Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪When I was a kid…there was a place.A dark place.They closed it down
and let it rot.
But the things that
lived there…
-Hello, Danny.they come back.♪♪♪Not many ride the bus
this far north.
You running away
from something? I’m running away
from myself, I guess.Hi.You can hear me.You’re magic… like me. I don’t know about magic. I always called it the shining.The world is a hungry place.A dangerous place.These people… they hurt people like us.These empty devils…they’ll eat what shines.And they’ve noticed
that little girl. Well, hi there. Get out of my head!
Get out! I haven’t felt power
like that in so long. They’re coming. ♪♪♪Where are we going?There’s a place. You sure you want to do this? I’m ready. Yes, you run, dear… and then I will find you… and you will scream for years.Come and play with us…forever and ever.

100 thoughts on “Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

  1. I never seen any ads or anything for this trailer at all I only saw this in a bus stop glass ad hope this movie does good

  2. I wish they would cast actors based on ability instead of pandering to the inclusivity horde. Little girl can't act at all, and woman "badguy" is a joke.

  3. ROOSTER TEETH MADE IT INTO A MOVIE! Pretty badass. Notice the RWBY posters at 1:58. If you pause it at the right moment you'll see the posters.

  4. Almost no character in the book is named by race in the book except for two or three. And just the one that really should be white, because Crow Daddy calls her goldilocks (because of her blonde hair and blue eyes) is portrayed as black. I don't get it. ANY other character I would have totally gotten behind. But not Abra, that's just strange.

  5. Some of clips are pretty accurate to what I saw in my head. The book was enjoyable. I don't have high hopes for this movie but perhaps I will be delighted. Recomend the book if you're a King fan

  6. There's something a little overly clean about Flanagan's directing that has rubbed me the wrong way in the past. Maybe the casting of people that are just a tad too glitzy and beautiful to feel believable, and his shooting style is a little sterile… But hell, this looks like it might be a great interpretation of the novel.

  7. Any cameo appearances from Jack Nicholson???

    Basically a follow up from the Shinning.

  8. ive seen shining a 100 times and i still enjoy every minute of it every time i watch so this has big shoes to fill but looks good enough to haul my ass to the theatre for a 20dollar bucket of popcorn

  9. I understand that a majority of you are enthralled with this trailer after watching pseudo intellectual YouTuber's rattling on about the greatness of the first movie but, this new movie is just in poor taste. I realised this when Obi Wan & the diversity checklist decide to revisit the Overlook hotel. I do not deny the existence of the 'Doctor Sleep' novel, for it is a story written as a continuation by the original author of 'The Shining' I only deny the existence of this movie. For Mr. Kubrick isn't here to oversee it. Why do I ask for that kind of approval? Because Stephen King is known to have disliked Kubrick's adaption. To him, it's an entirely different vision. So, to really ride the whole ''This is an adaption of a sequel to The Shining'' only to portray this movie as a direct sequel to Kubrick's movie (They have even recreated shots in this movie from Kubrick's movie as a homage) It all comes off as very cheap.

  10. Who's actually surprised this is now less psychological horror and more a script written for an entitled child/multi cultural/equal rights audience.

    Well, I'm off to go buy some bleach and orange juice.

  11. I kinda hope they disregard Dick’s movie death. Really made me sad when he died. It would be nice if he made a return.

  12. I'm hoping this is gonna be good, Flanagan is a good director/writer. But I have gotten so fucking fed up with hearing "yOu SuRe YoU wAnNa Do ThIs?"

    "iM rEaDy"

    ….all the time in trailers/movies. So cringy.

  13. As a reader first of this novel I am so pleasantly surprised by the casting. Very well thought of. And I am especially happy about the casting of Abra. It's lovely to see diversity even when not explicitly pointed out in the original book

  14. I'll be honest, movie trailers… especially for movies adapted from a book, aren't fooling me anymore. WARNING! SLIGHT SPOILERS! I can't see how they're going to juggle Abra's storyline, Danny's storyline and the True Knot's without cutting out a lot of shit. I mean a looooot of shit. They're probably gonna rush Abra and Danny, having them meet within first 20 minutes. Doc was killed and the Overlook burned to the ground in the movie 'The Shining', but not in the novel. So, they'll nix 8-year-old Danny, Doc and Mrs. Massey from 217. They'll probabaly cut out Tommy, they'll cut out the 9/11 references and Rattlesnake joining the Knot. They might cut out Rattlesnake completely or have her unnamed, just chillin' in the back ground. Most Stephen King adaptations are f****ing terrible. We all know the few good ones, buuut… I guess we'll see.

  15. Damn. And this trailer was almost two minutes and thirty-seven
    seconds long, if you get the idea. And where is all of Kubrick's
    credit for the Overlook Hotel interiors that they redid?

  16. All these new horror movies lack that chill factor back in the old days. Almost like a supernatural thriller rather than an unnerving horror flick.

  17. Gonna admit, I was half-expecting Danny to say something along the lines of "We need a team" and fucking 80's mini-series Tim Curry Pennywise appears and has a badass fucking fight with New-Pennywise. I don't even know why I was expecting that, now that I think about it.

  18. Yeah no, I don't have much faith in this. I know Stephen King never liked Kubrick's Shining but in my humble opinion Kubrick had more talent than King ever had. Also the aestethics of this, which is basically the only thing one can properly judge from just a trailer, looks like I dunno, some Netflix original.

  19. This looks good cus just got watched the shining with Nicholson in it it was great especially his acting. Can’t wait to watch sequel to it with general kenobi

  20. Funny how King always says he hates the Shining movie and yet they have totally cribbed all Kubrick's designs for this spin-off…

  21. This movie is kind of based on the best-selling novel of Stephen King I read the book doctor sleep, and I'm very disappointed with this movie trailer, because in the book Danny actually finds out he has a sister and the sister's daughter is Danny's niece that also has The Shining.. and this looks like she is not the niece… but if you haven't read the book you wouldn't no this there's other aspects in this trailer that are not even remotely in the book.. guess I'll have to watch the movie in November to determine my decision on the movie.. also Stephen King wasn't very thrilled with The Shining movie either…

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