Shoorveer 2 (HD) New Hindi Dubbed Movie 2019 | Okka Kshanam | Allu Sirish, Surbhi Puranik

Shoorveer 2 (HD) New Hindi Dubbed Movie 2019 | Okka Kshanam | Allu Sirish, Surbhi Puranik

‘I fall in love with ‘I Love’. “I love you.” ‘My heart says ‘Wow’.’ Open the dickey, sir. The car is unable to climb the ramp,
please don’t stop. Open the dickey. Check fast otherwise the things
on offers will get over. This is too much. You have been writing articles
in this book from 25 years, they used to be published first
in the beginning, then in the middle
and now at the end. Will they stop publishing
next year or what? It is not important as to where
our article is published in the book what’s important is whether we are
in the hearts of the readers of not. Sir, key. One minute. Sir, move. Wait, I am unable to start the car. Ask him to push the car. No, you ask.
– Please, you ask. Jeeva. I told you not to use an old car. Did you listen? No, you didn’t. You’re arrogant as you’re parents.
– Actually… Go. We will find parking space
only if the buyers are allowed here. There’s vacant place there,
I will park it there. Looks like the pipe is broken. Where did he go? Yes! Hey, will you not come?
– You go, I will be right here. Come, son.
– Go on, Mom. Let him stay here, you come. Why not you tell him?
– You know when he focused on something,
he makes sure he completes it. Idiot. I brought him to the mall
so that he focuses on girls. No need, phone is better than girls. You keep saying so. Yes! What? Selfie. Okay. Mom! Easy! Hey! Idiot! Sir! Sir, why do you hit? He is already so thin, he would die. Yes, sir.
Even my shirt is wrinkled badly. It takes Rs. 10 to iron a shirt. Hey!
– Hey! You uneducated fool! When two gentlemen are talking here,
you just wait there. It seems you have no manners. I have… Had the fight taken
place in your house, I wouldn’t have interfered. But if you create ruckus in
a public place I won’t spare you. Now, tell me why you hit him. This is the quality
of educated people. We are educated flowers,
they are uneducated fools. They thrashed me to pulp,
no balm relieves the pain. I applied balm to my
entire body but to vain. Please save me, God will bless you. He looks to be a mad fellow,
why are you hitting him? He is insolent. He was misbehaving with
the girls working in our bar. Should he be spared or
should he be thrashed? He is lying,
I didn’t misbehave with girls. I only scratched her. What did you do?
– I only scratched her. You only scratched her?
– Yes. Since you’re like my roommate,
I will take you to that bar. – Is it? The girls there are more beautiful
than the cheer girls in IPL. Do you know I slapped you?
– No, I don’t. Firstly, I don’t drink, secondly, I really am a decent guy. When did I become to your roommate? Idiot. Get on the trolley.
Take him away. Sir, don’t hand me over to them. They will kill me! Save me! Please save me!
– God bless you! How many times did I say
you to eat ice cream properly? See, you spoilt your dress.
Who will wash it? Dad washes my clothes daily. But you’re behaving
as if you wash them. Your dad has gone out of town, he won’t be back anytime soon,
remain as you are. I will, Mom. You have become very disobedient. Hey, where are you going? Where are you going? Doctor has advised you to take rest. Why did you get down?
Why are you walking? Do you hear what I am asking? Note the number.
– What? Keep in touch. Okay. Hey… ‘You don’t have sufficient
balance to make this call.’ Excuse me.
– Yes, sir. Tell me the Wi-Fi password. First, place your order. Order… After five minutes… You will get the password
after five minutes. People like him are so disgusting. Excuse me.
– Yes. Can you share your phone Wi-Fi? What the F? Hello, I asked for Wi-Fi. I said the password.
– Pa… User name, Deepu. It is good. Hi.
– Who is this? I am Jeeva, B 57 parking. Oh. I am Jyothsna, Jo. Wow! I am Jee and you are Jo. That’s fantastic. Hey, bring down the speed. You gave me your number
without even me asking for it you’re faster than me. Out of ten tests,
you failed in the very first test. Fail? Hello, what is the test? You will taunt me because I gave you
my number without you asking for it? Oh, sorry. I won’t do that again. Please. Okay, then pass. Look there.
He looks like our son, doesn’t he? He’s indeed our son. There’s water and coffee in the car
then why is he drinking it here? Look, he is focusing on a girl. Many thanks to you, God. Come.
– She is crazy. Both are sitting in
front of each other so they can talk directly. Why are they talking over the phone?
– My God. Which era are you living in? It’s the latest fashion.
Take a look around. That’s really bad. That’s why no one walks
with head held high. Hi!
– HI! I am Jeeva’s mother. This is Jeeva’s father.
– Hi. Hi. Who is Jeeva? I am Jeeva.
– Oh! Is this the trend? Rs. 400? Rs. 400?
– You used the internet. I used it only for 4 minutes. Everything that belong
to girls are costly. Sit, son. I am paying Rs. 400, make the most of it. It’s our trial period, if I like him, I will propose to him,
otherwise I’ll ignore him. Trial period? Hey! ‘Osmania University, Hyderabad’ Forget her.
– Don’t cry. Forget her, you’ll find another girl. Is my class so boring
that you guys skipped it? What happened, Sanchit? I don’t understand anything, sir. I met her in the train one day, she was gone even before
I could take her phone number. I saw her in the college one day. I loved her sincerely, sir. I never got to see her again. Why does it often happen? What kind of like is this, sir. Life. Answer to your question
won’t be available in any book. But you might find it
in a weekly magazine. Connecting dots. Even our lives are like
these connecting dots. The journey starts from a dot and goes from one dot to another. Every dot before you can be a person, it can be an incident or a decision. There can be ups and
downs in this journey. Anything can happen in a moment. If you connect the dots and see,
it’s meaningless. You won’t understand
the meaning of life unless you don’t
connect all the dots. Now see. Beautiful, sir. Yes, but remember one thing. It’s not necessary that everyone’s
life would be beautiful like this, it can be anyhow. It depends on the dots
touched in our journey. But those dots decide our future. Hey, Jeeva. Brother-in-law.
– Yes. Jeeva, my friend. Hello, sir. Jeeva, he is my brother-in-law, Pappi. I told you, Bangalore,
software, intelligent. Not just that, he is a brave man. Yes, I am a brave man. Brave? You keep talking, I’ll get coffee.
– Okay. Mr. Pappi, is this your nick name? My real name is Pedda Reddy Papa Rao, my wife calls me Pappi with love. I don’t know why, the names that
wives give are more meaningful than the names given by our parents. Pappi, there is great depth. Hi, Uncle. Hi. Look what I have brought for you.
Chocolate. Don’t you know kids develop
cavity by eating chocolates? Don’t you see tooth
paste ads on television? The tooth paste we use
contains salt, Dad. My foot! Go inside! Dad has lost his mind. Hey, coffee.
– Thank you. Thank my sister not me. Hi, Jeeva. Hi.
– Let’s go to aunt’s room. Okay. Aunt’s room? Listen! Why are you taking him? Brother-in-law, Jeeva is
still on trial period, I will propose to him if I like him otherwise I will ignore him. Okay.
– Okay. I didn’t agree, I just said okay. Oh. Okay.
– Okay. Did you see how much
your sister respects me? She won’t propose to him
until I give my approval. She might have said it
for formality, Pappi. She meant it. I should now think very well
and give my approval. You don’t have think about it,
go wash the clothes. Clothes?
– Yes. I will wash the clothes. Mom is calling you. Go.
– Mom keeps calling me all the time. Uncle.
