Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan – EP 28 || English Subtitles || – 8th Dec 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Yes, tell me fast, what do you want to say.
Be quick. Sir, I… Speak fast. Sir, I wanted to say… Get lost. No, not this. I want to say this.
You go, go from here. Sir Shahrukh has no fault in this, don’t fire him. Are both Shahrukh and
Anushay in the list? Yes. Show me the list. Sir Shahrukh works hard,
he has no fault in it. You take out both their names from list.
Cancel their letters. Sir fire Anoushay, you are doing the right thing, she has making the environment toxic. I would say fire her.
You took the right decision. Fire her. Do what I am telling you to,
don’t use your brain. Come on get me tea, fast. Sure sir, should I get it
from the pathan shop? You know, there is a Bengali shop next
to the pathan ones, get if from the pathan shop. Do this work first. Sure. Komal, what happened? You look happy. You know Anoushay,
got our job back by begging. I didn’t beg, I use logic to convince people, Mr. Abbas listens to me. Of course, just my job or hers too? I have a big hear Shahrukh, I got her job with you too. She is not worth it. Okay. Okay Shahrukh,
if there is something else, do tell me. Something else? Yes,
my cabin is not cleaned nowadays. What? No, she’s joking. Only joking. She is really cunning, be careful around her. how do you come to
my room without asking? Sir everyone’s termination letter? You are here to save everyone’s job, you know I don’t listen
to anyone’s source, I will not listen to anyone. Don’t come to me with any
such requests again. I will not listen to anyone,
fire everyone. Sir you listened to the
request for Shahrukh. Komal, get out . get out. Send me tea, from the pathan. I am afraid of Abu Bakar coming, something bad happens
when he comes. Shahrukh, Nigar is finally getting married to Mastan,
don’t be negative. Yes, ok all is fine, but tell me, should we not go to the MD’s home. He called us with love. I am very excited. Why, he is fine now? This is what uncle said
earlier and sent us. Ok man, what is the
worst that can happen, I will get beaten,
I will, for you. For us or your love. Yes, I wish I was the eldest. Wouldn’t have helped your father would have
set a condition that the youngest should get married first. I don’t want to get married now. Should I tell you something, a girls weight and wait
should be as low as possible. You get married quickly. I am really confused. That is even better, a lot of girl decide to get
married when they are confused. Anoushay, brother Shahrukh’s
IQ is in some other cue. I don’t want to go meet MD. I just saw, where is the ball she used
to hold in her hand. Attention. Everyone attention,
prince Saleem is here. What is all this? He said that I give him an
idea to propose to Nigar, something historic that she agrees, so I told him to do this. You know KT is the only
genius in this home. I am a prince. Hey prince, she is making fun of you. But I am not, I will propose to Nigar like
King Akbar proposed to Noor Jahan. Noor Jahan was proposed by his son, wait for that. KT, what have you got him into? He is prince Saleem, he will propose to Anarkali. Why are annoying us with this history? Prince Saleem already has affairs,
why are you making him propose to Nigar? What is this? Why are you standing like
a red brick building. Nothing, your wedding preparation. My wedding? Yes. Sorry. Nigar, I came for you to marry you. Anoushay told me that you miss me, so I ignored my other girl friend, I missed my wedding,
it was such an adventure. What is this? A pigeon, what else? Madam Nigar. Madam Nigar. Marry me Anarkali accepted the proposal
by making the pigeon fly. She agrees. She agrees. Congrats, I will just go check on them. This man is mad, I told you we will have
an issue when he comes. I have an idea, we can keep his as a standby, if there is an issue with Mastan,
we will call him. There is no point, your mind works slow
in tough situations. Oh God, why am I caught
between my sisters in laws. Papa was right, you are an idiot.
