Reality TV Star Amber Davies faces 100 judges after ‘Titanium’ act – BBC All Together Now 🎤

Reality TV Star Amber Davies faces 100 judges after ‘Titanium’ act – BBC All Together Now 🎤

Hi. I’m single, I’m ready to mingle. So slide into the DMs, boys. Mwah. People would mostly know me
from winning Love Island in 2017. The winners, Kem and Amber! I literally was singing
when I came out of the womb. Is it woom or woon? OK, is it womb? Scores are quite high –
you’ve got a 71, 78 and an 88. So he might go!
Now I’m in the danger seat. I’m just holding on
with my fingertips like this. One of my biggest dreams
was to perform on the West End, and now I’m currently in rehearsals
for 9 to 5: The Musical, which I still can’t believe
that’s coming out of my mouth! Good luck, you’re going to be fine.
This is going to be great. OK! And it is too late to quit? Yeah? I’m going to have fun, I’m going to hope nerves
don’t get the better of me, and hopefully,
I’ll win the hearts of the 100. OK, OK.
She looks phenomenal. Hi guys, I’m Amber Davis,
and I’m mostly known from winning Love Island in 2017. CHEERING So cute! She’s adorable. So I just needed to get
that sentence out. This is a massive song,
and now I’m thinking, should I have chosen it? Um, but hopefully the risk pays off. So thank you. Come on, sassy girl. Can she do it, more than 71? # You shout it out # But I can’t hear a word
you say… # She’s good. She’s got a really good voice.
# I’m talking loud, not saying much # I’m criticised
But all your bullets ricochet… # She can sing, man, she can sing. # Shoot me down, but I get up # I’m bulletproof
Nothing to lose # Fire away, fire away… # I want to hear the note first.
Yeah, yeah, same. # Ricochet, you take your aim # Fire away, fire away # You shoot me down
but I won’t fall # I am titanium # You shoot me down
but I won’t fall # I am titanium… # Wow, she’s bringing the party! # I am titanium # I am titanium # You shoot me down
but I won’t fall # I am titanium # You shoot me down
but I won’t fall # I am titanium. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Aww, Ben’s gone. Thank you! Well done, Amber, you got 75,
you’re in the top three! Aww, thank you so much. Um, Michael… Yes. Oh, hello! Firstly… Oh! Hello. OK. Oh, I’m flustered now.
Are you flustered? Firstly… Are you single? Yes.
OK. I’m single. We’re not on Love Island now,
please. You started it! CHEERING Firstly, you look amazing.
Thank you. I know you were nervous
when you first started speaking, but then the pose that you created
where you just composed yourself, got in the moment,
and the first few notes were just so controlled. And then afterwards,
you came out, you had a party, and you had 75 of us up on our feet.
So congratulations. Thank you. Well done. thank you, Michael.
Try and control yourself. Um, not everyone enjoyed it… I’m speaking to Talia.
Oh, no. Talia, you post music videos
onto the Internet. I do. You’re like absolute
Captain Millennial. What?!
Amber, not enough to get you up? Do you know what
it was? For me, I really loved the performance, it was the top notes
just weren’t quite on, until the last one that you held. If it had been like that last one,
I 100% would have stood up earlier. OK. But I really loved it. APPLAUSE
Thank you. Bud and Aidan,
you’re in a group together, two brothers doing punk music. Bud, what did you think?
You was up singing along. I thought it were really good,
to be honest, you look lovely. Thank you. This might sound weird,
but after you were on Love Island, my little brother messaged me and said that you’d liked some
of my photos on Instagram, right? So I was going to say,
go back on my Instagram again, Bud Brennan Williams,
if you like it… Oh, my God! Wow. That’s how you do it, Michael! That’s how you do it.

100 thoughts on “Reality TV Star Amber Davies faces 100 judges after ‘Titanium’ act – BBC All Together Now 🎤

  1. The people that were explaining why they stood up couldn’t help but mention “you look lovely” which yeah that’s good but was her voice with that particular song really worth 75 stands (bet she would’ve gotten less if she didn’t look like that)

  2. I can’t wait to see you amber in west end live 2019

    On Saturday 22 June 2019 and Sunday 23 June 2019

  3. Simon cowwell would have told her to stop on the first verse, not gonna enough, this shows clearly not serious

  4. I’m sorry but that was a big No for me she can sing but I don’t think it deserves a 75 this show doesn’t even give good scores to actually good singers which is sad cuz there has been some good singers where they didn’t even get a high score or get placed in getting really irritated with this show I think I’m done watching it 😭💀💀

  5. her mix voice is actually pretty decent like it has power but not enough power to really show off that high note, but a great note nonetheless. some parts were shaky but there are also some parts that were really wonderful. shes a good singer definitely above average.

  6. The actual singing part was really good until 2:39 and then there was a weakness in her voice and from there onwards it was difficult for her to get back into place, but at the start she had extremely well controlled notes and a good amount of flicks.
    If this show was like strictly then i would give it a 4/10,
    I would love too see it where the 100 don't know when they can stand and the first too stand begins the clock

  7. Look at all the miserable gits in the comments 😂 this was a celebrity special… Most of the performances were far below average. She wasn’t amazing but it got people bouncing & moving.

  8. What a disappointment. To remix titanium is almost blasphemy. I'm surprised the hundred was is okay with this. The entire impact of that song is when that note is hit that says a person has killed it and it was completely removed from the song. It was like a disco version. I wouldn't have stood up and I'm a big softy.

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