Reflections on the Essence of Drama

Reflections on the Essence of Drama

On The Essence of Drama
“Can we seriously just stop with this us versus them thing already? It’s tired, it’s
boring, it’s not helpful to anyone. That’s the main thing: It divides people. It helps
no one.” 60:33 In a Q&A a while back, I said that I was going
to create a video in which I reflect on the “kerfuffle”, but after, well… reflecting,
I decided not to. The primary reason being that I didn’t think that doing so would help
the trans community, no matter how delicately I approached it. Though, I must admit, a close
second reason was that I was physically and mentally exhausted. What’s more, I’m really
not a fan of drama in general, and my disposition is to ignore it, but due to Ethel (Essence
of Thought) relentlessly bullying my good friend Rachel Oates into self-harming, and
then heavily insinuating that she’s using the colour of her skin to manipulate people,
I’m done with silence. This is simply not acceptable. This regressive, vindictive, bullying
group, of which Ethel is a part, must be held accountable. And so, here are my Reflections
on the Essence of Drama. [intro]
Due to the nature of this topic, within this video you’re going to see a more human side
to me than I typically reveal. What’s more, I’m going to be as raw and honest as I possibly
can (perhaps even too honest, if one can be), and in doing to I’m going to rustle some
jimmies… but I’m okay with that. One lesson that I’ve learnt throughout this experience
is to just be me, warts and all. To most effectively reflect on what’s transpired, I’m going
to give a timeline. It’s a bit of a tedious way in which to reflect, I grant, but I think
it it’s most suitable. So, here we go: On the 29th of March, I published a video
on transgender athletes, and I screwed up, bad! I unwittingly contributed to a hateful
narrative, and in doing so hurt many trans people (and again, I am sincerely sorry that).
Consequently, people such as Noel Plum, Thomas Westbrook, Eric Murphy, Matt Dillahunty and
Shannon Q reached out to me and explained where I had went wrong, and as a result I
unlisted the video, donated the ad revenue, apologised, issued corrections, and then finally,
on the 15th of June, I published my new view. Another conviction that I have that’s worth
emphasizing is that I believe that we need to tmake substantial changes to most sporting
and athletic categories, because 1 – as it stands, many of them are not based on the
actual attributes that matter; and 2 – we’re currently telling trans women that they can’t
compete in the “women’s category”, and that’s not right. That needs to be fixed.
So that’s me – that’s my production timeline – and of course, I’ve made many
mistakes throughout; I could’ve done things better; I should’ve acted sooner, etc; I
accept this, wholeheartedly. Since June, I’ve said little to nothing on the topic. I’ve
tried to move on. However, during that timeline, a lot has happened elsewhere (specifically
with Essence of Thought), and here, again, is a breakdown:
Shortly after the release of my first, original video, Ethel published a response that was,
in large, decent. Just like the aforementioned people, Ethel accurately pointed out many
of my mistakes… but unlike the previous people, she incessantly assigned to me malice
motive – she insisted that I had made the video with the intent of deliberately hurting
trans people. “Just as a means to attack trans women and
their place in public.” In fact, she straight up asserted that I was
“Jumping on the anti trans bandwagon simply to cash in on a far-right paycheck.”
“Oh deary me, the alt-light man is here to teach us about his fears of women’s sports
[…] Stephen Woodford from Rationality Rules is jumping on the anti-trans bandwagon. Because
when the bible thumpers are too busy to blame us for every natural disaster on this planet,
the trademark skeptics step up to claim we’re destroying Western Civilisation, piece by
piece.” […] “People who have never been concerned about women’s struggles all of
a sudden taking up the pussy-hat at the whiff of a far right paycheck, amuse me. Because
Woodford’s personal beliefs aside, that is who he caters to these days with his soft
Shapiro videos.” Now, given the accusation of me deliberately
jumping on the anti-trans bandwagon, I didn’t originally watch the rest of her video – I
did as I do with all criticism that’s mired in false accusations – I moved on. Hence,
I didn’t recognise the colossal mistakes that I had made until shortly before (and
during) my visit to Austin. It wasn’t until people honestly engaged with me, without assuming
that I had malicious intent, that I recognised my mistakes.
Anyhow, while flying back from the warm hospitality of the ACA, the ACA publicly denounced me,
and since receiving a denouncement from such a large and respected organisation can be
career ending, I had to put everything aside in order to respond immediately, which, despite
being exhausted, is exactly what I did. In response, Ethel doubled-down on her accusations,
but this time additionally claimed that I made my original video with transphobic principles
in mind: “He, as a creator, was acting on transphobic
principles when he made it.” What’s more, she claimed that I formed my
my argument based on pure prejudice: “He formed his argument on sheer prejudice
for trans women based on preconceived notions and stereotypes of what they’re like.”
And she asserted that I was calling for the removal of trans people’s human rights:
“And the way he used this to argue for the removal of their human rights.”
Which is not only wrong, it’s slanderous… I have never argued for the removal of trans
people’s human rights. Never. Not once. Didn’t happen. Let me put it simply: If
one is not eligible to compete in a category of their choosing (for whatever reason, be
it weight, testosterone levels, age, etc., that does not mean that one has been banned
from sports and has been stripped of their human rights… Five days after Ethel’s
second video, I published my apology, in which I expressed that I’m sorry for failing to
do my due-diligence and inadvertently emboldening some bad actors.
“To know that my mistakes and hyperbole has likely emboldened some actual bad actors
weights heavily on me, but the weight that I feel is NOTHING compared to those who suffer
at the hands of said bad actors. I’m sorry for my failure on these matter.”
