Small Details You Missed In The Witcher

Small Details You Missed In The Witcher

The first season of Netflix’s long-awaited
adaptation of The Witcher books remains remarkably faithful to the spirit of the novels. In fact, it’s packed with small details that
only those well-versed in the ways of the Continent will notice. The Witcher isn’t the first live-action adaptation
of the beloved novels. In 2002, actor Michal Zebrowski played Geralt
in the Polish TV series The Hexer, which was also edited into a critically panned feature
film. Like Netflix’s The Witcher, The Hexer adapted
stories from the first two Witcher books, The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, while
mixing in some original elements. Zebrowski doesn’t cameo in The Witcher, but
that hasn’t stopped him from playing Geralt again…sort of. While it’s still Henry Cavill’s handsome mug
that they’ll see on-screen, Polish fans should find Geralt’s voice very familiar. Zebrowski is providing Geralt’s dialogue in
The Witcher’s Polish-language dub, reprising the role he played almost 20 years ago. It’s not a detail that most English-speaking
viewers will notice, but it’s a nice treat for the Polish fans in the audience. The Witcher isn’t the only Geralt-adjacent
project Zebrowski has in the pipeline, either. The actor will also dub Keanu Reeves’ character
in the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077, which is made by CD Projekt Red, the company
behind the Witcher video games. The symbols that appear at the beginning of
every episode of The Witcher are full of spoilers, but you’re only going to notice if you really
know your stuff. The title of each episode is always the same,
but the logo behind it changes, offering hints as to what’s about to unfold. For example, the first episode, “The End’s
Beginning,” features the image of a solar eclipse. If you’ve read the short story “Lesser Evil,”
you know that the princess Renfri was born under a so-called “black sun,” leading a wizard
to assume that she was cursed. Sure enough, “The End’s Beginning” tells Renfri’s
story all the way to its brutal, bloody ending. “Betrayer Moon” comes with a picture of claws
and a Temerian lily, hinting at the cursed striga. The logo for “Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials”
is a sword surrounded by a tree, which is appropriate for an episode detailing the violent
history of Ciri’s family tree and her time in the forest. In The Witcher, characters don’t just speak
English. Magically-inclined characters also use elvish,
or the Elder Speech, to cast spells, lift curses, and cause mayhem and mischief. If you listen carefully, however, you might
recognize some parts of the Elder Speech vocabulary. Author Andrezej Sapkowski based the Elder
Speech on a mishmash of different languages, including Irish, Welsh, English, German, and
Latin. She’s a girl… who possesses the power of a weapon. In Brokilon, she can be molded. But with so many different sources, how does
The Witcher’s take on Elder Speech sound so good? Easy: the language was designed by a pro. Sapkowski didn’t actually create a fully-realized
language, so Netflix had to bring in David J. Peterson to fill in the blanks. Does that name sound familiar? It should. Peterson is the same guy HBO hired to create
Dothraki and Valyrian for Game of Thrones. Netflix has made it clear that The Witcher
is based on the books, not the video games, but the show does have one major gaming connection. You just have to watch the end credits to
find it. For most viewers, the names Tomek Baginski
and Platige Image one of The Witcher’s executive producers and the Polish production company
that makes the show, respectively won’t mean much. Those who really love the games, however,
know that Baginski, an Oscar-nominated animator, directed the stunning cinematics that brought
all three of CD Projekt Red’s Witcher titles to life. In fact, without Platige and Baginski, The
Witcher probably wouldn’t have made it to the screen at all. Baginski, who’s also on Platige’s supervisory
board, was the one who pitched The Witcher to Netflix. Originally, Baginski wanted to make a feature
film based on two of Sapkowski’s short stories. Netflix helped convince him to make a TV series
instead, and brought showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich on board. The rest is history. The most famous image of Geralt of Rivia isn’t
the monster-slayer on horseback, riding into the wilderness to fight some nasty beast. It’s not Geralt locked in a life-or-death
battle with a ferocious creature. Instead, it’s the witcher soaking in a wooden
bathtub, legs spread, leaving only a little to the imagination. It’s a moment from the opening scene of CD
Projekt Red’s critically acclaimed video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, although by now
it’s become much bigger. Cosplayers started recreating the iconic moment
in photographs. CD Projekt Red and Dark Horse created a statuette
commemorating the scene. While Netflix’s show is based on the books,
not the games, it pays tribute to the scene in episode five, “Bottled Appetites.” Shortly after he meets Yennefer, the sorceress
lures Geralt into the bath, and you can guess what happens next. The Witcher’s sword fights are so impressive
that it’d be easy to assume that talented stunt doubles handled all of the heavy lifting. Not true. The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
told us in an interview that star Henry Cavill did his own stunts on the show. Every single one of them. According to Hissrich: “There is never a point where you see someone
on screen as Geralt that’s not him. It’s always Henry.” In fact, that proclamation extends beyond
the fight scenes. Cavill didn’t use stand-ins, even when most
of his face and body is concealed. If you see Geralt’s hand, his boot, or his
elbow, it’s Cavill on-screen. Cavill was so dedicated to the role that he
wore his costume, including his complete set of armor, while making breakfast or taking
a nap. Most extras carried fake swords, but Cavill’s
wasn’t just real. He helped design the weapon, customizing it
as he saw fit. For all intents and purposes, Cavill is Geralt
and his performance is all the better for it. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Small Details You Missed In The Witcher