– Yes. Be careful, I’ll be back. Hey, go. She is smarter than
the kids of her age. Wow! Great interior decoration.
– Thank you so much. That color so romantic… That combination of red and yellow, it’s very nice.
– Thank you so much. That’s my selection. You’re so romantic… Don’t you get bored staying
alone in such a big room? Oh. Actually, I like watching reality
shows like Big Boss on television. There is no television.
How do you watch live show? I will show you. Come. Look, this is the stage
of my reality shows. Stage?
– Yes. It’s a total of 40 families,
150 residents. Everyone is different. Which reality show can be
better than this? Tell me. You mean, you watch them from here? Yes, it’s people watching. People watching? It is wrong to peep
into the life of others. Then what do people do on Facebook?
This is what they do. Hey, look there, look to the left. He looks familiar. He is ACP Ramachandra,
encounter specialist. – Yes. Old city trembles on
hearing his name. Is it? Now, look there. My God! Why is he getting so scared? Is she his wife? If she was his wife, she would’ve
hit him to put sense into him. Oh. So she is his mistress. I’ve no idea. those people told me. Who are they?
Are they having a meeting? No, it’s a gossip gang. A gossip gang?
– Yes. They are more interested about the
activities going on in others lives. Even you are like them. Hey, Jo! Hi. She is my friend,
leader of the gossip gang. Now that she us,
she will gossip about us too. Gossips about us both? Nice. Aren’t there gents like me
in your apartment? There is a handsome guy. Handsome guy?
– Yes. He is the only bachelor
in our apartment. Where is he?
– Look over there. I don’t understand what he is doing but he’s surely trying to do something.
– Shut up. He is doing yoga. Is he doing yoga? He does yoga whenever he gets time and looks after this apartment
during other time. So he is a watchman?
– No, he’s not. He provides free service to
keep the apartment clean. When all the heroines are
going to zero size doing yoga but he’s so fat. I doubt him. I will now show you
interesting characters. In fact, I got interest into people
watching only after seeing them. Even you’ll be surprised. Look there. I think they are newly married, they moved to this apartment
just two months back. Since they are newly married
they would be romantic. Hence you find them interesting. Nothing of that sort. Look there. I think he is a big psycho. He adores her at times and expresses anger at times. I don’t understand when they are
happy and when they are sad. But, I feel very pity seeing that girl. “Day and nights are the same.” “Forget your pain.” Hey! Hello Mr. Diamond! Hey, who are you? Though I am so cute,
do you call me Diamond? Diamond is not my name
but my characterization. Then what’s your name?
– My name is Satyam. Oh, nice name. By the way, your house is there.
What are doing here? Waste. Yes. As a citizen, I wish to see
India clean and healthy. To live a healthy life, be clean and stay away from the waste. Radio in the morning and then the whistles. I get headache. Ma’am asked me to put off the stove
after one more whistle. – Never mind. She wanted to disturb me. Hi. Hey, it’s you?
What are you doing here? You messaged me at 5 AM asking me
to come home directly, isn’t it? I slept at 3:30 AM chatting
with you whole night. What?
– I woke up at 4:30 AM. Then, that message…
– I sent her the message at 5 AM. Why?
– Son, her family has seen you,
we want to see her. You had fractured your leg,
how are you doing now? I am fine. By the way, how do you know?
– I told him. How?
– I saw in WhatsApp. But how did the accident take place? Actually…
– When she was going on scooty, a car came in wrong route
and bumped into her. You should’ve hit the driver. Actually…
– She wanted to do that but it was her math teacher
who bumped into her. She’s weak in math. She might face problem. Are you weak in math?
He is very good in math. He scores full marks in math. Dad. Go on son,
you should say such things out. Stay blessed. You’re quite fast.
– Fast? Of course.
You gave your phone number to my son even without
asking for it. I think you have read all
the message on WhatsApp. No, I didn’t, he told me everything. Jo! Where are you going
without saying anything? Say something. Anyways I have failed the test.
Why don’t you confirm it? Until yesterday,
I felt you’d just pass but after coming to
your house today… Hey! Hello, don’t go. You’re going without
listening to what I say? You will anyways say no. I am not the kind of guy who
forces someone to do something. My family is very decent. I’ve chosen you after
meeting your family. I too am saying the same. Hey, what did you say? You said something. You said something. Well…
– Go on. I…
– I… Love…
– Love… Jeeva! Oh, my God!
You’re bleeding profusely! Forget that.
You were saying something, tell me. Are you mad?
You have suffered major injury. The wound on the hand would heal this day and this moment
will not come again. Oh, Jeeva. Okay fine. Show me your hand.
– Sure? Please Jeeva, show me…
– Enough. Enough Jo, you accepted my love. I will never forget
this day in my life. I want to forget this day forever. A man can never forget anything, sir. Hi, sir. Introducing myself. Raghavendra Rao.
Desai Raghavendra Rao, MA. I am full time customer to this bar
and part time waiter. KM, customer is calling you. Black Dog, I am not a waiter now
but a customer. Go away. Sir, the amount of liquor
I drink in a day you finished in half-an-hour. I want to forget my grief. Forget the grief after drinking liquor
but don’t forget to pay my bill otherwise I will lose my job. Do you know why
there’s grief in a man’s life? It’s because of love. He’s always seen holding waste. One! Two! My dear, Diamond
– No, my name is Satyam. Hey! It’s you? Why are you carrying
waste in your pocket? I see. As a citizen, I… My sister had suggested me to
speak in English to trick people. I will try for you, okay? See, according to statistics of India dust is a major problem
for backwardness. What? Are you from Hindi medium? Oh no! What is this? Hey, what a miracle! Your hand is lucky. Even garbage turned into
gold chain by your touch. Forget that. Tell me the truth. No matter how hard I try to fool you,
you won’t get fooled. I am a thief, sir. Theft at home. Yes, sir. Like work at home,
it is theft at home. Only software engineers
should have that option? Why not thieves like me? Thus, I paid Rs. 50,000
advance for this apartments and I pay rent of Rs. 25,000.
I commit theft twice a day. What about that pink tissue? It’s an example for my intelligence. I keep the stolen valuables in the
tissue and throw them in the dustbin, the next day, I collect the waste
in the name of ‘Swatch Bharat’ and sort the valuables here. Wow! Alright. But if you don’t return
the valuables you stole you will go to jail. Do you understand?
– Yes. Go. Hey! I understood, sir. I stole it thinking you
might misplace it. Please don’t mind. Bye.
– Bye. Whistle.
– Thanks, bro. Bro? For giving your approval.
– For giving my approval. Me?
– Dad, you don’t go against mom, right? Nothing of that sort. I gave my approval even before
your mother could give hers. I gave my approval first, bro. Bye.
– Bye. Bye. Hey, coffee. Coffee?
– Yes. Sister offered me coffee
just a while ago. But you did not offer me coffee. You asked for one cup of coffee
but had five cups till now. Enough now, please go, Jeeva. I will go, close your eyes once. My God. I don’t trust you. Jeeva, looks like
she fell unconscious. Shall we call the ambulance? Jo, relax. He hit her and left. We must call the ambulance. My phone…
– Jo, calm down. Look there, she’s getting up.
She is fine. Thank God. He is a psycho. He hit her today,
he might even kill her tomorrow. We should complain to the police. Jo, this is a wife and husband issue,
it’s a sensitive matter. Even parents don’t get
involved in such matters and you want to call the police? You mean, I should stay quiet
even if he kills her? Is that what you mean?
– No. It’s important to know
what happened between them. Jo, it’s about two hearts. It’s not right to judge from far.
