Resident Evil 2 Review

Resident Evil 2 Review

(ominous music) (zombie growls) – [Daemon] Now this is
how you remake a classic. Capcom didn’t just update
1998’s Resident Evil 2 with modern graphics and controls. They started from scratch to
craft a modern feeling game that expertly reanimates
the horrifying atmosphere and moments of extreme tension that made the original so revered. There’s not a ton of content here but I’ve enjoyed nearly every gory minute of my return to Leon and Claire’s shoes. (ominous music) 20 years is a long time, long
enough that I’d forgotten nearly everything about Resident Evil 2, other than that I’d
loved it back in the age of the first Playstation. So I got to experience
it much as many of you playing for the first time will. But viewed side by side it’s apparent what an enormous
improvement this remake is. The horror heightening lighting affects and convincingly terrified
facial animations are especially impressive and the satisfyingly dismemberable zombies are the best looking undead
I’ve ever seen in a game, and the juiciest. I love the way they lurch around and I’d venture a guess that the designers were heavily inspired by the tar man from
Return of the Living Dead. Some events have been
rearranged or expanded upon and there are some surprising
twists I didn’t remember. But this is a mostly loyal remake of the suitably dark and twisted
story of Resident Evil 2. Our heroes meanwhile are likable enough but two-dimensional in
their unwavering heroism. That makes ’em a bit dull, whereas a couple of the side characters are more charismatic and interesting. – [Leon] Jesus. – [Daemon] Whether you
play as Leon or Claire, exploring dark hallways,
solving silly but fun puzzles, and blasting zombies all
remains just as enjoyable today. Raccoon City is divided
into three large areas which also serve as the stories acts. Charting each area, learning
the lay of the land, and eventually overcoming
the obstacles in your way really never gets old. (stairs rumble) Capcom clearly doesn’t expect us to be running and
gunning like superheroes. The bloody beating heart of Resident Evil is in careful inventory and management and challenging, skin
of your teeth survival. It always seems like I was
just barely scraping by with enough bullets and healing items which created a real feeling
that I was in constant danger. That tension has been elevated by the commendable sound design. – [Claire] What the hell is that? – [Daemon] Resident Evil
2 gets horror atmosphere like nobody’s business. At the same time, the remake is a little more merciful
than the original. We get modern conveniences like being able to save your
progress at any typewriter and maps which automatically update to let you know if a room
has been cleared of items. (ominous music) The real chiller in the first
two thirds of the campaign is the Tyrant super zombie. He appears early on to stalk you and his emotionless face
and steady unstoppable gait makes him Resident
Evil’s worthy counterpart to Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. Hearing his relentless footsteps
getting louder and louder, knowing there is nothing
I can do to stop him filled me with a true sense of dread. Eventually though, he becomes more of an obnoxious
inconvenience than a fear factor. When you’re trying to solve a
puzzle and advance the story it would’ve been nice if the big lug would just take a hint
and reside somewhere else. (screaming) I finished Leon’s campaign in eight hours that seemed to fly by a little too quickly and eagerly jumped into Claire’s for what I expected to be a
completely different perspective on that faithful evenings events after the two are separated in
the story’s opening moments, but I was disappointed
to find that she took an extremely similar
path, met the same people, solved the same puzzles,
and fought the same bosses. You do have to adapt your tactics and learn to use a new set of weaponry and each hero does meet a
unique, important person that causes them to deviate
from the shared path for a time. It turns out the other
perspective does exist, but it’s confusingly hidden behind each character’s second game mode. You have to play through as Leon once to unlock the second version as Leon and the same for Claire. By the time I figured this out I had already played through
the same campaign twice but at least I’m finally
seeing some new areas and there is the promise
of an alternate ending. The way Capcom laid out these two versions of the campaign is baffling. (ominous music) Capcom did a fantastic job of resurrecting all the best part of the
classic Resident Evil 2 and making them look, sound,
and play like a 2019 game. If you’re of the mind that the series had lost
its way for awhile there this game is very much a return to form. The zombie combat is satisfying and exploring the dilapidated ruins of Raccoon City is a thrill. The one big letdown is that Capcom unintuitively hides the
alternate perspective content. Though whichever character you play as, the experience of playing through the new Resident Evil 2 for the first time establishes a new standard
for remaking classic games. For more on Resident Evil check out the first 15
minutes of gameplay, our comparison of the
remake and the original, and our favorite moments from the series. And for everything else stick
with us right here at IGN. (screams) (ominous music)

