Seun aka grime artist Dolla Sign  – Londoner #263

Seun aka grime artist Dolla Sign – Londoner #263

Hi, I’m Seun, I’m 18 years old, currently a student, from East London. My star sign is cancer and I’m also grime artist. I started writing at say like 9 years old and then my first recordings were at 11 years old, so I have been making music for quite a long time. So we’re in a location that I feel is quite important to me just being, as an artist but kinda more so as a lyricist in a sense, would be The Globe where Shakespeare that was a – when studying literature and understanding how The Globe even came to be, then knowing how many plays and poetries and certain creative projects that took place there, for me I just look at it as almost the start and then right now we’re in an era of, you know, the new poetry. It’s almost a Renaissance of what was, that beginning is where it’s coming out for me, I can only smile just looking at how things have developed in that way. I feel like the negative connotations associated to grime at the moment aren’t necessarily true, they’re not really a good representation of what it actually is. I feel like grime has grown to be something way bigger than it just being about like crime and it being about negative things. It’s grown to an audience that, I mean like, let’s say 5-10 years ago it wasn’t at. So having that stereotype of grime being terrible, grime being bad for people, for me as I’m concerned, I can only disagree with that. Because, you know, it’s far bigger than that, it’s far more important than that and I have to say it’s more fun than just, you know, the negative associations to it. In terms of continuing to do it, I don’t really see myself stopping, I mean it’s grown to be something that’s a part of me, it’s a part of who I am and I feel like in this, you know, day and age, like looking at the climate of just music as a whole and music as growing, stopping now would be probably the worst thing I can do.

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