Savaari Movie Theatrical Trailer | Nandu, Priyanka Sharma | Saahith Mothkuri

[GUNSHOTS] [HORSE NEIGHS] Badshah: Greetings to everyone. Increase the volume on your devices please. By the way, I’m Badshah. I have a thrilling story for you. Badshah! [DOOR KNOCK] Who the hell is it? There is a kite on your roof,
let us take it. Why the hell are you flying kites
before diwali? Get lost! God! Please take me away. I don’t want to live in this fucking world!! Bitch! Confirmed bitch.
You are a bitch. Whatever! ♪We’ll have a feast for our friends
at our wedding♪ ♪We’ll party till we get tired♪ That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you boss. You guys are always late. [GUNSHOTS] You fools! You were bragging about this US alliance. He looks like an African monkey. So, you are the fucking asshole,
whom I am gonna ride with? Yeah. In the middle of all this circus
there is love too. What are you doing today? I need to go out for horse rides. Let’s go, I’ll join you. ♪Ride on!♪ ♪You have wings now, sky is the limit now♪ Badshah’s heart is weak. I have to get stents for him. I’ve been starving myself for
the past 5 years to save this money. Do you know how hard it was to earn
this money? Badshah! I don’t think we can meet anymore. I’m sorry. Because you people don’t care about her,
She is on the roads drunk. [HORSE NEIGHS] Please visit your nearest theatres
to experience the story on screen. Raju! I’m not gonna leave you alone.

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