RANGITARANGA “Official HD Theatrical Trailer” | New Kannada Movie Trailer

RANGITARANGA “Official HD Theatrical Trailer” | New Kannada Movie Trailer

How about we get married Underwater? I mean, in wedding costume I’ll be in Silk saree, jewellery You in traditional attire and all that. But underwater Gautam, will you do something if I ask you to? Just name it and I will have it at your footstep You are right here, right next to me The train tickets have been booked for day after tomorrow 2 PM What’s the name of your village? Kamarottu Looks like you are new to this village Yes, I just arrived a couple of days back I am staying at the Kamarottu house I need information about a post box number A man who says no to a lady with a beautiful moon like face… …is a dim witted fool What are you doing here? I was looking for you The man is a little weird… He is always wandering here and there.. …Looking for something It is not advisable to look for an answer to everything that happens around here If you find something to be unusual… …better stay away from it That lady who went missing from the Kamarottu house… …are you responsible for that? That house is haunted by Angaara’s ghost After his death a lot of strange things have happened in this village I don’t understand anything, I am totally confused I think you are playing some kind of a game There is something in this house Gautam The police are looking for us Don’t talk rubbish! Don’t interrupt me when I am talking! Where is she? Only you would know if you have cremated her or buried her! I know who you really are!

100 thoughts on “RANGITARANGA “Official HD Theatrical Trailer” | New Kannada Movie Trailer

  1. Wonderful first half..an unnecessary second half.. But nonetheless a classic of kannada cinema..
    Kudos Bhandari team, we need a sequel or a prequel with the same legendary cinematography, slightly better music, on par soundtrack n scores, better dialogues, less commercial valued dialogues, less unnecessary complexity in the plot (The 2nd part was almost unnecessary though Saikumar saved the 2nd half)..a simple story, simple acting and a haunting score will take the movie places.Prequel will be better coz Bhandari has d potential 2 luk younger onscreen & follow it up with a sequel..it will become a trilogy..

  2. Guys iam a Tamil guy…i really wanted to watch this movie..i already watched the trailer thousand times..still cant stop myself
    from seeing this again and again..pls pls let me know where to get this movie with subtitles..

  3. Does any one know where I can get the theme music for this movie ? I saw the trailer and I have been searching for the piece of music that is played as thongs start to get suspensful and the fast vocals in the end.

  4. superb lovely nice 😊😊😊😊😊🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥

  5. The trailer and the background score is just amazing, when i completely watched the movie; it is the same story of an Old telugu legend movie "ANVESHANA". But i truly appreciate the director for the intensity in every scene in this film.

  6. When such movie wins best director award (Filmfare Award 2016) you know why south cinema is such shit and Kannada movies are even inferior to Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies.
    And people go all gaga over such substandard stuff. 🙂

  7. Have become a fan of Kanada movie after watching Lucia, and now this movie really great. Watching each others movie also made me realise its easier for us South Indians to learn each others language easily.

  8. I really want to see this movie but not able to find English subtitles for it…so I urge if anyone have subs please provide me….

  9. Thank you for an amazing, fascinating, mind blasting and MOST THRILLING entertainment package in a movie. Wish you a great years ahead. Keep it up.

  10. Beautiful movie ,I really enjoyed this movie
    I was shocked to see so many ppl in theatre even after 6months of release of this movie . Hats off to the
    Rangi taranga team.

  11. That BGM from 2:21 to 2:30 is out of this world.. i don' t hear such BGM from even the likes of rahmans and ilayarajas … Awesome ajaneesh :)Proud of you…

  12. Just now watched this movie…waited for a 1 year to get the subtitles(basically a Tamil guy)..extraordinary movie..it's worth a wait.. visuals, music,story..everything is superb..

  13. super movie i love it😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  14. Anup on urgent basis tel me watch model..I have watched the movie for 100times..I wAnt to wear on my special day

  15. The surroundings and architecture is almost 100% like kerala,despite being in karnataka…..whether this was shot in kerala or karnataka itself?I thought of karnataka as a dry place but this trailer is very much like malayalam movie set in a haunted tharavadu like manichitrathazhu…..

  16. Pls dub this movie in Hindi dubbed soon ❤😎 worth watching n it's a huge request sir pls thanks 👍😊

  17. 4 साल आज पुराना विडीयो

  18. Dear all..Even I'm Tamilian i was in Bangalore for 1 year..I like Kannada people's nature, gentle behavior, helping tendencies which i missed and missing in Tamilnadu..Also i like Kannada movies more than Tamil movies ..I'm living unpleasant life in Tamilnadu ..Missing Bangalore and karnataka people's ..

  19. I watched Rangitaranga movie.. awesome, emotional, Thrilling …If Tamil people's support or not, as I'm Tamilian i support good Kannada movies even when people's from karnataka unaware of those movies ..

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