Pyare Mohan (HD) Full Movie – Vivek Oberoi, Fardeen Khan, Amrita Rao, Esha Deol (With Eng Subtitles)

Pyare Mohan (HD) Full Movie – Vivek Oberoi, Fardeen Khan, Amrita Rao, Esha Deol (With Eng Subtitles)

Father, I want to confess
about something. Tell me, son.
What do you want to confess? Father, today I am
going to murder somebody. Murder! You see, after committing the murder.. ..I won’t get the time for confession. I will have to escape
from the country. And flight is also on time. So I thought of confessing in advance. Bless me, Father. Huh? Friends, you all must be wondering.. ..why I have called you all here. To give a farewell speech. Family.. is an important
part of our culture! Without family, nothing is possible. Similarly,
even our underworld is like a family. And I, Don Tony Fernandez,
am the head of this family. But today,
the police is tailing me like a dog. Hence I have to..
leave you all and go. I will miss you all. I will not miss you. Brother, what have you done! He only gave the evidence
to the police against me. Because of him,
I have to leave the country and go. So.. he had to leave this world. Great, brother!
Even I will be a great don like you! Shut up, Tiny. Sorry, brother. Friends.. now I will take your leave. My flight is about to depart. Good bye. Good bye, Tiny. – Bye, brother. “Come on everybody, check them out!” “2 cool dudes!” “No love! No love!” “Well, I am all ears!” “No love! No love!” “Oh yeah!” – “No love!” “No love! No love!” “No love! No love!” “Oh yeah!” – “Baby!” “No love!” “Check them out!” “2 cool dudes!” “Well, I am all ears!” “Yeah!” “No love! No love!” “No love! No love!” “No love! No love!” “No love! No love!” “No love! No love!” “No love!” Today’s headlines!
Today’s headlines! Today’s headlines! Renowned Don Tony Fernandez’s murder! Wait! This is good news.
Give me the newspaper too. Take this. It is great to read the newspaper.. ..early in the morning. Mister, you are reading
the paper upside down. Dear, you won’t understand. To read topsy-turvy news, we.. ..need to read the paper upside down. Give me the change. Here, take your change. 1 rupee is less. Give it quickly. How did you come to know? Dear.. I am blind, not foolish. I agree that I can’t see faces. But I can judge the
inherent nature very soon. Come on, go away. Mister, is there somebody? Mister, is there somebody to help.. ..the blind man cross the road? Mister, is there somebody?
Mister.. mister, is.. is I will help you cross.
– Thank you, mister. Mister, what’s your name? Pyaare. Pyaare! Ah! What a lovely name! Pyaare! Today you
have helped a blind man. May you flourish and expand! May nobody harm you! The person who digs a pit for you,
may he fall in that pit. You have reached your right place. Who is this man who is
dancing with so much of zest? I think he is an uninvited guest. If you say,
shall I throw him out? No. There are very
few people who dance.. their heart’s content
in another’s happiness. Let him dance. Dance! Dance! There is a wedding!
– Hey! Hey! Have you gone mad! It is my brother’s funeral
and you are dancing! What! You are speaking too fast! Please speak slowly. Fool! It is my brother’s funeral! Wedding! I know!
That’s why I am saying dance! There is a wedding! Hey! Are you deaf! No. You don’t understand. I am deaf. I am saying the same thing. No, I am deaf. I can’t understand
without reading your lips. Hey!
– Hey! I am deaf! I am deaf! But I am not! Great! You too are deaf! Shake hands!
Nice to meet you, deaf brother. Tell me one thing.
Aren’t you the groom’s brother? I am not the groom’s brother.
I am the corpse’s brother. Corpse.
– My brother died. Please do me a favour,
and look behind. This poor guy was going to marry.
How did he die? Did he fall from the horse?
– You! Now before I use my gun,
run away from here. No! I won’t let you
commit suicide. I know that God has
been ungrateful to you. He first made you deaf and then
He snatched away your brother. But I won’t let you commit suicide! I am not committing suicide!
I am going to kill you! No! You can’t do this!
– Leave me! You shoot in the middle of the road!
Arrest him! Hey!
– Take him away! Do you know who I am! Poor guy! He was deaf!
Now he has become mad too! “You are the great one, Lord.” “Please accept my request, Lord.” “Give me a bungalow and a motor car.” Good morning, Mohan. “Not one, give me four!” Sorry,
I had gone for a long stroll. That’s why I got late.
Give a few to Pyaare too. Wait. I will aid you. “You gave it to useless people.” “What kind of people.. Mohan! Pyaare! Pyaare,
help me to come down. Please. What happened? Where are you? Where are you? Hey I am here! Up! Up! You lifted me in such a way,
that I actually went up. Pyaare, lower me down!
I am afraid of heights! I am coming!
I am coming! Mohan, where are you? Hey, lower me down!
What have you done, buddy! Why did you send me up!
What are you doing up? Here. Here.
Yes. Hold my legs! Hold my legs! I got it.
Careful! Careful! Careful! – Yes. Yes. I was so scared! Buddy, are you alright? Forgive me. Clean it up?
Pyaare, let me first open the shop. I will clean it later.
I clean it everyday. I understood, buddy.
Let us open the shop. Open it. Yes. Open it. Come on. Come. ‘God, You brought us in this world.’ ‘You taught us to face
every problem and to live.’ ‘You made us capable
of earning my own livelihood.’ ‘But what to do.
I want another thing from You.’ ‘For Pyaare.’ ‘He won’t ask anything for himself.’ ‘So I only have to do that.’ ‘You know.. a face appears
in his dream every day.’ ‘A face that he might
not be able to ever see.’ ‘But it has resided in his heart.’ ‘He is waiting for somebody
who will call him lovingly.’ ‘He knows that he won’t
be able to hear that sweet voice.’ ‘But when he will
take her in his arms.. ..then his heart will be
able to feel her heartbeats.’ ‘God, let Pyaare meet that face.’ ‘Let Mohan hear that heartbeat, God.’ Pyaare. Tell me one thing.
– Hmm? What do you silently
ask from God every day? Only one thing.
That God, help me get rid of you. I ask for exactly the same thing. One minute. One minute. Tell me.. did you understand what
I said without making a mistake? Cake! Pyaare,
you have got cake for me! How sweet of you, buddy! I love cake!
I love cake! I will just eat and come. Hey.. not cake, mistake!
– Just coming! It is a mistake to talk to him. Welcome to our Archie’s gallery.
How can I help you? Brother Pyaare, it is me. Rohit. Hey Rohit, how come you
are here early in the morning? Pyaare, where is the cake? I searched the whole house, you know. Hi, Rohit.
– Hi. First tell me, did you change
the position of romantic cards? Yes. Why? Then do inform me, Mohan. Instead of Archie’s romantic cards.. ..I was showing ‘Raksha
Bandhan’ cards to him. I am sorry! Rohit, you come with me! Take this! You hold this! I will give you a first class card. Here. Yes. But what should I write in this? Write in this that I want to kill you! Huh? Buddy,
you are giving a card to the girl. Of course you will write I love you. Brother, you don’t understand. I want to write about the
love that is there in my heart. But I can’t express it in words. Sex! You should be ashamed! You have just fallen in love
and you are talking about sex! Do you have any brains! Not sex, express, express. Express. Say it like this. Give me. I will write a
fabulous poem for you. Okay. – Yes. Rohit.
– Yes? You do one thing. You take
that ‘Raksha Bandhan’ card too. After reading his poem,
only that card.. ..will be able to
save you from beatings. Mock me! Look, some day you too will
use my poem to express your love. You tell me. What is your gal’s name? Janhavi. Khandvi (dish)!
Is this a name or a dish! Not Khandvi!
Janhavi, brother! Janhavi. – Janhavi! Then say it, buddy! Write. Write. Write.
– Yes. Since the time I saw you,
this has been suppressed in my heart. If I win your love,
then I want nothing else from God. “Who you looking at, boy!” “What do you want boy, yes, yes, boy?” “What do you want boy, yes, yes, boy?” Hey, Janhavi. Nothing will happen.
