but when the play was about to reach its conclusion my friend overall concept suffered from the catwalk with a rope tied around his neck and he ended up being a hot to death with everypony watching what Wow must have been traumatized in his season tripping this person died right during the police saw me on the catwalk after what had befallen and they thought I pushed him from there with a rope tied around his neck and I got arrested on the spot well you were in the area where he fell still just because you were at the scene in the crime it doesn’t mean you did it rarity doesn’t think you did it she certainly believes you wouldn’t have the heart to kill although I appreciate her believing I didn’t do it it’s not enough to convince everypony else I see so what can you tell me about overall concept the victim he’s a costume designer for the theater they work alongside him helping him make his costumes he’s really good at making designs for the costumes even custom-made of that retail captivate the way the costume looks so what was your relationship with the victim it’s nothing too serious if that’s what you’re thinking we’re just good friends who like working together he’s even teaching me out of design butters so I could one day make a design of my own for another play so let me ask you what were you doing at the scene in the crime actually don’t remember much about that all I do remember is that it was hearing something that was happening from the catwalk and whether it was quickly as I could but after that I don’t remember a thing the next thing I knew I saw my friend being hung from the top of the stage and the police showed up behind me and arrested me huh why can’t you remember what happened between those times I’m not sure so she doesn’t remember what happened this is gonna be anything else you want to ask me well she seems to be telling the truth she doesn’t look like she would haven’t have had an identity however I still need to make sure [Music] so Mizpah mel at this point I don’t think you did it but right now I need you to tell me the most honest truth did you kill the victim overall concept I would never do such a thing Oh what is it hmm nothing half this means you didn’t do it okay miss pommel I trust you I’ll take your case you will house Thank You mr. right I feel so relieved right now okay I think that’s all the information I need thank you for your time miss Paul Mel oh you’re welcome mr. right Oh before you leave do you think you could tell where D I’m all right I don’t want her to worry about me of course I’ll make sure to tell her that thank you I’ll prove that you didn’t kill anyone I promise you that thanks for your help mr. right I guess I’ll see you later then see ya so let me see if I’ve got this earth ponies are in charge of the agricultural affairs unicorns can perform magic related things and pegasi can control the weather that’s right Wow this world is so different from ours weather goes on its own in our world yeah if I was a Pegasus I would make it so it wouldn’t get so cold in the winter oh darling if this cold is you say it is then how about I make a thick and fabulous coat for you I’m sure it would help you out on your cold days I think I’ll pass on that so I guess because I’m not a unicorn I can’t learn to teleport can I oh I’m sure you’ll find a way humans work very differently from us ponies hey guys so how is she she’s doing fine she explained everything so what happened on the night of the murder the victim had his neck tied up by a rope and was dropped from a high elevated spot he was hung to death pretty much instantly whoa that actually sounds very gruesome oh wait you were there where the murder happened well yes I was watching the play when it happened Koko’s gave me a ticket to see the show I thought the show was sold out but she kept the last ticket to me oh it was horrible I couldn’t think about that dreadful image not only that I saw her being taken away by the police the moment I saw that I had s Twilight to find a good lawyer and who better than you to help us with this case I guess I have lots of experience with murder cases I’m always there to help out someone who’s been accused of a crime they didn’t commit that’s mr. right for you always there to help when someone’s in need he even helped me when I was accused of murder you were accused for murder yes I was accused of killing my own mother I know it was I felt so alone but everyone started to go against me it’s like all the stars of the night disappeared from the night sky and the next thing I knew all I could see ahead of me was darkness sure but mr. right he believed in me he’s stuck to his true beliefs and not only was I not guilty he found the real killer and I was able to save a dear friend of mine when he was going to be given the death sentence for the same crime that’s right in fact I even lost my best friend because of that same killer I was so heartbroken when I found out he had been killed I’ve taken a leave of absence I left my friends behind I went to find the truth on my own and I ended up starting to doubt Athena I even went against her in court I still wanted to believe in her but it was really hard to do so with all this doubt inside me but mr. Wright made sure I was able to believe in her again at that point I did believe not only in Athena but in mr. Wright to finally bring the truth to light because of mr. Wright the dark age of the law has come to an end I was even taken hostage during that trial but daddy ended up saving me after he won isn’t he the best Wow mr. Wright had no idea you were such a saint to so many people in your world always trying your best to