However, because I didn’t completely capitulate to Ethel’s accusations of transphobia, or
pretend that it was her, and not others, that changed my mind, she tripled-down, claiming
that my donating the ad revenue to a trans charity was her idea.
“Said video was demonetised as a direct result of me dragging Woodford out on this.
[…] I kicked his door in and dragged him out over his total inaction, and within several
days I, and various others who joined me in doing such, achieved more than a month of
coddling Woodford had achieved.” What’s more, because Sarah, a trans woman,
didn’t agree with Ethel’s accusations and narrative, Ethel dismissed Sarah a merely
a token, and has since called her a “hatespeech apologist”, while others in Ethel’s group
have been calling Sarah a transphobe. *sigh* Honestly, the way that Sarah has been treated
by these people is quite frankly disgusting. I am sorry, Sarah, that you’re having to
deal with this. You deserve so much better, especially from this community.
Three days after Ethel’s third video, I published my correction video, in which I
voiced exactly what I felt I got wrong, exactly what I felt Ethel got wrong, and I also made
extremely clear that the malice that Ethel was ascribing to me is nonsense:
“My motive – my concern – was, and still is, what constitutes fairness in sport. Trans
women must be able to compete, and, indeed, as the gender they identify as, but that doesn’t
necessarily mean that it’s FAIR for trans women to compete in the same category as non-trans
women. It might be, for example, perfectly fair for those who transitioned before male
puberty, but unfair for those who transitioned after…” 04:50
It was also within this video that I briefly touched upon Ethel’s efforts to defame every
public figure that won’t swallow her (ironically) hateful narrative:
“In addition to defaming me, Ethel has been defaming pretty much everyone who won’t
publicly denounce me, including Matt Dillahunty, Aron Ra, Thomas Westbrook, Tell Tale, Rachel
Oates, and even Mr. Atheist for crying out loud.” 05:01
In response, Ethel then created two videos over the next 10 days, one in which she continued
to spread the same divisive narrative: “He was calling for the removal of trans
people’s human rights.” […] “It’s the fact that woodford made his video from the
standpoint of prejudice against trans people.” And one in which she declared that I’m not
an ally to the trans community. “Woodford is not a trans Ally.” 23:36 And on this note, I’d like to just remind
everyone of what they already know: despite Ethel and her ilk frequently acting as if
they speak on behalf of the trans community, they don’t:
“They don’t represent trans people – they represent a fringe group of hateful arseholes.”
1:30 “They don’t represent trans people – they
represent a fringe minority of hateful arseholes.”
We’re nearly through the timeline, I promise. On the 15th of June, I published my updated
views, and seven days later Ethel published a response titled “Rationality Rules Proves
Himself a Transphobic Hack”, in which, of course, she continued with all the same accusations,
and once again declared me not to be an ally (again, as if she speaks for the entire trans
community): “One group, including yourself, is arguing
for the removal of certain human rights for trans people.” 40:48
“To be clear, you are not supportive of the trans community. You are certainly no
trans Ally. You are a transphobic hack.” 41:26
Furthermore, and strategically, this was the video in which Ethel finally came clean with
her real position – stating that whether trans women take HRT to lower their testosterone
and performance levels or not (that is, regardless of their medical status), they must be able
to compete in categories that are designed for typical 46, XX females.
“Trans women should be allowed to compete as women no matter their medical status.”
27:44 Now, presuming that Ethel accepts the athletic
gender gap (which, depending on the specific event, is 10 to 30%), this entails one of
two things; either Ethel believes that as soon as a fully grown man embraces that they
identify as a woman, the accrued athletic benefits of having 30 nanomoles of testosterone
per litre surging througouth them for potentially decades, simply vanishes.
Ethel quoting that shitty study claiming that there’s no advantage whatsoever
“No matter their medical status.” Or it entails that Ethel does not give a damn
about fairness in sport. She couldn’t care less. She’s not even interested in renaming
the categories so that gender is irrelevant (as I would). Now, credit where credit is
due – Noel Plum spotted Ethel’s true agenda from the outset, and when Ethel finally revealed
her views, Noel made a very important and excellent observation:
40:33 “What I think is the case is that Essence of Though knew that if they come out
with this straightaway, that they would have lost a lot of support. The majority of people
who have taken Essence of Thought’s position believe that it’s right that trans women should
compete in the category for female athletes, but only if they have had hormone replacement
therapy, and if right at the outset Essence of Thought had come out and said the opposite,
they’d have gone “Whoa, hang on a minute, that’s not what we believe.” Instead,
what he has played is an absolute blinder. He has played one of the perfect radicalization
tactics. […] He has left his supporters in a position where they either walk away
with some egg on their face, or just allow themselves to be radicalized into his new
position. The truth of the matter is, is that effectively in saying what he’s saying, Essence
of Thought has said, to the majority of people who have sided with him, you are transphobes.
Your position is, transphobic unless you adopt this position that anyone who identifies as
a woman gets to compete in this category, then you are holding a transphobic position.
And he’s masterstroke is that it seems to have done the trick, and nobody’s arguing
– none of his supporters are arguing with him.”
Indeed, this is a classic cult move, though I think that it’s only really worked because
Ethel deletes anyone’s comment which doesn’t fit her narrative, which is why her videos
have massive numbers of dislikes, yet no real criticism in the comment; it’s an echo chamber.
Ethel treats her subscribers like mushrooms – she keeps them in the dark and feeds them