Go. Okay. Okay. Okay. “What do you want boy, yes, yes, boy?” Janhavi. “Who you looking at, boy!” – Yes? I.. I.. this is for you. Since the time I saw you,
this thing has been in my heart. If I win your love,
then I want nothing else from God. Whatever you have written
in this card, do you really mean it? I mean it.
I love you. I.. I really love you. I love you too. Congratulations, Mohan. I think your poem has yielded result. I think my poem has yielded result. They both are embracing. Buddy, this is what I just said! Said? When? I did not hear it. Forget it.
Even we both will celebrate. I will do one thing. I will get
fabulous fruit punch for both of us. Hey, Mohan!
– Yes? Will you pour some vodka in it too? No vodka. Hey! I will put rum. You refused to celebrate
the new year with me! And you are dancing with this..
this cockroach! Look, Karan!
Just leave us alone, okay! I am not interested in you! Who cares?
I am interested and that what matters! Come on, baby!
Come on! Let’s go! Hey, you! Why are you fighting unnecessarily? Janhavi is saying that
she is not interested in you. Look! No matter who you are!
You don’t interfere! Otherwise you too will be bashed!
Understood! Mister, I am talking so
sweetly and you are threatening! I am just saying,
don’t interfere between two lovers. It is new year.
Sing, dance and.. – Go away! Look, now you are misbehaving. I was talking lovingly.
No need to shove me! Hey! Hey he is a
torch without battery! He is blind, damn! Blind! Look, when you have a
power cut in the top floor.. ..then you should keep quiet
and go and sleep in the dark. Look, enough, that’s it! Hey! He gets infuriated too! Go away! Pyaare, I have told
you so many times.. ..not to lock horns with scoundrels. Hey! Whom did you call scoundrel! Hey what happened to him?
– What happened? What is he doing? He is looking at me with
anger and holding my collar! He is bound to do that. After
all you have called him a scoundrel. Really? That scoundrel
heard me calling him a scoundrel. He is bound to hear. After
all you are deaf, the world is not. Yes. What! One is blind and the other is deaf! He is laughing. Laughing. One is bloody Surdas (blind) and the.. ..other is bloody Jamnadas (deaf)!
– Tell me the time quickly. Time? You are worried
about the time at such a time? Tell me quickly.
Otherwise we will be bashed. Bashed? It is going to be 12 o’clock. What are you doing? Not in that clock. Our time! Our time! I see! Our time! Yes. Yes. Pyaare.. Yes? It is 3 o’clock. Hey!
– Thrash them! Thrash! Pyaare, 9 o’clock. 12! 6! 6! Hey! Hey! 3! 9! 12 o’clock! Mohan! Hey, I have caught him!
Smash the blind’s head! Mister, where are you? I am here, you blind. Pyaare! It is me!
– Mohan! Mohan! You broke my jaw, buddy!
– Sorry, buddy. Sorry. Sorry. It’s okay. It’s okay.
Pyaare! Now it is enough! – Yes. Yes. Yes!
– Now you.. done? Let’s begin! 3! 9 o’clock! It is 12! 3 o’clock! 2 O’clock. 6! Get up, my dear. Come on. Tell me, will you ever tease girls? Never. Will you ever trouble lovers? No. Never. Come on, apologize. I am sorry.
– Why are you saying it in English! Say it in Hindi! In Hindi!
– Forgive me, please. Please. Go!
– Go. Go away. Get ready, folks.
The countdown begins for 2006. 10. Thank you, brother. – 9.. 8.. – Best of luck. Go, enjoy yourself. Okay, brother. – 7.. See you. Bye-bye. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1. Pyaare.. – Hmm? Happy new year. Happy new year, Mohan. Happy new year. I know what you are thinking. You know that’s why you
ask God for my love every morning. Don’t you ask love for me from God? Yes.. I do ask, buddy.
But.. Pyaare, will He listen to us? He will surely listen to us, Mohan.
He surely will. We will surely get our love.
You know why? Why? Because there is
a Radha for every Mohan. And a ‘Pyaari’ for a Pyaare. “We will,
we will shock you, shock you!” Sing it, dude! Sugar!” “Pyaare Mohan!” “Love is the tune for Mohan.” “His amour is Radha.” “Listen to the following dream.
Listen to it, pop.” “And with every drop
of rain I love you more.” “Without love everything is forlorn.
Forlorn.” “Without love everything
is incomplete.” “No love!”
– “No love!” “No life!”
– “No life!” “My heart, your heart,
his heart too, her heart too.” “Is crazy for love, for love.” “If music be the food of love,
play on!” “There is a Radha for every Mohan.” “No love, yeah! No life!” “Exactly, baby!” “She exists somewhere in this world.” “In this world!” “No love!”
– “No love!” “No life!”
– “No life!” “There is a Pyaari for every Pyaare.” “She will fall in love with him.” “In his love!” “Till the time we don’t meet!” “Till the time we don’t meet!” “We will dance..
we will dance while we wait for her.” “We will dance..
we will dance while we wait for her.” “No love!” “Never! Never worry, Pyaare Mohan!” “No love!” – “Somebody
got to be for Pyaare Mohan!” “Boom! Boom! I want you!” “I want you! Boom! Boom! I want you!” “Right on top, I say! Right on top!” “Feel what you feel
when you are right on top!” “All my life I know life is no luck.. ..if there is no life and
no love and no one for you!” “Though my eyes are closed,
I see her.” “I think about her every moment.” “No love!”
– “No love!” “No life!”
– “No life!” “I hear her cuckoo
like voice everywhere.” “I dream about her day and night.” “Her face doesn’t leave
my dreams for a moment.” “Without her, it is difficult
to lead this lonely life.” “No love!” “Oh I see why!” “No life!” – “Tell me, say what!” “Her tune plays.” “Dawn and dusk in the
instrument of the heart.” “In the instrument of the heart.” “Till the time we don’t
meet!” – “That’s right!” “Till the time we don’t
meet!” – “Say what!” “We will dance..
we will dance while we wait for her.” “We will dance..
we will dance while we wait for her.” “Singing!” “Pyaare Mohan!” “When she will come in front of me,
I will kiss her.” “I will pour out my
soul to my crazy beloved!” “Really! Serves you right!” “How can I fight you!” “I want to feel you!” “She will come close to me,
hearing my tale.” “Where can she escape from my sight?” “First she will feel shy,
then she will feel a bit nervous.” “Then she will smile and embrace me.” “No life!” “No! Na! Na! Na!” “No life!”
– “No, no, no life!” “Today without drinking
I am intoxicated.” “I am dancing, thinking about her.” “Thinking about her.” “Till the time we don’t meet!” “Till the time we don’t meet!” “We will dance..
we will dance while we wait for her.” “We will dance..
we will dance while we wait for her.” “No love!” “We will dance.. we will dance
while we wait for her.” – “Dance!” “We will dance.. we will dance
while we wait for her.” – “Dance!” Mohan! Mohan! Yes? Have you got the Discman? Discman? I have brought it. Give it to me. Take it. Take it. Hey, there is no CD in this. Stairs? Are you going
to climb? Oh, CD! Even if it had been
it would have been useless. I wear the Discman because
of the style statement.. ..and we can save the CD’s money too. You too!
You will always remain a miser! “I love you, my angel!” “I love you, my angel!” “I love you, love you, love you.” “Oh yeah!” – “I love you,
love you, love you.” “I love you!” Hey, are you blind!
You ruined my shop! Hi! Hi! My name is Mohan.
– So what should I do? Look over here. If you look
straight how will I see your lips? What! You want to see my lips! Yes! Without seeing the lips,
how will the matter proceed? You are sick! Dick? No, no.
My name is Mohan, not Dick. Look, now I will shout! Shake? I said, now I will shout! Oh shout! It is futile. Nothing with happen. Help! Help! Help! Is she married?
Child? – Sister, is he harassing you? Look, since when he has
been misbehaving with me. I didn’t see a ‘Mangalsutra’. You scoundrel! Don’t you
have mother and sister at home? Ball pen. I do have it at home.
