Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #2 | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #2 | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

100 thoughts on “Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #2 | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

  1. Im a year 9 student who is looking to become a Neuro Surgeon and your videos are helping me with knowledge of the body even if i doesnt include the brain or spine, thank you.

  2. Doctor Mike! I have Dextrocardia (my heart is flipped). Have the doctors been listening to my heart wrong my whole life?!

  3. Can someone tell me what episode this is because I’ve jut started season 2 and I want to make sure that it’s not from season 2 or 3 because I don’t want spoilers as I love watching the show and it’s so unpredictable xox

  4. Lol I'm so glad you explained why doctors move around my chest checking my heart. I never asked them because I didn't want to anger them. I just wondered silently why the doctors can't find my heart. I'm so glad to finally know they always knew.

  5. See my mums logic is if you aren't dying on the floor get up you're being a wuss. That was quite funny when I was bleeding out on the floor and she just picked me up, walked outside, put me in the ambulance and just said you're an idiot. To be fair I did just impale my head on a radiator. Then I woke up when they were putting stitches in my head and got to see my family looking at me through the glass window whilst the peeps doing my head kept yelling something and clamping my head still then I went back to sleep.

  6. can only watch The Good Doctor with Dr. Mike, cuz of those Words that I Don't understand in that Show is Explained by Dr.Mike

  7. You might be surprised that the good doctor is a direct adaptation from a Korean drama …that's why it's very structured and very interested in it's writing.

  8. Then, if not happy enough in the morning to do your morning exercises, do as I do, exercise at night inbetween hobbies and again before bed of pushups, lunges, running, biceps, triceps and then warmdown exercises of the type used in ballet to keep limber. As you probably already know, running steps at least several times per week helps keep your body conditioned. I love doing that in between my college homework for my Engineering: Computer Science degree. Exercise and a vegetarian diet for my Gastroparesis and IBS condutions helps keep me not only fit at 108 lbs, only, but it also makes me feel good.

    Ilius, yes. The ER told ne that when I was last in last weekend. I thwn truedcwhat they said to help, some.

  9. Then you'd love my apartment. It's that same way. I only have bare essentials needed to sleep, to study, to do my college work, to do my IT work for clients, to work on my side projects (Neuroscience side poject) and to play guitar or violin, but that's it.

  10. I’m not sure if it said in the episode why the guy had an ear infection but once as a kid(10) I had a horrible ear infection that did require a stay at the hospital , turned out I had a polyp growing on my ear drum which that did do a biopsy times lol..

  11. You can develop autism Dr Mike.

    I’m autistic and I think it would benefit you to reach out and talk to some actually autistic adults. Maybe reach out to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network because your knowledge seems to be lacking in this field.

    Also: the VAST majority of the autistic community prefers identity first language and rejects person first.

  12. When I had my appendix removed.
    Before I went into surgery. They went through a checklist while I was awake. The chief surgeon actually used a surgical pen to mark the incision site on my body.

  13. It must feel really nice how you can understand every single medical jargon in the series without having to search it up.

  14. I am going to get hate for this, I know. But I detest this show. I’m a trained medical caretaker, nothing more, nothing less, but I know enough to get pissed at this show. Season 1 was okay. The following seasons were disturbing. There’s absolutely no place for the amount of large, dangerous “mistakes” he makes in medical and especially surgical settings. I think it doesn’t matter how smart or skilled someone is, if they have a panic attack and lie on the floor while they’re supposed to be saving people (finale of one of the seasons), or run out of the operating room mid-surgery, they are not safe or responsible to work in that field. That level of risk outweighs any skill and intelligence. I don’t care if it’s a good representation of autism or not. If it was a real hospital I’d hope to hell that a person who’s made the type of mistakes he has would be fired. They use his disability as an excuse for his mistakes and the reason they keep forgiving him for such dangerous things and continue letting him work in the field. It may be the cause, but it’s not an excuse. Yes, he’s done a lot of good things and saved many people on that show, but he’s also put enough lives of patients at risk from his actions that it cancels each other out. I’d be terrified for me or the person I care for to ever go to a hospital and have someone assigned to treat them who might do something like that.

  15. This guy is one of the only guys that react to show that doesn’t annoy me. Because I’m usually watching them for the show itself if I can’t find it anywhere else for free. But I actually like him reacting and telling us terms and what things are ☺️☺️👍👍

  16. Not paying attention when a patient says "somethings wrong" (''unnecessary") is exactly how my Fibro and 2 other chronic pain issues were brushed under the rug for 15 years… Nerve and muscle pain = just growing pains, back pain = too fat, knee pain = they didn't actually think was real. The only time xrays happened for the pain was when I went to the ER, then is was "Everythings fine, probably just a sprain, go home."
    I had to end up doing the research myself, and ask to be refered to a specialist for the diagnosis. They actually tried to convince me I'm wasteing the specialists time, when the report came back, "You have Fibro".

  17. Why do all surgeons look so frail on these shows? Good question. I wish Mike would roll up those sleeves more and take us to the gun show! yee-haw!

  18. At 8:52 falls into the thing I say to anyone who googles my/their symptoms;
    "Google has the right answers, in the wrong places."

  19. Idk if they have medical advisors for these shows like in movies. But they should hire this guy to get their facts straight.

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