crap. Moving on, during the month of July, Ethel
asserted that I had a “transphobic meltdown”, claimed that the ACA had died due to transphobia,
and attacked Matt Dillahunty (who is considered a massive ally of the trans community) for
not publicly denouncing me. And finally, on the 24th of August, Ethel created yet another
video on the topic, in which she somehow quadrupled-down on her defamation, stating as fact (get this)
that my one and only goal throughout this whole ordeal has been to maximize the amount
of harm to trans people that I possible can: “Woodford is not setting out to improve
sport. He’s setting out to maximize the amount of harm he can cause trans people.
That’s his one and only goal, with this act – something which should remove any lingering
doubt about his transphobic nature.” 09:04 […] “He has nothing riding on this at
all outside of its desire to hurt trans women, regardless of how he’s also hurting cis
women, intersex cis women, cis women of colour, and lesbian cis women in particular, in the
process. […] “He, as with those making this argument with bad faith, are merely looking
for some way to scratch their bigoted itch. A way to hurt trans people and avoid being
called out on it.” 11:59 … nuts, isn’t it? I mean, you couldn’t
make it up if you tried? Couple these statements with Ethel’s assertions of me calling for
violence – yes, violence – against the trans community, and we have a very serious
situation indeed. In her struggle to stay relevant, Ethel has grotesquely manipulated
a narrative in order to weaponizing a marginalised community, and honestly, it’s reprehensible.
What’s more, by calling me a violent transphobe for my not being convinced that the burden
has been met for SOME events, Ethel and her cult are legitimising actual violent transphobes,
and that angers me! People are seeing these accusations, and when they realise that it’s
nonsense – when the realise that it’s defamatory – they are, understandingly,
assuming that the same is true of the legitimate accusations made against actual transphobes…
this, as anyone with eyes can see, is detrimental to the trans community. But believe it or
not, Ethel has sunk even lower than this… As briefly covered early, Ethel has been targetting
just about every public figure in the YouTube secular community, insisting that they buy
into her defamatory, ever-escalating narrative and denounce me as a transphobe, but she’s
had little to no success – and for that, I’m very grateful. Plenty of public figures
have expressed disagreement with me (which, again, is to be expected), but very few have
drunk the koolaid. But after trampling over the reputation of these figures (who’re,
lets not forget, considered MASSIVE allys of the trans community), Ethel found someone
who simply couldn’t ignore her accusations – my close friend, Rachel Oates. After harassing
and demanding that Rachel denounce me as a transphobe, and manipulating everything that
Rachel had to say while blocking her from defending herself (as Ethel does), Rachel
replied in video format: She called out Ethel’s lies, and stated, as clear as day, that she
is not interested at all in athletics, that she just wants to be left alone, and that
she won’t discard me as a friend simply because Ethel is demanding it:
“To be brutally honest, I don’t care about sport. I don’t know anything about sport.
I have no interest in sport. So I didn’t even have an opinion on the video. Even to this
day, I don’t know anything about sport. I don’t know what skills or strengths or whatever
people need to be able to do sports competitively. I don’t know what gives someone an advantage
and what doesn’t. […] I can’t stop something I’m not doing! Stop making that claim. This
is exactly the same as those who say ‘oh, when did you stop hitting your wife?’…
I never viscously attacked trans people. I can’t stop viciously attacking trans people
cos I never started. Quit with the strawman […] So this was a straw man. It was completely
untrue. It was objectively wrong. So, it made me mad. I said, okay, now you’re literally
talking rubbish. I never once support the stuff Steve said in that video. I support
the fact he’s learning from it and trying to put it right. I won’t cut off a friend
because they happen to make an ill-informed mistake with no malice.”
But Ethel couldn’t respect that – she had found someone who’s hurt by her defamation,
and just like the bully in the playground who finds the kid who reacts, Ethel continued
her harassment and defamation for months on end. She did exactly to Rachel what she did
to me – she escalated the narrative, all while blocking and deleting anyone who didn’t
agree with her (because that’s what cults do). And finally, after months of lies and
bullying, Rachel broke. She posted a video in which she was profusely crying, with blood
trickling down her arm from self-harm, just as means of getting Ethel to recognise the
harm and abuse that her and her ilk were causing. Rachel wrote:
“I don’t want to post this but I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want sympathy.
I want Ethel to be accountable for their actions and realise what they’re doing. I need an
apology. I’m lost and hurt and angry and sad and confused and terrified.”
You see, Ethel, Rachel just wanted to be left alone – she’s said, for months on end,
that she isn’t interested in athletics, but that she won’t denounce me simply because
you’re bullying her to do so. “I don’t know anything about sport. I have
no interest in sport.” […] “I won’t cut off a friend because they happen to make
an ill-informed mistake with no malice.” But you couldn’t leave her alone, could
you? You couldn’t accept that someone wouldn’t bend to your intolerant commands, and so you
bullied her for months on end. And when she broke – when she cried out just so that
you’d recognise her as a damn human being, you dismissed her anguish as simply a manipulative
tactic. You pinned a Twitter post titled “How white women use strategic tears to silence
women of colour”, and stated that you’ll start caring about her safety if, and only
if, she capitulates to your commands and endorses your defamatory narrative.
Honestly, Ethel, you’ve become the very monster you set out to slay. An abusive, bigoted,
bully. A few days after the incident, Rachel stated the following:
“I am so sorry you had to see me like that. I was having a pretty bad episode when all
