Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look

[MUSIC PLAYING] – We’ve passed on all we know. [MUSIC PLAYING] A thousand generations

100 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look

  1. Honestly….this is the best trailer for TRoS. The “final” trailer one wasn’t as epic as this one having 1-8 before showing 9

  2. 42 years 8 films plus 1 to go. George Lucas had a dream and he lived it , wrote it and watched it and i thank him for it. when it comes to the end we will be sad and happy at the same time but of course we will go on watching any new films that come out in the future. the newer films will be aimed at a new generation of Star Wars fans and i hope they will enjoy as many films as we have encountered over the last 42 years.
    to the creator Mr George Lucas thank you for 42 fantastic years of enjoyment.

  3. Honestly I hope Rey turns to the dark side and Ben turns to the light side and he beats her and I know I’m going to get hate for this but I don’t like Rey’s character

  4. I come to these sites yours included just to see how negative those supposed star wars fans and how their opinions simply don't matter. I know if the movie is good it will have nothing to do with those who claim they are the most devoted followers because they won't be going or so they claim. Maybe they are just too old and live on memories of their childhood. I am 69 and saw Episode IV in theaters a week after it came out and loved it. I also liked Episodes 1-3 and 7 though not as much. I have high hopes for 9 and if it is successful it will be because of those new fans not jaded by their childhood.

  5. It looks like they saved it, Kathleen, JJ and George. I would never have imagined the depth of evil within the Emperor. The new heroes are great. A beautiful homage. Wow!

  6. When you load up Star Wars Battlefront 2 you can see both Rey and Maul side by side which could of been a foreshadow because she is holding his lightsaber in the trailer.

  7. Rey is a clone. That’s what she seen in the cave . The many copies of herself. Just speculating. Stirring the pot. I can wait for all the theories to start coming out. She a kenobi, she a skywalker. It’s a Jedi test with palpitine trying to temp her to the dark side.

  8. I don't think there were enough star destroyers in that scene. Come on Mouse: more is always better, right? To be honest I don't understand who's running the Republic. Is it still there? Was there a new senate at all? Maybe these republican-rebel types are not suited for government. Did all of those Ewoks die for nothing?

  9. I dunno…based on the trailers, it looks like they're lining up Ben Solo as a redemption story, with Rey descending into madness, and the Dark Side.

  10. I’m sorry but the music in this video is amazing. It makes me feel empowered. And that’s how I know it’s a star water film! And even tho I’m young and have not seen all of the movies in the Star Wars franchise. I still love it. Anyways can some please tell me the song? 😂🙏🏽 anyways bottom line I love Star Wars with all my heart ❤️

  11. Could it be rey was the anakin Skywalker reborn?? Who knows? To redeem his sins and restore the balance which the one he should do long time ago…. Birth of anakin himself still blurred….. He has no father told by his mom in episode one: the phantom menace…. Chosen one means very special….. Maybe his soul live in rey body…Anyway each of us star wars fans has their own fantasy and wild thoughts. When the movie finally release and then it will all be revealed.May the force be will all of u……

  12. We've passed on all we know.
    A thousand generations live in you now.
    But this is your fight.
    This Christmas
    The story of a generation
    Comes to an end
    Your journey…
    Nears its end.

  13. This trailer caught me by surprise when I went to see Joker. No matter the outcome of The Rise of Skywalker, I sense plenty of nostalgia coming. I cried at The Last Jedi (despite the mixed reviews, I know) and I know this December is calling for tissues.

  14. Did anyone hear Darth Vader breathing at the end? Is it possible he'll be back somehow? It is called "The Rise of Skywalker" after all.

  15. I get more excited about this trailer than the most recent one. Besides, Mark Hamill is constantly joking that they could be more trailers or something

  16. Man if this ray girl is a Version of Anakin because they wanna replace the chosen one as a man to a woman straight garbage

  17. No matter how good the third movie is, the first two has ruined the whole epic saga forever. I'll just wait for the pirated edition tyvm

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