find the truth and saving so many innocent lives I’m beginning to think you really are the greatest vince attorney what can I say I was just doing my job a job that makes you a hero you don’t like a knight in shining armor that has come to save the day when things are grim well I guess I can say I am pretty good em now that we got the fields out of the way I think it’s time we went to investigate so rarity where’s the theater it’s just right over there well what do you know it is just right there that’s come on let’s go inside rarity you okay yes I’m fine hey how about you watch where you’re going I’m terribly sorry I didn’t see you he and let me help you with all that you what are you doing that here in the city nothing that concerns you so you guys know each other we did I’ve no time twist on you rarity I’m on a tight schedule so you better stay out of my way I don’t want another victory taken away by your hooves okay never uh so who was that rarity Phoenix should we get to the investigation now yeah let’s get inside the theater yes let’s so this is the theater huh this place looks pretty empty sorry but the theater is closed I must ask you to leave huh who said that I know that voice uh hello you guys deaf you guys have to leave oh sorry but we’re here to investigate the crime scene oh yeah now you don’t look like a police pony to me plus the police are already done with their investigation here well I’m Phoenix right I’m a defense attorney defense defend who might I ask Coco pommel the costume designer so I guess you know what happened here yes overall concepts murder yes miss Palmer was accused of murdering him it’s very hard to believe if you ask me so do you work here I do my name is playwright on the theatre director make sure that the plays in this theater are done right I make sure everything I work on is perfect I see so may I ask you how things work at the theater to put things briefly we go through the writing process rehearse and then perform I’m the one who does all the writing because no Pony else knows how to make things perfect like I do aren’t you supposed to have a team of writers when you’re in the writing process I woods but I feel that it’s just going to slow me down pure genius moves lightning fast how things get done so quickly here I wonder if anyone working here can keep up with his genius so what’s your relationship with the defendant oh she is fantastic Coco and overall concepts make a great team whenever I’m in need of costumes for any plays I’m writing those to get the job done fast whenever I see them together they’re always so happy as if they’re best friends I still can’t believe she would kill him especially in the middle of my play but if they were such good friends why are you so sure Coco pommel killed overall concept as much as I don’t believe it I saw something before the murder huh what did you see I saw miss pommel chasing overall up the catwalk where the murder occurred what yeah I saw her chasing him up the left side of the catwalk quite frantically on might add I didn’t think too much about that but after I saw the Stallions body hung in the air I ran up the catwalk and I saw Miss Palmer with lots of guilt on her eyes is her name supposed to be pronounced pop then the police showed up behind me then arrested miss pommel on the spot then brought her back down tell you what I’ll let you have this layout of this theater so you guys won’t get lost in here while you guys are investigating here I will look the map this is bad I was at Coco cheating over all there has to be an explanation anyways I saw what I saw now if you’ll excuse me I gotta go get me some lunch go ahead and do your investigation and whatnot a stallion with the mind of a genius must keep his brain energized with a good lunch well that’s it for that guy he keeps talking about how much of a visual genius he is I know he’s a director at all but it doesn’t really give you bragging rights still I want to know what place he’s written is there as good as he says then I want to see them I’m a big fan of plays after all let’s get some tickets for the next showing guys restitution already cuckoo is chasing over all is that really true has to be a mistake and maybe somebody else is chasing him well we have to investigate the crime scene to see if we can find any leads I’ve never been on a stage this big before oh how I wish I could do my magic show here hmm you’re a magician that’s right but you’re a human how is it possible for a human before magic oh I’ll show you see these these are my magic panties Trucy as your father please be careful when you start talking about your pain see here there’s nothing inside then I see and now I say the magic words Alec has and let’s see what’s inside oh let’s see what I got what’s up I’m holding that how in the world did you do that sorry but a magician never reveals her secrets it has to be an explanation for this I must study those panties of yours no you won’t even if you examine these you’re not gonna find out anything I remember back then some college student was so obsessed with my magic panties that he stole them from me to study them oh don’t remind me I never seen someone so obsessed with someone else’s undies in my life all right let’s get started see if you can find anything and we can start with this ropes through hanging from last night so this is the murder weapon it’s tied up like a noose it was a horrible thing to see like Oh see overall concept still hanging on that considering the height from here to the catwalk but death is very likely to be instantaneous at least he didn’t suffer [Music] I wonder how he got his neck tied up anyway