Ranking Every Item in Mario Kart

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  1. Who remembers the snipe ramp in Moo Moo Meadows on the DS? I always destroyed my friend's sanity with Bomb Ombs, Bananas, and even Green Shells.

  2. If you time your mushrooms correctly you can dodge lightning bolts, and blue shells and same goes for coins but it's way harder

  3. For everyone saying that the Blue Shell, or the Mushroom powerups on Rainbow Road are more of a panic than the Lightning Cloud, I think he’s saying it’s a panic for the user on any stage.

  4. Nahhhh! Nah! Nah! Really, dude? The Lightning Cloud?? Already this list is wack. That is the most fun item in Mario Kart! Sure it can screw you over but so can green shells. I like it because it adds a layer of thrill to the race when you know you need to find a racer to ram into and fast!

  5. Great video, but the order is horrendous.
    Like how the hell is piranha plant better than bananas? It's as useless as the tail and yet u placed pp way higher. Or how is 3reds better than a mushroom? If you're nearing the finish line after the last set of item boxes and u need to get ahead asap, u want the instant speed boost, not a slow projectile that'll probably break on a banana along the way.

  6. I'm gonna disagree with the tiering method here. Ranking an item on its power alone isn't making a whole lot sense and it the equivalent to tiering a FE unit based on its combat power alone. You also have to factor in how obtainable the item is and how it'll effect your placing under the bottom line. Placing the lightning shock at the top is honestly ridiculous because it requires you to be in last place to get it. It will never help you get first place, ever, because its effect, while powerful, only helps you get out of the bottom 4 spots at most, whereas the single or triple mushroom can win you races, helps you recover from red shells, lets you dodge blue shells, etc. which are much more valuable for skilled players who don't get in last place in the first place. These items are overpowered because the user isn't good enough and their use only extends to getting you out of last, while the middle spot items are all crucial to winning races.

  7. I'll list my reasons for the items that only the DS version has.
    33, blooper: It slows everyone down in front of you and makes them go into a panic. And on DK Pass, it can make them fall off the level.
    32, fake item box: The ai have scripted paths so they will 75% of the time hit it unless you have poor judgement. Can also fool yourself if not looking at map while it's placed where a real one would spawn.
    30, banana: Great for a red shell and maybe a green shell. Not so good going into a turn with a red shell closing in.
    29, green shell: Hope it gets lucky. But it can bounce off walls a few times and maybe luck will have the miss become a hit.
    28, triple banana: Besides being a red shell shield. Gives 3 chances to rig turns for your enemies.
    26, triple green shells: Aside from being in the middle to last of the field, can cause 3 times the chaos, or miss entirely.
    20, red shell: Homes in on player in front. However, it can hit a wall if not careful and positions can be swapped before it gets the true lock on.
    18, blue shell: Slows first down. However, if you are first and you see someone have it, just let second place take the lead, avoid the touchdown, and you have avoided it. Not so lucky if there's a huge gap or you don't notice it being launched until you hear it.
    13, bob-omb: Great for sneak attacking someone who's gaining on you. Might even get more depending on how close everyone is. However, launching it forward is less accurate as it can bounce off walls or overhead signs. And on some levels, it can hit the traffic. If no one's around, it's going to detonate slower.
    12, mushroom: Good for one time speed boost. Great if you know the shortcuts and can use it long enough to get through. Even better when it comes with 2 and 3 mushrooms.
    11, boo: Steal an item while invisible. Great but they can use the item leaving the theft unsuccessful.
    10, triple red shells: Makes a shield and can either hit the next 3 racers or hit the same racer 3 times.
    8, triple mushrooms. SEE 12.
    4, golden mushroom: Have to be near the bottom of the field. Has many uses depending on how much you spam it. Otherwise, it will be gone.
    3, star: perfect for the bottom of the field. Invincible while being able to go your cart's true max speed. However, going off road while it ends will slow you down like it did nothing. And being hit by it will be the same as if a blue shell hit. Flashes back to the days of Wi-fi Connection with everyone but me using Cheat Codes.
    2, bullet bill: Perfect item for last place. Can cover some ground or be thrown into 4th/5th.
    1, lighting bolt: Best item for the bottom of the field. Everyone is shrunk, any items they have are on the track for free game and they stay small. 7th's effect will end shortly while 1st's will be longer.

  8. “The only item that sends the racer into a straight panic”

    Golden mushrooms on rainbow road 200 cc:
    “Am I a joke to you?”

  9. You mean big banana, yoshi’s egg, bowser’s shell, and heart aren’t from Mario kart tour? I’ve played a lot of Nintendo games including quite a few mariokart games, I really have never heard of the double person Mario kart

  10. Mushrooms and mega mushrooms both serve the purpose of growing bigger in Mario games, why is the regular mushroom a boost

  11. "… once or twice more"

    I mean through a technicality, perhaps even three times if you get a single green shell AND triple green shells.

  12. Mushrooms should be higher up, including single mushroom. You can dodge blue shells if timed right with the mushroom, it’ll boost you right out of the explosion!

  13. I feel like the crazy eight and lucky seven should rank above the star because both of them give you a star, plus more items. Reply if you agree.

  14. “The only item that sends the racer into a straight panic”

    *golden mushroom appears on rainbow road*
    Golden Mushroom: im about to end this man’s whole career

  15. > Mario Kart 64
    > Wario's stadium
    > the big ramp
    > activate lightning at the right time
    > people don't have enough speed to clear the ramp
    > fall down and have to ride nearly a quarter of the track again

    This was evil

  16. Disclaimer…. all Double Dash special items are catered to the character. ThTs why they couldn’t be on other MK titles. Double Dash is one of the best.

  17. The shroom/triple shrooms are the best items, they're great for shortcuts and they can help you dodge a blue shell

  18. Green shell’s usefulness depends entirely on the track your playing, since it can go off the edge of the map. It’s utterly useless in Rainbow Road from long distance.

  19. Such a diss to poor Blooper! His ink makes it harder to see obstacles on the track. It’s way more useful than its being portrayed here, in the right hands anyway.

  20. "Stars, an item featured in every single Mario Kart Game"
    Mario Kart Tour: I'm about to end this whole man's career.

  21. Coin would be better if it was a less common item and showed up around 4-6th place where items are going around constantly. It should also give 5 or 6 coins. If they rly want to have a coin item I think this is better. Or maybe make it a question block which just gives you a full refill of coins

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