Rural Outcasts | 웬 아이를 보았네 [2019 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2019.11.15]

Rural Outcasts | 웬 아이를 보았네 [2019 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2019.11.15]

(Oh Dongja) Poopy! Poopy! Poopy! Why are you home already? If you are going to play hooky, do it after lunch! You rude brat! I can’t neither die nor live because of that brat. Geez. Next up is a song that suits this mysterious night that gives you the chills. This is my house! Oh, my radio… (Rural Outcasts) Hurry up and come out, Poopy! Don’t call me Poopy! You stay in the toilet all day long, pooping! What on earth are you doing in that dirty toilet? Hurry up and come out! Darn it. No wonder her mother abandoned her. I want money instead. I said you can’t. – Come on! / – No! Hey, Poopy! Did you play hooky after lunch again? (Cheongye-myeon Office) What’s wrong with your face? Did you drink last night? You don’t look good. It’s because Poopy is driving me nuts. Today is the day they provide rice for the low-income grandparent-headed families. Yeah. But she’s been nagging me to give her money instead of rice for more than an hour now. Hey, Poopy. Did your grandpa tell you to get money? You know, your grandpa is someone who will buy his alcohol with money for your medicine. Even if you take money… It’s not for grandpa’s alcohol. I need to buy a radio, so I want money. Why do you need a radio? It’s none of your business. Alright. It’s either rice or nothing. Those are your only choices so make up your mind. Poopy! How… How do I report? Oh, report? I want to report my moving. – Oh… / – Oh, right! I heard someone was moving into the house in the woods. It must be you. Welcome. I’m the village chief, Jeong Guman. You can register inside… Wait a minute. You must not be familiar with the countryside culture. If you keep your walls up because you don’t want to be meddled with, even if you live here for 10 years… – Help him. / – Sure, I’ll help you… Come this way. Hey, Poopy! Teacher told me to give this to you. Why does teacher always ask Eunsol to take care of Poopy’s business? It’s because Eunsol is our class president… Poopy, do you even wash up? You smell like sewage! You don’t even have parents. I have a mom. Don’t lie, Oh Dongja. I heard from my parents. Your mom left you and that’s why you’re living with your grandpa. Do you want to die? Hey, stop it. – Mom. / – Stand up. Oh Dongja beat Minho up. – Boo! / – Boo! The cheapest one is $18. I know you are poor but it’s the same for me. Alright? So I can’t buy a new one with $10, but you can fix the antenna? Of course. With $10, you can fix the antenna and buy extra batteries. So bring me the broken one. I’ll take a look. Huh? You. Never come to this house again. If you get caught doing this once more, it will be a big trouble for you. Got that? I’m a really scary person. Yeah, right. What? Why would a man color his toenails? Cosmetic products and dresses are yours too, right? Stop talking nonsense and get up. Give my radio back. Whatever! Just get out right now! Give my radio back! I said give it back! You son of a… (The day to become Sunhui) (Flower Sunhui Salon) You look like a gorilla but I see that you are a scaredy-cat. How did you get in here? Mister, are you… Crazy? Why is a man acting like a woman? Your willy will fall off. Why you little… You snuck into my house and what? Am I wrong? Hey! I told you to get out! I told you to give my radio back! I told you to get out! Where is my radio? Oh, my. Hey! My goodness! This is something precious! It’s rockfoil flower. Hey! Stop! Don’t move. Don’t touch anything! I will give you your radio. I will give it to you so please get out of here. Hey. Put this on your wound. That way, it’ll get better. I know you don’t care whether I die or live. How come you have such a foul mouth? Here’s your radio. I gave it to you so go back to your house. And don’t come back. Oh, and don’t tell anyone about what you saw here and about me. Understood? Sneaking into someone else’s house is a crime. Leave now. I won’t tell other people. So let’s share this house. What? I will keep my mouth shut about you acting like a woman. Hey, I’m not acting like a woman. I’m originally a woman but I was born… My gosh. Stop talking nonsense and leave. Don’t you ever come back. You told me to keep your secret. Nothing’s free in this world. Oh, my! My goodness! Do you want to be called the “Gorilla Lady?” No, right? Then, you’ll share this house with me. I’ll let you know of my other two wishes later. Two wishes? I’ll keep your secret. In exchange, grant me three wishes. If you don’t want to, fine. Hey. How can I trust you with my secret? I keep my word. I mean it. Alright. Look me in the eye. I can tell if you are telling me the truth through your eyes. Look at me. Open wide. My radio! If you don’t keep my secret, I’ll leave this town with your radio! To