Shooting with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K – Hands on Review

Shooting with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K – Hands on Review

hi Carl here for ProAV TV and today
we’ve come up to London to embankment to do some filming with this this is the
Blackmagic Design pocket Cinema Camera 4k and I am really excited to finally
get this into my hands and come out and do some filming with it and I’m sure a
lot of you were excited to see what the footage looks like because this
potentially is some of the best image quality that we’ve seen from a
Blackmagic camera to date it’s got a lot of hype to live up to it’s a smaller
sensor and a lower resolution than the Ursa mini 4 point 6 K but it is a dual
native ISO of 400 and 3200 so be interesting to see the quality
differences in normal daylight like this but it’s going to be really interesting
to see just how much better it is once we start getting to some darker
environments some crowded market streets dark little corridors where I need to
bump the ISO up I’ve chosen to keep this in a smaller almost tourist style setup
as possible because after all this is a pocket Cinema Camera and I want to say
what it can do those Blackmagic designed it before starting to rig it out with a
bigger battery of being monitor on top all that sort of stuff so I kept it set
up really small and lightweight no tripods anything like that just relying
on lenses with is inside them I’ve got three lumix lenses with me they’re 12 to
35 the 35 to 100 both of those are F 2.8 and I’ve got the 8 to 18 which is f 2.8
to f/4 so they’re really nice small lightweight lenses they do have
fly-by-wire focusing which I’m not really looking forward to shooting with
but we’ll see just how well this large touchscreen and focus peaking is going
to help me with that but I’m really excited to get out there and start
shooting so we’ve come down to the market because
there’s so many lovely little textures here really nice sort of bear light
bulbs and cheeses fish powders that sort of thing and because I’ve got a nice
telephoto lens on I can shoot through the market stalls and every now and
again because there’s a glass roof a little patch of sunlight comes through
and backlights people which just looks beautiful I hope it looks as good for
you guys and the computer screens as it does on the back of the camera for me
here I’m using the Panasonic 35 to 100 F 2.8 which is a really nice sort of light
weight lens it does have fly-by-wire focusing though and I am finding that a
little bit difficult because of course really the autofocus on here is not good
enough to use I am manually focusing most of the time so that’s a bit fiddly
sometimes but I think I am getting focus the peaking on the back is really
helping out and of course because it’s so light it’s such a it makes it such an
easy setup to shoot with so I’m slowly getting used to where all
the buttons are and I’m finding I’m now working pretty quickly I really like the
quick access buttons on the top I do wish though that there was more
than one dial to control it and I do wish the screen was able to be tilted I
also don’t really understand why they keep putting Auto aperture buttons on it
like I haven’t found that I’ve used that at all today but it is very quick and
easy to manually change the aperture I don’t really see why you need that
button the screen is really nice quality it’s brilliant the touch screen though
isn’t very useful for this sort of shooting because you can’t really reach
it your hand is perfectly placed with all these buttons but the screen is so
big that you can only really touch this little corner when you’re on a tripod
that’s going to be completely different though but for this style of shooting
I’m really finding I’m only controlling it with these buttons here on this side
so the menus really remind me of the Ursa mini pro they’re very simple very
straightforward very easy to use and then black magics user interface design
is some of the best in the industry I think it would be hard-pressed to fault
and with the touchscreen it all seems really easy if all the
buttons are big very easy to press on a touchscreen it just makes a lot of sense so I just wanted to jump in here now
that I’ve had a chance to look at the footage back on my computer screen I was
very happy with a couple of things firstly how much I managed to get in
focus even with fly-by-wire lenses and working incredibly fast as anyone who’s
shot on the tube knows you really have to move very fast there’s no time to do
anything on the tube to get shots like these they’re all shot really under the
radar very very quickly and the peaking in the 5-inch screen really helped even
with fly-by-wire lenses I was managing to get all of my shots in focus which is
fantastic I was also very pleased with the skin tones I would didn’t have time
to properly wipe balanced things I was just chucking in a different white
balance presets and the skin tones looked fantastic in pretty much all
different lighting conditions and there was some really challenging lighting
conditions both on the tube and here in the market stand I was also quite
impressed by the noise levels this market stuff was shot at 3200 I kept my
nd on because I wasn’t quite dark enough in there to get to the ISO normally but
I wanted to push the camera to 3200 to see what the noise levels looked like at
that higher native ISO and I was very pleased there’s definitely some noise
but this is one of the best cameras for hire so work that I’ve seen from
Blackmagic to date battery life has been workable but not
fantastic it obviously runs on LPE six batteries and I’ve been shooting for
about five hours ish and I’m going to about one of these every single hour
which is okay I was thinking it would be worse I guess if you come from a video
camera background who used to fs7 Susi to hundreds or the original Ursa mini
probe it’s big Velox then this is going to seem like really
short battery life if you’re used to small a little mirrorless cameras
particularly things like the a7 range this is going to feel feel perfectly
fine and if anything a little bit better it’s probably not quite as good as comes
like the eos R or the gh v those a pretty good battery life a small little
hybrid stills camera like this but I’m overall I was expecting it to be worse
I’m kind of happy with an hour from each battery life battery seems alright an
interesting point though is that I have brought a ton different sorts of
batteries would make of this shoot I literally I was expecting bachelor to be
bad so I swiped every single ob6 I could find around the office whether they were
official ones whether they were sweat ones whether they were just cheap little
ones which we happen to own ourselves personally from way ages and ages ago
and those ones don’t work they don’t even power the camera on sweet ones are
absolutely fine the Canon ones are absolutely fine getting about an hour
from each one of those that seem to be working at about the same rate but those
little sort of brand listening ones aren’t even turning the camera on so if
you own this it’s definitely worth investing in proper batteries for the
proper companies like suede or canon so we’ve been filming with it for a good
few hours now and I’ve gotta say I really am enjoying my time with the
camera I thought it would feel clumsier to use if that makes sense I haven’t
right from day one I’ve not really been a fan of the actual design in the way
that the camera looked I thought it would be large oversized and clunky in
your hands and using it at all actually sure it is big it’s a lot bigger than
the original pocket Cinema Camera but it does feel quite nice in the hands when
I’ve been using it with a small little lens like this the five inch touchscreen
on the back I’ve been finding it does actually change a little bit how I shoot
I always find when I shoot with a larger monitor like a seven-inch one something
like that I tend to frame a little bit wider and that always tends to make my
working a little bit more cinematic than normal if that makes sense and I find
I’m getting the same mental effect from this large five-inch one on the back it
really is changing how I’m shooting compared to say the small little screens
from an a7 or a judge find something like that overall I really really like
this I can’t wait to get back and actually have a look at the footage
hopefully you guys have already been looking at lots of footage throughout
the video is always the trouble we’re doing these kinds of videos I can’t see
what it looks like yet till I get it home and get it on a computer but from
everything I’ve been seeing so far it certainly left a good impression so let
me know what you’ll think the footage down in the comments
down below and of course this is just the first of many videos we’re going to
be making on the pocket Cinema Camera so let me know all the things he wanted to
test down in the comment session we’ve already had so many great requests
things like audio we’re definitely gonna be doing a video on an audio things like
putting on game boards and bringing out battery solutions all the rest of it
so keep on living those down in the comment section down below and we will
look and see what we can make for you and of course if you want to water on
for yourself the links to the product pages are in the description thank you
so much for watching and I’ll see in the next one you

