SIGMA fp – Pocket Full Frame Cinema Camera (Menu Walkthrough)

SIGMA fp – Pocket Full Frame Cinema Camera (Menu Walkthrough)

This is a new cinema pocket camera,
this is the Fp camera. So, we are in Tokyo, Japan, This is the Sigma event, they just
announced a few new lenses. But for us as filmmakers, this is
even more important. This is a new cinema pocket camera,
this is the Fp camera. Quite amazing, we don’t
know the price yet, but we know it’s going to
be ready in autumn. But obviously this camera is
very flexible and will do quite a lot. Let’s see some possible
configurations for the new camera. This is the man behind the camera. -Congratulations.
-Thank you very much. Let’s take a closer look
at the camera menu. Thank you, guys, and we will keep
updating you with new information when it comes. Don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel, and thanks.

100 thoughts on “SIGMA fp – Pocket Full Frame Cinema Camera (Menu Walkthrough)

  1. Guys, this is really preliminary information. We hope to be more knowledgeable soon and share the info with you. Thanks for your patience!

  2. saw somewhere there's 12.5 stops of dynamic range in cinema CNG if that's the case the price point shouldn't be that high

  3. This video only shows the menu items when you access the menu from the Cine mode on top of camera. For the still menu items, see other YouTube videos. The still menu items are indicated by “Still” to the right of the menu description. The cinema items are designated with “Cine” to the right of the description. This video has no items designated as “Still”

  4. SIGMA, under Kazuto Yamaki's leadership has really shifted its position from being a 'cheap lens manufacturer' to becoming a company that's innovative and produces quality products. Especially here in Japan. I work with well seasoned Producers etc here with decades of experience and when I first mentioned Sigma, the reaction was to scoff and reject. Not anymore. Sigma's new offering of this Pocket Full Frame Cinema Camera is likely to continue and further strengthen Sigma's position as a serious contender in the cine/movie making market. Whilst I prefer a more traditional cine/camcorder style form factor over a stills form factor, I am still liking very much what I have just seen in this video.

  5. Hey. Does anyone know a global shutter camera with decent Dynamic range (12 stops) in a compact form factor and with true 24p and 60p in DCI 4k?

  6. The camera doesn't have a mechanical shutter according to dpreview. If the camera is oriented for videographers that's not a problem but for photographers there is the rolling shutter issue. However lately and especially with the sensor of Sony α9 the rolling shutter is less than before.

  7. After wanting a Sigma video camera for at least seven years I simply cannot fully express how let down and kinda betrayed I feel. First off, i hate to be that guy, the buzz kill, but holly sh*t. NO FOVEON SENSOR!? WHAT THE F********ck!!!??? Of all the things Sigma could ditch, They choose the one thing that makes their images what they are. Now we have a bayer sensor like every other brand on Earth. And no global shutter. I know this is their first attempt at a cinema camera so I will try to be patient, but still.

  8. Hah ! Johnnie has to look at the camera to remember it's called the FP. You're a good filmmaker but that is just laughably bad. Next time you're introducing a new product and you can't remember it's name I suggest a re-take.

  9. They said the pricing should be competitive. No 4k 60, no money on fan, no log, 12.5 dynamic range sounds like $999.00 to beat the price of the pocket 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. 12 bit, 100fps @UHD, wow! But no LOG Profil, or did I missed it? 12 bit are great, but useless if I do not Record in LOG!!

  11. Does this camera have the ability to have the AFL rear button be programmed for rear focus, and then the shutter be triggered by the normal shutter trigger button?

  12. WOW! Honestly the only missing feature I can think of would be an open gate mode/anamorphic mode to shoot the whole height of the sensor and not be forced into the 16:9 crop. Crossing my fingers that we'll get that in the final product!

  13. I think this will be a great alternative to using action cams to get difficult shots, but with only 12.5 stops of DR (with real world performance probably two less stops), I don't think it is going to be that great of a film/video camera for general/professional use.

  14. Take note on how to listen to your customers, other manufacturers! Lol. I read about it on a Google feed today. Cheers C5D:)

  15. I see there's an optional super 35 crop mode, but it's not clear if that's for both 4K and 1080p. Does it record 4K in cinemaDNG with the full width of the sensor?

  16. What's all this hype about competing to reduce sizes of cameras from all camera brands?!! I don't understand. Cameras getting thinner and thinner while essential skill lies in the hand of every man behind whatever camera they're using. I'm happy with my old, bulky Nikon D700 💪💪🤗

  17. Damn I want one! I hope they can release a optical viewfinder accessory for this nifty little camera. ❤️😁

  18. sounds promising indeed!
    just add the option to have a global 'real' shutter as well, and Bob's gonna be your uncle! 😉

  19. When will some company produce digital sensors adaptors to use with earlier film camera. Technology sure can help build one now.

  20. as soon as this camera is priced above 1500 dollar, becomes less interesting, conversely if it's in the 900/1000 dollar range than with an external recorder becomes a bargain

  21. If the screen is viewable at a angle it'll work for me. ie my phone can be seen at acute angles so I can tilt it above me and get a shot.

  22. raw recording and dynamic range is fine and all but if you dont have the proper color science, which they definately dont have, all of these specs dont so much for me…

  23. First hands on video of Sigma fp I've seen… you guys at cinema5D are hot shots! .. Im a happy subscriber 🙂

  24. It looks very promising. I have very high hopes on this camera. I think the biggest issue that I see right now is the lack of custom buttons. But looking at the menus, everything looks pretty sorted out. Great demo.


  25. Same old same old. There will be plenty of complainers once they get hold of it after they've used it for a while. And then some of those complaints will be addressed by sigma with their 'next model' bla bla bla. Samsung: Come back to us.

  26. If this is priced at or under $2k, I have a feeling it will eat a lot of potential a7SIII sales (whenever the hell Sony decides to finally announce it!)

  27. i think this camera is overrated. I've seen some clips and my xh1 looks so much better. I love sigma lenses, but never was a fan of their camera system

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