somewhere you’ll never find me! – No, no! / – So if you want to listen to your radio… Come whenever you want. If you ask me politely, I’ll let you listen to it. What? You said you want to share this house. Am I wrong? How dare you glare at me? You have to keep this secret! You can’t tell your friends. – I won’t! / – Not even to your mom! Understood? Why aren’t you answering? Hey! You promised me! Wow, you’re so good. Mom! Dongja! Mom… Is that mom? Do I look that pretty? You are an artist, my sweetie. Really? Did I do a good job? Eunsol, you did a great job! Dongja, why don’t you draw? At least she had a bit of conscience and sent me a tiny amount of money every month. Is she dead or something? She hasn’t sent me money for 3 months! I’m sure she’s dead. She even abandoned her child. She deserves to die. (Oh Inbok) (My skin got so much better) As a woman, I’m jealous of your skin, Ms. Customer. (Rockfoil) It’s rockfoil flower. Come to think of it, she got it right. I can’t afford to move again. But I can’t trust her. But still, I can’t touch this. Who is it? Who… Who’s there? I’m so stressed. Here. I’m good. Why did you come through there when we have a proper door? I knocked but you didn’t open the door. Are you here to listen to the radio? (Heo Wonmi, Cheongye-myeon, Muan, Jeollanam-do) Can you find my mom for me? I mean, please. This is my second wish. – Mister. / – Oh, gosh. Did you find her? Well… I had too much work… What? Picking flowers? Yes, I have to pick a whole lot of flowers. Will you find her when you are done? Sure. I have to go pick flowers now. By the way. Do you want to go with me? No, I like being alone. Oh, my! I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m heavy. I bet your willy will fall off. Hey, Poopy! I told you not to come but you still followed. You are so mean. Don’t call me Poopy. That’s not my name. Then, what’s your name? Oh Dongja. Oh Dongja? Yeah. Oh Dongja? Hey, your name is pretty. Oh Dongja. Here. Oh Dongja. We should have a proper introduction. My name is Sunhui, Yang Sunhui. Don’t lie. It’s true. Then, open your eyes wide. Gosh, fine. You only learn bad things fast. My current name is… Yang Sunho. Not your real name but current name? I’m Sunho now but I will be Sunhui for real in future. I see. Sunhui suits you a lot better than Sunho. Really? Yeah, I don’t lie. (Sunhui) I don’t need that. It’s good for making ice cream. It’s really sweet. Ice cream? Yeah, things that were in the basement. Aren’t those ice cream made from flowers? Hey, that’s not ice cream. Those are skincare products. I make cosmetic products using flowers. I followed you all the way here because I thought you were making ice cream. It doesn’t suit you very well but it seems like you know a lot about flowers. Do you know what that flower is? It’s a medicinal herb that prevents scarring. If you put that on your wound, the wound gets better very quickly. – Really? / – Yeah. That’s cool. No! It’s too steep over there. Even I can’t go up there because it’s too dangerous. You are a scaredy-cat. You are so mean. How come you like the radio so much unlike other kids these days? Mom. This is like mom. It tells funny stories and sing songs. (Heo Wonmi, Cheongye-myeon, Muan, Jeollanam-do) Can you find my mom for me? This is my second wish. It looks good, right? Yeah. Everyone, you know that a children’s song singing contest will be held at our school, right? – Yes! / – Yes! So we have to take extra care of our environment. Can you please raise your hand if any of your parents can help with decorating the class? Eunsol. My mom said she’ll buy flowerpots and trash cans. Oh, that’s very sweet of her but we can’t accept anything that costs money. When you go back home, please ask if they can paint a mural or do calligraphy. – Yes! / – Yes! Oh Dongja. What? Can you ask your mom to decorate the class this time? Decorate the class? What’s wrong? She can’t? You said you have a mom. I really do have a mom. Yeah, so prove it this time. If she can’t do it, you might get another nickname. Poopy. And Liar. Poopy. Liar. Poopy. Liar… Is that you, Dongja? Oh Dongja. What are you doing? I thought this was the one that I gave you. I just wanted to ask you to decorate the class in place of my mom. But nothing’s free in this world… Do you know what this money means to me? This is why I didn’t want anyone in this house. A child or an adult… They all think I’m a pushover, if I let my guards down. How can you touch this money? You are the same as other people. You judge me by how I look and think I’m dirty on the inside too. I thought this was the one that I gave you. I just wanted to ask you to decorate the class in place of my mom. But nothing’s free in this world… Dongja. Dongja. I’m sorry. I don’t need it! Everyone, Dongja’s mom decorated the class nicely and gave you lotion as gifts. Let’s give her a round of