Of Fair’s. Do you want it? Not ball pen!
I said, mother and sister! Don’t you have mother and sister! Oh! You don’t have mother and sister! I am sorry to hear that, brother. Hey are you deaf! Yes, I am deaf. Huh? Then how did you hear this? Simple! By reading your lips.
Then what! Oh! That’s why you
wanted to see my lips? I am really sorry.
Mister, it is my mistake. You go. Thank you.
Thank you very much. Thank you. Hey! Hey! Hey! Doesn’t the gentleman
in orange want a ball pen? Flower. Fool? Why are you abusing me? Not abusing. Flower. Oh! Magic! I am really sorry! You can’t hear. I thought you are misbehaving with me. Forgive me please. Otherwise I will never
forgive myself. Sorry. Actually.. the thing is I did
not understand what you said just now. But I am sure that
it must be something good. Even you are very sweet. No, no, I am not Pyaare (sweet). I am Mohan.
My friend’s name is Pyaare. Friend?
– Yes. Where is your friend? – He is here. Pyaare! Come out! Come out! Come out! What.. what do you think of yourself! Yes? Come out! I’ll fix you! You dashed my car! Yes? What did you say? You will bash me? You see mister,
you have dashed my car. How you have done it! It is too good! It is nice! Will you dash it again? I will just show you! I made a mistake!
Forgive me! I am a tiny person! God! Where did he go? The devil of modern era, spare me! Oh God! I think Pyaare
must have passed by this way. Pyaare! Is there somebody to help
this blind man cross the road? Come, I will help you cross. – Ah! “I love you, my angel!” “I love you, my angel!” Ah! I am really, really sorry, ma’am.
I can’t see. And.. and God knows where
this skateboard came from! It is not your mistake.
I was jogging without seeing. And I dashed with you. It’s okay. Are you hurt? You saved me from hurting myself. You are hurt.
And even the blood is oozing out. It’s okay.
I did not even come to know. I.. Pyaare! Pyaare! Pyaare, are you fine? Mohan, where did you go, leaving me? Sorry, buddy that.. What happened, sister? It’s good that you have come, Priya. I was jogging without
seeing and I bashed with him. And he got hurt because of me.
Look. – Oh God! Oh my God!
– Blood! Our house is in the vicinity. You come. We will apply some medicine. No, no, it’s okay.
It’s really nothing. No, please, come. Yeah, please. It will burn a bit. Fine. Pyaare, not fine, she said burn. Since when did you
start having my problem? Quiet. Okay guys, coffee is ready. Give it to me. Hey no, no please sit. I will make it. I am really sorry. You both
had to take trouble because of me. What trouble? You supported me. Otherwise I would have been hurt,
not you. I pray that you are never hurt. Then you will have to promise me. Hmm? That whenever I am about to get hurt.. ..then you will come to save me. Done! I will surely come! Coffee. Lovely. Huh? I mean.. your house is so lovely.
Very lovely. Oh! Thank you. It is a rented house. If our shows are successful,
then we will buy our own house. We will surely buy our own house.
– What? I mean.. I am sure that
your shows will be successful.. ..and you will buy your own house. Thank you. We both have a penchant
for music since childhood. We have performed many shows in Delhi. First time we have got such
a contract for a big show in Mumbai. Nervous. You both know everything about us. Now tell us something
about both of you too. Mohan and I used
to do actions in movies. All the stunts,
bomb blasts, firing effects.. ..hero’s duplicate, everything. But you both.. No, we were not like this since birth. Some years back in the shooting,
there was an accident. A big blast took place. Call the ambulance. Call the ambulance.
Call the ambulance. Call the ambulance. Because of which I lost my eyesight.. ..and Mohan lost his hearing power. I am so sorry. No need to be sorry for this.
We have no complaints from life. Yes, yes. We have a lovely cards shop. That only is our world. How sweet! Hey! Why don’t you both
come to our show this evening! Show? – Yes! If you both will come,
we will like it a lot. Yeah! It is our first show in Mumbai. Great! We will be there for sure. Yeah! Great!
– Yeah! Great! Good evening, girls! Hi, Rocky!
– Good evening. Hi.
– Ready? Yeah, ready! Yeah, yeah, totally! – Good! Just make this show a hit! Then I will make you a star! A star! Gift. For both of you. Gifts? Who has sent it? I had introduced you
both to him that day. That big businessman. Singhania sir.
He has sent it. Diamond.. Diamond! Careful. Careful. Excuse me, ma’am. Sorry, sir. Preeti and Priya. There. In the green room. Green room. Why don’t you both understand? I am your manager.
I won’t desire your loss. Look, gift is just the beginning. How much you earn
by dancing on the stage.. will earn the
double of that, I swear. Ugh! How did you even think
that we are those kinds of girls! Yes! How did you even think that.. earn money we
will sell our bodies! Who is saying to sell your bodies? I am just saying to give it
on hire basis. Like how we rent flats. How dare you! Aren’t you ashamed to
raise your hands on girls! If you want to sneeze
then put your head down! I have worn a new jacket. You are mocking me!
Do you know who.. I am! Pyaare, what is he saying!
I can’t understand! He stammers.
He is asking, do you know who he is. Oh! I think he has lost his memory. No, we don’t know who you are.
Go and ask somewhere else. Make him understand! Is.. he deaf! Hey! Yes,
I can’t hear and my friend can’t see. And donkey,
I think you can’t understand. Because the ones on whom
you were going to raise.. ..your hand is our friend. If you misbehaved with them, then.. can’t even imagine
the consequence. Go! Pyaare, throw this sample out. Why are you looking here? See there! It’s an iron rod. He has just bended the rod. Quickly go away. Otherwise God knows what
all things he will bend. You dare to threaten me!
I will see both of you! I will see everyone! Everything is mine!
This light man! This musician! The dancers! The effects people!
This show! Is mine! And I will see how
you do any show after this! And you two.. finished! Finished! All our dreams and hopes
were dependent on this show. Now how will we do this show,
without music and dancers! He was right, we are finished! We want music!
We want music! We want music! – Come. We want music!
We want music! We want music! We want music!
We want music! We want music! Listen! None of you will perform! We want music! Otherwise I will throw
you from the group. Understood! Yes, sir. – We want music! We want music!
We want music! We want music! We want music! We want music! Listen! – We want music! We want music!
We want music! We want music! Listen to us! Please! We want music! We want music! We won’t be able to
do this show because.. Shut up! We have come here
to listen to music, not to excuses. We want music! Sister! Listen! Listen! Please listen! We want music! “I want to live forever, ever.” “I want to die, never, never.” Yes! “I want to live forever, ever.” “I want to die, never, never.” “Diamonds!” “Ferrari!”
“You want this?” “No, sorry!”
– “I don’t want anything.” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “In this age.. in this age only is..
only is love story created.” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “Oh!”
– “Let the rhythm rise higher!” “Oh!”
– “Whether you like it or not!” “Oh!”
– “Let the rhythm rise higher!” “Oh!”
– “Whether you like it or not!” “There is a bit of merriment.. ..a bit of fervour.” “There is a bit of intoxication.” “What all things happen
in this fervour.. who knows.” “In the lane of heart,
we meet with fanatical ones.. ..and strike up a conversation.” “The twilight passes with fervour.. ..and twisting and turning.” “In this age.. in this age only is..
only is love story created.” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “Oh!”
– “Let the rhythm rise higher!” “Oh!”
– “Whether you like it or not!” “Oh!”
– “Let the rhythm rise higher!” “Oh!”
– “Whether you like it or not!” “Those who don’t
have the tune of love.. ..what music will they create.” “Think, think.” “What is life without youth?” “Till the time the
moon and the stars shine.. ..the love shall shine!” “Says the heartbeat,
says the breaths.. ..that we want to be young.” “In this age.. in this age only is..
only is love story created.” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” “God, bestow us with youth.” “And my beloved
doesn’t want my youth!” Yes! Congratulations! Yes, we have done it.
– So many audience .. ..were present – Thank you. You sang very well.