  1. I can't believe there are actually mofos who specialize in creating languages for movies…. like, let's not pretend that's not insane and extraordinary

  2. Have not read the books or used games. I watched this w no bias. I really like Henry Cavill, so was excited. He may encompass this character 110% … but he is NOT the star of the show. I find the women of the show to be outstanding actresses. Had it not been for the Queen of Cintra, I wouldn't have continued past ep2. Yennifer is just fabulous too.

  3. whenever I hear someone say that this tv show is close to the books a puppy dies .-. pls stop saying that sort of bs…

  4. Only people i see complain about this show are people who didnt get the timeline which is fair enough or book readers crying that stuffs not identical to the book and to them i say piss off.

  5. I must say, the dedication the Cavill is showing is definitely coming across to the fans. Its almost infection as I now want to fully support the show so it becomes a 10 season thing lol

  6. I don't get how the queen died in E1 but was back for other episodes. Were those flashbacks? I couldn't tell.
    Another small detail…pertaining to her:
    She is played by Jodhi May, and while she's been in other things since, most probably really know her from The Last of the Mohicans as the younger daughter. The detail is that she dies the same way in both. In Mohicans, she jumps off a cliff to avoid being captured. In Witcher, she jumps out a high window to avoid being captured.

  7. I'm still waiting for the short stories and novels by mail. Right now I'm still dabbling in the first game before the two other games. I'm really eager to get more into the universe.

  8. I didnt understand the Renfrey story. Why did he kill her. What was that about? Sorry to ask – I just found it super confusing.

  9. Not sure that him never taking off his costume should be considered special. He said elsewhere that he had to get up at 3:00 AM, or something, to get into all that stuff. I can imagine I wouldn't ever want to take it off either.

  10. Okay, just so I’m clear, you’re saying that’s not Henry Cavill’s voice? And that it’s dubbed? I’ve seen conflicting stories. But a lot that say if it’s not dubbed they’d be surprised because it’s the same as the video games… I think. I is confused.

  11. I wasnt too keen about Cavill at first playing Geralt…a fucking superman turned into the witcher? BS.
    Im soo happy I was wrong, he is so great! The way he talk, the way he move etc everything is perfect! He is a true Witcher fan and I dont think anyone could do it better!

  12. The Witcher was Amazing! Come visit my channel if you thought so too! Or don’t it’s whatever your feelin’

  13. I have to admit Henry's body got me hooked up at first, but as I watch the series I can't help but get obsessed with the characters themselves, like how Geralt is the emotionless monster slayer then throughout the series you'll realize he's the most humane character in the show and not really the unfeeling one, i love how Yennefer grew to her distinct personality how when she's at the top and yet she still feels empty, i relate to them so much and maybe because the cast are just that good… i don't care what critics may have to say, i'm just glad i came across this show, i just hoped viewers get to feel this too

  14. 1:23 I don't think those are the symbols for the episodes. Those are the factions represented in the Witcher universe. Top one is monsters (wild hunt), left is Nilfgaard (Sun worshippers), right is Scoiatel (dragons and other nature beasts), left is Sellige (compass in the middle with sea snakes maybe), right is Northern Realms (royal symbol) and the bottom most is Syndicate (or the Novigradian underworld). The one in the middle might be a faction which I don't know. I know this because I play Gwent. I haven't read the books though anyone who has should agree with me.

