Rising Free Movie – Official Trailer (In Theaters December 6, 2019)

Rising Free Movie – Official Trailer (In Theaters December 6, 2019)

There are days where I feel as though hope hangs around like a dear old friend those days are few and far between our hope has never been grounded within ourselves my dear what is on your mind for the first time I see love it’s breathtaking who is she what’s she doing here when I was at my lowest thinking all hope was forever in the past thats when I heard the voice of what I dare say was an angel Naydia what is it they’re they’re coming no matter what happens you must stay close to me do you understand look at me and tell me you understand somehow they found us Nakomay where is she I’ll tell you who I am I am a child of God I will not fall into despair

14 thoughts on “Rising Free Movie – Official Trailer (In Theaters December 6, 2019)

  1. I was honored to see the screening of Rising Free. As I reflect on this film, I saw such a beautiful portrayal of 2 Corinthians 4:8-18! Though we, as God’s children, are persecuted, our hope in Him can never be defeated. The world needs to hear this message of Hope in God. A must-see movie!

  2. SO beyond excited for this to come out! Love period pieces and this has such pride and prejudice vibes and I can’t wait to watch it on the big screen!

  3. I have heard really good things about this movie, and now watching the trailer I can’t wait to see it in theaters! I love movies that reflect God’s love and wish there were more of them. Can’t wait to see it!!

  4. Can't wait to see this movie again..I had the pleasure of attending
    the soft opening and "WOW" …The script and cinematography was 
    beautifully done..such an inspirational movie.

  5. The size and scope of this film is breathtaking!
    I'm guessing there'll be more trailers and teasers to follow?
    December 6th is a long ways away!

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