mr. right I think I found something what is it it’s some sort of sparkly cloth that must be the special fabric he was working on special fabric overall concept old being his lettuce that he was on a special fabric for his costumes he put some sparkles on them he also said the fabric could glow in the dark hello in the dark fabric hey I think I know how he was able to do that oh do you know yes I do I have a friend who used a costume like that she used fluorescent paint to make the costume glow in the dark fluorescent paint such a thing exists we’re gonna get this paint it might help me and my business I should get some too I’m going to need some costumes that can glove for my shows how about I’ll design some costumes for you I am real ideas that will give you that extra pizzazz you looking for yes I’ll be happy to take you up on your offer so now that we’re done talking about that let’s go look around some more that catwalk is way up there as far as I know catwalks are very rickety and wonder why anyone would do a chase up there there must be some reason maybe there was something that was up there what could be so important that overall would run up there another question is why would Coco go up there – as far as I know she’s never set foot on the catwalk since working here maybe something important to us also at that catwalk for some reason it’s possible let’s go up to the catwalk and see if we can find anything you so the suppose a chase stopped here my would this is quite the height I’d be surprised if anyone could survive a fall from this height so you guys see anything around here nothing so far hey I think I see something where there those sparkles it must be through overalls fabric this could mean that the fabric has been brought up here for some reason you think overall Coco could have brought it up here maybe do you think there’s a reason why any of them would do so the only thing I can think of is they subconsciously prodded up with them without knowing or maybe the fabric was already up here it’s possible it could be the reason why overall concept was going to the catwalk in the first place but it doesn’t explain what Coco Parnell was chasing him let’s keep looking around that I’m sure we’ll find something whoa what just happened I don’t know I guess the lights are loose did you see that see what there’s something glowing on the floor Twilight could you turn off the lights for a second yeah okay there mmm there are hope prints and they’re glowing it must be the fluorescent paint so they’ve probably been left behind sysd it said you think it could be overalls or Coco’s I’m not sure wait a minute what is it do you remember what playwright’s said Coco pommel ran up the little left side of the catwalk following overall concept and then police escorted her back down wait but those hip prints they leave to the right side Athena how long does it take for fluorescent paint to dry according to juni it takes about an hour does the paint contaminate your hands if it’s still wet it does but the only way to tell is if you look at your hands in the dark so whoever’s hoof prints these belong to went down the right side of the catwalk but no one said that anyone went down the right side do it alright we’ve got a huge lead on this now still now that we know these hoof prints belong to someone else we need to find out who they belong to mr. right I have a suggestion what is it if these prints belong to someone else we should try and figure out where they lead to hey good idea one problem you can only see these prints when it’s dark I’ll have to turn off the lights to follow them no need for that bus I have the thing that’s going to make your hoof print finding much easier here a forensic flashlight thanks Athena I’ll definitely need this [Music] okay let’s see where it ends first ends here that duel it looks like whoever was here escaped through here coward must’ve escaped the kid concept very likely he or she did now let’s go backwards and find out where these footprints begin the prints lead here I’m guessing this is the dressing room [Music] look at all those costumes I kind of want to try some of them out hate to tell you this Athena but it looks like you’ll be too big to get in any of those costumes what I’m suggesting I’m fat no no I’m saying that because these costumes are small since they’re worn by little ponies oh I wanted to try some of them out this is my overall concept usually Lex on his costumes I can tell there’s a bunch of material scattered around this table geez you know those sketches you must have had a lot of ideas for making costumes oh he was simply genius he played a big role in the theater industry you think he’ll act was time that is until Coco pommel became his partner she wrote on her letters that when she began to work as a costume designer the productivity’s of the costumes doubled most you must have been quite a team mr. right on the table there are cases of fluorescent paint and some glitter next to it so this is the paint used to make the fabric low let me put some of my cape and hat I want to see if they go in the dark no to see this is evidence it’s best to leave it untouched [Music] she bites looks this must be what the fabric used to look like before he added the glitter in paint I still Linda we got this paint it must have been awfully expensive especially since you used so much of it well I guess we’re done over here you think we’ve gathered enough evidence to prove Coco plum Mel’s innocence I’m certain we do plus we also have some proof that there was a third party when this crime was taking place won’t she be surprised let’s not get ahead of ourselves