Give me two days, we shall find out what
happened between them and then decide what we should do. ‘City Neuro Centre,
Psychiatric Clinic’ Hello.
– Jo. Are you following him? Where is he? He went into a psychiatric clinic.
– I told you he is a psycho. Jo, I will call you later. ‘Moonshine Bar’ Drink, eat and enjoy. Give the bill to me. But give it to me before 11 PM. Because I won’t be able
to pay the bill after 11. PM. Why? Is the period
after 11 PM inauspicious? No! Suicide! Suicide! What do we do by living
in this well cultured society? You say you’ll commit suicide, it is not good. But why do you want to kill
yourself during this period? No girl is marrying me. You are worse than girls. You should celebrate if
no girl is marrying you. Why do you want to die? Marriage is hell, marriage is disgusting, a man’s life is
ruined after marriage. Hey, who said marriage is hell? Love means both happiness and sorrow. Here he goes. If you don’t mind,
I want to talk to you. I think you are married. Yes.
– Arranged or love? Love marriage.
– My God. Love marriage? How’s it possible?
– Should mine not be a love marriage? It can be. Please tell me your story. Why? I want to forget my grief by getting
inspired by you and your love story. Sir, do you want to give up
the idea of killing yourself? Keep us entertained. I am not a waiter. Hello! I understood. I have nothing to do with this. Can I? Thank you. Go on. One year back, Inorbit mall. Inorbit mall?
– Yes. Earlier, love stories used
to start in temples the trend has changed now.
Go on. Basement… Basement?
– Yes. I went to the mall
but was in no mood to shop. I was playing game in the mobile phone
sitting in the back seat. A white Audi car arrived,
number 7777. I saw the car coming reverse. There was a car beside it,
I couldn’t see the number but in the back seat was Swati, my love. In Inorbit mall.
– Yes. At the basement?
– Yes. A girl at the back seat?
– Yes. He is telling my love story to me. Next. – I whistled
as soon as I saw the girl. You whistled? You must have
whistled twice, right? – Yes. Go on. A man who was bleeding
profusely came there. Some people wanted to hit him. And you immediately
got down and saved him. Yes. Not to show heroism but that’s how I am. Really?
– Yes. – Me too. Go on. The car went in reverse
by the time I could woo the girl. Before I could say something, she stopped the car, got down
and I became nervous. That’s bound to happen. When she got down from
the car and came to me… She had fractured ankle, right? Yes, exactly. This is my love story. It started in a shopping mall
and ended in a liquor bar. You performed really well
by telling my love story to me. Jo! What?
– You all are friends and want to fool me, right? What?
– Why do you say ‘what’ again? Inorbit mall, basement, B57
and right ankle fracture. The things that happened to us,
how can it happen to him? But how did he find out all this? That’s because you told him.
– I didn’t tell him. You did not say, I did not say then how did he say
exactly what happened? I’ve no idea how he found out? I hope he is not following us. Why would he follow us? Yes, he won’t. What if he is following you? Why will he follow me? Jo, what we need now are
not questions but answers. Answers, Jo. Correct. Then what to do for
getting the answers? I will find out, okay?
– Okay. Okay? Let’s go. What happened? Take a look. Take a look at the photo
beside the dining table. What are you trying to say? It is the photo I clicked
in the parking lot when I saw you for the first time. I had not told even you about it. Srinivas must’ve clicked
that photo when he saw that girl for the
first time, isn’t it? So he is telling the truth. Hello! You didn’t complete your story. What happened next?
– Hello, who are you? ‘Who are you?’ Looks like you took me for
someone else. No problem. So there’s another guy in you. I know when he will come out, I will find out the rest
of story from him, he will surely tell me. Where did I stop the story that day? Basement at the mall,
car in the basement and the girl in the car.
– Okay. So when she was proposing to him… I think…
– Yes, what do you think? Come on.
– I love… Hey, Swati! She then called and asked me
to come to her house. And I went to her house. How do I look? Hello. How do I look? You look stunning. Every girl would
look stunning in sari. By the way, why do girls
were skimpy clothes? They should only sari. You’re right.
But why did she call you home? Treat. Treat?
– Yes, a visual treat. Did you call me just to see me? Will you drink milk? Milk? I am not habitual to drinking milk
and I don’t like it too. Almond milk, I made it. Almond milk? I will drink it. Why did she offer you almond milk
as treat instead of feast? If the girl invites you home
and offers you almond milk, who’d want to have feast? I will tell you what happened next. The power went off. I think the power has come
into my body now. Shall we go to the lawn?
– Loan? But why? Not loan, lawn.
– In the lawn. ‘The moon was bright that night, cool breeze blowing.’ ‘Our eyes met and then we were coming close.’ Very close. What happened next? Everything happened
for the first time that day. For the first time? Be precise. Hello.
– Jeeva. Jo.
– Where are you? I am in the middle of a conversation.
– What? Nothing. What happened? Come to the flat.
– To the flat? Why? You come first and I will tell you. Okay, I will come.
I will talk to you later. I’ll be right back.
– Bye! All the best! Here too? How do I look?
– Hey, you asked the same. What?
– I mean, you look great. And how is the sari? It is surprising.
– What? I mean, you always
wear skimpy clothes. Why have you worn sari? To show you. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s fantastic. She’s stunning. Will you give me milk? What? You might have made almond milk. Oh, almond milk?
– Yes. Wait, I will get it. By the way, how do you know
that I made almond milk? Srinivas told me. How did Srinivas know? He was telling me about the events
that happened until now and also the future. What did he say? I mean, we both will fall in love.
– What? I mean, romance. Well…
– Romance? No, I didn’t call you for that. Whatever he said
so far is taking place. The sari, the almond milk. Even the power goes off
when you give me milk. I see. First, drink milk. Oh, my God! The power went off! Whatever he said is taking place. Even romance? Yes. So they consummated before marriage?
– Yes. Is that what happened? I guess so. The power is back.
Srinivas didn’t say that. – Hey, Jo! Are you in the flat?
I am getting bored, I am coming. Jeeva, please go.
– She was not meant to come. Jo, please.
– Please go, Jeeva. Bye. Bye. Idiot!
He said there will be romance. He talks rubbish. I won’t spare him. Where has he gone? “It’s moonlit night,
you are with me, my heart…” You said eyes will meet,
you said there will be romance. What happened during the first time? During the first time…
– Tell me. She kissed me. Just shut up! You exaggerated so much. “It’s moonlit night,
you are with me, my heart…” His girlfriend kissed him
but my girlfriend didn’t kiss me. Jo. You called me so urgently.
What is the matter? I told you we will have to
file a police complaint. Things have gone haywire. What happened? He was taking Swati
somewhere this morning and she was unconscious. I wonder what that psycho did. We could do nothing though
we witnessed everything. It is all because of you. What is the flat number?
– What? What is Swati’s flat number? Come. Why is the door open? Swati was unconscious
before Srinivas arrived home. This medicine box is empty. He rushed her to the hospital
thinking she attempted suicide. Maybe, but why’d she commit suicide? Because she was enduring so much. He is a big psycho. He’s moving around the
psychiatric clinics at times or liquor bars at times. Such mental candidates
should not be here but in mental hospitals. They should not be let out at all. Jo, mental issue is not for Srinivas. What?
