Stellaris: Apocalypse – Release Date / Story Trailer

Stellaris: Apocalypse – Release Date / Story Trailer

I feel like the day you were born, was like
a lifetime ago. It went by so fast. I need to go but,
know that you’ve been with me every day. Stay strong. Don’t be afraid. Everything will be ok, I promise. Know that I did what I could, to protect you. All personnel, man your battle stations! I solemnly swear, to devote my life and abilities. In defense of the United Nations of Earth. To defend the constitution of man, and to further the universal rights of all sentient life. From the depths of the Pacific, to the edge
of the galaxy. For as long. As I shall live.

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  1. Want to see gameplay of Apocalypse? Look no further than our Let's Play of the expansion on Paradox Grand Strategy:

  2. Вспоминаю, как играл за неприклонных ектреминаторов и уничтожил порядка 100 планет. Теперь я плачу,словно сделал ето в реальности и я самое ужасное существо во всей Галактике. Так может сделать только Paradox.Теперь буду играть только за пацифистов.

  3. but this is her dream … in the fight secons befor the thing firing my fleet The First Battlesquad Bismarck is arriving with the moderns Battleships of the titanclass
    Bismarck and Tirpitz Mk3 with Crusis of the Prinz Eugen class

  4. Me watching this trailer every time : Cried seeing all those brave soldier die trying to protect their planet.
    Me playing in the late game :Well, my superior species need more lebensraum / Neutron sweep.

  5. Play as the commander of the largest EVE Online alliance in defending your territory from the 2nd largest EVE Online alliance!

  6. I solemnly swear,

    To devote my life and ability,

    In defense of the Imperium of Man,

    To defend the Constitution of Man,

    And to further the rights of Mankind,

    From the depths of the Pacific,

    To the edge of the galaxy,

    For as long as I, shall, live


  7. Would never happen under the GOD EMPEROR !!!
    "The Emperor Protects…"

    "And to further the universal rights of all sentient life," – I THINK NOT

  8. The Commonwealth of Man must and always has rejected the use of Planet Killer weapons in their totality. Yesterday’s core shattering of The United Nations of Earth’s Centaurus Prime colony and the murder of so many incalculably rich human lives, commits us inexorably to the second clause of that interstellar ban.
    No longer will isolationism allow us disengagement when the cost has proven so savage.
    We will annihilate the Molluscoid government responsible for the wanton slaughter of our sister civilisation and strike its very name from history itself. It will be burned from the stars; the ashes that flow from the rotten edifice of that former 'civilisation' cast into the great void.
    We solemnly swear, to devote our lives and abilities in memory of the United Nations of Earth and we too swear to further the universal right to life of all sentients. From the depths of Hyperion, to the countless warships strung like jewels across the galactic rim's night sky at Unity, we will be Humanity’s avenging Angels and the final guarantor against all planetary destruction. For as long as we shall live: never again.
    The Commonwealth of Man guards now our fellow Humans’ shattered remains, we grant their orphans and refugees sanctuary and hearth and shall strike back at the planet killers a thousandfold for the contempt they display against life itself. You shall know no peace now but in defeat xeno and we have no further words for you until your entire government falls forever silent.
    Commissary General Sidney Beauclair (ret) – Datalinks

  9. This is like the moment I got into a war with a nation over boarders. And I had a migration treat before so my people were killing other humans in another nation brothers and sister cousin. It hit me hard

  10. That pilot…her selfless attempt to stop the enemy Planet Killer reminds me of Russel Case from Independence Day. Unfortunately in this scenario…all the defenders could do was take as many of THEM with them as they could before the end.

  11. when a video game uses static art and soft editing to create a more touching emotionally moving heart bending steel testing humanity binding clip that all forms of art have not been able to achieve on their own but now all united in the new frontier of art

  12. Nice vid. Too bad, the endgame is totally unplayable because of the lag, even on high end computer. Can't finish a single campaign because of this. Next time plz fix this instead of releasing a new dlc.

  13. been watching this for at least 20-30 times…. love this trailer so much… just 3000 hour played…. need to grind those number