now we still have a trial to take care of first I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job defending Coco Flamel I guess we can all head back to my castle now well let’s head to the train station I’ll pay for the tickets again okay guys let’s go huh such a long trip remain Hatton to Ponyville I need to take a rest for a little bit I still had a fun time though I’d like to go back to the city someday maybe even go shopping how about I take you somewhere next time I know some great stores that’ll probably sue you I’d love to come with you so Twilight yeah you have other friends I remember that there were a few more of you well we do let me go here the others Phoenix didn’t think I’d see you around here again Oh mr. Phoenix it’s so good to see you after so long I had a feeling toilet would try to summon you I have no idea you are friends with so many ponies oh great even more of them well yeah these two are defense attorneys Apollo and Athena and this one is true see my daughter nice to meet you all so daddy are you gonna tell us who they are yeah let me see if I can remember your names Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Applejack Fluttershy and Spike right for the love of God shut up please pinkie pinkie don’t you think it’s a bit too early to party right now but I have a trial tomorrow I’ll be too tired to defend if I party now I know how we can fix that so your name is Pinkie Pie right yes after daddy wins the trial tomorrow instead of throwing him a welcome back party let’s throw my congratulations on winning the trial party thanks rusie have the most hyperactive pony known to man throw a party so we get to come to this party to write a thena and this is a polo you can call me FINA I have a friend who calls me that I think I’ll stick to Apollo I already have one little girl calling me after a parrot who wants crackers yeah thank you again for saving me back then no problem so you’re the pony that mr. right had to defend wonderful yeah you’re quite the dreamer so Daddy is there anything to eat here I still didn’t eat since we got here that’s right we were going to eat but we got sent here I got you covered for that Twyla told me that there’s a special gifts come in here so I made some apple pies and apple cider for everypony Fluttershy also made some sailor yeah unique you some salad he don’t mind pies I love pies don’t mind if I do I’ll take some pies too and some salad as well I’ll take a couple of bites as well I am kind of hungry I said there’s non-alcoholic right why would I need alcohol it does nothing but make you tipsy thanks for the food I really appreciate it don’t mention it Donny just for me I really like a cider Ruby’s of my salad Sarris fat Wow okay let’s eat up we’re going to need to get some energy for the trial tomorrow to true see what’s wrong hi I just remembered something about these ponies and that little dragon I’ve seen that before when I was little what how is that possible up until now I’ve never seen you in my life before that I I didn’t exactly see you in person it’s like I’ve seen a picture of you before a picture wait a minute so true see don’t you think that had yours is getting a little too small for you me now for some reason I guess my head got a little bigger isn’t it time to get a new hat I don’t know these hats are kind of expensive have to be so expensive well just get a hat another time oh wait I think I already have a hat for you okay I’ll be right back here I found one you must really like the color blue daddy what can I say it’s my favorite color [Music] daddy it’s a picture of you and it’s with some really weird colored horses huh this picture I got this from Equestria I remember these guys these ponies daddy who are these horses are like magical like me should I tell her about this I doubt she believed that I went to another little defendant under the bone it’s a long story true see I feel a little too weird to talk about it how about I tell you later I’ll pin this in my knee that’s a hmm what else you remember our conversation Trucy that picture it wouldn’t happen to be still in your hat but it let me check Oh hey I remember this picture this was after Rainbow Dash’s trial hey how come I never saw this picture before well it wasn’t true Z’s hat so we wouldn’t know it’s just as I thought everyone is here Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Applejack rarity Pinkie Pie spike and Trixie Trixie the Great and Powerful Trixie she was the prosecutor in Rainbow Dash’s trial she tried to get the guilty verdict on me as revenge on Twilight revenge for what let’s not talk about that so speaking of Trixie how is she doing now um did something happen between you guys about half a year after the trial she came back to Ponyville to seek revenge but I thought she got over it I guess something overcame her she used this alicorn amulet to become a better magician than me I had to take it off her because it was corrupting her mind what did she do she kicked whirling in a ponytail and took over the town we had to trick her into taking off the amulet after realizing what she’s done she just apologized to me college eyes I never expected her to do that me neither after that she left Ponyville and I haven’t seen her since so Phoenix yeah and up about us let’s talk about you how have you been for the last eight years since you’ve left Equestria you know just wondering come on Danny tell them all about the exciting adventure see how does it the best attorney well let’s start off with this [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “PW:AA x MLP:FIM – Elements of Justice ~ Turnabout Theatre (Case 1) [Part 1/2]