– For Swati. What do you mean? The medical condition
that Swati has is PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety, depression, hallucination, nightmares, physical imbalance, acting weird by losing control,
these are the symptoms. Even the truth looks as
a lie seeing from far, Jo. But truth or lie is known
when seen from near. Jo? What happened? Wheezing till 8 years, tonsils operation at the age of 10, right ankle fracture at 22. All this happened with Swati. That’s what her reports say. Whatever is happening
in their lives from B57 I thought the same thing is
happening even in our lives. But our lives are the
same by birth itself. Yes Jeeva, even I had the same medical
conditions that Swati had. That means, even my future
is going to be the same? Will you also beat me getting drunk?
– Why will I beat you? Will I also become a mental patient?
– Jo. Jeeva, I do not want such a life. I do not know who they are. There is no relation
between us and them. But whatever happened in their lives has happened in our lives too. How is that, Jeeva? Mohammed Ashtekar, an Indian physician who does
research on ‘The Parallel Life’. He may help us find a solution. The events that take
place in one’s life generally happens in
someone else ‘s life too. If there were one or two incidents,
we can call them as coincidence. But if everything is happening
the same way, that is called parallel life. Sir, does parallel life really exist? Considering our history,
epics and ancient stories, there are many examples
about rebirths, relation from various births. Based on that, such researches are often conduct at anthropology department
of Delhi University. After the historians conducted
analysis for over a hundred years, the facts that they have found,
you will be shocked to hear them. One of them is parallel life. Do you know the relation between
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy? Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy
were from the same country. There is a gap of 100 years
in between the two. But it’s shocking to see what
happened in the lives of these two. Abraham Lincoln was elected
to Congress in 1846 and Kennedy in 1946. Lincoln became the President
of America in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960. Name of Secretary for
Lincoln was Kennedy and name of secretary
for Kennedy was Lincoln. Lincoln was killed in Ford Theater and Kennedy was killed in Ford car. When Lincoln was shot,
his wife was with him and even beside Kennedy
was his wife. The lives of the two
were almost the same. This is just one example and… Her name is Mary, even her name is Mary. There is a gap of 157 years
in between these two. Their names and their
date of births were the same. The first lady was murdered when she went to watch
a dance show along with her friend. Even the second lady was
murdered in a similar way. Both were murdered in the same place
and on the same date. Not just that, names of those
who murdered both was the same. There may be parallel life
in our lives and our surroundings, we will be shocked only when we
learn about it and compare. How is it possible that the lives
of two people are the same? One second. I threw these matchsticks randomly. The matchsticks would’ve
fallen in different directions. But now, let’s observe carefully. These two matchsticks…
– They are parallel. Yes, you are right. I threw a handful of
matchsticks randomly, only two sticks fell parallel, think how many lives can be parallel
in so many crores of people. Now, let’s see according
to your situation. This stick is her life and this is yours. Whatever happened in her life will
definitely happen in your life too. Her present is your future. Any remedies to stop the events? No. Whether you offer prayers
or wear talisman nobody can change your horoscope. This is science not horoscope. It’s fact. It will definitely happen. If you try to change the
destiny or try to interfere the incidents which were to happen
later will happen before itself. But we cannot change the end results. Whatever happens to her
will happen to you. Jo, are you okay? Jeeva! Swati is dead, Jeeva. That means…
that means, I… Will I too die? Jo, nothing as such will happen.
– I will die, Jeeva. I too will die. Jo, nothing as such will happen. Jeeva, wheezing, tonsils operation,
right ankle fracture, B57, everything happened the same. And even death? The body is right here,
the ambulance… – Hey. How did Swati die?
– Wait a minute. She was fine before
going to the hospital. She was fine even after
coming back from the hospital but after coming back home…
– Go on. Someone killed her. I will collect more details.
Yes, tell me. Tell me. That means… That means, someone will kill me too.
– Jo. Nothing as such will happen.
– Jeeva, he killed Swati, he will kill me too. Jo, nothing will happen to you,
I will safeguard you. I will safeguard you. Swati… ‘Whatever happens to her
will happen to you.’ Srinivas didn’t kill her. I am sure, it can’t be him.
– I killed her! I killed her! He will kill me too. Jo. He is lying. I… Jo. ‘Love versus Destiny’ A man named Srinivas at Banjara Hills
in Shobha Apartments killed his wife by slitting her throat. Knowing this, the police have
immediately arrested Srinivas. The body has been
sent for post-mortem. The reason for the murder
is still unknown. They were married only a year ago. ‘Theirs was a love marriage.’ Jo, open the door. Jo, just for 10 minutes, please. Jo, listen to me once. Jo, please trust me. Looks like he’s been thrown out of
the house even before the marriage. Nobody has the talent
to handle wife like I have. By the way, what happened? Do you know the relation between
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy? Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy? ‘Oh no, I shouldn’t
have agreed to him.’ So you will… So you will kill Jo? I will kill you. I won’t spare you.
– Help me if you can or else be quiet. Don’t talk rubbish. Jo, listen to me. Parallel life may be true, all may have happened. Srinivas and Swati didn’t
know anything but we do. They were not aware
of their future but we are. Why do we know? Jo. There would be some
reason behind it. Similarly, there’d definitely be
some way to change the fate too. I feel good knowing it. It is not good that we can’t
believe the lies. We cannot change the fate, Jeeva. We cannot change the destiny. So please, do not disturb me. Jo, nothing of that sort.
Listen to me. Leave me alone. Jo, try to understand.
– Hey, pull over. Understand to what I am saying.
– Mister. Try to understand what you
tell a girl. She won’t understand on her own. I will tell you how to
make her understand. You go. Look, let’s go to my house,
let’s do in the car itself. I will do it really well,
you will surely understand. Oh, sorry. Don’t be afraid. Hey! Hey, you psycho! Ma’am, don’t go with him,
he will kill you too. I am already trying
so hard to convince her, was it necessary to say that to her? Hey, no! Have you lost your mind? Hey, stop! Did you understand what happens
if you misbehave with girl? Jo, I am really sorry. I did not see you here.
Are you alright? Believe at least now. Either you do knowingly
or unknowingly, either by liking or not liking but my death is in your hands. Destiny is very strange, son. Your dad and I loved
each other very much but our parents were against it. We did not feel bad about it. They believed the astrologer
who said we both will not be happy. But we promised each other that we will stay happy
even during hardships. We promised never to
part from each other. The doctors said we will
never have children. We felt that the astrologers
was telling the truth. But we didn’t feel bad at all. I became pregnant,
but after five months everyone said the baby
will not be born, even if it was born,
it won’t survive. Then you were born. You were this small. You were not moving. I didn’t get scared,
I confronted the sorrows. But we both were deeply pained
seeing you in that condition. After all, we were parents. But we never lost hope
that you would survive. We never let go the efforts
to keep you alive. Every mother bears the
labor pain only for one day but your dad and I went through
that pain for a month. After one month when you opened your eyes
and you cried Then your cry won over science and the tears rolling down
from our eyes defeated fate. We then realized that self-confidence is more powerful than science and horoscope. I don’t know much but only that stands
by us during hardships. All we need to do is to fight without giving in. Your birth itself
started with a victory. No chance at all to lose,
come on fight. I know how much you loved Swati but I don’t understood how your
love turned into hatred in a moment. Why did you have to kill Swati? Whether it is science,
fate or our bad luck, whatever is happening in your life will also happen in our lives
exactly after one year. I have to save Jo. I have to save Jo from myself. If I know in what conditions
you killed Swati, at least we can save our lives. Hello, please. I am requesting so much.
Why don’t you understand? Kill anyone you want
or kill yourself, I don’t care. In fact, there is no relation
between you and me. But God has made a link between us. You don’t believe? Take a look. At least now tell me
why you killed Swati. I got it. You loved Swati dearly
but she had an affair with someone. You killed her when
you learnt about it. – Hey! I will kill you if you say
a word against Swati. Not me people say so. If you remain mum,
they will think it is true. Why would I kill Swati? Then? Swati committed suicide. What?