100 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2 Review

  1. Editor's Note: This review has been updated to correct a factual error regarding the way you unlock the 2nd Game mode, and as a result, the score has been increased from 8.8 to 9.0. We regret the error and really like Resident Evil 2.

  2. 9.5 would be my score for this. That being said, it does have its problems, however many of them are things that some like and others don’t, and some of my problems are things that are unavoidable in games. Overall the game is a MUST BUY, unless you’re not a fan of horror games.

  3. This gem and KH3 are hands down best 2019 games easily

    What a great remake !
    Cant wait for RE3 remake and thry should remake also the first RE game with that beautiful RE engine

    Easily 10/10 for me

  4. Pretty spot on review. This games fantastic other than the fact that several games give you much more content for your money. I wish both stories differed more and were a little longer. I put maybe 15 hours total, but much of that time was replaying similar areas. I don't care for speed runs, played 4th Survivor but don't care for their recent DLCs. Hopefully their next game is a little longer!

  5. Ok, am I the the only one that sees this. Leon's character model is on point. Although Claire's looks nothing like her, Even her costume is altered, She was so hot in Revelations 2, And then they give us this. #Boycott RE2 Remake….

  6. Hey I reviewed this game as well and also happened to give it a 9/10! I've already beaten it about 20 something times, I've been speedrunning it, beating it as fast as 1 hour 9 minutes. But I've beaten the original probabaly over 50-60 times in my life. No joke. Including a few times just last year.

  7. Hated it, the tyrant is the dumbest zombie boss ever hits you and then blank stares. The game expects you to play it 4-5times, you start off as a baby and if you get all the raccoons you can start as a toddler and have a knife that doesn’t break. Can’t head stump zombies, not even crawlers. Can’t push them away, no melee. Leon and Claire are the weakest zombies characters ever. Inventory is dumb and constantly makes you rely on the Box. Can’t even get through the second play through the game is so annoying. The puzzles are not challenging. Zombies take way too many bullets, counted up too 10 headshots. Try to run past zombies some time they are far away and still get you then others are right beside you and don’t get you again no push or melee unless you want to use a knife that breaks after you kill two zombies. Oh and there is no run in the game lite jog at best but you have a time limit lol

  8. How…HOW do you miss scenario B hahaha like seriosly, you're a professional editor man, how do you miss something fairly critical to the game. The worst part is I 'm pretty sure he didn't beat the game and wait, WAIT you increase the points by 0.2 for a whole scenario B. Wtf IGN, wtf.

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  10. IGN: This game really makes you FEEL like a shitty journalistic fraud that can't even figure out how to properly experience half the game's content.

  11. 11 Million Subscribers? 11 Million of embarrassments….
    Seriously people, stop supporting this shameful channel of game "reviews".

  12. The lack of preset camera angles broke this as a remake for me. It was the small details that made the early RE unique. This is just a reskin.

  13. It's funny that ign says in description 2nd game mode.
    No ign,it's not a "2nd game mode"
    It's the core game,another campaign to play.
    Admit ur incompetence ign.

  14. The remake is more merciful than the original? I had a way harder time trying to beat G Stage 3. Bullets and ribbons (only used in hardcore) are also more scarce. Little detail: I finished the original about 10 times…

  15. Question for commenters: If you already played and beat this game all 4 ways, what are you watching/bitching at this review for?

  16. Overrated garbage like everything else, you people are garbage. Get some taste you losers, trash people.

  17. And Claire looks and acts like a twat in this version, nothing like the original.

    Forgettable game, 7.5 out of 10, that's the real rating, from someone who has a brain.