You are always crying cause of this. Wow, your father gave birth to 4 daughters
and that is still my fault, I am convinced,
you shouldn’t have more than 2 kids. Why does all this happen to me? When I am to get married, two grooms come up. Wont I be confused who to marry,
who not to marry. I will use science to
make my decision. As per science, I should… as per science… As per science, I will marry him. Should I tell you something, if the wedding breaks often, your IQ also goes down. Man, why does this happen to me. Lucky you, we don’t even have one,
but you got 2 in line. This time I don’t want to be confused. Don’t be, there is a
genius in this home, ask them what should we decide. Ok, what do we decide? I have an idea, you ask for both rings, take them and go to a jeweler, weigh the rings, the one that weighs more, marry him. Can the two of you help me out? Tell us, how can we help you? You two leave me alone. Where do you want to be left, tell me? Get lost from here right now, go now, get lost.
I don’t want to see your face. Uncle Abbas,
I was calling you for so long. Don’t call me uncle. I was changing my get up. Get up? I mean, clothes. What else is going on? We have wedding.
com in our home all day long. You look upset, Mastan hasn’t said something to you. How do you know?
Mastan too tells you everything. No, what is the matter? I have to make an important
decision of my life, you cannot support Mastan, you will have to support what is right. Everything ok? I want everything to be fine, so I have not told anything to my sisters, you too promise me you will not tell anything to Mastan,
nor to my sisters. Nigar, sisters. That is what I am saying,
I have not told my sisters. Yes, we don’t know
you are talking to him. Abbas uncle,
I will talk to you later, bye. Don’t call me uncle, bye. Don’t call me uncle. Get lost from here,
get lost. Come on. I am doing that in love that no one has ever done. What is she going to do? I am telling you one thing clearly, no need to sit near women, I hate men who sit with women and yes, care for your food and mine too. Don’t ignore me like your family and yes, don’t make a mountain in your plate. What is this face? Don’t you know that you are getting
engaged to Pinky Princess today. I have not made this face,
God has. What is it? Okay get up. Yes, get up. Listen, I wanted to ask a question…can I? Yes, fast, a lot of time has been spent. What is that in love that no
one has ever done? I know it all, I know who is saying all this..
Ok, tell me.. I will just tell you. No,
all this is done regularly, I was asking is there something… Son, the lovers get beaten
before wedding and even after… How much have I beaten you? You exaggerate things so much. You broke my heart, I broke my leg in your love. Hurry up, why are you
standing here like a sculpture. No,. No. What no? You come here. Learn something from your father. Listen to me, you care so much for me,
come on check the fall of my dress, fix it. You can do nothing, get up. Hurry up! We are coming, come on move,
don’t just eat yourself, care for me. I am stuck in this family.
They have no manners, you stop using this mobile. You have made me mad, we are going to our
family’s function late. Wow. What is the matter now? Why have you stopped? I have a question. You ask all questions right now. Papa, tell me,
what is difficult love or arranged marriage? Child, neither arranged,
nor love, marriage is difficult. You be quiet, don’t act like Khalil Jibran, become a father in law. You have not been able to be a
good father or a good husband, only I know how I have
spent my youth. What has happened to me? Another question… listen, in love if you break your leg,
does it hurt more? Should I break your leg and tell you.
What are you doing here, you are acting like a woman, its your family habit, give me my phone,
its ringing. You move, I will come. They are driving me mad, sister Zareen is calling,
I think they reached. Hello. God bless, you look so pretty Pinky,
thank God. Listen, Pinky looks like a clown
more than anything else. You be quiet, if you
talk too much I will break your leg. Child, take my pic too. Yes. Legs broken? Legs broken? I have just scolded you,
not broken your legs yet. Mama, ask her to start the engagement soon,
I have to be online too. Yes, lets start, Dildar son, give the ring to Pinky. Put it on. Do it. What happened now? I…I have to go to the bathroom. Why do you want to go right now?
Go after the engagement. Try and understand,
I am in a bad spot, I have to go. I love you. Fine. Yeah. Anoushay, Nigar, Mickey. Nigar, Anoushay, Mickey come fast. What happened?