– Thanks! Preeti!
Priya! Preeti! Priya! Preeti! Priya! Hear that? The audience
is calling you on the stage. Go. Go. You both.. ..should go on the stage.
– We will go. Preeti! Priya!
– But not alone. Preeti! Priya!
– With both of you. Preeti! Priya! Preeti! Priya! Preeti! Priya! “I love you,
my angel!” “I love you, my angel!” Preeti! Priya! Preeti! Priya! Preeti! Priya! Once more! Once more! Once more! Once more! – Preeti! Priya! – Friends,
if you wish to honour someone.. ..then honour Pyaare and Mohan. And if you want to applause,
then applause for Pyaare and Mohan. Come on. Give them a big hand! Thanks. Because of you both,
our show was such a hit. But Pyaare,
I don’t understand one thing. How did you bend this iron rod? This?
– Yes. This is made of rubber.
We used it a lot for the shootings. You guys are awesome! This is nothing.
We both do many such tricks. We enjoy ourselves! And we both quarrel too. And we fight all because of Mohan. Hey! Once he goes away,
it is difficult to call him. I get tired of calling him. This Priya.. Hmm?
– Even she has a bad habit. God knows what rubbish she
talks at night in her sleep. – Really? This is the problem
in living with her. Even she is not less. She keeps the lights on,
till late night to read her novels. She herself doesn’t sleep and
she doesn’t allow me to sleep too. Yeah, right!
We have reached our house. We should leave now. It has come? Yeah. Bye.
– Why? Bye. Not why, I.. bye! Come, Preeti! Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! Brother, they have already left! Oh! Will you come now?
– Yes. Hey!
– Hmm? Where are you going! Here! Oh! Pyaare.
– Hmm? Did you notice? What? What a pair God has formed! She talks in her sleep, buddy! What is the connection between.. ..formation of pairs
and talking in sleep, Mohan? You don’t understand! Listen, Pyaare! Maybe God made me like
this so that after our marriage.. Priya can talk in
her sleep without any guilt. Oh yes, buddy! By the way, God has formed
a nice pair of my and Preeti. How? How? How?
– Didn’t you hear? She loves to read novels
late at night with lights on. – Yes. And whether the light is on or off.. doesn’t make
any difference to me. Even my Preeti can read
the novel without any guilt. You are right! Pyaare!
– Hmm? Tell me one thing, buddy. – Tell me. How is my Priya’s voice? Buddy, it is very sweet. I knew it! The one who is so pretty..
her voice too will be sweet. Okay Mohan..
now you tell me one thing. How does my Preeti..
buddy, how does my look? Preeti!
– Hmm. Fantastic! She is gorgeous! Her eyes are like Hema Malini!
Smile like Madhuri Dixit. Figure like Mallika Sherawat!
And you know Pyaari.. Hey, Mohan! Enough! Enough! I think you were ogling at my gal! Hey you only asked hence.. Fine! Henceforth I
won’t even look at her! Go! Don’t feel bad, buddy!
I was just casually asking. To tell you the truth,
even if her eyes had not been like.. ..Hema Malini, it wouldn’t
have had made any difference to me. Really?
– Hmm. Then you can relax.
Her eyes are not at all nice. – Hey! Mohan, I think God heard your prayers. Our days of waiting are finish. Fish? Pyaare, from where will
I get fish for you, so late at night? Not fish, not fish, finish! Yes, yes I know that
you want to eat fish. But today is Tuesday.
We can’t eat fish. You go to sleep. Yes, yes. I will go to sleep. God knows
from where you got this bad habit. Yes. Good night.
Good night. Good night. – Go to sleep. People don’t feel hungry in love.. Oh God! Oh God! – ..and you
want to eat fish! It’s 3.30 am! Yes, good night. Good night.
– Some day this man will finish me. Mohan! Mohan! Mohan! God knows where he
disappears again and again! Mohan! Preeti? Hey! How did you come
to know that it’s me? From your fragrance. Amazing! Thank you.
– Pyaare.. Priya! Hi! What happened, Mohan? Mohan! Are you fine? Nothing happened. I am fine. Sorry! Mohan, are you fine? Yes, yes absolutely fit.
You guys have a seat. No, no.
– Yes, please. Wow! Your Archie’s shop is so nice!
It’s.. it’s lovely! It’s really nice. We purchased it after our accident. We took a loan from the bank,
we invested our money too. I have this support. That’s
why we can live a dignified life. This shop is our world. And today you both
came in our world. Welcome. Actually, we both were
going for our rehearsals. So we thought we will
drop in here to say hi. We are getting late.
But we are free tomorrow. So let’s meet. Tomorrow. Sure. Tomorrow!
– Tomorrow is Pyaare’s birthday. Wow! That’s.. that’s great! It’s a great reason for celebrations! Yes. Yes. Then we will meet tomorrow
at 1 o’clock in hotel Tantra. 1 o’clock. Okay.
– Okay? Okay. Bye.
– Why? Not why, I said bye. I know. That’s why I am asking why? Bye! Bye, guys! See you tomorrow! Bye! Wake up! Mohan, wake up! Hurry up! Otherwise we will be late! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! – Wait. What happened?
– I will go first! I will go first. I will go first. I will go first.
– This is not right, I will go first. Okay toss. Tell me.
– Heads. It’s tails. Pyaare, take this coin! Hey! Hey! Hey! What happened? What happened? What happened? Look at this! Pyaare, happy birthday! Pyaare! Thank you. Embrace me, buddy!
Happy birthday! One minute, okay? Surprise! What was the need for this!
Pyaare, open it. Open it. Open it. Mohan! Mohan! Where are you? You!
– Pyaare! Be careful. What is it? Listen, we have a lunch
date in your restaurant. Lunch? But it is 6:30 in the morning. You both repair your watches. Give you alms?
I think his financial status is bad. Mister, take this.
Buy a shirt for yourself. Listen! I did not ask for alms!
I said repair your watches! Now it is 6:30 in the morning! Shit! Then what are you doing here!
Go to the bathroom! Ugh! What I am saying
and what is he hearing! Listen! Listen! He can’t hear and I can’t see. Today we have our first lunch
date with the girls whom we love. So I thought that if we come early,
there won’t be any problem. Listen mister,
even if you come at 12:30.. will find everything ready. But mister, we don’t want
to take any risk. What is your name? Champak. Champak-bhai, keep this money.. ..and book the entire
hotel for us. – Sorry. But right now we are
only 2-3 people here. We both are also there.
We will do everything together. Yes! Come on! Come! Come! Come!
Come! – Okay. Come! Come! Come! Come! Wear this. There. Come. Ready. Add the sauce. Fine?
– Yes. And I. Sir, sir, sir, sir, flowers. Hello.
– Pyaare and Mohan are there? Yes, they are here only. Just hold on. Pyaare, there is a call for you. Hello.
– Hi! Hi, Preeti. I have been trying
to call you at home. Really? We both are
waiting for you here. I know. But we can’t come for lunch. We have to go for an urgent meeting.
I am so sorry. We will meet some other time.
Okay. Bye. Bye. What happened? What did Preeti say? They are not coming, right? No, Mohan. Sorry, mister.
We troubled you unnecessarily. Thank you. Come. Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Mohan, somebody is
singing happy birthday. Forget it, Pyaare.
Your ears must be ringing. Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Pyaare! Pyaare, Preeti! Preeti, what? Preeti and Priya! Where! There! Where are you going! Not there, here! Come. Come.
Come. Come. – Surprise! Sorry! Preeti! Pyaare! Happy birthday. – Oh thank you. Thank you. Happy birthday, Pyaare. Thank you.
– Welcome. Sorry. Will you both only eat
or you will give us too. Yes!
– Sorry! Sorry! Mohan. – Yes. This gift is from our behalf.
Pyaare, this is for you. Wow! This watch is for Mohan. But today is not my birthday. Even this is for Pyaare.