that went down. I was a mess. I didn’t think any of it through. All I knew is: I was hurting
and my head was loud and I needed EoT to see me as human and see what he’d done so he’d
finally stop and leave me alone. I just wanted the lies to stop and to be left alone. After
months of trying to be left alone, I felt like EoT was actively trying to ruin my reputation
and career by lying about me and I didn’t know how to stop it. I’m sorry you all had
to see me at my most vulnerable. I feel weak and pathetic. I never wanted you guys to see
that side of me and I’m sorry you did.” Now, I’ve been chatting with Rachel since
the incident, and while hurt, she’s doing a little better – and she is incredibly
grateful for all the wonderful messages that’s you’ve all been sending. In reply to her
statement I want to say publicly what I’ve already told her privately: Rachel, while
you may not feel like it, you’re extremely strong. Despite all of the bullying and manipulating,
you didn’t cave to Ethel’s demands; you didn’t condemn me; you didn’t endorse
a lie. And for that you have my utmost respect. It’s truly an honour to call you my friend.
Thank you. So that’s that – there’s the bulk of the
drama. There is, of course, loads more that I haven’t covered, but doing so would take
eons, and there’s already enough on the table for me to effectively convey my remaining
thoughts in context. The first of which is that I’m convinced that Ethel and her cult
embody what many term the regressive left. They’re every bit as dogmatic, tribalistic,
intolerant, and insufferable as the evangelical right. With the evangelicals, you’re either
100% with them or you’re a heretic, a blasphemer, an infidel; and with the regressive left you’re
either 100% with them or you’re a phobe, a deplorable, a racist. While the evangelicals
silence and bully transgressors by making them out to be immoral, disrespectful, offensive
and sinful, the regressive left silence and bully transgressors by making them out to
be tone-policing, dog-whistling, gatekeeping, and victim-blaming. (Now just to be crystal
clear, I’m not saying that these things don’t occur – they do – rather, I’m
saying that this group wields these them as shields and weapons). In both cases, it’s
a game of narrative, in which egregious acts are justified so long as they favour the dogma.
This, is why Ethel has been able to take me saying that ‘I’m not convinced that the
burden of proof of showing that HRT mitigates the benefits of male puberty has been met’
and turn it into ‘Woodford is a violent transphobe with blood on his hand, who’s
actively trying to strip trans people of their human rights simply because his one and only
goal is to maximise the amount of pain he can cause to trans people.’
“Woodford is not setting out to improve sport. He’s setting out to maximize the
amount of harm he can cause trans people.” 09:04
And, indeed, this tribalism is why the cult won’t hold Ethel accountable. And this brings
me to my second to last reflection: in my opinion, we (as in the sceptical community)
need to do a MUCH better job of calling out the nonsense on our own side when it comes
from, or in favour of, a minority (that is, we need to ACTUALLY be egalitarians; we need
to ACTUALLY treat people equally), because as it stands, we don’t, and it does our
entire community a massive disservice. By being utterly petrified of being labelled
a “phobe”, we make our entire side look regressive. It really isn’t helping.
So, the natural question that comes from this is this: How do we react to Ethel? Well, I’m
not entirely sure, but I do know the answer is not to do to her what she’s done to others
(please, don’t harass her). Unfortunately, however, attempts to get through to Ethel
have been met with a swift block. Those who’ve approached her gently have been accused of
tone-policing and blocked, and those who’ve been up-front have been accused of transphobia
and blocked. As said earlier, in one way or another, Ethel has found a reason to block
anyone who doesn’t agree with her. Her platforms are safes spaces from honest discourse. Because
of this, it’s unlikely that anyone who’s not already very close to her will be able
to make any impact. But what we can do is show those who’re on Ethel’s side patience,
kindness, and decency, and let them know that it’s okay not to have the group mentality.
They’re allowed to have their own thoughts, and that doesn’t make them a hateful, transphobic
person. On a brighter note, my final concluding reflection
is that the secular community is in pretty damn strong hands – we’re looking to have
a bright future. There’s some incredibly decent, intelligent, caring people at the
helm, from all walks of life, and quite honestly, that excites me!
Okay, I’m done. I just want to thank you all for your continued support throughout
this; I really screwed up, but you didn’t drop me and I really appreciate that. And I want to especially thank everyone who’ve kept the channel afloat
through patreon. Thank you for not allowing these lies to warp your opinion of me. I truly
and sincerely appreciate it. I screwed up – I deserved repercussion, but if the regressive
group had it’s way, I’d be out on the streets, with not path to redemption except
for complete capitulation (sounds like the church, right?). Last but not least, feel free
to leave Rachel some love in the comments, and I’ll be sure to spam her with them.
Fittingly, I’ll leave you with some wise words from the lady herself:
“Can we seriously just stop with this us versus them thing already? It’s tired, it’s
boring, it’s not helpful to anyone. That’s the main thing: It divides people. It helps
no one. I support people supporting people. I don’t care what group you’re a part of.
I don’t give a damn what you identify as in terms of your gender, or sexuality, or your
race, I don’t care what your background is. I don’t care any of that. I care that you’re
a good person trying to do good things. Let people do what they want unless it’s hurting
someone. Doesn’t matter what group you’re a part off. I’m always going to support people,
and I’m definitely going to support minorities and their rights, but I’m never going to be
willing to make claims on a topic that I’m not knowledgeable in, and it’s nothing to
do with cis people or trans people, or any other insignificant characteristics like that.
It has to do with the fact that unlike some people I don’t want to make baseless claims.