    But seriously, I appreciate all the constructive feedback, as I believe that they are a MUST to help higher the quality of future episodes. SO KEEP AT IT!
    Also, I plan to have an update video in a week or 2 to explain what kind of help I will need to make sure that not only to have episodes come out sooner, but to also make the quality of the videos even higher.
    And in that future update video, I will be doing a Q&A. So please, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

  2. I actually squealed in joy when I saw this had been posted. The cashier at the McDonald’s I was eating at gave me a weird look. 😅

  3. Well, you have certainly captured my attention. The visuals for this a pretty great, and it seems to be a faithful sequel to the original while updating it to take advantage of the higher resolution options YouTube is now known for.

    A few thoughts, some positive, some neutral, some negative:

    1. I find it interesting you decided not to focus on a main character as the suspect this time. It being Rainbow Dash in the original really made me emotionally invested right away, and it shocked me. It was jarring, but in a good way. Now, make no mistake – I think it's a good idea to mix it up, and I don't have any complaints so far. I'm just curious (in an optimistic way) where you will take this concept.

    2. The visuals are great, and no audio issues like in Turnabout Storm. Now, that one was a product of its time, of course, this is not a bash on the original series, but it's great that you took this much care. I even think some of the VAs are an even better fit than before, although none of them reach the same heights as the best voices in Turnabout Storm so far. It's a more rounded voice acting experience, with none of the low lows and not as many of the high highs of Storm.
    Then again, we've not seen all the characters yet, and we haven't seen them in more complex or exciting scenarios, so you still have time to really show the (undeniable) talent of these people.
    Also, Twilight's VA needs to chill a bit lmao

    3. Full disclosure on this one, I'm not big into the Ace Attorney games (although I plan to get into them eventually if they get a release on a modern console I own at the time). But judging from the little a played and judging from Turnabout Storm, something about Phoenix Wright's character rubs me the wrong way this time. It's all just minor details, but I feel that despite being 8 years older, he's kind of regressed in terms of maturity. I tend to see Phoenix as this mostly pretty normal, even above-average guy in terms of intelligence and manners, but he gets thrown off in many emotional directions very quickly. And because wacky things happen around him, he goes into those more immature states, which is why most of the time, he comes off as very dorky and kind of an unlikely hero. He never catches a break, and he's easy to destabilize, which is why he rarely shows his actual default state of being a rather calm, mature and thoughful person, if not a little grumpy sometimes. Now, of course he wasn't going to be pushed quite as much here because he's already familiar with the world of Equestria, which is why I think the story could use more curveballs thrown at him. But the other side of the coin bothers me even more here – He seems to act kind of… Well, not childish, but he was a little arrogant, and his motivations seem just as, if not more shallow than ever. Would he really call it a day after finding just a few pieces of evidence, even if those seem to conclusively prove his defendant's innocence? He is so obviously running into a surprise here, and to be fair, that happens pretty often to him, but usually, it's because he overlooks things thanks to his emotional… "fragility", I guess.

    4. I also don't think the first thought he has about Pinkie Pie should've been a negative one, but that's a minor nitpick. It makes sense, I just wish it hadn't been like that. I would like to see Phoenix be a bit more positive towards his old friends beyond just Twilight. We get to see everything from Phoenix' perspective again, but last time, no character seemed like an afterthought to Phoenix.

    5. I'm sensing some "Detective Conan"/"Case Closed" type contraption being involved in this, and me likey. It'll probably be a bit ridiculous, but tbh, I don't think you should play it too safe this time. Y'know, the viewer should still be able to figure everything out, it should still be logical, but I'd love to see you get a bit more creative.

    6. I like that some of the character growth from the show seems to have carried over. It's all very subtle, but even without the wings and the new locations, I think I could tell this takes place in a later season of the MLP show. I especially loved how Fluttershy is characterized this time around.

    7. The panties stuff made me a little uncomfortable, I won't lie

    (8. His or her? Really? It's 2019, use "their", you cowards)

  4. 45:30
    Rarity: How about I'll take somewhere next time? I know some great stores that'll probably "SUE" YOU!

    Athena: Oh I'd love to come with you!

    (I think you should fix that but don't I LOVE IT)

  5. So Coco was drugged, meaning Playwright likely lied about her running. And Suri Polomare is there to throw us off.

  6. Since Phoenix asked Coco if she killed Overall directly instead of asking her if she had ANYTHING to do with it like he did with Rainbow, there remains a possibility that she's actually guilty and hired someone else to do it.

  7. Twilight plan
    A get teleport Ema sky
    B accidentally get a random prosecutor
    C accidentally get discord men in
    D how is the date 2 investigation

  8. Okay, I know I have heard athena's VA before, but I cannot put my finger on it. Has she been in an abridged series or something? This is seriously messing with my head.

  9. Before, Princess Celestia spoke hints of knowing Phoenix when they hadn't met before.
    Wonder if we'll get more hints or an answer to that during this story.

