Sarabha The God Hindi Dubbed 2019 (Sarabha) | New Horror Movie | Aakash Sahadev, Mishti

Chandraksh! Moving towards the wedding pavilion, I brought a virgin girl for sacrifice in 17th
prayer. Chandraksh. I sacrifice Chandbhairavi to a virgin girl. Chadraksh will get kheer prasad. Mother Chandbhairavi… (Religious Chanting) Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice… You have achieved it, Chadraksh. From last 17 years sacrificing 17 virgin girls 17th prayer got completed. Now only the last one is left. But that is the most difficult. Guruji I will get over that difficulty as well. Chandraksh. Slowly… If you help ghosts to get rid of 18 main magic, then their power will be yours. Don’t give up. If you give-up Your penance for the last 17 years will go waste. Then you have to start again from 1st prayer. Then you have to start again from 1st prayer. he will disturb us. I will send my ghosts to God. You will be the first one to rule over Devil kingdom. Chandraksh. You will become the leader of the devils. Raktaksh…! Yes Dad! Your father will become the leader of this devil kingdom. Raktaksh…! Yes.. We have to find Balipeeth, bring the sword. The penance of last 17 years for Chandbhairavi, those Inanimate fields.. Where Satans can turn positive into negative and can kill their thirst by drinking blood we want that place. That place would be good for sacrificing another girl. Go find it… Mother Chandbhairavi! You will show me the way and I will develop that place. Powestar hairstyle. Tirupati, your hairstyle is best. He is bald. Tell me one thing… how much do you charge for cutting? Only 30/- Rs. I charge 3000/- Rs. Do you charge for ribbon cutting? See… Who does not even know how to wear a sari, they inaugurate sari shops. Ask why.. Because they are celebrities. And i am the celebrity of this village. Even you are not cutting for free. Right? You charge 30/- Rs for cutting hair. Ribbon here and 3000/- there. This is a big problem. His heart is very clean. And we will clean the pockets. Mr. President! You are a big shot. Why? You can do anything. You are robbing the villagers and he is robbing you. You are robbing people and giving that money to him. I have appointed goons to kill that bastard. He is not here. The President told us this place. He is harassing our President. His bike is here. This means that he is around. Stop hiding, come and fight me. Where are you? What happened? Did i consumed more footage? Everybody wants to be a hero. Please encourage me… Let’s encourage him. Wait, wait, wait… Why are you in a hurry to fight? Let me warm up first. First catch me then we will fight. Okay? Come… This is an introduction. That is why i was fighting for entertainment. Do you want the serious fight? Sir that is our bag… Chinnarao that is not fair. We spent in the elections that is why collecting back. Oh you won that is why you are collecting back? My uncle lose, what will he do? His money should also be returned. So will you take my money for that? Why not? My wife sent me money from Dubai to build a house. I spent that money in the elections. People did not vote even after taking money. You ditched me also. That is why i am collecting from both of you. Oh is it? I will resign. You always say that but never did it. Something is special in that chair. What sir? A needle. If you sit, the needle will prick but still you want to sit. Collection is done, let’s go to the market. Lalitha! Yes didi. Keep all flowers and garlands inside. Okay didi. Ramesh! Yes mam. Take these roses as well. And listen. Have you seen the Sarabha? Ask him to stop roaming around with uncle. He will be spoiled. Keep these flowers aside. Do you know what everyone thinks? 3 monkeys are roaming in village. Uncle, she is calling us monkey. Everyone makes fun of me. Uncle.. What are you saying? I am completely grown up now, but I am still a virgin. If you have a stamp, it does not mean that you can stamp it anywhere. Like a person who have a pen but cannot sign. Okay, let’s go now. Uncle, Uncle…

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