You shout on everything. What is it? Dildar is coming,
he had his engagement today. Okay, he is getting sweets…
tell him… We have to break the legs. He is not getting engaged to Pinky. He is not getting engaged to her,
so we need to break his legs as a punishment. He is not engaged to Pinky, he is leaving everything
and coming to me in my love, to our home. We need to break his legs as a punishment.
Ok? got it. My legs. You are right, we should. What do you mean? I what sapped him a picture that I broke my legs in his love, he broke his engagement
and is coming here. Okay, so we just need to break
your legs, that’s easy. Its been so long. Dildar, come fast, its been long. Dildar. Dildar. Dildar. Where are you? Dildar. Come man, hey Dildar. I am tired of waiting for you. I don’t know where he is. God bless. Here you go, take 10 rupees. Brother, what do you think of me?
What is this? 20 is enough. Where is Dildar. Dildar, hurry up. People have started to insult us. Dildar. Dildar. Come out. Dildar. What is nonsense?
Do you have no manners? Some ladies are in the washroom, you are knocking the door
and asking me to come out, do you have no shame? What happened? What happened? He is a mental patient, he is constantly asking me to come
out like I am his wife. Idiot. I had my doubts on you. What are you doing? Get out from here, get out. Get out. I will deal
with you at home. KT. KT. KT. Hey, what happened?
Why do you look so worried? Hello Mr. Policeman. Hello, why are you shouting? I was getting married to Pinky and KT broke both her legs. Are you worried cause the
legs broke or the engagement? You don’t worry,
I will punish KT. No, I didn’t mean to say that, she is in pain already.
Where is KT? No one broke no one’s leg. No, I will tell you,
KT broke both her legs. What? KT can break everything
but not her legs. Never! Shahrukh, how is my KT? You go meet her. KT. KT. Dildar is coming. KT, Anoushay, Nigar, Dildar is here, ready, action. Action. It hurts a lot. KT. KT. It hurts. What did you do?
Why didn’t you people stop her? You should have stopped her. Yes, she is right. Yes, I would have stopped her, but I lost WiFI signals in the middle. You work on WiFi? Leave all this, tell me why
did you bring her home? You should have left
her at the hospital and who put up this plaster? He is a big doctor. Tell me the name of the doctor. We will just decide on it
Why would you keep it? He was my doctor, I will keep it. My doctor Dildar is here,
I am fine. KT, I want to say something
important. Yeah. I don’t want to marry Pinky,
I want to marry you. Mr. Dildar, madam was looking for you. What? Take out the diary. Yes, give it to me. Hello doctor, this is Dildar from Dildar fabrics, yes are fine? I called to tell you
we have a new variety, all your favorite dresses, doctor, why do you have to
come when Dildar is here. You don’t worry,
I will get the variety to your hospital. There was something I wanted
to discuss with you… Hey, you are back again? Hey, Mr. Policeman,
it will all be fine, this is Dr. Bilquis, she is the best doctor of this city,
and she is great that she came to your home, or else she doesn’t
go to her own home. Yes, but who is she here for? For our KT’s treatment. What happened to KT? Look policeman, I understand your pain,
it will all be fine, KT will be fine. KT is fine. Policeman, how can I tell you, she did all this for me, I couldn’t do anything for her. I have gone mad or you have.
KT is fine, what happened to her? You don’t worry, she will be fine. Let me meet the patient, I will see the X-ray
of where her legs have been broken from. Don’t worry. Whose legs? Mr. Policeman, I think you
not only are hard of hearing but its hard for you to comprehend things. KT. KT? KT. Come out. Mr. Policeman what is wrong with you, don’t call her, her legs are broken,
she cannot come. KT, come out. Yes papa. Talk to her. She is fine,
but I don’t think you are fine. Mr. Policeman, what are you saying?
I have proof, this picture. Doctor, you please see… Look KT, there is still time, think about it, tell him
that your legs are broken. I will tell you if her legs
are broken or not, get my gun. Gun? KT. Mickey, Nigar, Shahrukh, Anousahy why didn’t
anyone tell me Dildar came? How were we to know. Dildar came with a doctor
and saw me standing on my feet. Oh no, he thought your legs were broken. Whose idea was this? Why are you looking at me? I gave you a lot of ideas, this is the one you liked. What is happening to me? Not you, me. Whatever is happening is with me.
