Secrets of The Royal Kitchen (Royal Family Documentary) | Real Stories

Secrets of The Royal Kitchen (Royal Family Documentary) | Real Stories

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  1. ridiculez …hace unos año ley q ella habia .pedido a los fondo publico para hacerle la cena a sus empleado a final de año…osea ellos cocinan todo el año y la atiende y ella ni para eso les gratifica🤔🤔

  2. Only a 2 months vacation after living as royalty, with servants waiting on them day and night, 24 / 7? THIS IS TRUE INJUSTICE!!!!!! Thank God I am poor and only have to labor 16 hours per day, 6 days per week… their life seems like a living nightmare!!!!

  3. Qué raro un cocinero , abrió un refrigerador y encontró carne humana de niños y renunció salió corriendo y nunca más volvió a su trabajó .Ahora sale una descripción de lo que come? Eso es sospechoso. Para una reina debe describir lo que come?

  4. Hm, imagine Gordon Ramsay being a Royal Chef.

    That would surprise Nobody, his Dishes are already fit for Royalty.

    Sure the other Chefs will have to deal with his "Quirks", but then again, that's just his Reality TV Persona, IRL he's Very Sociable.

  5. I love Mateus Rose, and Italian Lambrusco. However, I have some bad eating habits, like eating the mashed spuds straight out of the pot with a spoon. And eating cold leftovers out of the fridge, especially after Xmas, and I dip the cold roast spuds and pumpkin in the jug of cold gravy, and stand eating it at the open fridge door……

  6. Que aprovechen a darse esos lujos ahora por que aunque todo lo tienen y no saben lo que es sudarse para ganarse un plato de arroz esta vida no es eterna y en el cementerio ya no van a tener ni comida ni cocineros ni nada.

  7. Poeple the dogs are not eating better than people , its cabbage, rice and liver :p liver is to throw away not to eat -_-

  8. 31:44 — 31:55 the Japanese or Me I would not waste that skin — fry it and make into sushi rolls or roast over fire and make crispy, crunchy snack top with rice dish.

  9. The chefs should be paid over six figures $200k at least for not having breaks working like a slave from dawn to dusk, 10pm like he said.. he mentioned he’s so wiped out at the end of the day so that spacious room on the Ship being plain doesn’t matter, he can sleep on the floor or something and won’t notice.
    I can see how that stress has changed him from handsome young man to chubby aged man.. that’s why they only last/ can do it 6 years..
    they better have some pension or benefits to working so much feeding them!! I’ve ate like that and I know I’ve paid $30k for my share and with my ex bf.. eating out costs us total $75k, but not even at the higher quality the royals got.. but high quality, So not counting the cooks’ income, etc. although their income is factored into the dishes and service prices.

  10. They live off the money of the people. You all pay them to rule you. To much money for a ruler. I rule my family but, I'm not paid and they're not secretly trying to kill me.

  11. The royal family are just PARASITES for the English people, they never done anything good for England but living at their expenses.

  12. Thanks for sharing, shared. With Great Memories of Cooking Breakfast for Prince Edward, at the Mansion House. and Supplying the Tumbler for Lady Diana in 1985 at a Function at Cardiff Castle.

  13. Она не ожидала от вас такого ума и такой прыти . Хорошо , она согласна . Две так две ибо она очень уважает Большую Мать Англии .

  14. Но там у вас снега нет и потому она зиму в России , а и она лето в Англии . Это её условие и если вы так не согласны , то сами понимаете что …..

  15. Нет , она не есть управляема и если только ради этого вы её хотите , то и не стоит огород городить ….

  16. I am a belizean and I am disappointed the queen did not enjoy our royal rat. we eat this meat on may occassions it is like a privileged meat. it is very hard to find but whenever we find it via hunting or vendors we enjoy it. it has the texture of chicken and the tenderness of chcken. very unique to the taste buds. you'll enjoy it if you try it.

  17. I tried the fish and chips with bearnaise sauce — it was a bit simplified, of course, from what this chef cooked, and since I don't really eat chips (better known to Yankees as French fries), I had steamed asparagus instead. It was amazing, and of course the bearnaise sauce went perfectly with the asparagus too. Fish and chips with plain old tartar sauce will never be the same.

  18. ":Not trusting the Royal Fare and water in Britain during State Dinners, His Majesty Donald of Trump, takes his own Buckets of Chicken and diet cokes."

  19. I find the wearing of crowns and calling yourself royal quite tacky…yeah, yeah, you got all real state and taxes…i would never, ever, wear a crown..many could live on what you feed your dogs. Wonderful film. Reminds me humans can be so arrogant.

  20. A different kind of documentary without the details like this video, but a tour of the Indian President's kitchen.

  21. I'm sitting here on a Sunday morning with a busting hangover eating the leftover doner kebab I somehow brought home last night and washing it down with a half empty can of flat Stella Artois. I must say it is really tasty but I fear the worst for my loyal toilet brush in a few minutes time. I don't suppose Her Majesty has many Sunday mornings like me.

  22. Had tea and cake on the royal yacht last week.Had a good look around the yacht as now it's a museum.A good day out if you are in Edinburgh…

  23. Please no coronation (jade goody) chicken. It is more fake than trump's fake news. Shilpa Shetty chickens real deal lots of onion not too much garlic

  24. This video is in the playlist
    Real Stories: Serial Killers

  25. I have just binged on about 5 of these vids and I am starving. It’s 1.30am in the morning and I have been forced to get out of bed and make toast and Vegemite.. yumm! Don’t suppose the Queen has had Vegemite?


  26. the reason the queen does not use garlic for food prep is not so as not to offend peoples noses…..its because garlic has been used to hide poor quality and age by her friends who run the shipping industry since time began… was other kings and queens but you get the poin……that is why jews like lots of garlic….they can buy older meat and use garlic to over come the bad tastes and rot……thats why….fresh food boards itself….garlic is a cover all….so she is smart to ban it.

  27. Queen Elizabeth is my inspiration, she is intelligent🌹Beautiful 🌹Brave🌹lady In the world. God Bless her.

  28. Charlie. 600 miles DAILY 😲 for few carrots + whatever.. Is a PISS TAKE. Insult to your mother + tax payer. HYPOCRITE.

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  30. I just love this Royal Chef. He is so humble and so talented. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about his experiences. What a cool guy.

  31. It's interesting to see how other countries serve thier queens or presidents! Every country is unique but I especially enjoy seeing how the queen lives! Quite intriguing!

  32. She doesn’t thrust local water from other countries because she knows, its got a lots of fluoride. If that doesn’t make you wonder what’s up.! I don’t know what would.

  33. Shes so boring. With all that money and opportunities she rathers eat the same things! Queen is Arrogant and boring. cant stand them

  34. So much food waste. That's the only thing that bothers me about this. And the Prince of Wales getting his food shipped hundreds of miles. 🙁

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