  14. Exterminatus. Exterminatus. Exterminatus. Exterminatus. Exterminatus. Exterminatus. Exterminatus. Exterminatus.

  15. "Attention all personnel, this is the Supreme Commander of the Military Forces of the Commonwealth of Men speaking to you, not as your superior officer but as a fellow soldier and human.
    I'm a old man, i fought countless battles across the enormity of space protecting our people and their right to exist in a galaxy that loathes and consider us a disease Today i'm heartbroken. Since our mothership landed in the Deneb system, we survived because we relied only ourselves and by that sense of unity and unbreakable will that characterize every son of the Chrysanthemum, we were able to prosper, conquer and expand. In contrast, our kin in Holy Earth carried a policy of kneeling to xenos who despised us yet they took advantage of the naivety of our kin and used them to carry their wicked purpouses in exchange for a seat on their clubs. The path of unrestricted xenophilia walked by our brothers culminated in the inaction of the UNE against the barbarians when they first appeared in the borders of the galaxy demanding tribute to everyone. In contrast, we refused to bow to a horde of scums and made them pay the price of their insult with their lives. Our brothers didn't took our advice and refused our uninterested protection because that upset their new friends. Now, when the barbarians commited a genocide against our people their "friends" gave them their "thoughts and prayers" and tried to negotiate with the Horde in the backs of our brothers who trusted them. Billions of innocents human lives were ended in seconds, unique and invaluable species of flora and fauna who deserved our protection were ended in a heartbeat. They striked without mercy… and no one did anything to stop them.
    We're horrorized and our hunger for revenge is insatiable. Our Supreme Chancellor Beauclair and the Commonwealth Parliament ordered me and the High Command to proceed at our own discretion. With that mantle of responsability, i declare the extermination of every member of the Horde and whoever helps them.
    My soldiers, we're in state of war without prisoners. All fleets have orders to protect the borders of the Commonwealth and the UNE and every able man and woman will be called to arms. From now on until their total extermination, every member of their species have a price on their head and you have the duty of make them pay. We won't show mercy to the Gammas because they didn't had mercy. My fellow warriors, i order you to destroy them and every collaborationist without hesitation. From now, their cities will be grounded, their culture erased from history and their kin will be hunted as the beast they are. Their leaders and the Khan will be forced to see and pay their stupidity. Their allies and collaborators will suffer their same fate.
    For us, every planet with human life is sacred just like Holy Earth or Unity. Because of that, we will protect our brothers in the UNE and defend every planet with human life until our last dying breath. We swore to be the protectors of mankind, to carry the spirit of our Manifest Destiny and to devoute our abilities and lifes to protect our sacred right to exist. We will prevail."

  16. "To further the universal rights of all sentient life." Except for whoever destroyed our planet. May their Xeno gods have mercy on them, for man's justice surely will not. By the blood of our innocent they will burn.

  17. After this trailer i always found myself kinda liking the UNE more.
    I always play as an authoritarian empire, and usually the UNE gets into a lot of trouble with the eradicators or purifiers that almost all the time spawn near them. So i always watch this battle being fought, but damn, i always protech Sol.
    In my last playtrough, when there were only 3 empires remained, 1 was a fallen one, 1 was me, covering almost the entire galaxy, and 1 was the UNE with one system (which of course was the solar system).

  18. Executor Robert Fullon, in shock, drops the datapad. The stream of the events from the UNE still playing as it falls. His aid looks on, a terrified look on his face.

    "E-Executor? The Commonwealth will need to be addressed…what…are your orders?"

    The Executor looks up. As the ruler of the Commonwealth of Man, his next decision will be the most important he has ever made in his life.

    He takes a breath.

    "Send this message across our space: The UNE has fallen. Earth…our far away homeworld…is gone. Ready the fleets. In the name of lost Earth, and all of humanity…

    The xeno scum…will be purged.

  19. "E para promover os direitos universais de toda vida sensiente" Mas que merda de juramento heim…
    Quem joga stellaris mesmo, sabe que o lance é ser fanatic xenophobic shuahusuahs
    Enfim algum br ai ?

  20. It's nice to see the mono-culture destroy diversitopia. Maybe they should've gone for the best military instead of just checking boxes on an anti-white-male list

  21. I once had a very bad situation in my gameplay. I was in a war against Unbidden and then from other side came the Horde. I could spare only few ships and a fleet in making to defend that border. There was a fortress world named Apaxia. Defenses failed, space bastion couldn't hold them off, ships were crushed and I had to rely on FTL inhibitor on planet to hold the enemy before I get a chance to get fleets from battles with Unbidden. But then, colossus came and I knew I was in trouble. Huge enemy fleet was bombarding Apaxia and even colossus joined. At that point, I knew I lost this battle. And with that, Horde would gain full access to entire undefended sector of my Empire of Earth. But then… as all hope seemed lost… cavalry arrived. Fleet after fleet came rushing from gate. My allies came to help. 6 fleets, each being over 70k. In glorious, FPS draining battle, they crushed the Horde, protected Apaxia and chased them into to other systems.
    Thanks to their save, I managed to finish defensive fleet on this side of border and regain control of situation. I sure as hell gave them the reward in form of all kinds of resources they needed.
    But as my ships fought that hopeless battle at the beginning, I was imagining them chanting the oath, facing the obvious defeat, just to give people on surface time to prepare for defense and allied forces to come. I imagined soldiers on Apaxia, biting the ground as enemy laid siege, yet they didn't falter, never giving up hope that help will arrive.

  22. There are three things in this world I can't see without crying:
    – The end of "Logan"
    – Coco, the Pixar movie
    – This trailer

  23. You know what Stellaris needs? Single player story campaign. It has awesome potential for story and becoming new strong franchise standing besides giants like Homeworld..

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