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    While EOT’s behavior and slander is disgusting and untrue, I don’t agree that EOT is at fault for Racheal’s self harming. As much as I would love to blame him, I can’t honestly do that.
    I think there were more issues that lead to that. There has to be more to it than that. EOT has harassed many people and it never went as far as causing self harm.
    I have seen EOT use trans-suicide and violence as a card to play against those who disagree with his bullshit.
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  16. Honestly, Rachel has got such a good heart. I'm so sorry that this person didn't want to see that. It is their loss and anyone who has the privilege of having her in their corner is a truly lucky person.

  17. Admitting you're hurting is just about the bravest thing you can do. It's one of the hardest things there is. Only the strongest manage to do it.

  18. In regards to “we, as in the skeptical community, need to do a much better job of calling out the nonsense on our own side when it comes from, or in favor of, a minority” while arguing for egalitarianism: this comment makes the self description of trans ally seem disingenuous, especially in the context of a video with many instances of a trans woman being misgendered without acknowledgement. A nuanced and egalitarian viewpoint could be more along the lines of ‘this is a good point but has serious problems in presentation because of implied viewpoints from misgendering, the point could be made without misgendering and thereby minimizing the reality that trans folk exist’.

    Honestly, I find it best to never label oneself an ally. Do your best to do right and if, in this case, trans folk choose to see you as an ally then great. Bonus of not coming off as a hypocrite when ya screw up because you are missing some context because of lack of experience as you are not trans (to be clear, everyone screws up understanding others experience at some point. Hence the viewpoint of best to not label oneself an ally)

  19. To err is human. I greatly respect anyone who is willing to admit they made a mistake and make a genuine moves to correct themselves. I especially reflect the fact that no one has caved to EoTs demands and have stuck with one another.

  20. @Rationality Rules I'm a law student here in the UK. I wouldn't be able to represent you because like I said I'm a student but I can give you some free legal advice on your legal remedies so you can make an informed decision. I would have to do the research but from what I know of this you may have a case. If your interested, direct message me and we can have a chat on email.

  21. I've honestly tried to watch EoT's content several times, but I can never get past the 5-10min mark. It's something about the voice and the body language that really irritates me to the point of not being able to listen to the arguments past a certain point.