– Meaning. Look, by pressing this button.. will feel a
vibration in your watch. And you will come to know
that Pyaare needs you. Like this. Hey! This is great! This is like an agent
Tongtong’s spy watch! Pyaare, henceforth I won’t
be missing again and again. Thank God! We, here? They say that if you
light the candle here and.. ..ask for anything,
then Mother Mary fulfils your wish. Today, I shall talk to you about love. Love is..
What is the Father talking about? See my lips, Mohan. I will explain. He is talking about love. Love is such a feeling that alleviates
all sorrows and all the pains. What did you ask for? That all your wishes are fulfilled. “Wherever you go.” “Wherever you go.” “I will keep following you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, love you, love you.” “I love you, love you, love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” “Wherever you go.” “Wherever you go.” “I will keep following you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “When I met you.. I came to know.” “How one becomes fanatical.” “I love you immensely.” “I have lost all my senses.” “How is your love?” “It is like fragrance.” “I will make you dwell in my breaths.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I have.. done something.” “Every moment.. is dedicated to you.” “This craziness says.” “That life is nothing without you.” “I have to promise you.” “That I have to love only you.” “Without you, I will die.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, love you, love you.” “I love you, love you, love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, ” Hello.
– Hi, Pyaare! Hi, Preeti! I have some good
news and some bad news! What would you like to hear first? Of course, the good news. Pyaare, our show has
been such a hit that we have.. ..received the offer of going
to Bangkok and doing shows there. That too it is a 1 month tour!
That’s damn good, isn’t it? It really is good news!
Congrats, Preeti! You know,
even our uncle resides over there. So we thought that
we will stay with him.. ..after the show for a few days. And the bad news is that
we will have to leave tonight only. Tonight? Yes. Will you both come
to see us off at the airport? Of course, we will come.
We will surely come. Bye. – Bye. Priya, I.. I.. Mohan..
– Priya, I.. Priya, I.. Priya, I.. Priya, I.. Hey! What are you doing!
You sacred me! Forget that. How do I look? Yes, yes you are looking great! Pyaare, I am feeling
very nervous, buddy. Will I be able to propose? I did not even practice properly. Buddy, since morning, you have
proposed to me 10 times as Priya. And I said yes too. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Now you are making me nervous too. Oh! Sorry, sorry. Look..
what are you hiding at your back? Nothing.
– Show me! I said it’s nothing! – Hey! Show me! Nothing!
– I see, buddy! So you are going to express
your love through the card. Let me also see what you have written. Since the time I saw you,
this thing has been in my heart. If I win your love,
then I want nothing else from God. Wow! It’s good! It’s good! But I have heard it somewhere,
haven’t I? Yes, yes I know that it is your poem.
And I like it too. But if I had told you this, then.. would I have teased you, Mohan? Pyaare. You really are weird.
– Hmm? Now shall we leave to become double?
– Yes, why not? Sister.. boarding pass. Thanks. Hey Pyaare and Mohan
have still not come! Look! Pyaare and Mohan! Come. Come.
– Sorry! Hi!
– Hi! Hi! I thought that you both
won’t be able to make it on time. And we won’t be able
to meet you before leaving. Is it possible that we don’t
reach on time to meet you both? Give the card. Yes. Preeti, this is for you. Not my gal.. give it to your gal. I am so sorry. Preeti.. this card is for you. For me? This is so sweet. What have you written in it, Pyaare? Preeti, since the time, I.. You read it. Okay. Priya.. Since the time I saw you,
I was certain.. ..that you only are the girl.. ..whose heartbeat
I was fervent to hear. I want to settle
a lovely world with you. Such a world,
where I can know what you want.. ..not by reading your lips,
but by hearing your heartbeats. I love you, Priya. Mohan.. why aren’t
they both saying anything? Preeti, say something. Pyaare.. We both have always considered
you both as good friends. Such friends, who always used
to make us laugh.. respected us. We both never thought
like this about both of you. And we never thought that
you both think like this about us. How is it possible for
us to love you both because.. Because I am blind and Mohan is deaf? Yes. It feels bad to say it. But you should know one truth. For any girl it is very
difficult to love such a guy.. ..who can’t see, who can’t hear. Any girl would desire
a normal life partner.. ..who can take care of her. Please try and understand. ‘All passengers travelling
by flight number.. ..217 to Bangkok via Singapore.. ..are requested to go for
the immigration and custom check.’ ‘Thank you.’ I am sorry, Pyaare.
I will have to leave. Bye. Bye, Mohan. “I have no complaints from you.” “There is only this pain.” “You just saw my face.” “You didn’t see my heart, beloved.” “I will always remember..
all the moments spent together.” “Whenever I will think about it,
tears will brim in my eyes.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, love you, love you.” “I love you, love you, love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” What are you thinking about, sister? About Pyaare and Mohan. Unknowingly we have
hurt their feelings, right? I hope they are alright, Priya. I hope so too. It’s our mistake.
We had forgotten that we.. I guess we have dreamed a lot. Yes Pyaare,
I guess love is not in our destiny. But Pyaare, their memories,
the moments spent with them.. ..we will never be
able to forget them. Ma’am. Thank you. Sir, please chocolates? – Thanks. Sir, please, chocolates?
No, thank you. Papa, I want chocolates. Yes. One minute please.
These are for the kid. Take son, eat, eat. Good evening ladies and gentleman. Our plane will be shortly landing.. Singapore enroute to Bangkok. All transit passengers
are requested to stay on board. We will stay just for an hour.
Thank you. – Singapore is here. Meet son,
have a look it’s Singapore’s airport. Welcome ma’am. Welcome sir. Oh hello. Hello. Hello to you too. Welcome, sir..
– Welcome. Welcome, ma’am.
– Hello. Welcome sir.
– What hello! I always travel first class.
– Sir please.. Papa! Oh God, what’s happening? I don’t know. Papa! Papa! Papa! Oh God, we are losing control. Papa! – Hey!
Hey what’s happening! Papa! Sir, we are losing altitude. What is all this happening?
Someone tell me. Someone help! What is happening? Will.. will someone
tell what’s happening? Pilot! Pilot! Sir, we have to make
an emergency landing. Make preparations. Attention please. Passengers are requested
to fasten their.. belts and prepare
for an emergency landing. What is all this happening,
Mr. Sardar? Ms. Sweetie, I think that
the plane is going to have.. accident and
we all are going to die. God help us.. God help us. I am going to die.. I am going to die. I want to make a confession. Where is the priest? Priest! Priest! Priest! Priest! Priest.. priest,
I want to make a confession, priest. Say son, say. I am not Dholakia. I am Don Tony. What? The same underworld Don..
Tony? – Yeah. But you died in a car accident, right? No, no that was just
to fool the police. And get away with my partners crores.. ..I did the drama of being dead. I killed a person and
put his body in the car. Good bye, Don Tony. And then I planted a bomb in the car.. ..and blasted the car with the bomb. I came to Bangkok and settled here. Changed my name and getup. From Don Tony I became Dholakia. – Ok. I enjoyed myself a lot in Bangkok.
I was very naughty. But I forget to confess
so God is very angry with me. So now before I die
I want to make a confession. I don’t want to go to hell.
I don’t want to go to hell. I am happy to announce
that now we are out of danger. And we will be shortly
landing in Bangkok. Thank you. – Yes! Sit! Sir, please go to your
seat the flight is about to land. One minute.
– No sir, you must go to.. ..your seat,
the flight is going to land. Come.. come. Priya. Excuse me. From, here..
we will go from here. – Come. Excuse me.. excuse me.. excuse me. Excuse me. One minute.. Police. Preeti, fast. Tony. – Tony! Where are the cops? Priest.. priest,
I want to make a confession. Say son, say. I have to kill you. God promise,
I will not tell it to anyone. I know you will not tell. How can a dead person
tell anything to anyone? Priest! Come. “Where are..” “Where are you?” Sister, father. – Let’s go. Help.. help.. Father.. Help.. help.. Father.. Help.. help… Freeze! ‘Two Indian girls have
been arrested today.. ..for the murder of a
priest at Bangkok airport.’ ‘Bangkok police says that
Preeti and Priya Malhotra.. ..two Indian girls who had come.. Bangkok with regards to a show.’ ‘Right now they are
in police custody.. ..for murder charges
and are being interrogated.’ ‘They are now in police custody.. ..and will be taken
to the court on Monday.’ ‘Thai news, Bangkok.’ They will be taken to the court.