  10. So originally I posted a comment saying how I was happy this team was back. I wamma correct my mistake. Its been a while since I saw turnabout storm and … Thats not an excuse I know but yeah. Still. I'm happy to see someone someone continuing the spirit of it. Tbe original cast and makers got insulted all the time and ir was stupid. They were doing their best to sound like the characters. Anyway, glad to see this exists and I will aupport with all my legal right to do so. Fill hooves forward!

  11. I have been waiting for this for so long and it's absolutely worth the wait. I just have one gripe. I've noticed you switch up your tenses a lot. Even though Overall Concept is dead, ponies kept referring to him as if he were still alive, saying things like "they make a great team" instead of "they made a great team."

  12. I just recently rewatched the Turnabout Storm series, which I absolutely loved, so to see that someone is making a sequel to it just really makes me happy! While I don't watch MLP anymore, and only recently have started playing the Phoenix Wright Trilogy on the Switch, I am really excited to see where this will be going!

    (As a Professor Layton fan as well and having played most of the games, including PWvsPL, I wonder if Mob Cross-Examination will be a thing in this series?)

  13. Phoenix in Turnabout Storm: (Me with children, that'll be the day)
    Phoenix in Elements of Justice: (Welp, it's that day.)

  14. I have been waiting for this for so long, it's thanks to Turnabout Storm that I even got into Phoenix Wright! So seeing this being continued is just amazing!! Also DON'T WORRY COCO WE'LL SAVE YOU!!!!

  15. Oh god, YES! I was instantly hooked the moment, I saw this! I sincerely hope, this gets more episodes, because I have a feeling, I'm going to enjoy this waaaay too much ^^

  16. I do not care if I am late to this. I just have this to say.
    I now ship Twilight Sparkle and Phoenix Wright thanks to their happy reunion in the beginning of this episode.
    Plus, none of you are stopping me. :3

  17. Really nice, I loved the details, like, so many references. I'm hoping to see how this continues. Also, I want to see Sonata and Trixie, I wonder what happened to them. I was worried about the fact that another person continued the series, as I thought they might change the perspective of the serie, but after seeing this chapter, I'm glad to say that I was wrong all along. This really keeps the spirit of the show and gives it some fresh air. I really can't wait to see the next video, and how things are gonna go from here on.

  18. OMGGG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more! TYSM for the hard work. I love the concept and plot already!!!

  19. Hmm Coco draws a blank on what happened… I would think that the Magatama would not be able to detect anything since it involves being aware of what was done–I'm pretty sure. This makes me think we might have another case kind of similar to Matt Engarde–but not in the way of someone being a psychopath (I'm referring to possible moral dilemma).

  20. My criticism is do you need to add more characters both Like adding prosecutor In us can you please at Pearl or phoenix right assistant To make it even more balance where is the court case I want to see if the noon matrix that’s my criticism of mlp it ok

  21. Start a patition for money we donate you get resources for making episodes better and bring these episodes out faster need episodes badly 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😫😫🤤🤤😭😤
    Ps the s sounds in the episode were slightly higher pitched so might want to tone it down a bit overall great animation and story also cakewalk easy mistake autocorrect is a cruel

  22. Trucy and trixie when?
    Though it could break the …
    What if you have fan art of them instead of in the series.
    And for if you ever go into the whole yknow another season later down the line
    Then well would be realy good set up for it if any thing comes of it.

    Plus this is already messing with canon so its basically a diffrent reality already.

  23. Most likely if you do try on making the story go to the present day mlp well when this is finished.
    You could make the time be different cause the 8 year and 1 and a half are so diffrent and the original actually had the same time he was gone from his world.

    So if it does its already a mistaken thing but I will not fault you cause it took a lot of courage to start it off in the first place.

    So yeah just when it comes to it.
    The story will forward to whatever the story is in justice and equestria….
    So let's see how it works 🙂

  24. 38:45


    … I'm gonna go cry in a corner with how many things i could have done in that amount of time

  25. This is epic.
    Now it would be brilliant if Pheonix hallucinates Franziska cause Rarity snaps at the prosecutor,speaking the same way Franziska would. Or Franziska actually being summoned by Twilight to help Pheonix.