  18. Lol I love this game but the reviewer was right. 2nd run is pretty weak whereas in the original, there actually was a lot less rehashes in scenario B. Don’t get the revised score tbh

  19. I think a nice addition would be occasional horde encounters where the two team up, trade exposition, and then split up again due to the time constraints of their respective missions at the time.

  20. IGN is just falling apart with the resident evil reviews, aren't they? Oh well, at least they had fun playing this masterpiece.

  21. I played the original RE 2 back in 1998. I hated Nemesis in RE 3. I have no idea why they brought Mr.X into RE2. Its not fun running away from enemy you can't kill for long stretches of the game . I won't be getting this game because of it, but I will replay the original RE2

  22. the zombies in this game have nothing to do with the tar man in the return of the living dead…

  23. Great game, I'm not even a big fan of survival games, but this game had me hooked to the end, I couldn't put it down because I wanted to keep trying again and again even when loosing many times.

  24. Has anyone realized when you hold down and wait until you crosshair zoomes in you can kill a zombie with 2 to 3 shots to the head. Also when it's zoomed in I think everytime you shoot its like a 25% chance of a critical headshot. Meaning everytime you encounter zombie just wait until the crosshair zoomes in and you'll only save so much ammo.

  25. This and sekrio are going to be a tie for game of the year. The only two games this year i fully feel like i got my moneys worth. Resident evil 2 is the best remake ever. If remakes dont follow this formula from now on im not even wasting my time. Capcom absolutly redeemed themselves

  26. Is there any truth to the rumor that Capcom is remaking Resident Evil 3? It never made any since to me why we have RE 0 to RE 7 but no RE 3.

  27. To be honest, the tyrant it a thing for just 1 or 2 gameplay hours, in the first act. Didn't even stay long enough to become an annoyance

  28. You know what i dont like? Having 10 rounds and 3 enemies chasing you, even tho it takes 10 rounds to the head to kill one. WTF

  29. Leon and Claire not having contact between the very beginning and only at the end is a bit disappointing. In the original there were more (albeit short) moments between the two throughout the story.

  30. Okay ladies and gentlemen of the comment section on this video. I want your take on this: So I {like everyone else here} Is really stoked on a RE3 remake done like this and it's looking like were gonna get it. {I've seen in a couple of different places that it's already in production but even if what I saw wasn't true, Capcom said that if this remake generates enough interest A.K.A Money lol they would remake 3 like this} So assuming that we do get it do you guys think that they'll do what they did in RE2remake and change Jills outfit {Understandably to make it more believable} Like they did with Claire's? I mean they gave us the old school outfit as another skin but the cannon now is that she wore the Jacket and long pants. {btw quick side note about the '"old school" outfit they gave us, Im super irked by the fact that they had her go sleeveless in that one too even though the original had short, black sleeves} Anyway, Do you think they'll change or "update" Jill's and if so, drop some ideas you guys have on how you think/you'd like to see it if it did change. Let's face it, even if it does change, they're GONNA give us the OG one just like they did in RE2remake but yeah, I wanna hear some thoughts on this. Aaaaand GO!

  31. Reviewer pretending to know about Resident Evil 2
    – Doesn't realize it has two campaigns
    – Doesn't realize it's designed to be played multiple times

  32. the way it ends is pathetic…. Seriously, it seemed rushed. The game is excellent before you enter nest… After that the thrill dies…

  33. This game is a LOT like evil within 1. If you like the challenge of re2 remake then go play EW 1 next. It has a one hit kill difficulty that was possibly my proudest moment in gaming to beat and see that achievement pop.

  34. shouldnt the reviewer have played the second run instead of just bumping the score 0.2… theres no way your beating 2nd run on your first playthrough in the hour or so it took from original posting to changing the score

  35. Pretty poor review by IGN standards, easily one on my favourite PS4 games, electrifying to play from start to finish – if you play it through!!!

  36. They need to let you figure things out alone like before thru pure memos an cutscenes like the originals an outbreak series

  37. Lol this is like playing nier automata and reviewing it after finishing the A ending … how does something like this slip by ?

  38. Did the makers of this game actually complete the original properly?? I cant help but feel short changed by the remake as you basicaly play through the same thing twice.

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