See You Yesterday | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

See You Yesterday | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

When we get this
up and running, we gonna be outta here. Stanford, Morehouse,
Spelman. This is something
Einstein spent his entire life
trying to do. We prove that time travel into
the past is possible, if we just give
it some time. It’s scary,
but you inspire me. You going places, CJ. Since Pops is gone, I got to make sure
that you get there. I don’t need you always
playing big brother. I’m the only big
brother you’ve got. NYPD – don’t move! Calvin Walker – a
19-year-old, black teen was allegedly
shot and killed by an NYPD officer. Walker was armed with
nothing but a cellphone. I am so sorry
about all of this. If I could go back
and fix it, I would. If we just go back,
get them out of there, then he’s saved. We only have so many
times to get this right. Everything’s going to
need to be perfect. What’s today’s date? June 28th. Woohoohoo! Sebastian, this
has to work. No! We’re too late. It’s about controlling
something we obviously have no control over! My brother didn’t
deserve this. I just miss him, yo. How many times have
you jumped back, CJ? We’re not superheroes. Where is the justice? We can’t do
this anymore. We only have
two jumps left. Where is the justice
for our sons and our daughters. When will it end
for the whole nation? You gotta listen to us, you’re going to
get killed. Get on the ground! On the ground, now!
Get down!

100 thoughts on “See You Yesterday | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  1. This movie stinks like a heaping pile of liberal leftist poop, no ending and the entire movie is based on Racism, as if a police officer would shoot a kid for pulling out a cellphone, as if the Police are too stupid to recognize the difference between a cellphone and a gun, and why was the kid going for his cell phone in the first place? and why were their undercover officers making the arrest? So many things wrong with this movie, Police do not make random stop of kids arguing on the street, or escalate and pull their guns on teenagers, that officer would be going to jail for 1st degree murder. 1st he had no viable reason for making an arrest, This was not a case of persecute of a Kid who had committed a crime and was running away, this was a police officer stopping his vehicle because a couple of black kids are arguing in the street. the kids were not selling drugs, nor was their any indication of a crime occurring, they portray the officer as being a raciest white man who goes around harassing black kids because he hates black people.

  2. Awful movie.. love the back to future J Fox. Guessing Netflix and who ever have something against COPS. I HATE to see color. But go watch some movie with no black kids in it.. just white.. then notice the LANGUAGE. Now watch this one.. the cussing…NO they ALL don't talk cuss like that.

    Then the ending.. awful movie

  3. As a time traveling nerd I just wanna point out that calvin could be saved by just undoing the whole slushy incident. If Calvin never left the party then he would've been still alive and he left only because of Jared. So if CJ never had a problem with Jared and if Calvin never had to step in then Calvin wouldn't care that Jared was at the party. The whole movie I just waited for CJ to fix that little mistake but I guess she never saw that little detail.
    And I guess that's what the ending is about. She will either fix the problem on the last try that we never saw or she is stuck in a loop, traveling back in time over and over and over again until everybody is alive.

  4. I find it so sad that the brother and the best friend got shot but the brother got shot for no reason and it has happend in real life,In fact the cop just came and he just picked up is phone and got shot i find this so disgusting how we treat other people

  5. I understand why people are mad about the ending but it isn’t the point of the movie. Time travel is not a definite thing with predictable outcomes. We don’t know what’s going to happen next so how do you expect the writers to come up with an ending when there’s 1000 different outcomes. The point of the movie is that we can’t we can’t change the past and the cycle of police violence will never change unless we make it.

    Edit: Reading through the comments I hate how people are saying the movie is bad or they wished the never watched it bc of the ending. You can’t predict what happens in the future so why is everyone expecting a definite ending. I also feel like people are just hoping that somehow she saves both of them but the reality is life isn’t fair and I’m glad this movie didn’t sugar coat it by creating an ending where she saves both.

  6. I want another movie about them fr fr like a part 2 😭chapter 2 idk just make one plzzzz!!💯❤️😂

  7. Why did no one call her annoying ass out for starting all this shit? FFS all fucking attitude acting like it’s everyone else’s fault but hers! She annoyed the fuck out of me! Netflix proving yet again why I don’t watch original Netflix movies! Y’all fucked!

  8. Damn Did anyone start getting Annoyed about CJ as the Movie went on. That bitch is selfish, What the Deuce

  9. I loved the movie, addressing serious issues… but Netflix has serious troubles with endings…. they really don’t know how to end any of their movies lol

  10. Really???!!! A movie that starts out with a cop killing a black teen…. just what we need to see…. UNBELIEVABLE

  11. I really enjoyed watching this film. It ended too soon and leaves things to the imagination. I think she may have saved the day. 🤔

  12. this movie is basically 2 teen trime travellers going back to save dumb shit, but makes things go more dumber cause the character wants a perfect ending

    oh and guess what, we never got an ending, boom saved your ass an hour and a half

  13. no one:
    CJ’s brother: reaches in his pocket for phone when prejudice cop is telling him don’t move

  14. after multiple occasions of trying to fix the past and it turning out worse, CJ should have just left it alone 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. The one time I don’t read the comments and the movie has the worst ending ever. Shit I can write a movie without an ending. It would have been sick is CJ just got ran over and it ended like that.

