Smuggling a 2-Liter into a Movie Theater | Josh Sundquist Standup

Smuggling a 2-Liter into a Movie Theater | Josh Sundquist Standup

I took the two liter And I put it inside of the left pant leg and then I tied a knot underneath so it hung there and looked like my leg was cut off from down here. ::Laughter:: So I walk into the movie theater and then I look down and the two liter is just swinging all around. It’s like, knocking over small children. I stop for the girl to like tear my ticket. The two liter does not stop. It just keeps swinging. Out of the corner of my eye I see a security guard, standing there, looking at me. But let’s be honest with ourselves. What is he going to say? “Sir. I noticed… that there is a problem… with your leg.” You are correct. It appears that I do not have one.

45 thoughts on “Smuggling a 2-Liter into a Movie Theater | Josh Sundquist Standup

  1. A viewer on Facebook pointed out the security guard must've been even more confused when I came out of the movie and my leg was way shorter

  2. 2nd part of this story would go like this: moviegoers surprised by a spraying cola fountain in darkness, a fizzy 4D experience courtesy of Josh Sundquist

  3. You could've just said (if they asked you) that you lost your nerves in the leg and so didn't have control over it.

  4. I was having a horrible day today, and this is the first thing that made me actually laugh at all. Hell, more than I've laughed in the past couple days. Thank you. Thank you so much. <3 You're a real gift to this world. <3 Keep on doing comedy, you're amazing.

  5. "Sir, there seems to be a problem with your leg."

    Looks at swinging leg
    "You are correct, it appears that I don't have one."

    Like if you died laughing๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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