  22. I’m Transgender, and people like the likes of EoT do not speak for me in any way. They are the reasons people like myself have a difficult time being trans. They are the ones turning people and ideas of transgender people away saying we are just mental. I am with RR on everything in this video. And speaking as a transgender person maybe we should be asked what we think of situations concerning trans issues. Not those that are like EoT and ilk. People in the world would learn a lot about us rather than fearing us. Or just outright hating us based on the EoT’s of the world.

  23. When will you ever learn,,,,,, NEVER APOLOGIES… it will only be used as a weapon against you . If it continues , call them a nazi , a snowflake or my personal favorite , High Supreme Lord of the internet and move on . arguing with an ideologue is like building sandcastles in 2 feet of water

  24. what is the proper response to people like essence of thought? you could just ignore them and let them walk all over you. or you could engage them and give them the drama fuel that they need to feed their egos and grow their viewership.

  25. It's a boy not a girl .You should not go along with Mental illness just to keep them happy,that just adds to the dillusion

  26. Ive watched your vids for a little over a year and was one of those who bought into EoT when she made her first video on trans women in sports. Then i found out what was being said on twitter just a week ago, and now regret my decision. I'm sorry to hear what happened to rachal, no one deserves that kind of treatment. I'll try not to let my anger get the better of me in the future.

  27. EoT's actions do not surprise me. What does surprise and sadden me is how certain members of the ACA, whom I had aforetimes admired as models of reason and conscience, quit the ACA when they weren't allowed to draw blood over this issue, even after your apology and retraction. As much as I support LGBT rights, I have to judge EoT as symptomatic of a growing intolerance of differing viewpoints and aversion to legitimate discourse within the LGBT community as a whole. Just as the traditional religious community has long sought to expand the borders of their safespaces well beyond the walls of their churches, the LGBT community, and not just the bad actors within, now appears to be doing the same, seeking to expand LGBT safespaces to the public arena. You, Rachel, your supporters, and the ACA have been the victims. I understand the concerns of the LGBT community, but there are better ways to address their concerns than by quelling criticism and discourse.

    Also, my heart goes out to Rachel. She seems like a genuinely nice person.

  28. You all know it is called social media correct?? To end this Rachel should not log in or block EOT. I think EOT is a dumb piece of crap, and I think Rachel Oats is a sensitive person who decided to leave her lane and engage EOT. If you let others define you you have lost. EOT says you go right for a paycheck, while he panders to the looney left. What you said was not antitrans, you stated the same opion that gay people who actually have played sports at the highest of competitive levels. Trying to attack long-standing standards that are used to actualize competition at the highest level. No one is trying to stop transexuals from competing in a category that makes matches between athletes who are matched equally in as many ways as possible.

  29. If you make gender irrelevant you will end the career of many female athletes. The WNBA will finally get players who can dunk a basketball.

  30. I mean, even if a male transitioned to female before puberty, wouldn't they develop denser bones, larger hearts(physically), and whatever else makes men physically superior to women? Or maybe puberty is what gives men their physical superiority entirely beyond testosterone.

  31. To me this is a symptom of a much larger problem that has been brewing for years ever since the elevator gate days and before. People did not believe it back then, they were taken as exaggerations, and yet those tactics have become that much more aggressive. Even people who long participated in this have seen the spiraling towards ever more radical, extreme, aggressive, intolerant, authoritative and puritan views that this scope creep has been creating slowly and bit by bit.

    I am not assigning intentional malice towards the practicing parties of this behavior, this is something that creeps in slow without realization if one is not vigilant, but that has happened now. Some never stop to reflect and wonder if they've become the monster they set out to destroy, others will eventually realize what they've become. Regardless though this radicalization is no different than other forms of ideological radicalization of any group.

  32. I've been kinda on the sidelines on this. I only got a few snippets here and there, mainly because I don't follow twitter. It's really sad to see a person so grounded in their own subjective beliefs that they are unwilling to meet the other party halfway. It's something that I believe will make for a better society.

    Whenever something happens, the thing itself is completely objective. For example, one night a cyclist crosses the road and gets hit by a car. The accident itself is objective, but the people who experience it all have their own subjective narrative. The cyclist might claim that the driver should have stopped because they had priority, while the driver might claim that they couldn't see the cyclist because they wore dark clothes and didn't have their light on. If both parties are open to listening to the other's perspective they will both come closer to what objectively happened and resolve the issue. But if one party is not open to the other, then they will take their own subjective narrative and proclaim it to be what objectively happened.

    The problem with this is that this can get wildly out of hand. Eventually the original event no longer matters. The one who turned their back on it are unreceptive to any attempts to come closer. They simply spew their subjective narrative and don't listen to the other side, while the other party desperately tries to speak up. I think that at some point it's necessary to leave the original event behind. You'd just be beating a dead horse. Either stop trying to call the other party towards you, or see if you can try to challenge the new narrative without referring to the original one.

