[SFM] Mario’s NightMare

[SFM] Mario’s NightMare

*Super Mario World theme* (Aww sweet) Mario: Huh? WOAH! (Oh shit its Bowser) *Cannonball shooter* *Bullet bills heading towards Mario* Mario: Oh! *The famous SMW jump sound effect* Luigi: Wow! Mario: Oof! (It’s Bowser!) *Bowser jumps down* *Bowser roars* Luigi: Aw what happened? Mario: Mama mia! Luigi: Mario! (? blocks) Luigi: Oh yeah! Mario: Yah! *Mario turns into Fire Mario* Oh yeah! Luigi: Huh? (Tanooki) Hey! Oh yeah! Mario: Letsa go! Luigi: Ok! (Gotta go fast) *Luigi jumps* Mario: Here we gooooooo! Oooooo HA! HOO! YAH! HA! (Banzai Bill) (Look out Mario) Here we go! *Super Jump Punch* HeeYAH! *Mario screaming* (THESE are NOT NORMAL Koopa screams!) (PLEASE) (HELP ME!) (FOR GODS SAKE!) (TAKE ME AWAY!) *rekt* *Mario jumps again* Mario: HeeYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (TKO) HA! *echo* Luigi: Yah! *Luigi headbutt* Ho- HO! Oh yeah! (You spin me right round baby right round) (KAMEHAMEHAA) (KAMEHAMEHAA) (Rekt) Bowser: Hmm! Bowser: “These Mario Bros. are badass!” *Bowser in shock* *Bowser roars* (The mating call) (Koopa Clown Car) (That is how you pick up Bowsers πŸ˜‰ ) (Watch out for those bullet bills!) *Bowser roars* *Bowser jumping sound* Yoshi: OW! (That is NOT a normal Bowser roar!) *Yoshi groan* *Yoshi spits out tongue* (Bad idea) *Bowser laughs* (Oh no!) (Smack)
Yoshi: WAAAAH! “Toasty” *Duck sound* Luigi: YAHOOOOOOO! *Bowser looks behind him* *Smack* Bowser: Ooooooh! *Bowser sound* *Bowser sound* Mario: Oooooo! *Mario hits Bowser x2* *rekt* Mario&Luigi: GOTCHA! (Wait) (He isn’t dead!) (And he’s angry af) (He’s transforming!) *Bowser roars as he transforms into his giant form* (Luigi looks terrified) (Poor Luigi) Luigi: Oh yeah! Mario: Aaaaah! Luigi: Alright! (NO LUIGI GOT CRUSHED!) (OH NO!) (LUIGI!!!) (R.I.P Luigi) (You’ll be missed) Mario: Here We GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HA! OOOOOH! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Mario got punched again!!) (Mario is very weak) WAH! *Bowser laughing* *Bowser crushes… something?* Mario: NOO HO HO HO HOOOO! MAMA HO HA HO HAWOW! Hmm? Ha! (It was just a nightmare, Luigi is there, sleeping on his bed) *Mario’s sigh of relief* (Mario goes back to sleep) Mama mia! Oh my god guys! THANK you all SO much for watching this video! Subtitles made by: Chara Dreemurr Thank you guys for your support on this video! Love you! BYE!

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  2. If you ever see a con call Chase I’ll keep the princess safe I’ll say no it’s too risky just get captured the receptacles or wait up or not does the kicker punch want to trick you got hit harder you guys get into a real

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  4. 3:35 when the world will be with no internet
    Also in 4:09 lol
    But then I figure it was just something wrong with satellites and they fixed it πŸ˜₯

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