applause. (Dongja Cream) I saw him give her money. What? Why would he give her money? It’s obvious. Geez. You brat! What on earth are you doing outside? Hold on. Poopy, you have to be honest with me. You know that bandit-looking man who just moved here? What did he say to you as he gave you money this morning? Did he ask you to kiss him or something? I’m going to kill that… You have to be honest. If that’s what’s going on, we have to report him to the police. You have to tell the truth. Am I right? Say something, will you? Talk to me. Am I right? Is he? Am I right or wrong? You have to tell the truth. He touched you, didn’t he? That man tried to touch you, right? No! He didn’t do anything wrong. Actually, I… I snuck into his house and stole his money. What? What do you mean? I got caught and he took the money back. He told me not to steal from now on and gave me some money. But I was offended so I refused it. Why would you… Why would you steal, Poopy? It will become a habit, don’t you know that? Geez… Sir, you should stop drinking and teach your kid properly. You brat! You even steal now? Is that how I taught you? Geez… Stop it. It’s good that he didn’t do anything to her. Stop it. I have to go. I have a gathering to attend. I raised your dad who was a foundling for 20 years. Is this what I deserve for all the work I’ve done? A big load of burden? You witch! You go die like your mom and dad! Mom’s not dead! If you want to die, you die! What? Why you little… Do you really want me to kill you today? Sure! Go ahead and die! You witch! You witch! What? Who are you? Please calm down. What are you doing to a child? Who are you to come to my house and interfere? Move! I said move! Want to get on my back? My back is like the radio. I mean it. Listen. Next up is a song request by Oh Dongja who lives in the Oink house. Dongja, what’s your song request? – “A Wild Rose.” / – “A Wild Rose?” ♪ A child saw ♪ ♪ A rose on an open field ♪ ♪ A newly born, pretty rose ♪ ♪ Tempted by the scent ♪ Try it. Thank you for the food. Dongja. I’m sorry. I totally got it wrong. Can you forgive me? You won’t leave, right? I kept your secret. Okay. You are so annoying. – Good? / – Yes. It’s good. It’s a medicinal herb that prevents scarring. If you put that on your wound, the wound gets better very quickly. Yes, sir. Poopy is gone? I’m sure she didn’t come home because you beat up her too much yesterday. No, no. Oh, right. I was yelling at her yesterday… A bandit-looking guy suddenly showed up and told me to stop or something… Who came? How did he look? Dongja. You’ll be late. Oh, my! Oh, my goodness! Look at you! Dongja, I never knew you were so pretty. Isn’t she pretty? Hurry up and go to school. A pretty student like you shouldn’t be late. I’ll see you later. Alright. What… What brings you here? I was wondering if Poopy came here last night. Who’s Poopy? How can you not know Poopy? I heard Poopy stole your money. Oh, her? Please excuse me. Hey, Poopy! Poopy, are you here? Poopy! Are you here? – Poopy! / – Hey! Please get out now. Wow, the house is nice and clean unlike how you look. Oh, this is hardwood floor. It must be expensive. So nice and clean. It would’ve been so nice if you held a housewarming and invited villagers to this nice house. Geez… Oh, there’s another room over there. Hey! I’m just telling you this just in case. If Poopy comes around here, scold her and send her back. Okay? Okay. Forget having a thief. A man is leaving alone in the woods. If people see Poopy coming in and out of here, rumors will start to spread. I’m telling you this for your sake. So be careful. Chief, Poopy is at school. What? She’s at school? Tell the old man. Alright. Oh Dongja. Let’s eat together. – Me too. / – Me too. Hey. You don’t like the egg white? Then, do you want to switch it with my egg yolk? I’m here. A man is leaving alone in the woods. If people see Poopy coming in and out of here, rumors will start to spread. So be careful. Dongja. You shouldn’t come here anymore. I startled me. I thought you were gone. – Did you wash your hands? / – Yes. Wait. Who is that? Oh, my. You don’t know him? Well, you will know now. Say hi. This is someone I’m going to meet first when I become a real woman. I’m going to get his autograph and take a photo with him. A real woman? Oh, there’s a way to become a real woman. – Really? / – Yeah. I’ve saved up enough and soon, a doctor will turn me into a real woman. Wow, then you’ll become Sunhui for real! That’s right. Oh, Dongja. Look. Dongja, see if he and I make a good couple. Do we look good together? How do we look? Dongja. Do I look like a fool? No, a person who dreams is beautiful. I wonder if someone like me can have a dream and it will come true. What’s your dream? (What’s my future?) (A fool without a mom) (Poopy) (Oh Dongja, singer) Oh, really? My goodness! That’s perfect! You have a voice of an