Ruswai Episode 8 | 19th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Ruswai Episode 8 | 19th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Wardah… your phone I forgot it again as usual Sorry, … I hope you didn’t go too far no,no … I was outside alright… battery is also low… I wouldn’t have got to know ok then Hey, queen of Jhansi why you are upset? Hmm? Sameera what do you think? I don’t get to know when you cry … life will take such exam from me, I had never thought about this I have to spend my life in my own house like a criminal I can’t go to her, and she doesn’t want to see my face how unfortunate father I am I had thrown my own daughter in the dark, by my own hands control your self Mehmood, if you’ll not control your self… how this house will be handled? I had made my house, joining brick by brick just a pinch of my hand has destroyed everything daughter’s respect has also gone, bit by bit do you remember? whenever she gets scared, she use to come and sleep with me she closed the door, on my face my children have lost their trust on me I, myself handover my daughter in those criminal’s hands why I die, before this time came don’t say this, Mehmood if we become weak so, what will happen to this house? a father is like a very strong tree, that gives shelter to the family which gives shadow to the children in the heat of high intensity I don’t have any shadow I am a burnt tree it’s irritating… everyone is getting disturbed Zakiya … if I die then, then have me forgiven by my daughter tell me, what shall I do? because of my brother, I have to face such situation where am I at fault? why do you support brother, in all his wrong doings? child, because I know better & more, about right & wrong than you… then you tell me he has already planned to go on a lunch with Sameera, then why he didn’t come? what was the discussion going on, that you guys became quiet, just after seeing me this is so unfair Hamza is thinking, that I am lying she is your wife this relationship is very delicate because of you, Hamza is not even talking to me now for God’s sake… can this happen for once? that I can take my own decision without anyone’s pressure? whatever has happened between us cannot be removed, by just one lunch only also, whatever you are doing, is also not right you are pressurizing me if Sameera would have been at your place, she wouldn’t have been doing all this whatever you are doing, to save your relationship but she is not that wise she is been doing their favor, like crazy both of you are getting me wrong have you left anything, to think, it’s right? whatever is happening … to forget & to tolerate it, is not easy brother, it is not easy for anyone is this easy for Sameera? but, Sameera is still the same or she has got changed for you? I don’t know but one thing is decided you are just concern about yourself only yours yes I’m concerned… because, Hamza and my relationship is having issues because of you brother, where am I at fault? again, the same matter what is it father? is everything ok? there was a call from police station what were they saying? they are calling your sister for identification they have arrested two people so, what is there to get worried upon? we’ll talk to Sameera, let’s see what she says father, what happened? I had forbidden you I had told you but you did not listened to me at all what was the need, that you involved the lawyers? father, this was the procedure this was to be done, since we were unable to find her now we have got her now he have got her… now, what’s the need of getting into such troubles? alright, don’t take tension
we’ll talk later one minute … we’ll talk later? what we’ll talk later on? I had told you that we won’t talk about this ever, also we won’t ever talk about this in this house have you listened that? I believe, if Sameera will be allowed to decide upon this matter, then it’s good where are you going? he is going to inform Sameera so that, she gets more stubborn I can’t play this drama of cat & rats if Sameera wants to identify, then what’s wrong in that? so, what’s right in this? what is right? this is not the human rights rally for God’s sake let he go to her house (after marriage) leave all this Hamza, how many times I need to convince you…. father, just calm down & think there is no harm in this I have thought, being relaxed also, I have decided Hamza, don’t you understand what I said once? do you really know what Sameera will do? if these are the same people, Sameera will make sure they end up to grave let he get married this is better for her Wirdu…. (nick name for Wardah) child, did you talk to Hamza? no mom, he is not attending my call he is upset from me what is his problem now? I’m fed up of all this mess a person can’t talk about important things mom, I guess … he has seen brother Salman and he get to know, that brother Salman didn’t go on the flight so, this has to happen this has to happen, though now, whatever will happen between both of them… anger will be shown on you I knew, this happen in such relationships… therefore… I was mom, what shall I do?
Hamza thinks, I’m telling a lie then tell him… tell him not to drag me in your sister’s matters mom how? how shall I say this, mother? mom, tell me… whatever happened with Sameera, it could have been done with me as well Mehmood uncle saved me, while leaving his own daughter else, those people wouldn’t have spared me too Wardah … child, do one thing… get this matter written on the walls in bold letters mom, this is difficult time you shall make brother understand, that he should keep his attitude good with Sameera Uff…. come on… when that girl is not in the difficult times … Hmm? *phone vibrating* Oh! yes… sister-in-law… I was calling you since a very long time Umm… actually… I didn’t get to see your call at that time I just saw now….