100 thoughts on “Shooting with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K – Hands on Review

  1. All greta, but no proper continuous af is a such a shame tho, there's really no way to mount it on a bimbal.. That's what holds me back, big time.

  2. Carl, Last Oct 4 I went to a BM event here in Texas to look and try out the BMP4K. I bought with me my GH4 and 12-35 f2.8 to try and test with. I placed my 12-35 lens onto the P4k and noticed that the OIS did not seem to have an effect, I let the BM guys there try it themselves and we compared it when attached to the GH4. The BM guys concurred that the images does seem to look stable when on the GH4 and not on the P4k.
    I also asked Kriss Hampton with Wex Photo Video, who posted his review on the P4k, since he also used same lens and he concurred that "the OIS wasn't as effective as it usually is".
    Could this be because its version 1 of the lens?
    I saw in your lens list that you're using version II of the 12-23, can you confirm this that OIS on the 12-35 is working? Or if you have access to a version 1 can you do a test if there is a difference?
    Maybe you can test lenses with OIS from your store which works optimally for P4k.
    John Brawley mentioned in one of his forum posts that the Olympus 12-100 f4, which he used in the videos posted online, that the IS on the olympus works well on the P4k.

    Many thanks in advance,

  3. Hopefully this camera will convince Panasonic to put some kind of raw/compressed raw in the GH5 via an SGI out. Which would in my opinion make the GH5 a better camera. The interview footage in my opinion has a nice painterly color palette. BMPC feels accurate but very bland looking. It is sharper (which people mistake as IQ) and has more color information maybe because of of better codec vs raw/prores. Video shooters want some kind of raw now a day Panasonic!

  4. Looks great. Love the larger size monitor. I think all DSLRs should do the same and use the entire back for monitor.

  5. Damn man stop showing yourself and show the flipping footage. We came here for the footage of what this camera can do not look at you half the damn video.

