[radio in the background] “Accepting me” Jancsi, you know it’s Tuesday, don’t you? Dad is going to take you home today. Mum… Mum… does anyone exist in this world not born on the right planet? Have you ever felt like being in a wrong place and that everything is strange around you? Do you always feel safe? And what about dad? „Why is this damned tap always dripping?” Drop-drop, drip-drip. Mum… do you understand everything? Bye, Jancsi. Hi! This can simply not work. That’s impossible. What do you mean? More haste less speed.
It makes no sense. You may not need to prove this right before Maths lessons. You should rather come and open the door for me. Good morning. It’s a good morning… good morning. Let’s start with checking the homework. Take out red coloured pens. Everybody. Who would like to come out to the blackboard and solve the assignment? Very well, Mark. That’s the spirit. Thanks. Please, you’re welcome. Thank you. In summer, in a small village children are distributing newspapers. András delivers three times as many as Bence does. Csaba delivers 13 more than András… Listen to the solution, you are not in art class. And the answer is that Csaba delivers the most papers. [ANSWER: CSABA]
Very good. You’re clever. You’re clever. You’re clever. What’s up, retard? What’s to be drawn so urgently, an ambulance car? – Good morning.
– Hi. Good morning. – Hi.
– Hello. Come on, Jancsi. The bell has rung. You know I can’t walk to you and get you out of there. Come on, let’s go. We’re having double informatics. It’s good. Shall we go together? What am I waiting for, what do you think? Come on, let’s go.

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