    In this case though, from what I can tell from the limited information that I have, it might be better to stop supplying to the narrative. Don't delete, but also don't reply to the new narrative, and be open to those willing to hear your side of the original narrative.

    And this is for Rachel: I know very well that ignoring a harmful narrative aimed towards you can be very difficult, but I know that you can do it. You have the love and support of your friends and community. Take in their positivity whenever you are feeling down and don't let this bully get to you. In the end they will be the one by themselves screaming for attention while you are surrounded by warmth.

  33. You're catching on to the fact that SJWs have no interest in solving problems that they can so profitably exploit.

  34. EssenceOfThought is a disgusting human being. I've listened to several of her poorly informed, intolerant, bigoted attack videos. We should not be leaning over backwards to make bullies like EoT happy. People like EoT are the reason that the far right are becoming more and more powerful, because they can paint the entire left as being like EoT.

  35. You didn't screw up that badly. You just raised a real issue in sports. Without any idea of the false criticisms you would face. At no point did you set out to harm the trans community or any other. Over-apologising is not helpful. I do it too. It's a common British trait. But it just gives the bullies more and more ammunition, and that has played out in my own life in some awful ways. During years of outrageous management bullying that put lives in danger in a volcanic crisis, I called attention to the small mistakes I had made, things I could have done better. Calling out the splinter of wood in my own eye before drawing attention to the plank in someone else's. The result is bullies seize on that as an admission of fault and then use it to legitimize their behavior. The result of this was eventually such deep PTSD I had to resign. And then had to move away thousands of miles to find a job in my field. I can't stand bullies. EndOfThought is a devoid of any real compassion or empathy. Just an angry individual lashing out at the world.

  36. sorry with all rationality and studys i looked up that are not just social opinion peaces but real studys. i found that mentally illness and trans overlapp really heavy. these dudes in dresses and weird voices are not the normal. just look what kind of life they all live. theyre whoel and only topic in theyre life is trans. trans friends. trans studys. blah. + total fucked up family life and no real friends.

  37. Hey RR, I commented back when this all started that I thought you were being maligned unjustly. I've been busy the last couple of months and didn't realize that this was still going on or that Rachel got dragged into it. I just wanted to take some time to offer you both my full support. You and Rachel are both amongst the classiest of acts out there.

  38. Thanks so much for this. You put out an opinion, and when others gave you information you hadn't had, you let it influence your opinion. I think you're a great example of what you are trying to do. Is there a good word to mean "The opposite of a hypocrite"? Because that's you :-).

  39. Hi, I'm a Catholic who watches your channel and whilst I know we have our differences, I'd like to show my solidarity with you, Rachael and all the others who have been attacked by these vindictive lies. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  40. That's disgusting. I do not wish violence on people, even if they have different views. It solves nothing. It's a slippery slope. Only violence should be in response to violence.

  41. To lower birth rates, raise living standards, this has the effect of increasing consumption of energy and goods/services thereby negating any benefit by lowering birth rate. Australia has a birth rate of 2.1 but we are the largest consumers per capita and thereby the most environmentally unfriendly nation in earth. And making things more efficient only increases consumption – of the earth’s resources and thereby creating further ecological destruction. Plus a world powered by 100% renewable energy will look nothing like the world we live i today, no more flying no more shipping Edith a complete relocalisation of the economy. Something most people, including those protesting climate change do not understand. Technology will not save us because of entropy, diminishing Energy Returned on Investment and the delusion of magical thinking.

  42. why do you keep calling him a her? 😀 he is obviously a man. true, a scrawny and pathetic looking man with a squeaky voice, but a man. also why can't trans athletes just get their own category until science properly maps out whether or not they can compete with true representatives of their chosen gender? what a fucking headache

  43. I'm now totally confused. In an attempt to be more progressive I always ask a lady if they identify as a man or a woman. Tbh they seem to hate this and I've had more than my fair share of slaps to the face. What the fuck's going on?

  44. Dont normally comment. Just wanted to say that youre doing great. As a trans man, whos soon lived over half my life as the opposite sex, i majorly agreed with your views of trans men and Women in sports. Your video about this topic is as fair as they come. I think most level headed trans people know that being trans comes with sacrifices(sports being one of those) especially if the trans person in question started on hormones later in their life. I hope you keep up with your Quality content, and seriously dude, stop apologizing already 🙂

  45. All the great empires fell because their real defeat began within the ranks of their own tribes. Thus goes the Left and those who kowtow to the so called progressives agenda.I[m sorry this happened to you and Rachel i respectfully disagree but hope for you both the best lives you can have.