angel. You are the best! No angel looks like a crow like me. Why are you a crow? You’ll be a white lark if you wash up. Really? You have to wash up a lot though. Let’s go. Go. Oh, flowers! Okay. Now, blow! Congratulation. Dongja, you’ve become a real woman. You said it hurt here last time. It’s because your breasts are growing. Why are you choking up? Are you upset that only I’ve become a real woman? No. I’m so proud of you. But living as a real woman, you have to be careful of many things. And I’m worried. It must’ve been great if your mom were here. It’s a happy day and I’m sure she has a lot to say to you. It’s okay. Yes, it’s okay. Let’s eat. (Singing contest, choosing class representative) A round of applause! Eunsol, you did great but you have sing a children’s song for the contest. Can you do a good job? Yes. Who else wants to try? If there isn’t anyone, Eunsol will… Dongja? Hello, this is Flower Sunhui Salon. Oh, you mean the new cream? That’s called Dongja Cream. It’s been licensed to sell and it passed the safety test. You can trust me and purchase it. Yes, thank you. Goodbye. Hey, Dongja! – Did you eat? / – Yeah. Was it tasty? Get in. Fasten your seat belt. Watch your arm. – Did you fasten your seat belt? / – Yes. Did you eat? – Yes. / – We are going somewhere far. Let’s go. Let’s go! Geez… Welcome. I want to take a look around some underwear. Underwear? For yourself? No, for women… Oh, I see. They are over here. For children… Oh, for children? Okay. Please come this way. How about this? – It looks good. / – Right? It’s pretty. By the way, where are we going? I’m going to grant you your second wish. The white dress you chose… You made the right choice. It looks amazing on you. Your mom will be so happy to see you so pretty. I thought she would be here in a white dress. – Really? / – Yes. Is it good? I’m waiting with Dongja. Please give me a call. The number you have dialed is unavailable… Dongja. I think something came up with your mom. I talked with her and decided to meet here for sure. It’s okay. I just asked you to find her. I didn’t ask you to set up a meeting. Grandpa said my mom must’ve died. I just wanted to check if she was alive. You know, I was chosen as the class representative for our school’s singing contest. Really? Wow, really? Congratulation. Why are you so happy when I haven’t won anything? I’m sure you will. Congratulation. Hairstyle plays a big role for women. Do I have to perm my hair for the singing contest? Nowadays, no matter how good a singer you are, if you don’t look pretty, it won’t work. I’m going to use the restroom. Your dad is so kind. He’s not my dad. I thought he was your parent. He is… My parent. I still have my last wish, right? You weren’t sleeping? I wish mom would come to the singing contest. Seriously… I hope we get in touch with her. You can come. Stop it. I got you that cell phone because every kid in Seoul has one, but you’re looking at it all day long. Dad, look at this. What is it? This man hugged Dongja in front of school. Give it here. He put her in his truck and left. What… This jerk… (The 14th Children’s Song Singing Contest) I heard your mom didn’t make that. Did that bandit-looking man hug you and kiss you? Is that why he gave that to you? No! I’ve become Poopy again. (Oh Dongja) Wait for me. We’ll begin now. Oh Dongja from Sky Class in 5th grade! Oh Dongja! – Dongja? / – I haven’t seen her. I don’t know either. (Flower Sunhui Salon) Oh Dongja! Oh Dongja. Oh, Oh Dongja must have given up. Then, we will announce the winner in a few moments… Oh, it’s Poopy. Oh Dongja. Can you sing? I will try my best and sing. Yes. Then, I’ll be very happy. ♪ A child saw ♪ ♪ A rose on an open field ♪ ♪ A newly born, pretty rose ♪ ♪ Tempted by the scent ♪ There he is! The guy in a suit! That’s him! Look at this! These women’s clothes! He’s a pervert! Look at all this! Did you lure her in with these? Huh? This isn’t your first time, is it? No! That’s not it! Dongja! A jerk like him should be punished! No, he’s not a man! What do you mean? What are you saying? Oh, she must be really in shock. It must be that… What is it called? It must be PTSD! Take her to the hospital right away. He’s not a man. He’s a woman! He was going to get a surgery soon to become a real woman! What surgery? Oh, no… Oh, my goodness. I’m sorry for breaking our promise! Please don’t go. Don’t leave me! I’m here. Where are you? Are you hiding? He really left. Because he hates me… Because he despises me… He left me! Mom… (Dongja and Sunhui) Mom… Mom… I will go get her after I pay off all my debt. After I pay off all my debt, I’ll get a proper job… And I’ll live with my child. When you contacted me last time… I couldn’t face my Dongja… Looking like this. Who are you? I’m also… Dongja. I’m also… Dongja’s… It’s mom. Mom. I was so happy… Thanks to you. Be happy, Dongja. (Special thanks to Jin Kyung)