  26. A couple things about the voice acting:
    -Make sure all the va’s pronounce characters’ names the same way, because it makes it flow better and makes more sense as an actual conversation
    -some characters need a little bit more variation in their vocal…pitch?tone? Yeah… just try not to stay in the same place of voice for too long.
    – I know from the last series there were bloopers, so for this one as well I think you should have va’s redo lines where they hesitate, stop mid sentence, or do something unplanned that doesn’t end up sounding better than the original idea. There was none of that hesitance in the first one and it was really immersive.
    One more things about the script itself: try to make the lines a little more natural aNd less repetitive, like not using certain words more than necessary. A few examples of this were in the introductions, like “sure do, we sure do,” etc. And also things like “you guys” sound kind of weird when repeated too often in one character’s lines. Just something else I noticed that I figured I’d point out!

    Other than that things are looking awesome and I’m so so SOOOO excite for this series to be here because the last one was so good and the writing for the case was amazing. Keep up the awesome work everyone!

  27. Lets see here… Hmm.
    I GOT IT!

    The evidence suggests that the culprit is none other than… Me for having no clue about who the murderer is and not being able to put the current pieces of evidence together.

  28. this is getting interesting keep up the good work i bet you guys will work just as hard on the next one!!!

  29. I totally forgot that this was going to be a thing! I loved Turnabout Storm! Sorry, life; I’m going to have to leave you for a while.

  30. A few spelling mistakes here and there, not just the 'Cakewalk' thing, and also the voice actors really needs to try and improve some of their performance. Athena and Rainbow Dash, in particular, stand out as bad.

    More important, however. The human sprites and the voices simply do NOT match up when speaking, and it looks absolutely horrible and really draws me out of the experience. If there's anything you want to improve beyond anything else, focus on that first and foremost.

    Maybe try and actually have shots of ponies hugging Pheonix to, it really doesn't work so much if we don't see it.

    Still, it was a strong start for what I hope will be a strong series. I love how much work is being put into this, and I can't wait to see the rest!

  31. I can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold ! I’ve recently been re watching the original turnabout storm series so seeing this one really has be excited .

  32. Looks like it's finally begun, another adventure back in Equestria. And Coco Pommel is in quite a predicament. This time, Phoenix has some support backing him, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes, plus Trucy. Getting to the point, Phoenix better tell them of a tale that changed his life in a way he never expected, the reason why he ended up meeting Apollo and Trucy. And the events that started the dark age of the law.

    Other than that, I don't know your name, but from what I've read you have had enduring circumstances that challenged you. Hopefully you don't give up just because life knocks you down. And whatever you do, do it because you have a passion to share your stories, and always know that you've got some support on your side. I can even understand that such a fanfiction project may have to go on a hiatus if something comes up. You made it through with Turnabout Storm, and you had some difficulties with that project. And I'm sure you've learned from it. Take what you've learned back then and now, and keep on going.

  33. The decision to place this story after events of MLP S4 and latest AA games is really detrimental to the episode's pacing and potential viewer numbers. You will lose viewers who don't want to get spoiled (for example, Japan is only on S2 right now, and PC players don't have access to other games than the initial trilogy), so anyone who's left will already know the backstories of Apollo and Athena, making that segment at 26:36 a pretty pointless addition. If you really have to have the whole gang here at least skip nonessential elements with simple fade to black and one line summary in the next dialog. Viewers don't have to watch what they already know, the dialog still feels natural, and there is less work needed on the episode – win-win for everyone.

  34. After this Series ends, i want "The Great Ace Attorney" crossover. (maybe as a prequel)
    I really want Sherlock Holmes Goofiness in MLP, and maybe even Iris cuteness.

  35. Love all the work you poured into this video! The animation quality is top-notch! I eagerly await more.

  36. hides in Apollo's shadow Hehehehe… finally! stabs Phoenix See you in the Palace of Darkness! (Mission complete! He'll be so happy!!!😆😆😆) *😈Kristoph grabs Assassin's shadow and drags it to Deathly Dungeon…😈)

  37. Wait I wonder who the prosecutor is I hope it's not trixie again or that one mare Coco use to work for I forgot her name or fler de les or flem and flam hate those guys or a evil changeling pretending to a prosecutor or lighting dust or filthy rich or fancy pants or discord


    Turnabout Storm was the thing that made me wanna see what Ace Attorney was and Ace Attorney ended up being my favorite franchise of all time. I have a love and respect for Turnabout Storm for so many reasons because of this. Now that the sequel is out, I have to put away my blind love and happiness to be critical. I want this to be the best it can to I'll do my part to be constructive.

