So holst du NOCH MEHR aus einem Song raus

So holst du NOCH MEHR aus einem Song raus

Welcome to the fifth part of my guitar challenge!!!!! I´m going to cover a very important subject and challenge in this video! Today`s challenge is DYNAMICS and DRAMATURGY … whatever you want to call it… The point is: I will show you how you can get much more out of what you can already play on your guitar! By considering some things you will improve and upgrade your knowledge and play. 😃 Things like: stroking hard stroking soft playing loud and quiet These things are quite simple and easy to realize. You can basically play the part I showed you at the beginning of the video in nearly every chord. But right now I want to show you this on this special example. So it`s easier for you to compare it with your own play if you ask yourself: Okay, how does it sound when Hannes is playing it? Am I doing it right and getting better? You`re welcome to send me a video!!! Upload it on Youtube and send me the link! Then I can watch it and see if you managed the challenge, if you`re not really sure how good you played this. Please leave me a comment how you manage this challenge! I really appreciate feedback how you like the stuff I`m doing here and if you can work with these videos – especially in this challenge! Subscribe to my channel! Have a look at my crash course in the description box! Maybe you`re already taking part in this course! It`s a very good base to get started at your guitar! And even a lot of questions are answered there ! Okay, at the beginning I played a mix of two tones, respectively two strings. D and G string These are the two middle strings. And I just griped at the 7. collar on G string. Then I played G and D string in turns. With down- and upstroke! That`s already the first challenge 😉 Play as quiet as you can… So you can nearly hear more sound of the pick than the tone. 😉 Now get louder and louder… And again more quiet… Okay, the sounds I`m just playing are not really important here. Of course you can also play it like this… and with other notes and strings. And usually it will sound cool Maybe one is stronger and exciting than another one. But that`s not the point here. Important is here: when you`re doing an upstroke, then you switch the tones. And you have to link it with dynamics!!! Try to turn it into a little play or spectacle! I`m showing you again what I mean! Just as a little inspiration! Then it`s your turn to try it and to play it on your guitar! That`s one of the most relevant points when making music and learning an instrument. Get very quiet… and now really stroke the strings! Play it in larger distances You notice here that you can make a lot out of „nearly nothing“! That`s not a song, that was just a small improvisation I just did here on the spot with these two strings. With just one finger that you move. It`s important that you`re able to play a constant alternate picking here. But we`re here to learn and improve in this challenge 😃 Play around with this! If someone who has no idea of playing guitar and no clue of music would be sitting here right now. This person would probably say something like – self-praise is no recommendation 😉 I know – Wow, that sounds awesome. What did you just play on your guitar? Or maybe he says something like: Okay, the sound was quite nice. But what did you just do? I really think that people – who have no clue of music – like to listen to something played with lots of dynamics and consider this as beautiful. Something that is very musically – I know this term is quite elusive. What is musically?! That`s why today`s challenge is really important!!!!! It`s generally an important challenge when making music, no matter what instrument you learn. Of course the guitar is the most epic instrument in the world. 😉 If you play the flute, the challenge is also relevant for you! And it also applies to every music style – classic, pop, rock and so on! Okay ?! I`m really looking forward to your comments below this video!!! Did you manage this challenge? How did you try it out? You can also choose a song to do so. You can of course use this technique when playing a song. It can also mean to strike less. Play around!!!! Use the things you can already do! It doesn`t always have to be much. With few means you can achieve a great impact (And it doesn`t matter if you`re a beginner or advanced) and make beautiful things. That`s what I want to tickle out of you in this challenge! See you in the next video 😃 Subscribe to my channel! Please leave me a comment how you like the challenge! Ciao 🙂

4 thoughts on “So holst du NOCH MEHR aus einem Song raus

  1. Ich spiele jetzt Doors' The End, fange ganz leise an, und am Ende hau ich die Gitarre kaputt. 😉 Apropos: Wenn Ihr was Fetziges zusammen spielt, könnte Thomas sein Klavier ja auch mal auf Hamond- oder Rock-Orgel stellen, wie in den 70ern. 🙂

    Lautstärkenvariation wende ich bspw. deutlich bei "Talking about a Revolution" von Tracy Chapman an. Man braucht nur vier einfache Akkorde, G — C — Em — D, kleine Variationen, die die Melodie herausheben, dann während der Strophen leise und teils abgedämpft, und während des Refrains werden Stimme und Gitarre ordentlich laut. Obwohl das Lied ansonsten einfach aufgebaut ist, entwickelt es allein durch die Dynamik einen ganz eigenen Charakter. Kannst ja mal ausprobieren; auch der Text ist schön.

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