Yes! I just wanted to talk about… that … the guest list is ready as well… so, tell me, what to be done of the marriage…. then sister-in-law … I have not think about that…. my mind wasn’t working which list… what list… there is so much tension in the house the police has caught some criminals Hamza is saying, Sameera shall go to the police station they should get the punishment but you know, I & Mehmood… doesn’t want this you know Sameera very well if she will get to know, she will not spare them one more mess will start in the house yes… sister-in-law
I will call you in a while what is this happening? in my house, why my family members are doing this to me? I am being hidden… my sister is asked to cover herself and those scoundrels are waiting to get bail from the jail? so, what to do? inorder to punish them, shall we start the rounds of courts? let the remained respect intact what is left now? mother, what is left now? those mad dogs (criminals) shall be left in the city, so that some other can become their victim do you know? how does that girl feels, who has become the victim of all such thing? I want to testify I will do it, in every condition my life is ruined… so, I will make the decision you will go to the police station? if your mother will die, then also … you’ll go? now, tell me do you know, what you are saying? you also know, what you are saying you have a younger sister you.. yourself is someone’s wife your nikkah (marriage) has just happened Sameera … you cannot do such things arbitrarily I will do no… so no… you have to listen to someone now, you won’t even step out of this house at all… I’ve said already relax Hamza I just came, as soon as you asked me to I’ve also brought along my brother we’ll sit & talk in peace huh… now, why are you upset with me? I’m not responsible for my brother he & Sameera has his own relationship yes … if it is observed… he is much angry on those people than that incident it’s good… that they are caught what is good in this? tell me, what is good in this? no one has slept the whole night…. and everyone has their own opinion come … it is good that, they (criminals) are caught? I was just asking Hamza, that what is Sameera’s decision we need to decide, not her because, right to decide shall be granted to one, whose mental condition is stable and then… what will be the benefit of doing all this? what we’ll get after identifying them? so, we shall leave them as it is? we shouldn’t get them punished? will they get the punishment very easily? first going & identifying them…. then court hearings… it will take years for this this is foolish… I know, what Sameera must be thinking she is a victim….
a “SURVIVOR” my sister is a “SURVIVOR” I know, this is not easy for you to listen do you think, it’s easy for me? Haan … Sorry … but I can’t permit Sameera, to do all this you know this Salman, from what torture she is suffering from and do you know, from what torture I’m suffering from? this world… it’s dirtiness court … police…. everyone’s questions any respectful man, can never tolerate all this and then who knows from which group or mafia they are associated to, once we are about to reach court, and they enter in our houses and if Sameera insists, then? insist on what?… han …
is she a kid? every time we cannot listen to her ok… keeping all things aside this is Sameera’s right by law at least she will get the assurance though brother… Hamza is saying right I also do have right, as per law… do you guys understand she is my wife… and she’ll do that what I’ll say to her go and tell the police… we don’t want to identify anyone brother, Sameera will not get convinced like this Wardah….
I need to talk to Salman you don’t know about any criminal nor we need to have any (give& take) relation with anyone Salman, why you are unable to understand? I will never get peace, if I won’t get them punished you want to get peace for yourself, after destroying my peace please understand … I don’t want my wife to take rounds of court for hearings I need justice by getting more insulted? do you want to get ridiculed further? Salman … why you are unable to understand?… and everyone fails to understand… that what I want either do what you want… or listen to me and if you want to do what you wish for then stop thinking about me (our marriage) do you mean … if I tried to remove my stain…. then our relationship (marriage) will be over? think that way … what do you keep thinking all the time? I have made my younger sister,so much worried.. right? not at all I’m not little anymore… I’m of 21 years alright, tell me you are worried about what brother Salman has said to you I stay or not… Rohina but always remember one thing rebelliousness is not something, that anyone can snatch and go away why no one is able to understand this? sister maybe… it is easy to raise slogans against the system but to stand against it, is very difficult do you know…. a lot of cases are reported and those women, goes to prison themselves because they don’t have any evidence to prove Sameera what have you decided? I had told you, to call Salman …. and say sorry to him tell him… it was a mistake I will not tell you this, again & again we don’t want to get anti from Salman go … go and make your home (family) call now call him now alright mom, she will make the call please give her 2 minutes beloved mom,
how are you? hmm…. what I’m listening? you are not taking medicines, nor eating the meal I don’t want to live really! then…
for that you don’t need to try at all when the time will come for it… it will come itself but mother, skipping meal will not speed up the time for death what … you are doing all this drama… I’m understanding everything now come here… slowly… slowly come here…. slowly…
your speed has increased a lot, mother my young son, left me before time and I couldn’t go why I couldn’t go? he comes to me Annu comes? mother, you keep on hallucinating he doesn’t comes I’m sitting here in front of you
you can’t even see me and the one who has gone… you can see him since you have come except of intimidating… do this.. do that… what have you done? talk few sweet words to me mother, this will be done you won’t get tea… only juice
that’s it Siddika… take it bring fresh juice for mom why have you returned?…. you should have stayed with that foreigner mother what to do… foreigners are like that, she went away she did right.. she went who can live.. with such a cold heart person like you what have you decided? mother … I just listen… one & the last time I will not get married to Annu’s widow shall I write it & give it to you? I am allergic to women, specially the ones who keeps crying if you’ll support your brother’s widow… then… you will get much reward you have a nephew mother, if you stay standstill on this… I’m telling you, I will go away from here …promise come … come…
it’s time to walk come .. . you don’t let me sit in peace no, no … come come …
let’s go Hamza … Hmm … why do you support her? me? yes you … let her forget everything if she would have been disappeared till now, what you would have done? we would have gone to the police we would have gone with the picture, we would have called them ten times twenty times we would have searched for her… we would not have thought about our honor they could have, get her alive but, since she is back to us so, we shall forget everything … forget what has happened to her… because of honor Shh … talk in a low tone you are so crazy …
what do you want? your sister, shall frequent the police station? put on banners? oh God, she is about to get married in a month don’t you know what Salman wants?