Bombay police will come. I expose. I finish. Tiny, come here. You love me? No stupid, not that love, brother..
brother love. Yes.. of course. I love my brother. Yes. Mumbai police coming
they will shoot me. – Huh? They will shoot me bang..
bang.. bang.. bang. You happy? – No. No. You shoot the girl..
before the court.. ..before court..
you shoot them bang, bang, bang. Yes. I love my brother.
I will shoot them. Come on, come on,
hurry up don’t waste my time. 04615.. ‘Two Indian girls have
been arrested for the murder.. ..priest at Bangkok airport. Hello, uncle.. ‘The two girls were supposed to..
– ..uncle.. hello.. hello. What happened? Someone answered the phone.. ..listened to the voice
and disconnected it. It must be a wrong number.
– Ok that is enough now. Take them to their cell. Sir.. sir, please believe us sir,
we did not kill the priest sir. It was Don Tony. You shut up! Stop telling
us bullshit about Don Tony. We have checked.. he is dead. And you girls have killed the priest. Say whatever you want
to in the court tomorrow. But no one will believe you.
You will die. If even the court thinks
of us as wrong tomorrow then.. ..they will give us a death sentence.. ..for the murder of the priest. Now no one can save us.
No one can save us, Priya. Be careful. Excuse me, sir. Sir, we would like to
meet Preeti and Priya, please. Those murderers?
No you can’t meet them. But sir.. – No bail. No visiting! Tomorrow court, after that. Please sir, we have..
we have come all the way from India. No don’t waste my time. Get lost. Hey didn’t your parents
teach you any manners to talk? What did you just say? He is saying that
you are a son of a bitch. You are Kamina’s (rascal) child. He is calling you Kamina,
means a very.. ..good man.
Kamina. Very good man. You Kamina. Ah! I am a good man. I am Kamina. Very big. I am Kamina. I am a good man. I am Kamina. I am Kamina. Sir, you are a good man. Kamina. Me too.. me too.
– I am Kamina. I am Kamina. I am Kamina..
Kamina. I am Kamina.. Kamina. Come Mohan,
let’s find a good lawyer. – Come. Take care of the steps, Pyaare. Pyaare, what is Don
Tony’s brother Tiny.. ..doing here in Bangkok? Hello. Hello. I have inquired
about everything. Tomorrow morning they
will leave at nine.. ..from here to go to
the court in a police van. Right then our shooter
will shoot Preeti and Priya.. ..even before they sit in the van. Our shooter will
shoot Preeti and Priya! Yes.. yes.. yes.
I made the plan as you have told.. to, don’t worry brother Tony. Brother Tony! Don’t call me brother.
Don’t call me Tony. Sorry.. sorry brother Tony. Shut up! Yes, brother Tony. He will not improve. Pyaare, he is talking
about shooting Preeti.. ..and Priya tomorrow morning. What! – Come let’s.. Hurry man.. hurry. Come on. Damn! – What happened? The rascal got away. Hey but Don Tony is dead.
– Are you sure, Mohan.. ..that he was talking
to Don Tony only? Yes Pyaare,
he was calling him brother Tony. That means that Don Tony is alive. And for some reason is making.. ..a plan to kill Preeti and Priya. This thing is more
serious than we thought. Yes, and they are going to
be attacked in the jail compound. Then how will we stay
outside and save them? Mohan, we will also have to
get arrested and go inside the jail. Then only will we be able
to be with them and save them. Yes. But how will we
get ourselves arrested? Hey how did you like my car?
It’s beautiful? Oh very beautiful! Don’t touch my car, you fool. Go! Pyaare.. – Yes? We got our arrest warrant! – How? By doing the same thing what
we used to do in the shooting. Hitting! – And breaking! Pyaare, are you ready?
Let’s start the drama. The Haka Noodles is looking. Look.. Go, what will you do! Hey you! Hit.. hit.. hit.. hit.. hit! Oh God! My car!
You fools! What are you doing? Hey Pyaare, amazing!
The Chinese inspector.. running and coming as
if there is a red ant in their pants! Come on, let’s get started! You fools!
What are you doing to my new car! If costs ten millions bucks, you know! You know that I am a Kamina..
I am a good person. I am Kamina. You are not only a Kamina
but also a pig’s son. Not only that a donkey’s son. A dog’s son! A dog’s son! You are also a dog’s son! Stop! Stop! – Hey!
Pyaare.. Pyaare, gun.. gun.. gun! Gun.. gun!
– Stop, my brother! I am fine!
– You fools! Come.. come.. come. Take them! This is your last call. Make it fast. Hello. Hello uncle, this is Preeti. I had called up even before but.. ..someone disconnected the line. Yes, I disconnected it. I don’t want to get involved
in any of your problems. And from now onwards don’t call me up. “Let this whole world.. leave you and go.” “We are with you..
at every step and every corner.” “Let go of your sadness.” “Don’t worry about anything.” “We will even sacrifice our lives.. “In the name of our friendship!” Come on. Follow! Come on. Pyaare, there are stairs ahead go on! Oh my God!
My friend is hurt. He is blind. He cannot see, open his hands please!
Open his hands. Ok.. ok. – Yes, thank you..
thank you. Open his hands. Thank you..
thank you. Thank you very much. Fool, thank you.. thank you. Come on.. come on.. come on.. come on. Hey, wait. Are you an Indian? Being an Indian you
defame your country’s name. What have you done?
Murdered? Robbed or kidnapping? Hey we just broke commissioner’s car. Yes. – Shame on you criminals! Go. What you waiting for you? Come on, go! I am going.
Why are you pushing me? – Come on. He is pushing me.
Yes.. come on.. come on. Good morning, sir. Hello. How do you like my new car? Oh it’s very beau.. Don’t touch it. And nobody touches my car again!
– Sir. Sir. Go.. go. How did you get to know that we.. We got to know all through TV news. Listen to me carefully.
Both of your lives are in danger. Stay close to us, ok? Pyaare, 3 o’clock! Priya! You, ok? – Yeah! Stop.. stop! Come on Pyaare, let’s go. Come on girls, let’s go. Come on girls, let’s go..
let’s go, let’s go. Mohan, get into the car. Have you gone crazy my hands..
..are tied who will drive the car? I will drive.
– Yes, ok! Ok! What! No.. no.. no! Have you gone mad!
You will get us killed. Oh no, duck.. Come on..
come on.. come on get into the car! You only drive the car, my lord!
– Come on, Priya! Come on.. come on get in, quick. No.. no. – Let’s go, let’s go, Pyaare Hey what are you doing,
we are going in reverse. – No! Brake.. brake! Thank God it’s safe! Sorry.. sorry.
– Drive ahead.. drive ahead. Stop him, some one stop him! You idiot. Follow him. Take the name of God, girls! Gate! Gate! Gate! Take a left, my brother! There is a barricade in the
front hit the brakes.. hit the brakes! Take reverse.. take reverse, hurry up. Quickly!
Quickly reverse the car, Pyaare! Enough.. enough..
enough stop the car.. stop the car! Stop the car.. stop the car! Move it around..
move it around! – Wait.. wait.. wait! Hey! Brake! Brake! Brake! Hey Pyaare! – Yes. Pyaare, oldie! Where? – Hit the brakes or else
the oldie will die! Hit the brakes! Hey, drive the car.. drive the car! Oh God! They were bikes! They are again bikes, let them come.. ..let them come, they will go. Boss.. – Boss.. Stupid, after tossing
me into the air.. are calling out boss.. boss. Idiot, can’t you see and drive? Come on, let’s follow them come on. Right.. right..
right.. right. Left.. left.. left! Left.. left..
left.. left.. left.. left! What happened?
– Why are you looking at me? Look ahead!