  46. That’s drama? That’s like a leftover warmed up microwave dinner left on the table for 6 months. It’s stale, uninteresting and mostly treated with far too much seriousness by all parties. Steven, you have apologized on this video like you ran over someone with your car. Once or twice is perfectly ok, so many times shows some deeper insecurity. Rachel driven to tears and emotional breakdown over social media messages? Are people really that sensitive to such unimportant thing? Block EOT, don’t read the messages, whatever but who told you you can’t ignore it completely?
    And last EOT- essence of troll really. Everything I’ve seen just shows a small (not physically) person, smart enough to be turn utter stupid and probably bored to death to be able to shove his/her grand to him-her/unimportant to most ideas

  47. EOT had her channel demonized lol good considering she supports it for her opposition she has no right to complain when it happens to her I hope she suffers even more.

  48. I believe that we should treat everyone equally for the sole purpose of decency. Egalitarianism though in general? I aint sure that is something I would agree with. I would say that egalitarianism is a major reason why people are afraid to give their actual opinion with fear of being labelled: Racist, fascist, dog whistler, homophobe, transphobe e.t.c

    Equality of opportunity? Absolutely, Equality in every way possible? No

  49. Honestly, as shitty as her behavior has been, I feel bad for EoT… I watched quite a few of her videos and to me she seems like a truly miserable person. And I don't say that as an insult at all.

  50. I tried, but after a couple of minutes I just ended up skipping past every clip of Essence of thought. Cannot stand that 'Ethel'. Fucking insufferable.

  51. I watched her back in the day when she was still a man, she was just gay. present day 5 years later and this is how he is reintroduced to me

  52. So! You're not an ally of trans folk, as is 99.9 % of the rest of humanity, therefore: you (and they) must all be transphobic. (Mt 12:30, Lk 11:23, et al.)
    The fact is that most do not consider transgenderism worth acknowledgement, much less censure, still less hatred.
    Considering oneself worth hating requires one big EGO.

  53. I think youtube auto-unsubscribed me from your channel o.o
    You disappeared forever and then suddenly I see this video, click on it and see that I'm not subscribed anymore. Duh furk?

  54. i didn't even realize that EoT identifies as a woman. he certanly doesn't appear as anything other than a guy with long hair. but other than that, i just recently clicked on Rachels video explaining what went down and started wondering what its about so i am glad i got an explanation. i have 0 actual knowledge about transgender athletes but i was skeptical of his claims when EoT made them. there is a reason why sexes r divided in sport. its not the amount of testosterone, its the fact that men r consistently better at certian aspect of sport than women at a similar level of training.

  55. I am very pleased to hear that you appear to have sorted out the issues within the rationale community.
    And stay strong to you and your friends.

  56. Rachel Oats is simply one of the true shining lights on YouTube today. A beautiful heart with a wonderful mind. Stephen, same goes for you. Thank you for all you guys do.

  57. Sounds like a hot mess to say the least. You can tell a lot about a person by how they handle disagreements and arguments and I think you lay your side of things out very logically and rationally. You admit fault where necessary, you're open to counterpoints, and change your opinions when you feel there is overwhelming evidence or good points. Totally reasonable and scientific. You're honest about your opinions even if they aren't popular or are potentially upsetting and I respect that a lot. What I like about you is that at the end of the day, you're interested in the discussion, not about being 'right'. And you will approach topics even if they're awkward or hard ones to discuss. I was always highly skeptical of the accusations towards you and never really paid much attention to them. Watching you and EoT interact, you can see a clear distinction between you two. EoT seems to hurl insults and fire, and will only meet differing opinions with anger, while you come to the table with a calm demeanor, logic, and reason. So no worries, everything is temporary, even an internet fire storm. Good luck to you and your friends. And as a final note, I personally feel that anyone worth having as a follower will see that this is all just silly internet drama.

  58. She kind of threw herself on her own sword with this series of videos. They were full of poorly reasoned slander and nonsensical imputations. Before watching them I had some level of respect, but, unless I have missed something massive, that's vanished.

  59. Who's mind do you think you're changing? You're permanently seen as a bigot now, transfolk are untouchable and they don't want or need "allies", they want yes men/women. EoT's video will never be demonetised or deleted, he will never apologise, or be properly criticised by Dillahunty etc, and never forget, the quasi-religious social-justice atheist community are on the lookout to destroy you for your views. You can't keep going over this same ground, and you can't keep appeasing a collective of atheists who're nowhere near as open-minded as you and Rachel.

    Notice. When it was time to criticise or correct you, they jumped on you like a pack of wolves. When it came time to support you, you're on your own. To hell with the lot of them, you're too smart and honest to be part of that shower of egg-shell walking ideologues.

  60. Why would you claim that essence of thought "threaten" someone of self harm… but the evidence you present doesn't support that?????

  61. I can't even give you a chance man, you can't even help yours from lying every chance you get to pretend you and Rachel are some "victims". You're LITERALLY the same as the creationist that pretend to be "persecuted" by atheists that criticize their claims.

  62. "People pointed out some mistakes I made. I have corrected them, and I am very sorry that I made them in the first place and hurt people."



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