nowadays boys don’t consider anything they leave the marriage ceremony and go Salman has all the amenities alright …. Salman … it is correct only 1 month is left for the marriage in this time span you want to do police encounter too? also want to take rounds of court & do all the dramas too? what has happened to you? try to understand she will forget all this, once she starts having kids but, if this matter will be raised…. then scene will be created let her go to her house after getting married then whatever decision husband & wife takes…. it’s their call and if she refused… then? she has the full right to refuse I will slap her why can’t you stop favoring her? madam, will refuse now? why? don’t you have to get married? watta-satta (exchange of marriage) is done son, understand the delicacy you have become blind to reality dinner is served, you both please come what happened? I’ve got pain in my feet, I won’t come show me … show me … I will put ointment on them no … since when she has not taken her diabetes medicine, that’s why she is having pain where is the massager? oh yes, father got that for you… but I guess you don’t use it let me bring it… everything will be alright what you want? shall I go out of this room? mother, we haven’t said any such thing what has happened to you? I’ve gone mad admit me in the mental asylum what are you doing Zakiya… she is a kid I don’t want to eat dinner come, child… let’s go it’s alright, daughter
you go and have dinner huh … I will eat after performing prayers alright brother, do you know… there is a Qawalli night (concert) in my college it was held last year too… it was so much fun and sister-in-law Wardah was saying, she will also come along so we’ll all go & enjoy I’ll show you the video in a while
you’ll get convinced yes… others are coming for dinner? no …
no one is hungry brother, we all will go? Rohina, who all? here, no one wants to have meal together… and you are talking about qawwali (concert) Sameera wants something, Salman wants another thing… what this house wants no one is asking that… call sister…
ask her to come you are elder … she will come for sure her pain is a lot than mine there is no comparison at all Sunny please *door knocks* please, open the door what’s the matter? nothing … just he has closed himself inside again? just leave him how? he is my son he is acting weird, since Annu has died please do something me? he hardly knows me what you have ever done before? don’t be defensive now what was the need to come back? you should have stayed in Europe when Annu was sick … I asked you a lot to come and talk to him he never use to come home for 3 days he has stopped meeting everyone but as usual …
you were busy you did the same before …. previously …. previously
can’t your forget? to whom? to you or your betrayal? at first, you left me and ran away after leaving me but now you are back, of what use? you can’t even put one brick of this destroyed house (family) your nephew is locked inside he is not a ghost for God’s sake… help him why are you making me responsible for whatever is happening in your life? Where do I come, to do with it? yes? have I ever made you responsible for my divorce? No … so why blaming me for all this? my marriage happened to your sick brother…. because you fled away I was engaged to you … what is this Pinky doing here? both of them were together on the flight she is a very sweet girl …
I really like her so? so…the thing is… Sameera was a completely wrong choice Sameera … is our son’s choice not anymore do want him to leave her? absolutely it is better to leave that ill-mannered girl now, instead of spending the rest of the life huh … I don’t want it …
Thank you I want it though

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  14. Ok so a few takeaways from today’s episode:-
    1) the solution to this problem of saving our salvaged “izzat” is to stay quite, keep everything under wraps and the shaadi will give a brutally raped girl the following the justice, the closure she badly needs –

    2) Husband’s say is the FINAL say!! No matter what regressive and rotten decisions he suggests – Emotional blackmail is the best weapon to use against a rape victim

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