Look ahead! Look at the road! I look ahead,
I look behind or I shut my eyes.. ..what difference will it make, Mohan? Was the blind person earlier
working in a circus or what? He is driving so fast. Hey, there is a shop..
there is a shop.. there is a shop! There is a shop! Oh my God! Sir, you are not driving! There.. – I will kill you. Look there Pyaare..
No entry.. no entry.. – Yes? no entry. I heard it was a good movie! Good movie? – Not the movie,
man, the road is no entry! Oh my God! – Left! Left! Left! I am dead.. dead..
dead.. dead.. dead.. dead.. dead! One.. two.. three, turn! Faster! Faster! Faster, sir. Water.. water! – Are you thirsty? I am not thirsty there is
sea take a left.. take a left turn! Stop! Stop! Look ahead! Thank God! Twirl.. twirl.. twirl.. twirl! What twirl, head? Turn! Turn! Did you sneeze? – Hey,
someone has shot us. Look behind! Shot! What!
– Yes. Hey, that Tiny is following us! What! – Speed up..
speed up the car! Speed up.. ! Speed up.. speed up! Enmesh.. enmesh.. enmesh them! What enmesh, sir? Oh no! Brother also got
this country only to settle! What kind of people are these! Speed up..
speed up.. fast.. fast.. fast! Stop! Stop the car..
stop the car there is traffic ahead! Oh God! There is a
lot of traffic jam ahead. Jump, run. Come on.. fast.. fast! Go! Come on Preeti, Priya fast! Come on.
– Pyaare! Oh God.. Tiny, come on run! You all are running away, rascals.. ..but you all will
not escape from Tiny. This way! This way! Hey! Give me the bike
or I will shoot you. Don’t shoot me! Come on, hurry up! – Pyaare, stop! You! – Yes..
yes.. hurry up don’t waste time. Come on. Come on, let’s go. Go. Pyaare, come on.
Come.. come.. come.. come. – Go! Go! Oh my God! Somebody call the doctor! Friend, we have to
anyhow get out of here. Listen, it is actually very
difficult to get out of here. But there is one person who
can help us in getting out of Bangkok. But he does that work only for money. How much money? The total of all four of you
would be at least 50,000 US dollars. You don’t worry about
the money we just have to.. ..anyhow get Preeti and
Priya back to our country safely. Ok then I will make
all the arrangements. We will meet there at that
dock at seven in the evening. Till then you all four hide and..
..try to stay away from the cops. Ok. – Ok. Thank you, my friend. No, I am thankful to you. If you both wouldn’t
have saved my life from that.. ..Chinese person then
I would have been long dead. Thank you. What did he say? He will meet us at
seven on the docks.. ..and will help us
in getting out of Bangkok. Because of us now you
both too are in trouble. Now the police and that
Don Tony are after you guys. Because now not only we but even.. both know their secret. Why did you both get
into so much of danger for us? You called us friend so we
are implementing our friendship. Now till seven in the
evening we will have to hide.. ..away from police and Don Tony. Now explain one thing to me. One of them was blind, correct? One of them was deaf;
still they ran away with the girls! What were you doing, ringing bells? No. – No?
You are so stupid that if you are.. ..made to run in a race all
alone you will still come second. Second. Thank you brother. Tiny. – Yes, brother? Tiny. – Yes, brother! Take two steps backwards. Tiny, why do you smell like a horse? How should I tell you, brother.. ..what problem have.. I got out of! Ok brother,
now you have nothing to worry, ok? From today I will
handle everything, ok? What will you do?
You go and have a bath, please! Again? – Go and have
a bath three to five times. You smell of horse shit! Go! Ok.. ok, brother! You useless people, brother scolded.. so such because of you all. Why can’t you all understand,
you donkey’s spawn! What is donkey’s spawn, sir? It means donkey’s child..
donkey’s child! Hello. – Hello boss, I see them.
In the Congton. Ok, follow them. Ok, boss.
– I will reach there immediately. Now I will prove it to brother
that I am not that stupid! Come on, follow me! You both just..
one second.. Pyaare, just.. Pyaare, I will go inside and make.. ..arrangements for
the money from the bank. You stay here with Preeti and Priya.
Ok? – Okay. Thank you, sir. – Thank you. Mohan has come. You brought what
you had gone to bring? Yes Pyaare, I have,
you both must be hungry, right? This is for you.
– Look over there! Tiny! Tiny! Run! Run! Run! Come on! Hey! There they are! Come on! Who is it?
Who is it? Who is it? – Who is it? Come here, I am your uncle.. uncle! Greetings. – Hey, you! Yes. – Yes! Oh snake.. Hey, you! I got her! Hey come on, baby! I am Chinese he-man. I am the daughter of Indian he-man! “Punjabi!” – Idiot! I got her.. I got her. – Leave me. I got her.. I got her. – Pyaare.. I got.. her..
I got her.. I got her.. I got her! I got her! I got her! I got her! I got her! What is it? Preeti! Priya! Come. – Mohan! Pyaare! – Are you all right? Yes. – Are you ok? We will have to get out of here. Where? – That side..
that side come on. Where did they go? Come. Be careful..
be careful.. be careful. There they are! Mohan! Open.. Hey, open! Open up! You all stay here, okay?
I will go and check the situation. It’s a tall building, man! Let’s check the other floor. Which floor? Hey any other floor. Come. Just got saved! “Yahoo.. yahoo!” Come on.. come on, he has gone. Mohan! Mohan! “Let anyone call me crazy!” “Let them say whatever
they want to.”Mohan, music off. What are you guys saying?
Come on! – Music off. We are dead. We are dead. Make.. make less noise. “Let anyone call me crazy!”
– Music. Music. What are you all trying
to say I cannot understand it. “Let them say whatever
they want to.” – Come. Music off. – We are engulfed
in the storm of love,.. ..what can we do!”
– What are you all doing come on! What happened?
“Let anyone call me crazy!” – Tiny. What are you guys doing? “Yahoo!” You really like music, right? Sometimes you dance at a funeral. Sometimes you switch on the music! Now I will dance at your funeral. Come on..
come on, all of you come out! I know you all are here. Come. You act too smart, right?
Now get ready to go up! One minute.. one minute..
one minute! – Now what happened? You think yourself as
a very big villain, right? And you don’t know that
even the biggest villain.. ..asks the hero for his
last wish before killing him. Really? – Yes. Thanks, man. – You are welcome. Tell me..
tell me what is your last wish? I want to drink a last
sip of liquor before I die! That’s all?
Forget one sip have the whole bottle. Thank you. Bring.. a bottle of liquor. What liquor, sir?
– Whisky, vodka, rum! Oh Whisky! Take. Have the whole bottle.
– Thank you. Hey Pyaare,
even you tell him your last wish. Don’t feel shy.
– Yes, don’t feel shy, tell.. tell. I want to have one last
cigarette before I die. That’s all?
Your wishes are also so small. Here, have these cigarettes. Take. Lighter? Another wish?
No problem take this lighter. I’m a very big villain. He is a very big villain. Drink.. drink. Enjoy.. enjoy! – Mohan! Extinguish the fire..
extinguish the fire! What extinguish, sir?
– Put out the fire! One second, sir.
– Where did you all go come on! Hey Tommy, quick.
Quick! – Put off the fire! Hey come on run,
what are you all doing.. ..come on run. Come on run! Stop! Stop! Stop! My hair.. my hair! Now you both stay here I and Pyaare.. ..will permanently settle this joker. Come on, Pyaare.
– Let’s go, Mohan! Let’s go. Hey, my hair.. my hair. Rascals, scoundrels,
I will not spare you both! Come, my baldy.