  6. i'm slowly getting more and more sold with this camera. question about the lenses, panasonic lumix g7 lenses can easily be used on bmpcc? i also have canon lenses so i'm guessing will need metabones

  7. Hey ProAV TV, I came up with this solution for Media + Battery plates for the BMPCC4K. I'd love to hear your input.


  9. Can you please test this "cinema" camera in a cinematic/cinematography way I.e. some proper controlled lighting setups just as black magic do for their promos also. Natural light market places reallt don't showcase the camera well enough.

  10. Great review. Love the atmosphere you create with your personality. Wonder how many people thought you were stalking the lovely lady…lol. Cheers.

  11. I'm just starting with this filming thing (software development for a living :p) and was looking to buy a good camera to film family events as well as some youtube vlogging. the video quality of this camera looks incredible in its price range but what I am confused about is whether this will be a good camera for me (I don't mind learning stuff as I have plenty of time to spare). would you recommend this one or should I buy an entry level camera first? (what I like most about this one is video quality and 4k60p)

  12. What you think about fly by wire lens? I have a panasonic 12-35 f2.8 mark II for a standard zoom lens with stabilisation to pocket 4k (have not the camera, still waiting for pre order)
    Do you think can learn focus with this?

  13. Hay Boss,
    What is this File Type you uploaded to YouTube. Also, what did you explored it as from your timeline.


  14. Not only you are using Lumix glass, but also carrying everything in a Tenba bag AND shoot urban scenes with people instead of just landscapes and skyscrapers like 9/10 camera reviewers do. This video hits a home-run for me, finally found someone that thinks video exactly like me! 😀

  15. hi, I just got the camera and running it with a medabones speedbooster,. ive seen this work just fine on other videos , but mine does not show focus peaking and tap to focus doesn't even do anything when you tab. I can careless about the tap to focus but the focus peaking im concerned about. I called Blackmagic and they said to send it in to them. my question to you is, when you tried your tests with the medabones did you get focus peaking?

  16. Great footage. You've got skills for sure. Ordered mine yesterday on back order here in the US. Do you know a good brand of d tap power supply would be? Thank you ..great review!

  17. Buy in Ukraine

  18. Hey ProAv, I just came across your channel.

    Question, Which would you pick for vlogs, especially for the Slow motion. The BMPCC or Canon 1DX (Not the mark ii)?

  19. I thought the GH5 footage filming this piece seemed more cinematic. But I'm sure with better lenses and shooting RAW will be amazing. Can't wait for my order to arrive.

  20. ayy I download some of your test footages actually the Prores my question for you is how you get to shoot so flat on Prores ? I don't
    understanding is itProRes RAW – Is it ProRes or is it RAW?
    Here's the one I graded on fcpx

  21. wow, the images look amazing. wish we could get these from the UMP, especially on low light. I'm sold on this. Perhaps a B-cam to my UMP

  22. Where can i get one in the uk? nowhere have any in stock and no one seems to no where there is going to be any anyone no?

  23. I need to know how long it can potentially shoot for?
    I shoot interviews that can be up to an hour long, ad I want to know how long before it overheats or fills a memory card, paticuarly on AD power


  25. Loved it, very insigthful. would love to know more about setting it up on a gimbal specifically the Zhiyun Weebill lab, thanks for the battery and what kind of lens adaptors would you suggest. and also if we wanted to use anamorphic lenses how would it hold up. How has the new firmware update helped in improving the sability.

  26. Very good review! I downloaded the footages, and I have a couple of questions: is the ISO of the 2nd clip 800, as I saw in ExifTool? Beacuse i saw an evident noise on the shadows, am I wrong? And how is the noise at 1080p? Thanks!

  27. You've got to be kidding me you didn't even use the camera I used this camera and and any kind of lowlight SUCKS I have no idea why anyone would want to use this camera

  28. I am in confusion about the difference of projections of the footage between super35 sensor and MFT on a bigger cinema screen.

    Can one shoot a footage on a MFT sensor and project it on the cinema screen without loosing any quality? Is it possible? Or there is some other technicality in play?

  29. The footage looks amazing I just picked it up I’m excited ready to go out and shoot some things thank you very much your video is the best I’ve seen yet on the black magic pocket cinema camera 4K????

  30. The camera is great — no reason to quibble… I bought my first digital camera 19 years ago — Casio 3 MP with 480p video and 300MB internal hard drive (still have it) — it cost $1,000 US — Lenses, on the other hand struggle to keep up without costing a fortune. The Lumix G Vario II series seems to be just fine. Lens-based IS plus post is good enough without a gimbal — though keeping the camera level and moving smoothly is the main point of a gimbal — not just jitter control.

  31. Hi, I love what you've done here, I feel you've really demonstrated the beauty of this camera in the purest form. However, would you share with me which lens you did use in the subway (or the tube)? I'm guessing it's the Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm f/2.8-4 ASPH? Thanks!

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