– Yes. Swati committed suicide. What? I didn’t expect to get married
to the girl I loved. Two months after marriage… ‘It was raining heavily that night.’ Hello, Engineer. Will you keep working all the time
or will you even think about me too? Only planning is not
enough to have twins you should also execute. Even to execute, you need a plan. Okay, then keep planning
and sit right there. Then, should I not come? Will you not come? I will come but I have given
my car to one of my friends, it’s his wedding anniversary. Then how will you come? You will come to pick me. Me? I won’t drive. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride scooter
because you had an accident. Nothing will happen, come. Baby please, I will not come. You are coming and that’s it. Bye. Baby! It is raining heavily,
I am scared too. I will take a u-turn
and go back home. No way, you must come. You have already come half way. Okay. I am at Gachibowli clock tower. Do I have to take left or right? Take left and drive 1 kilometer
and I will be in front of you. Okay.
– Bye. Hey! My God! Look! How did it happen? Everyone died. Call the ambulance. They were all kids. My God!
– That’s really sad. Let’s go.
– ‘Innocent kids were being taken to other
hospital for treatment.’ ‘The fire broke out after
the vehicle bumped into a car and all the five kids
were burnt to ashes.’ ‘Their parents are still
under shock.’ There were five kids. It is not even one year
since they were born. Parents are crying inconsolably. It’s because of me. I did it. Swati, calm down,
it’s not your fault. You are talking about right and wrong and I am talking about
those five innocent kids. At this time when we too
are wishing to have kids… Swati, you are alive
and that’s enough for me. When I was refusing,
you made me drive the car. Because of you, I drove the car
and I killed them all with my own hands. You are the reason. Because of you. ‘Swati went into depression
after that accident.’ ‘She would see those kids everywhere.’ ‘We consulted psychiatrists, we did everything they said but to vain.’ ‘We also changed the apartment
to bring change in her life but depression in her
further went increasing.’ I tried my best to
make her understand but she’d never understand me. And she slowly started
going out of control. She started taking wrong pills. I was scared if something would happen to her. Swati, the doctor has instructed not
to take more than one pill at a time else you will die.
– I better die. I rather die than going through pain.
– Swati, don’t be crazy. ‘One day, when I came
back from office, I saw Swati was lying unconscious.’ Swati! ‘I immediately took her to the hospital.’ Swati! ‘I took all the reports and
went to the hospital.’ Excuse me, sir. Your wife is not here. Not here? Where did she go? I’ve no idea, sir.
She went from here. When I went home, I saw… Swati. My fear came true. ‘Swati parted from me forever.’ ‘I am responsible for her death.’ ‘I told her to drive the car, the accident took place because of me and those kids died.’ ‘I am responsible for everything.’ ‘I killed my Swati.’ ‘I killed Swati.’ ‘I killed her.’ Did you talk to Srinivas? Did he tell you why he killed her? Srinivas did not kill Swati.
– Then? She committed suicide.
– What? This looks dangerous than murder. How will we get to know where, how
and when Jo would commit suicide? For her to do so, the thing that happened in Swati’s
life should happen in her life too. I mean, she should drive car,
that car should meet with an accident she should go into depression
and she’d attempt suicide. If we can stop all this from happening,
Jo won’t commit suicide. ‘Jeeva, I love you.’ ‘The pain you are going through
since I have kept you away, I am going through
the same amount of pain.’ ‘I am feeling very weird
from the past few days.’ ‘I don’t know why destiny
is doing like this with us but my mother died
as and when I was born.’ ‘My sister took great
trouble to bring me up.’ ‘And now, you are in trouble too.’ ‘I don’t want that to happen, Jeeva.’ ‘Why do you want to go
through trouble by loving me?’ Instead landing you in jail
after dying in your hands I will commit suicide. Suicide? Call Jo. – I am calling her
but she isn’t answering her phone. Darn it. She isn’t answering her phone. Jo. Jeeva, one needs a lot of
courage to commit suicide but I don’t have so much courage. Like you love me so much I love you too and
I will save you from death. Committing suicide for each other is not the solution, Jo. If the life of the one
I love is at stake I will also fight death. I am sorry, Jeeva. If I have one day with me or one month or one year or maybe even one moment, I just wish to live with you. That’s enough for me. I will just be with you. Is Jo okay? Did you tell her Swati was not murdered,
she committed suicide? No, I didn’t. Swati did not commit suicide.
– What? Then? She was murdered. She was murdered? Jo does not have courage
to commit suicide, that means, even Swati wouldn’t
have had so much courage. So it definitely is a murder. You think Srinivas would’ve killed her? I will never kill the girl
whom I love so much. Not you, Srinivas.
– Me and him are the same. Then who killed Swati? If we find out how Swati was killed, we will come to know
how Jo would be killed. How? Jo told me Swati used to sit
before the computer all the time and sometimes kiss it too. To find out with whom Swati always
talked to, we must check her computer so we need to go to her flat. The flat has been sealed by the police.
How will you open it? It’s no big deal, I can do it easily. You enter from the main door
and I will enter through the back door, we both will empty the whole house. Sir, I’m vacating the apartment. It is not working here.
Bye, sir. Before you leave, you have to
break open a flat here. Break open? I mean, even you… I think the competition is increasing
in our profession too. If you say, okay. Which flat do you want me to break open?
– B block, 510. What? 510?
– Yes. The flat where the murder
took place? – Yes. My sister says, people who are
killed, they become ghosts. I am scared of ghosts. I will get Lord Hanuman’s picture. Just open the door once,
we’ll take the hard disk. Hard disk?
– Yes. There’s no hard disk there. What? Then where is it? Sir… Where is it? Sir, I went there to rob
thinking it is a locked house. Who he is? I give so much rent.
I thought I’d steal peacefully. He is snatching my business,
I won’t spare him. Aslam, I have taken the hard disk. We’ll meet at the coffee shop
in the evening. Sir, do you have another
important work to do? Okay, sir.
I’ll meet you in the evening there. I will come after that
and rob this place. Let’s go to the Beans coffee shop. Sir, the coffee shop is better
than this apartment. We can chill. There are four beans coffee
shops in Hyderabad. Which branch? We lost the one chance
that we had got. How can we save Jo? ‘Sir, do you have another
important work to do?’ It’s difficult as it is already 6:00. Mehdipatnam. Mehdipatnam? We have to go to coffee shop
in Mehdipatnam. More girls visit to
Banjara hill coffee shop. They are giving 50 percent discount. So, my sixth sense says
he would’ve gone there. Your wish. As you like. Order for a hot mojito with
cold cubes for me. The waiters slap you if you
talk to them like this. By the way, it is Mojito.
‘J’ is silent. Bloody thief, you don’t know English.
– I told you to get it, not the waiter. Me?
– Yes. Why are you arguing? What did I ask for? Hot mojito with cold cubes. Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy
drinks the same thing. How do you know that? He didn’t tell me. Pappi! I told him about CC++ while driving
as I was getting bored. He said he is getting confused. So, I told him your story.
He said it was interesting. Software guys are such,
they reveal secrets. More intelligence.
– Okay, thanks. High-five. I scolded you in code word.
– Software guys are such. It’s 7:00.
Observe everyone carefully. Tell me when he comes. To save yourself from
going to jail, you threaten me. I won’t see. I won’t tell you even if I see him. I don’t fear going to jail. I want to save the girl I love. This is the only way to do that.
