Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪Just talk to the kid.You’re magic, like me.Now I need you to listen to me.The world’s a hungry place.A dark place.Hi, there.I only met two or
three people like us.
They died.When I was a kid,
I bumped into these things.
I don’t know about magic. I… I always called it the shining.

100 thoughts on “Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

  1. Get the impression that most of the people commenting here have not read the book. Jack Nicholson appearing in this movie is quite logical. Critical moment in the book as I recall as well.

  2. The little girl Abra may have double trouble with Rose the Hat and Pennywise the clown. LOL. Do not go chasing paper sailboats leading to storm drains honey. May lead to Pennywise. Seriously though the "Doctor Sleep" book was great. I just hope the movie is good too.

  3. I wonder if Danny discovers the picture of the July 4th Ball 1921, showing a man that looks very similar to his father. My theory on the shining is that Jack had family history in that hotel that he didn’t know about, which is why the paranormal activity was very easily able to control Jack from the beginning 👍.

  4. What made The Shining so good and different was that it didn't have a cold colour grade on top, the snowy weather, the soundtrack and THE HOTEL itself was a character.

  5. I dont keep up to date with Stephen King books but I like how they addon to the old stories from the 1980s and mix it with the newer generation. The new Star Wars movies suck.

  6. The movie and book are completely different stories as anybody who watched Stanley Kubrick explain would know. And it's also why stephen king hated it. Half of the movie never really took place it was jack writing his horror novel because he was getting cabin fever. You can tell what's real and what's in the book by a few indicators such as furniture and when it's missing and the typewriter jack is using. I'd have to watch a little more to see where it breaks off but if I remember correctly there is nothing supernatural to the movie which is why king disliked it so much. Idk how this is going to directly follow considering in the movie there was really no shine. It was Jack's imagination and Danny's coping mechanism from being molested by his father. Unless they ignore what the film was about and pretend it directly follows the book I dont see how this will work. Although I'm excited

  7. So… we're going back to the Overlook ? They better make this right… I kinda fear they fill the movie with heavy-handed nostalgia, like "oh look we're putting the twins, and there's the broken door too, and did I mention the twins ?". Oh well, wait and see.

  8. I wish they would just leave great movies like The Shining alone, and not try to get a buck off it by making a sequel.

  9. Stars shining bright above you. Night breezes seem to whisper I love you. Birds singing in the Sycamore trees. Dream a little dream of me.

  10. 1:38–2:10, listen closely, it's sort of like a haunted remix of 2001: A Space Odyssey from the legendary Kubrick and Mike Flanagan said that so much passion and love is being put in this film so much that they're remaking/or reusing the same set's from the original.

  11. Why do studios still think that making sequels to Kubrick films is a good idea? Didn't they learn anything from 2010?

  12. the woman walking out of the movie theatre is a character called andrea steiner.. she was raped by her father at the age of 8 until she was 16..then she killed her father with her mother's knitting needle in his balls and eyes… at 42 shes in that movie theater with a man she puts to sleep with her "shine" and robs his money.. rose the hat sees this as shes been tracking andrea and takes her "steam" … absolute class fuckin book.

  13. Naturally magically spiritually in this reality/ I'll destroy you/ LGBTQ toy wit you/ we aint confused/ you old news

  14. Honestly as long as they do not remake The Shining because The Shining is a MASTERPIECE horror film. 💁🏻‍♀️💛

  15. Loved everything except that music in the middle of the trailer. I hate when trailers have that cliche kind of music playing when they are showing names and who it's made by. Just keep it scary.

  16. Me: Something Is Missing Throws Lightsaber To Ewan McGregor

    Ewan McGregor: Catches Lightsaber Hello There

    Me: There We Go

    Ewan McGregor: HIGHGROUND!!!!!!!

  17. An abandoned Overlook Hotel! To be honest I would never think that the hotel was left to rot! Can't wait to see recreations of the original set but withered! I really hope the original actors (Shelly Duvall and Jack Nicholson) appear in this!

  18. Oh gosh! The trailer music disturbed my head. I felt panic, craziness, fear. In other hand Ewan looks so fucking hot!

  19. Audiences: it's a good movie.

    Rotten Shit tomatoes: "It lacks creativity" "TOo mcuh vioLencE" "It's aN UnnEceSAry sQeuel"

  20. God, this is such a wonderfully crafted trailer. The quiet restraint of "talk to the kid" after the "Redrum" chalkboad buildup is so intriguing.

  21. I think what people need to realize, is that this movie is based purely off a concept introduced in the original movie. It shows some clear call-backs, but overall the atmosphere and vibe will be quite different without Nicholson and especially Stanley Kubrick's unique touch. Still interested in this though, hope they revisit the Overlook Hotel / Gold Room.

  22. i feel like this trailer was way to reliant on imagery from the shining. so much to live up to, i can't imagine it will even come close to the original.

  23. I read the "Doctor Sleep" book and it was great. But I think this movie will be a cross between The book and the Stanley Kubrick "The shining" movie. Hope it's good.

  24. Looks like shit. Too bad. That first shot in the trailer….really? Did art department have a half day to do that on the stage? Stale uninspired production design…even the shots they had to recreate from the original. They should have gotten a great director for this, Brad Anderson, John Hillcoat…..huge missed opportunities. Like the crappy Dark Tower film……sad. The only thing redeeming is Ewan M. but when the performances and craft look this bad in the trailer…doesn't bode well.

  25. Stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen! You've got to be kidding me! The girl in the dumb hat looks like a leftist antifa Cunt! Is she supposed to be scary or something? First the Star Wars franchise was destroyed because of feminazis and the sequel to Ghost Busters! Now we get Charlies Angels ( dikes ) and this crap! PLEASE!

  26. Cuando fui al cine hace unas pocas semanas y vi la cartelera sabia que redrum venia del resplandor pero cuando lo vi como avance ahi descubri que son del mismo universo

  27. I don't know if its because how this teaser made but it looks like an eclectic mixture of visuals from the original movie and from the new one without a proper blending. It feels like two different movies bolted together instead of flowing through each other with a proper look development.

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