100 thoughts on “Rural Outcasts | 웬 아이를 보았네 [2019 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2019.11.15]

  1. I love the story but i dont like the ending 😔 it would be better if ahjussi came back after the surgery and became truly a woman, and he can be her mom, wherein he adopts her at the end.
    Anyway, the kid id little Jae In is he is psychometric! She resembles Jung So Min and Lee Yubi and her expressions are just like shin ye eun

  2. I've seen this drama on KBS before and I've been looking for this since Friday , finally found it …❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ Thank you so much

  3. Why the ending…? Why? Why the society? Why? Why people? Why?

    Crying alot in the midnight. 😭😭😭

    Ps: I missed the old description box with full of information likes the cast name and synopsis.

  4. Ahhh… Thats why DongJa is so familiar to me. She plays young Do Ran in "My Only one" who also plays with Jin Kyung. Her name is Kim Soo-In, btw. 🙂

  5. Truly touching. What happened at the ending was sad and happy. Dongja got her real mom but sunhui had to leave. I'm a fan of kbs drama specials ❤️

  6. Why KBS always succeeds in making me drenched in tears after watching their drama special? 😭😭😭
    I feel that their relationship is so beautiful. People always find flaws in others but they forget to remember that we all humans. Dongja and Sunhui are rare people that would put humanity above ego and all.

  7. Ang ganda lng timing ng napakadaming ads😕
    This is great, i appreciate the gay here: he loves unconditionally even gave his hard earned money for them to start. They just showed the reality at the ending. I think korea is still conservative much more in the rural areas. Hindi talaga cguro magtatagal ang mga 3rd sex don dahil judged na sila kaya minabuti niyang umalis. Ganda, ganda👍👍👍

  8. Why current dramas all over the world likes to show scenes more advantageous kids would sneer the less advantageous kids and the lesser ones would easily loose their cools and beat the sneering ones?
    Why the directors keep instigating youngsters all over the world the bad behaviours instead of working hard on influencing them being true to their selves in good manners and intelligently. A human does not need to be foul mouth, loud, rowdy, boisterous and violent to be heard, seen and respected. For goodness of our future generations, please use your talents to make the world a happier and safe place, not propogating more depressions, murders and suicides.

  9. I was waiting so long for new drama special. I really love this one too ,because they are showing some real things which are facing so many people in this world..great drama .beautiful people.😀😀😀

  10. I can feel d pain n reliv dat d little girl feel s i was left by ma mom…ahhh its so heart 4 me to watch but i gather all ma strength n watch it till d end n i wish i could get d chance to stay with ma mom like d little girl but i think god had another plan 4 me so i don't get dat chance☹️☹️☹️

  11. I love the actor here. He was one of the guest in running man and I saw some of the drama he was cast. This is awesome! Very touching. Thank you. The young girl is also very good. Stay blessed! 🙂

  12. The society was so bad I really hate it
    So what if he want to be a women
    Really…the way the reacted after seeing his picture….😠😠😠

  13. ohh it was touching story…I love it..and it made me cry😭😭😭.. Sulhui is good woman trapped in man's body..I like his acting..He is indeed fit to the role..The girl played well too..It's selfless love😍😍😍

  14. I love this actor Tae Hang Ho. He’s so versatile and played different support roles in movies like the Last Empress, Wok of Love. Oh KBS you made me cry again.

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