Don’t miss anyone. Be alert. Tell me if you see him. I won’t slap you this time. I will kill you. What if he doesn’t come
to this coffee shop? He will surely come here. He’s here. How? – Whoever he was talking to
was Aslam. Even he was a Muslim. He called him at 6:30, but he said
he’ll come by 7:00. What important work will a Muslim
have on Friday evening? Evening prayers. That means prayers after sunset. There are four beans coffee
shops in Hyderabad. There’s no mosque near three
of the coffee shops. He will finish his evening prayers
and reach the beans coffee shop, this is the only one. So precise. How? I have faith.
– On yourself? People differentiate, not Gods. Yes. Aslam? Hi, Billu. Greetings.
– Greetings. What are they talking? I don’t know, but we have to know. How? Chhotu, where’s the tissue? Give me the phone.
– Mine? Give me the phone. I stole it with great difficulty.
It’s a special brand, Eppo. Chhotu.
– Yes, sir. Come here. Give this box to him.
– I’ll give him new box. Give it to him. Okay.
– Give it to him. I am a thief, but I’m not as
smart as you are. How? You’re just a thief,
his uncle was a dacoit. Oh, you mean he is making
his family proud. – Yes. You’ve done my work nicely. Peddu, you’re telling more rates. Aslam, the money you gave
was just to get the hard disk. Who will pay me for the murder? Murder? That is high rated community. ‘I fooled the security
and followed that girl and found out where she lived.’ When we reached in the flat
from the back door, I don’t know what she was
doing before the computer. She was gorgeous. She was stunning. I wanted to rape her. I wanted to enjoy with her, but, someone rang the doorbell. Sir, why did you ask
for the hard disk? Billu, I don’t know. You said that girl was doing something
on computer before you murdered her. ‘I told you what she was doing
before she died.’ I only know that. Boss asked me to get the
hard disk from the computer. He’s very dangerous. Who is your boss? Billu, you’re too smart.
Give me the hard disk. Darn it! Even the work is risky.
Give me the money first. He’s very dangerous. We have to nab him first. There’s no point nabbing him. We want to know
who planned this murder. We have to follow Aslam. Pappi, you follow Aslam.
You follow Billu. Why should I follow him?
I won’t. Why won’t I?
I will follow him as that’s my duty. Aslam is leaving. The work is done. I’m getting
the hard disk. Send the car. My darling Shabnam,
how are you? Are you coming to Hyderabad
from Mumbai? My darling, I am busy with
a small work. I’ll meet you tomorrow.
– ‘She was so gorgeous.’ ‘She was stunning.
I wanted to rape her.’ We’ll meet tomorrow, baby. I will meet you tomorrow. Jeeva. If he catches me, he’ll thrash me. “Rain, rain come again.
Give me money.” “The money is counterfeit.” Sir, I am blind. Even my hands are numb. I can’t hit myself, how can I hit you? “Rain, rain come again.
Give me money.” I got saved. Sir, your fly is open. Jeeva, come soon. Sit. Sir, buy peanuts. I don’t want.
– Sir, please have some. Idiot, do I have to eat it? Okay boss, I will come. I don’t like this, then why..
– Aslam is coming here. He’s coming this way.
Did he have doubt on us? Sir, give me peanuts for Rs. 10.
– I won’t give you. Please, give it to me. Why is he coming here?
– Hey, you. Yes? Do you have a matchbox? You want matchbox,
I thought you found out. What did I find out? He’s crazy about peanuts. He said peanuts as trash. He didn’t say peanuts as trash,
he said he was crazy for peanuts.
– I won’t sell it to him. Why not? I asked you first. You have to sell it to me. Mr. Aslam, you give justice to us. Aslam? How did you know my name? Who doesn’t know Aslam
in the old colony? One can know by looking at him. You’re right. Give me the matchbox.
– Here, take it. Bye.
– Bye, see you. Sorry. I made a mistake. Come on, let’s follow the car. We can’t follow him as we’ll get
caught because of your performance. What do we do? AP 07 BB7777. If we find out the owner of the car,
we’ll know who Swati’s murderer is. AP 07 BB7777. 7777, the car number.
– Pappi. I have heard the number before. I just said it a while ago. No. Yes, white color Audi, 7777…
– Hey, white color Audi, 7777. White color Audi car.
Number 7777. This was the car which passed between
when Srinivas and Swati met first time. God must be crazy. ‘He kept the hero and the heroine
near B57.’ ‘He even kept the villain
in between.’ Where would be the villain
placed in your life? PA 09 AA9999. It was a black color Benz car. A car came in reverse
when I and Jo met. You mean, Jo’s murderer is…
– The owner of the black car. I have a fever of 102 degrees. I don’t talk much. I don’t like anyone speaking
more in front of me. I am Baba Ram Mohan’s disciple.
– I didn’t get you. Sir…
– Take him. You drink and drive and then irritate
us. – Sir, forgive me. Let me go. Get me the address of both
the registration numbers. I’m here. Hello, did you give me money
or the address? Are you bribing me? Why will I have anyone’s address? What do you think of me?
– I don’t talk much. I don’t like anyone talking
too much before me. Are you Baba Ram Mohan’s disciple?
Tell me. You sit there. No matter how difficult it is, I will find out the address. You mean, Swati from flat number 501
is troubling you. It is possible that she might
have become a ghost. She is troubling her husband. Here.
– What do you mean? Padma from flat number 520
told me that she used to torture her husband
and he would do nothing. He was tall in stature. What’s the use? He couldn’t control his wife. You don’t know, he used to
beat her daily after getting drunk. What will he do if she’s
having an extra-marital affair? Will he encourage her?
– Shut up. She was not that kind of a girl.
– Let it be. Everyone knows, she used to talk to someone
on phone after her husband slept. Padma told me everything. Nothing like this would’ve happened.
– Why not? This would’ve happened.
– No. We both are same. Do you get it? You both are same? Who would she kiss on her mail? Do you have her mail ID? I do. I have her mail ID,
but shall we hack her password? No need. We’ll click on ‘Forgot Password’.
We’ll get 3 security questions. Mail opens up if we answer them correctly. Not so easy. She has set her personal details
in the password. How will we know that? I will get to know. What, get to know? How? I think flat number 501 girl’s
ghost has entered into her. Who is your role model? As per me, it must be a vamp
from some movie as she too is a vamp. My role model is my mother. Not yours, we need of her. No. Yes! Oh God! Who is your favorite music director? Ilayaraja. Yes. Okay, Where did you first meet? Inorbit Mall. No, B 57. Yes, mail got opened.
– Oh God. What happened?
– Definitely, you’re possessed. What happened, Snigdha?
– Run! What are you saying?
Come back. Sent box. What, did she send mail to Srinivas? ‘Dear, all the mistake is mine.’ ‘One accident has made
our life upside down.’ ‘I am unable to,
but will try to forget.’ ‘It does not mean
I don’t love you.’ ‘I love you, I love you so much.’ ‘That means Swati had
kissed her husband.’ ‘It was her husband.’ Sir, with great difficulty
I got the address. Which number?
– 7777. That means this is the number of
the guy who killed Swati. Killing? What killing? Why kill?
– Not killing. He’s going to tell Swati.
Am I right, Pappi? – Oh, I see. Yes.
– You tell me the address. I will say, sir. Do you know whose address is this? It is of Tarun, MD of the best
hospital of India, Olympus India. He always thinks
to provide treatment. He never thinks of money. He has no business mind at all. Yes, it is business.