I should change the name of this home to troubled home. There is so much complication,
not a single issue is getting sorted and my reception is round the corner. Yes. Your issues are on one side,
we don’t even know about Nigar. She agrees to marrying Abu Bakar
when he is in front of his, when Mastan comes she
is ready to marry him. Who ever comes in front of her,
she wants to marry. She can marry who she wants,
what if these two run away like the earlier two. Nigar, where are you going? To get ready, I am going to meet Mastan, I told Abu Bakar I cannot marry him. I will also tell Mastan. What will you tell him,
that you will marry him? No, that I won’t marry him either. What is she saying?
Your sisters are really weird. Its good you called to meet me Nigar, I wanted to meet you.
What happened? When 5 things leave you feel hurt, wealth, friends, love, trust and… and? Internet package. The last one makes you cry. I didn’t know what you would say,
I was scared. You talk nice Nigar. I just want to hear you talk. Before marriage men listen to girls, then the girls need to ask them to listen, then the wedding turns into a question
of whether the other person has gone deaf. I want someone like you, in fact, not someone, I want you. Ok tell me, what will you have? Chocolate cake. Chocolate…cake… You like it after breakup. Breakup? I have been very confused since
Abu Bakar proposed me. I don’t understand what to do? Don’t you like me Nigar? I do, that is why I told Abu Bakar
I won’t marry him. This is what I came to tell you. Don’t you like me? I do. Abu Bakar. He is the issue. My family like Abu Bakar, he is my cousin, comes to Pakistan for me, this time he left his marriage, if I don’t marry him, I feel guilty, if I don’t marry you, I will feel guilty. So I have decided not to get married. Lets delay the wedding. Anoushay and Shahrukh don’t want that. If I won’t get married, they won’t either. Okay, have cake then we will think. You too had to say something. Me? Leave it, we will do it later. First I thought I would talk to
Abbas uncle about this, but then I thought why should I tell him
my personal problem? Good, that is right. KT and Mickey’s groom’s ran away, Nigar is making her groom run away. The two of us should run away
and get married in the court. First you took a stay order against the home, now you want to marry me
and stay in this home. Did Abu Bakar leave? What did he come to tell you? He came to get songs from Ataullah, don’t worry he is here till the songs last. He will be here for 6-7 months. Yeah. Nigar said no to marrying Mastan, will Mr. Abbas bother us now? I just want Nigar and
Abu Bakar to get married, we will be in a better spot. She should get married, no matter who. Mr. Abbas has called, he is upset. Did he hear us talk? Why has he called us? He is really upset, maybe to fire you. I think Mastan has told him everything, we will suffer now. You said he is bad, he is old. I don’t know, wait, one minute,
you said he is old, I praised him. That was you praising him?
That was cursing him. I praised him. Hurry up, he is angry. Come fast. Yes, we are coming, you go. What will he say? How dare you say that? Is this is a joke? Okay, listen, I will teach you a lesson. You will give me a written apology.
A written apology. I will just get it. No, where are you going? Please sit. Have a seat. No sir, thank you. He is being sarcastic. Sir, Anoushay is sorry please forgive her. You don’t understand. Yes sir. Listen I have the great
Mr. Shahrukh and Anoushay in my room, get them great tea. Something to go with it? What can go with it? What will you have? Who is he asking? I don’t know, not us. I think you get the
stuff from the café outside, not our canteen, its really bad. Yes. Sir, why was this needed? I actually met Mastan,
he was really praising you two. Mastan, yes sir, he has a great personality,
he is good, too good. I didn’t know you are Nigar’s sister and you two are getting married,
then you will not have issues in office. If you have an issue let me know, coming late, going early, not a problem. Sir its no problem with you around. How much sugar? Anoushay have something,
this is really good. Sir, you are saying it so… You two shouldn’t have an issue at work,
I am Mastan.

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