My burnt toast! Come.. come. I will not spare you both! Run, Pyaare! – Come on, fast! Where are you going to escape and go? I am not going to spare you! Left.. left, Pyaare, left! Pyaare.. jump! We are going to fall! Hey.. hey, hey..
don’t move.. don’t move. Wait.. wait! Hey, don’t move. Wait.. wait! Wait! Wait! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t move! Don’t move.. don’t move. Don’t move! Don’t move..
don’t.. don’t.. don’t.. don’t! We got saved! We got saved! “Pigeon, go.. go.. go..
away! Pigeon, go.. go.. go.. away!” Go! ‘Following the sensational escape of.. ..prisoners from the police station.’ ‘Four escaped prisoners
were sited today.. ..the morning along with another.. whose identity is
unknown to the authorities.’ ‘These two Indian girls were going.. perform musical
show in Bangkok.- ‘ Brother.. brother.. you saw I was on TV. I wish I could call
my friends in India.. ..and tell them to watch me on TV. Tiny. – Hmm. Let’s go for a long walk. – Hmm. Since your childhood you
listened to everything I said. Then when you grew up and said.. ..that even I want to be a Don.. ..I said ok you are my brother. Then I acted of being
dead and came here. Then you said that even
I want to come to Bangkok. Then what did I say,
come it’s ok, you are my brother. But what did I tell you today,
do you remember it? What? – I had told
you not to do anything. Only take a bath.
Correct.. correct? Remember it? But what did you do?
You openly went to kill them! To be a show off.
You want to be on TV! I said it’s ok, you are my brother. Actually I want to be famous. But I don’t want to be famous.. ..people will know
that you are my brother.. ..that Don Tony is alive
and is hiding in Bangkok. Hmm. Yes Mike, bring my baseball bat. Thank you.
Hello, I’ll have to kill you. Sir, he already dead. Please throw the body, ok?
And go find him! Move! My brother dead. He didn’t listen to me.
I told him to go for a bath.. go for a bath.
He was acting smart. You have the money? One second. Money. Mohan, the money. Your money. Ok. Police will be looking
for us all over.. we will have to spend
the night by hiding over here. In the morning this person will take.. out of the boundary
of Thailand. Okay? And.. be careful. Thank you.
– Thank you. From where did you both
bring so much of money? We both had kept it for rough times. Now forget all this,
Pyaare, one second. But they both had said that they had.. ..invested all their money
in their house and their shop. It means, they both..
their house and shop.. for us.. “True.. true.. true.. my God.. God, you are true!” Oh God, police! Run! “God is true, you are
true and nothing else is true!” “God is true, you are
true and nothing else is true!” “Your love is true love;
there is no doubt in that.” “True.. true.. true.. my God.. God you are true!”
– Police! Put your hands up! Jump. Fine! “I had only loneliness with me.” “I had all the shadows
of pain with me.” “When I met you, I felt I am alive.” “Like the sun got a shadow cast.” “Other than you.. other than you.. ..I had no one else
in my life until now.” “God is true, you are
true and nothing else is true!” “True.. true.. true.. my God.. God you are true!” Pyaare, be careful. Be careful, Pyaare. Police! “These tears are saying.. ..that these moments or
two are longer than decades!” “Let’s live these
few moments of peace.” “Who knows whether we
will get them or not tomorrow?” “I have no right
not to trust you now.” “God is true, you are
true and nothing else is true!” Pyaare. – Mohan. “True.. true..
true.. my God.. God you are true!” Run! “God is true, you are
true and nothing else is true!” Come.. come..
this way. This way! Fast. Hurry up, come. “God is true, you are
true and nothing else is true!” Where have they gone? Come on! – Yes, sir. “God is true, you are
true and nothing else is true!” Fast.. fast..
fast. Come on.. come on.. come on. Be careful. Bobby. – Yes? Bobby, what happened?
– Why did we stop here? I had to pick up one more passenger.
You wait. – I come. Ok.. ok.. hurry up..
hurry up.. fast.. fast. – Ok.. ok. This, man.. This.. why over here? He says that he wants
to pick up another passenger. He will come in some time.
He must just be coming. Hariya. – Mohan. Hariya. Pyaare. Run! Come on! Come! Come. Come on. Pyaare, be careful. – Pyaare. Come on. Come on. Pyaare, be careful. Tony. Tony. In the first standard there
was a girl named Lily Pereira. She and I both were small.
I used to chase her a lot. First time after so many years.. ..I’d to run so much after someone. The difference is that I
was willing to give my life for her. And now I will take your four lives. Till now these blind and
deaf were saving your lives. Today I will see whether they both.. ..will be able to save you or not. Let’s play.. bottle, bottle. Cover it. Use your brains. Brains. Preeti. Hurry! Hurry up..
hurry up. Come on.. come on. Hurry up. Hurry up. Pyaare. Mohan! Pyaare. Mohan! Pyaare. – Pyaare. Mohan! Give me bottle. No bottle, sir. Pyaare! – Mohan! Pyaare! – Mohan! Pyaare! – Mohan! Mohan! – Pyaare! Pyaare! – Get up, Pyaare. Pyaare! By saving you both they
both spoilt all my fun. To kill you both I
have another lovely idea. Pyaare, get up! Please come with me, girls. No.. no, please come with me. Pyaare. – Mohan, get up! Come with me! – Pyaare! Come with me! Come with me! Priya! No more bottle, bottle. Now we play dodge, dodge. Priya! Pyaare! – Preeti! Mohan. Mohan. Mohan. Now no dodge, dodge. Priya! As soon as you press this
button your watch will vibrate. And you will know
that Pyaare needs you. Pyaare! Mohan! Mohan! Mohan! Pyaare, bend. Two o’clock! 12! 12 o’clock! Pyaare! Three o’clock! No more running only dying. Mohan. Pyaare. Mohan! Let’s hit the rascal! Pyaare. Come on. Police! They criminal..
they escape from prison. They were trying to kill me!
Arrest them! Arrest them! You are under arrest! Arrest them! What have I done? They know whatever you have done. Tiny, you.. I had died, right?
And you tried your best. But I was saved. And thanks to Chang.. ..who took me to the hospital in time. Tiny. Tiny.. Tiny! Take him away. – One minute. Tiny.. Don’t go or I will pull the trigger. Ok.. ok, ok..
ok don’t pull.. don’t pull. – Ok. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I come. Are we doing the right thing? We are going back without saying.. ..anything to Preeti and Priya. Yes, Pyaare. All the accusations
on them have been cleared. And the police here
have also released them. Now their lives have
settled back to normal again. We did the work for which
we had come here for, right man? You are right, buddy. Come. We are getting late for the flight. Come. – ‘Passengers travelling
by flight number..’ Preeti.. – Priya. Forgive me, Mohan. It was me who was deaf who
couldn’t listen to your heartbeat. I was blind who couldn’t
see true love in your eyes. Please Preeti,
just because we helped you both.. ..we don’t want you to
think of what we have done.. a favour and you both
say something which your heart.. ..was not ready to
admit before all this. You both did us a favour
by making us realize.. ..that to love one doesn’t
need eyes and ears.. ..but one needs a true heart. I love you, Mohan. I love you. “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “I love you, my angel.
I will never forget you.” “One moves it with the other.” “One moves it with the other.” “One moves it with the other.” “They move with each other.” “When I asked my next step.” “The wise ball said don’t walk yet.” “I will be your eyes,
if you need me to supervise.” “We could do a deal;
fill in if my ears fail.” “You will be my sound
track I will eyes back.” “Faster than your beating heart.” “Every Mohan has a Radha
made for him in this world.” “The heart that speaks a lover beat.. ..every Pyaare has
a Pyaari in this world.” “One behind the other..
one defines the other.” “Pyaare Mohan, do you feel it?” “One besides the other,
leaning on each other.” “Pyaare Mohan, can you see this?” “Pyaare has a Pyaari made for him.” “Mohan has his Radha.” “Pyaare has a Pyaari made for him.” “Mohan has his Radha.” “They say it will be
perfect once they are there.” “Who will be the side kick,
they will mix with music.” “They are waiting for a girl
to come and rock their world.” “They are searching
for their soul mate.” “Praying for their dream date.” “Faster than your beating heart.” “Every Mohan has a Radha
made for him in this world.” “The heart that speaks a lover beat.. ..every Pyaare has
a Pyaari in this world.” “One behind the other.
One defines the other.” “Pyaare Mohan, do you feel it.” “One besides the other
leaning on each other.” “Pyaare Mohan!”

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