This is business. Hundreds crores of investment
and publicity of tens of crores. Bribes in crores
and salaries in lakhs, and employees in thousands. I am not any great man to serve
free with all these. This is not an orphanage. It is business. Businessmen only
work for the profits. I think you are Dr. Vikram?
– Yes, sir. Is your target this month done?
– No, sir, I tried my level best. But some patients were
cured with basic medication. Brother, which place are you from? Palampur, sir. Your native.
– They talk in Hindi there, right? Yes, sir. Why are you not talking here then? Don’t you value your mother tongue? Or you are proud of your education? Sorry, sir. Say now, why did you
not reach your target? Actually sir, some patients got cured with basic treatment
without going for an operation. People will go to local clinics
for basic treatments. Why will they come here? Coming to Corporate hospital means they
got ready to spend even crores for life. We have to cash their
fear and doubts. We should do business maintaining their diseases on edge.
– Okay. Sit. People use money for their needs. But if it comes on to the life,
they even steal money. This policy is the foundation
for this hospital. Hello, sir. Hello, sir.
This is the hard disk. Have they come?
– I made them sit in. Here is the hard disk. There was something in the computer,
I don’t recall… Verma, what was that?
– Recent activities. Yes. Can that be known?
– Sure sir, that can be done. I think that has a
Windows operating system and window has keep starting with
everyday activity, which is.. – Hindi. Talk in your mother tongue. I think he is a Hindi Trump. Mr. Janardhan, you take it further. Sure Mr. James.
– Yeah. To see the mechanical system runs with
a software Windows… – Idiot. Can we know or not?
– We can know, sir. In this re…
– Recent activities. Yes, the same. Is there any information
about our hospital? I want to know that. Sure, sir, you will get
the information in 10 minutes. Definitely, sir. This information
will be before you in 10 minutes. Snigdha.
– ‘Yes.’ I told you, right? Swati’s character is not bad. Say it to your gang.
– ‘Yes.’ ‘I will tell it to my entire gang.’ ‘Not just my gang,
but all the aunties too.’ ‘I’ll tell Padma too.’ ‘I’ll tell it to all the aunties
in the apartment. Okay?’ ‘Okay, bye.’ Hey, listen wait.
– ‘What?’ On which date did Swati die? ‘March 23rd.’
– March 23rd? I will just call you back. She sent mail to Srinivas
even on the day she died? ‘Dear, I want to talk to you.’ ‘I do not know whether I
will be alive till you come.’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘I can’t commit suicide
as I don’t have so much courage.’ ‘But after seeing those kids
died in that accident, I can see them everywhere.’ ‘Because of that, unknowingly I ate too many medicines.’ ‘Only then you took me
to the hospital.’ ‘Hi guys,
this is our intensive care unit.’ ‘We have world’s best equipments
and ultimate services!’ ‘One of our prime priorities
is our Olympus Hospital is, pediatric section.’ ‘Neo natal care and ICU
equipments here are nowhere else in
the entire Hyderabad.’ ‘In whatever critical condition
the infants are in Hyderabad, they are brought to our
Olympus Hospital immediately.’ ‘Please come.
– Doctor.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Wherever there is an emergency
in Hyderabad, will they bring them to this hospital?
– You are right.’ ‘More than hundred infants have brought to this hospital
as emergency case in past 3 years.’ Then few months back,
five kids in critical condition were shifted from this hospital to another hospital
in an ambulance?’ ‘Doctor, tell me.’ ‘Why did you shift them?’ ‘Nurse.
– Yes, sir.’ ‘Look after the patient.
– Okay, sir.’ ‘Ma’am, you are on medication now.’ ‘Don’t roam, please.’ ‘Nurse, did you inject her?’ ‘Sir?’ ‘Give her the injection.’ ‘You should not go without
information, ma’am.’ ‘We’ll lose our job.’ ‘On that day…
Actually, I am a new recruitment.’ ‘I don’t know correctly about that.’ ‘My in charge would know.’ ‘I will call him, okay?’ ‘Wait a minute.’ ‘Okay, sir.’ ‘Hello? – Sir, a lady came here and
is asking about the five kids.’ ‘You manage her for five minutes
and I will be there.’ ‘Don’t let her go.’ ‘Okay sir, I will manage.’ ‘What will you manage?
– I’ll tell you.’ ‘Who did you call?’ ‘Say the truth.’ ‘I will kill if you do not say.’ ‘I will tell, I will.’ ‘That day power suddenly failed.’ ‘Power backup works almost
for all the important sections.’ ‘But power backup did not work for
the ventilators in the kids section.’ ‘Though we complained many times,
none cared about that.’ ‘As power backup did not work, those kids on ventilator
died going breathless.’ ‘I did not kill those five kids.’ ‘They did not die in the accident.’ ‘They died in that hospital itself…’ ‘No, they were killed.’ ‘As the hospital reputation will
be ruined if people find out those kids died because of
Management negligence.’ ‘So, they sent the kids out in the
ambulance with the break wire cut even without the driver’s knowledge.’ ‘That Ambulance rammed into
a car going on the road.’ ‘They made all believe outside that
kids died because of that accident.’ ‘Where is she?’ ‘What happened?’ ‘Where is that girl?’ ‘You killed those innocent kids.’ ‘You killed them.’ ‘These things are common
in a hospital.’ ‘Power failed
and back up did not work.’ ‘The coffee shop of the hospital
doesn’t stop.’ ‘The air conditioner
doesn’t stop in VIP rooms.’ ‘Counting machine in the
payment section doesn’t stop.’ ‘But power stopped for the
ventilators in the kids section, how?’ ‘Sir, I’m reaching.’ ‘Yes, seventh floor.’ ‘Sure, sir.’ ‘Okay, sir.’ ‘Okay, sir.’ ‘I am in the lift.’ ‘Perfectly fine.’ ‘Done.’ ‘Hey, stop the lift. Hello!’ ‘I don’t know which injection
it was, but somehow I reached home.’ ‘I don’t know if I’ll live or die.’ ‘They killed five kids and the hopes of their parents.’ ‘We shouldn’t spare the people
of Olympus Hospital.’ ‘They turned even hospitals like
malls and are doing a business.’ ‘They are playing with
lives for money.’ ‘We must shut down
such hospitals.’ I expected this would happen and
thus asked to bring that hard disk. Has she sent this video to anybody? According to the system key log file,
she has sent a mail. As for the information
she has sent a mail to someone. Indian women are such. They torture when alive and are torturing even after dead. Whom did she send the mail? I think… – She sent to her
husband Srinivas, sir. But he still did not open the mail. He is still in the jail,
no chance for him to open that mail. That video should not exist in
the mail. Can we delete? – Well, that is
a very easy process, sir. I’ll hack those two mails and delete
that video from not being seen. Do it.
– Okay. Jeeva, Srinivas didn’t kill Swati. Swati was murdered by the
people of Olympus Hospital. How do you know? I came to know all this seeing
the video in mails of Swati. That means you won’t kill me. Jeeva, they will kill me. I… I will just call you. Pappi, did he say the
address of that second car? Yes.
– Whose is that? That is… It…
– Pappi, tell me. It belongs to the hospital
MD TS Tarun. I did not ask about 7777, but about the black Benz 9999.
– Yes. Even that black Benz car belongs to
Olympus hospital MD TS Tarun. He owns both the cars. MD of the hospital had a reason
to kill Swati. But why will he kill Jo
who is not related to this? Delete! I hacked both
mails and deleted the video. No one can see the video.
– Good. One minute, sir.
– What is it? Someone has opened Swati’s mail ID
and has downloaded the video. What? Who is that?
