Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

Wasn’t always like this. But now, there are three rules to survive. Don’t stand out. Accept the past. Trust… no one. Clamp’s good. Bring it in. The galaxy’s changed. Cal, look out! Prauf! Whatever you do… Don’t Reach Within Don’t stand out. Accept the past. Execute Order 66 Trust no one. Trust…only…in the Force.

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

  1. Hopefully this game is success. Otherwise I give up on starwars games.

    Although bf2 is pretty fun now. I have to admit I only like it because I dont have to play on sequel and original trilogy maps if I dont want to.

    Prequel maps for the win

  2. Already a million times more interesting than the Disney Star Wars movies.
    If only they could move away from the Era between the Prequels and the Original trilogy (and never EVER do the Sequel Era… dang the Sequels suck so much!)

  3. I dont believe EA will be able to resist adding microtransactions. This probably their last chance to make things right and I'm sure they wont be able to resist

  4. Level 2: If you want to use ur Lightsaber, please pay 5,99$ with Debit or credit card. If not you are always able to play the Jedi Game without a lightsaber, you still got the force. But only 3 abilitys… For the rest, yes u guessed it, pay 5,99$ each with credit or debit card.

  5. You gotta be F'n kidding me. Why are the games and cartoons better than the movies… They couldn't take his concept and make it into a movie? Same thing with Force Unleashed? Or Rebels? They gotta do better with the movies. Anyway. I'm buying this bad boy brand new. Lol

  6. Game will probably have "surprise mechanics" , and $60 for the game with a $60 day one DLC for the other half of the game !


  8. Try to count down all the tv series, books and videogames, that are now new official canon. And connect them with movie series. We have multiple former Jedi, fighting for the Rebelion or on their own, doing important stuff to finally bring the Empire down. You know, what we hear of them in official movies? Nothing. Not a single sentence. Disney should really work on this. Without Jedi, like Ahsoka, Kanan, Ezra or this new guy, The Empire would most probably survive. And win.

  9. I'm sorry I love Star Wars but isn't this just a knock off of the force unleashed I mean honestly can we be honest here we're all Star Wars fans we all love Star Wars. This is a knock off of the force unleashed.

  10. A bit of a tangent, but that protag could stand to be less blandly generic. A scar, tattoos, a cybernetic eye, a third eye… literally anything that actually makes him seem interesting.

  11. This looks incredible lame so far. Im pretty sure the story will be super predictable as well. Not looking good at all really. No idea why people are hyped up for this

  12. It's still made by EA, it's still going to suck, don't pre-order, and wait like 6 months for it to become $10 @ GameStop, then buy it.

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