Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Theatrical Trailer | Nagarjuna | Samantha | Thaman S | Ohmkar | #RGG2Trailer

Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Theatrical Trailer | Nagarjuna | Samantha | Thaman S | Ohmkar | #RGG2Trailer

The soul can’t be destroyed by a weapon. The fire can’t burn it. Water can’t wet it. Air has no capacity to move it. The soul cannot be destroyed. Hey! Ghost! There is a ghost in our resort. A ghost? Hey, it’s you. Where is the ghost? Why doesn’t it come out when I am here? We will meet a person who is going
to solve your resort mystery. Who is he, father?>He is a Mentalist. He can tell, what is there
in the heart by looking into the eyes. Sir, it’s not a regular ghost. Very mass! It tortures us. Who is that ghost, sir? The soul of a girl. That soul is full of vengance. It wants to take revenge. Girl! Will you marry me? Are you scared?
– No. This time it looks like you are scared, right?
– No.

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