  15. The Polish Witcher (Wiedźmin) was not a very good film, but Żebrowski played very well and the soundtrack and landscapes reflected the spirit of the book.

  16. Not a cavill fan but i loved the witcher, after getting to know about his dedication to the role, he has my respect

  17. How is the original Witcher doing the Polish language dub, a detail I missed when I watched the English language version? You title should be some fun facts about the Witcher series. Your titles are Troom Troom level.

  18. Forgot to mention his voice in the series is almost the same in the games, Henry decided to dub it in the same way as in the games, since he liked the way it was done in the ganes.

  19. Faithful to the spirit of the novels? give me a break! The Witcher Netflix series is currently in the position that the fans of the witcher (from games or novels) want to have some rather than none. So don't jinx it because it can easily become another Got/HBO or Starwars/Disney

  20. 1 Episode of The witcher = 50 videos of looper..

    So conclusion is till this year end they can make videos about The witcher season 1

  21. 3:26 – 3:35 – you are wrong here. the cinemat "a Night to remeber" was not made by Platige Image but a Digit Pictures from Hungary.

  22. I pray to God that NetFlix treats Henry Caville better than D.C. did. I love Henry as Superman, but D.C. ruined his movies with bad ideas and meddling, except Man Of Steel. Man Of Steel is absolutely great. And now there's talk of D.C. sidelining Superman to make Supergirl movies? What a bunch of idiots!

  23. Cavill nailed geralt. Honestly I was a bit apprehensive after his image leaked which made him look like legolas. But damn from the looks to the attitude to the voice.

    Cavill is geralt of rivia and no one can deny that.

  24. caville is excellent but i wanted a bit more deep sight to his head and thoughts . hope it will happen next season.

  25. I didn't expect to absolutely fall in love with the show. Henry is 100% perfect for the roll as Geralt!

    The only scene I'm a tiny tiny bit underwhelmed with was the fight with the Striga.
    They the same mistake almost every movie on earth does when it comes to fights.
    The enemy instantly tries to kill all characters of lesser importance. Makes sense. But instead of attacking the main character (Geralt) like normal, the Striga decides to throw him around like a toy?!!
    I know it's to make them fight for longer. But it makes the scene look a bit silly and "cheap".

    It's really a very minor complaint that doesn't affect my overall appreciation of the show. The Witcher is still a 10 out of 10 for me!

  26. I don't get why people watch this show. There's no saving a show with such bad writing. I tried to watch it, but I honestly had to give up after a couple of episodes. Too bad. Had the writing been good (it was super confusing), it would have had some real potential.

  27. This might be a bold claim, but I've honestly never seen an actor more dedicated to his role than Henry Cavill to Geralt of Rivia. Give this man an Emmy for Christ's sake!

  28. I'm so happy The Witcher is becoming part of popular culture. I've read the books many years ago but the saga really stuck with me. It was always sad when I mentioned it to people and they had never heard of it. It's not only a great story but great prose too. The games did a great job in understanding the tone of the series and its characters, and now we have the tv show. Can't wait to see more of it.

  29. Can someone please tell this narrator the phrase is “For all intents AND purposes…” rather than “For all intensive purposes…”? Thanks 😃

  30. I wonder who will play Nilfgaard Emperor? Because I already have an actor. And those who played in The Witcher 3 already had contact with him. It could be Tywin Lannister himself from Game of Thrones. In the computer game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Charles Dance gave the voice to the character of Emhyr var Emreis. Such a small dream

  31. This is what happen when you gave a project to a passionate and dedicated nerd who knows what is what like Cavill. Perfection unlocked.

  32. This show was horrible, cast was awful, and Henry carried the entire show. Way to take an old polish tale and take out 80% of it's white roots Netflix

  33. The actors are doing great. the problem is in the course of events. the screen writers failed to adapt the novel

  34. Henry Cavill is wasted in as The Witcher. Less action than expected, less monsters in overall show. Plot was utter chaotic nonsense compared to what books has to offer. It feels like screenwriters completely forget character building process. Show had very big potential but instead they were only able to deliver mediocre version of what it should have been. After DCEU it’s The Witcher’s turn to let Cavill down.

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