    Pros: I love the animation. One problem I had with Turnabout Storm was how the sprites was so static with no animation with the only exception being the trials. This has been fixed where the sprites are always active and have full time mouth movement.
    I also love the attention to the canon. This clearly knows where it is in both AA and MLP. I thought I wouldn't care with Trixie's reappearances in the show, but these are acknowledged while the still continuing where things left off.
    Having more AA characters is a plus. TS was heavily reliant on MLP characters with a noticable lack of AA characters. I love that this actually adds more and uses this to create interesting interactions and chemistry.
    Following up on the Trixie/Trucy hat plotline. Setting up Sonata's character to return. Voice acting is pretty good at many moments (special shout out to Rarity and Coco). Tone is so suiting of AA even down to a quirky conversation turning explosive before ending calmly at times. BLUEBLOOD. Nice pacing so far. Nothing feels rushed.
    Multiple cases. TS had one case that was like a finale case. EoJ is gonna have many? There is so much you can do with that. Also attention to past events with TS. Personalities are handled well. Athena is emotionally all over. Apollo would be pretty skeptical about this situation. Phoenix is just like TS while older. Trucy is a fun naive girl that just accepts and has fun with it.

    Cons: Music is reused original and remixes rather than a original soundtrack. There are some original songs here and there, but I'd like more focus on that in the future. The name pronounciation of Pommel was… strange. Coco did not pronounce her own name right which Wright didn't question, but then Playwright pronounces it the same way and Phoenix notices and is confused. Why did he acknowledge it for Playwright and not Coco herself? Was this an error? Idk, but I'd like it to be cleared up in the future.
    Voice acting itself had its poor moments, but I was expecting worse and there are highlights like I said before. I do think Coco's actress does well despite the name thing. Something about Cakewalk? Also TS mentioned certain things about the AA games such as Wright's past, and a one off mention of Dahlia. Aside from those, there isn't much in TS. This was probably done to give knowledge of who Wright is without spoiling for those that are coming for the Ponies and have no AA knowledge. That way they know the character, but still can get into the series without knowing much. EoJ bluntly spoils events of DD, explaining the arcs of Athena and Apollo. This was probably done to get better connections with the characters, but I think this should've been handled differently.
    The coincidences… It's nothing too bad, but the light flickering at the right moment to show them the clue of the footprints felt a little too convenient. I think it would've been more interesting to have a scene where Athena tried to get the rope up, but got a little too clumsy with it and hit the lights, knocking them out for the time being. The fact that she also so happened to have a flashlight to see the paint in her pockets before she came to Equestria is pretty strange. It's oddly specific and solves the problem perfectly. She got gear from Ema in DD, but even then it took time for that to happen, she didn't just HAVE Ema's gear on her. Try to see if you can avoid big coincidences like this in the future.

    Hopes: I'd like to see returning characters from TS to at least see where they've been (Sonata, Cruise Control, etc). Protagonist swap per case. Maybe have Wright protagonist in like a trial or two, give one to Apollo, one to Athena, the grand finale going to Sonata herself. Sonata becoming the final character would be great as it not only would show her growth as a character, but also might help the whole Mia/Sonata thing. Also explain more about the Mia/Sonata plotline. Mia and Sonata are said to look and sound alike, but that mystery starts and ends there making the comparison confusing to begin with. What was it leading to? If you can at least try to explain the many unsolved plot points of TS (Dash doppelganger, shady Celestia, Mia chatting with Celestia, Trixie past hatred with Twilight that created the black locks, Mia/Sonata, any others I might have missed here) I would appreciate it as well. Also keep in mind that black psychelocks could be a dark truth that is hidden from the person themselves, so it is possible Trixie does have a deep hatred for Twilight for reasons even she doesn't know…. for now.
    Do not bring Starlight in this series. You probably won't, but I want to be clear. With how everything is presented it seems to take place between Seasons 4 and 5 of the show, before Starlight's first appearance which ends up leading from her villain role to her friendship with Trixie. So I'd just avoid using her. You probably have avoided it, but just making sure.
    Finally, focus on the main group. Mane Six plus the WAA is a BIG group. Try to make sure everyone gets to have some time to them. We already are going to have supporting characters so it wouldn't be good if some of these characters started to fade behind everyone. Then again some weren't really focused on in TS so I'll take what I can get.

    Final thoughts: I really look foreward to this project. I've been waiting a long time and am such a fan of both series that it makes me happy to see them again after so long. I has its hiccups, but it doesn't hurt the overall product entirely. I look forward to more and can't wait for the improvements made as each episode goes by. You have my thanks from the bottom of my heart and you have my interest for the rest of the series.

  39. My favorite part was when the others tell there story of how they became defense attorneys.

    Oh and when Twilight was so surprised that Phoenix has a daughter 😁

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