  16. the ending made sense because she was becoming obsessed with achieving her goal. But Claudette was so damn hard headed and thought she knew everything and she didn't.

  17. the main character was dumb and annoying though. jumping back in time and literally does dumb shit to affect the outcome while she back in time. That made no fucking sense..

  18. This is such a great DISAPPOINTING film thanks alot Stephon Bristol for directing it and the 2 writers for the great *ucking ending really good job…
    Stick to your day Job cuz you obviously took the day off finishing the script !!!
    Pisses me off watching this movie with no ending someone could of improvise the ending and Spike Lee why do you have your name attached to this brutha disappointed brutha SMFH !!!!

  19. Just watched this with some high hopes as it gets 95% on the tomato meter but was extremely disappointed. It's a mess scientifically and very disrespectful to our first responders. There is a Michael J Fox cameo in the first 5 minutes which is the best part of the movie. Stop watching after that.

  20. Low budget children's film with cover art that rivals Sharkboy and Lavagirl, rated TV-MA, for lots of f-bombs, blood, and counter-intuitive racist propaganda… On the plus side, it does teach you that when someone has a gun – cop, robber, store clerk, or otherwise – you're likely to get shot if you run at them (so don't do that, I guess). Oh, and don't forget to take your time machine to the school science fair! Hmm… a real winner.

  21. When I saw the trailer for this movie I predicted the critics would love it and the audience would hate it. You know how I was able to predict that? Because when you have an all black cast and a major theme of the movie is some political issue which accords to the mainstream liberal narrative the critics lap that shit up no matter how shit the movie is. It's pretty obvious just from the trailer that this movie is trash. Trust the audience score on this one. Because the critics scores have a virtue signal boost and should hold no weight.

  22. Can someone please explain to me with a Rational mind why was this movie made??? so, Only way to put Afro-American in a time travel movie is to have cop's brutality killing a young man who was innocent??… to much like right to have them Time Travel to "Discover" Egyptian people in Abraham and Issac timeline were Dark skin people or Time Travel to Jerusalem to discover Hebrew people are dark skin from the Old Testament not white. Khazarian German Jews took over Jerusalem in this century… Hebrew people lived in Bethlehem city yaushua Jesus born and lived….. revealing the Truth. would been a Puurrfect movie. is this the Best Spike Lee can do?? continue making stereo-type , racist dumb black movie's or is this the type of movies he's (ALLOWED) to make only???
    After reviewing the trailer I Highly recommend Not watching a Dumb movie unless you are Still brainwashed by the System.

  23. Even though the ending wasn’t that great the movie had a nice plot and story 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  24. The cliffhanger was so bad. There is a lot of stuff they could have done with the ending but they chose to do nothing with it. I didn’t even know the movie was over until they rolled the end credits. So disappointing!😔 But it’s still a great movie

  25. I think nowadays there are no more people able to do movies…the only people remained were hired by Marvel! Come one, this movie is sooooo boring! Too many useless parts! It’s really full of things that nobody cares!

  26. La película no tiene final??? Es un final abierto a otra continuación???? Me dejo con un gran hueco existencial diosss…q buena película

  27. This movie was painful to watch, This girl was getting on my nerves.. I just wanted to punch this disrespectful girl in the face through the whole movie

  28. The ending is infinite! She’s stuck in a loop trying to save her brother while also not loosing anyone else. Sebastian warned her of the ending before they started trying to save Calvin. But the rule in time travel is that wherever there is death, there will always be death.

  29. I'm glad I didn't feed into the negative reviews…I enjoyed this seeing New York West Indians, Puerto Ricans in a different light but staying real to what's happening with BLK & Brown kids it's different it's fresh…I was here for it ❤️🖤💚🇯🇲 🇬🇾 🇵🇷 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾

  30. Spike Lee, The legend. Always gives us, thought provoking movies, now the young ones can be exposed to his greatness. Its not just a movie but a piece of art.
    Love it😁😁😂😂. Thanks Director, fine young actors, spike and all. Actors your the future of film keep picking thought provoking work like this.

  31. I actually worked on this film, I shouldn’t say in what department, but it was the electrical department. And this is some of the worst writing I’ve ever come across. The Puerto Rican is funny I guess…..but overall cops are the good guys and these producers (spike lee) are retards.

  32. Haven't watched the movie yet, but the whole premise should just be a giant grandfather paradox, right? Does that end up playing into the plot?

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