– We have to find out. Then do it. That is very simple task sir, we can… Talk in your mother tongue,
Mr. James. I will find out, sir. I need their name, city, area and all details. Sir, a girl has downloaded the video
from Swati’s mail ID. Name is Jyothsna, block B. New Shobha apartments,
Banjara Hills. Sir, even Swati stayed
in the same apartment. What is the relation
between this girl and her? He will say, sir. Who is he? – I gave him the
contract to kill that girl. So what? He was following him. Why did you bring him here? He knows the real story, sir.
– No, real story and… Say, idiot.
– None knows the real story, sir. He was telling C, C++ to me…
– Shut up! What is the relation between
dead Swati and Jyothsna? I think he understands only English. He will get convinced in English. To the respected rich educated, sir. I studied seventh class only. But I learned English lonely. Can I have the water Kinley? He is dead. It is yours faithfully. Why do you hit even when
I spoke in English? Sir doesn’t know English. He knows,
but he loves his mother tongue. He knows? Sir, do you know the relation in between
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy? This is not English,
but their names, sir. I’m talking about Swati and Jo. You’re telling me a different story. There will be clarity only if
I start from the beginning. Whatever you know,
tell me everything truthfully. Okay. They killed Swati because she learned
about children’s death. Even Jo knows about it now. That means,
will they kill even Jo for the same? What? Yes, they will kill even Jo for the same. How? ‘If you say no and try to
change destiny, you’ll know about the incidents
that will happen in future.’ Hello?
– Jo, what are you doing? I am in front of the laptop, Jeeva.
I am copying the video to pen drive. ‘She was doing something sitting in
front of the computer. She looked pretty.’ Jo, leave immediately from there.
– What? First, leave from there. Jeeva why, what happened?
– Listen to what I said. Just few more seconds Jeeva,
copying is almost done. First, leave from there. Done! Okay, fine. Hey, my car! Excuse me! Are you blind? Why are you staring at me,
bald guy? Jo! Jo, are you okay?
– Jeeva, someone is following me. Why are they following me? Jo, relax. Where are you now?
– I got scared and stole someone’s car. What? Car? Jo, why are you driving a car? I didn’t understand what to do. I’m driving after many days. I am frightened, Jeeva. It is raining heavily too. ‘It is raining heavily, dear,
I am also frightened.’ Jo, calm down. You immediately go to
the Police station nearby. Jeeva, I…
– Where are you now? I am nearby the clock tower in Gachibowli. Gachibowli clock tower? Put the hand over the hand break.
– Jeeva. Put the hand over hand
break and take to the right. Jeeva, Police station is on the left.
– Jo, do what I said. Right… hand break… It crashed with a car. Jo, are you okay? Jo! I am alright, Jeeva.
– Jo! What is this accident? There’s no driver in the car.
What nonsense. Forget about our matter. What happened? These specs belong to… Brother, this accident. It took place, but what’s the use? No one died in this accident. How dare you hit me! You raised hand on
journalist Seenu. You don’t know who I am.
I will teach you a lesson. Where is the girl
who was in the car? They took her to hospital in Ambulance. Ambulance? Which hospital Ambulance? That is… Yes, Olympus hospital. Oh, my God. Oh no, damn! What bro, where are you? Where would you be? You would
be at the Gachibowli clock tower. But your Jo is not there, right? When ant was asked why it bit me, it said, ‘I’ll bite you
if you tease me’. Your Jo attacked
directly into my house. If this continues, I will kill her. By the way, there are seven people
in the world who look like you. What is that Verma?
– Parallel life, sir. Yes, the same… I heard it for the first time. I should kill your Jo even
looking from that angle, right? It seems you are trying very hard
to save the girl and change the destiny? I encourage those who work hard. Try hard… We are constructing a new branch of
our hospital in Jubilee hills. Come there and try hard to save her. Okay? Hello, is everything okay? I gave the injection,
she is down in sedation. He too is coming and timing would be
perfect. Kill her and inform the Police. Hey… Let’s go! Stop! Where are you running to? Nab her! Hey! Stop! You were running from me? Hey! No! Stop! Open the door! Hey! Break the door. You go that way. Jo! Jeeva. Jo, open the door! Jo, open the door!
– Jeeva! No! No! You can’t change destiny.
Never. Jeeva! Hey! Jo. No. No. Pappi, did you leave? Yes, we did.
We’ll reach there in 15 minutes. Pappi, give the phone to doctor. How is Jo?
– Give the phone to doctor. Here.
– Who is it? Speak, sir. Hello?
– Doctor. They slit her throat
and she’s bleeding. What to do for Jo to
be alive till you come? – What? They slit her throat?
– What should I do? Okay. Make the patient lie on a flat surface.
– Flat surface. Doctor, she is bleeding. Stop the bleeding from the place
it is slit. Stop it.
– Okay. Next? What to do next? Check the pulse! Pulse. Pulse is normal, doctor. Wherever you are in the building,
come to the gate. Every second for the patient
is valuable. – Okay. One second, at no cost should
the patient go unconscious. She’ll die if she goes unconscious. Take care that the girl does not
get unconscious. – Okay, doctor. Jo. Jo, get up. Please Jo, I am with you. They’ll return. Nothing will happen to you.
I won’t let you die. Go.
– Pappi! Jeeva.
– They won’t let us go so easily. There’s only one way to keep
Jo conscious. What is it? Did you understand?
– Yes, I did. Jo, we will marry. We will have kids
and buy a house too Jo. Jo, get up! Jo, you gave me number without
asking for it. Okay? You came to my house without asking.
Okay. If you go without
asking I will not stay calm. Because I love you, Jo. Five… Just be patient
for five minutes, Jo. Fight with death for me. Fight for our love. The destiny will decide
that our love will win today. Let’s finalize. Pappi, you keep talking. Okay. Hello Jo, it’s me, Pappi. Nothing will happen to you, Jo. Jo, first time when your
sister introduced me to you, you asked me if this fools loves you. Do you remember that, Jo? I heard you then. I was about to ask you, Jo… Jo, shall I tell you one thing?
Your sister said me that we don’t need children. You can ask your sister.
Wait, I’ll connect her to you. Hey Jo, how are you? You convinced your brother-in-law. Hope you won’t leave us alone. You said you need a boy
to play with the baby, right? He’s in my stomach
and is hitting me. Next week is the delivery date. You know that I fear a lot about
hospitals and injections, right? Will you stay beside me? When will you come? What happened? Why aren’t you sending
messages to my son on Whatsapp? You said, after seeing his family, you agreed to my son’s proposal. Why are you leaving our family? Calm down. Listen, nothing will happen to you. I’m telling you,
nothing will happen to you. There’s a power superior to science
and astrology. That power is in you, me, Jeeva, and everyone else. This moment, make up your mind that
you want to live. That power will support you. Say it. Say, ‘I want to live for my love’. Say, ‘I want to live for everyone’. Say it. Say it. It’s a mother’s belief. Hey! ‘Say it.’ ‘Jo, just tell it.’ ‘I have to live.’ ‘I have to live for my love.’ ‘I will live.’ ‘ICU’ I have to show her
the power of media. ‘Five kids who died in a road
accident a few days ago, were actually dead in the hospital
because of Management negligence.’ ‘They played accident drama
to hide it.’ ‘They’ve got the evidence.’ ‘Swati who was a victim of that accident
recorded the video before she died.’ ‘The truth came to light
because of that video.’ ‘According to the sources,
the hospital has been sealed.’ Shall we go home or to the bar? Inorbit mall. Again mall? We have a program there. Oh, do I have to go there?

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