Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods – Available now from Digital Theatre

Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods – Available now from Digital Theatre

Digital Theatre presents
Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s…
♪ Careful what you say
Careful the wish you make ♪ Wishes are children… ♪Recorded live at Regent’s Park
Open Air Theatre.
♪ Wishes come true… ♪Watch this Olivier Award winning
musical in high definition.
♪ Stay with me ♪ The world is dark and wild… ♪ ♪ Agony! Misery! Woe!
Though it’s different for each – ♪ Always ten steps behind
– ♪ Always ten feet below ♪ And she’s just out of reach… ♪ ♪ A little world
Is all I have to see… ♪ ♪ Into the woods to lift the spell
Into the woods to lose the longing ♪ Into the woods to have the child
To wed the prince, to get the money ♪ To save the house, to kill the wolf
To find the father ♪ To conquer the kingdom
To have, to wed, to get, to save ♪ To kill, to keep
To go to the festival ♪ Into the woods! Into the woods! ♪ Into the woods
Then out of the woods… ♪Into The Woods is available
to download now.
♪ ..And happy ever after! ♪ (APPLAUSE)Digital Theatre – be there.

83 thoughts on “Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods – Available now from Digital Theatre

  1. I think I must be one of very few people who did not enjoy this production. Cheap and unecesarry jokes were made throughout, and some of the changes made were utterly foolish. Its worth downloading for the fantastic (in most cases) design and the pretty much flawless cast, but if you're a Stephen Sondheim fan, and do not enjoy seeing his masterpeices butchered, don't watch this.

  2. I may try to find a way to purchase a download of this, because I get chills everytime I watch the trailer, plus I love Hannah Waddingham.

  3. @wickedfeylady Raounzel's alcoholism, the ridiculous "festival" attire for Cinderella, including dreadlocks, headphones and a nose ring. The totally random "comic" use of British flags in Ever After, the re-adding of the Bridge to Children Will Listen (there's a reason that is cut, and only used in concert performances.) and the most obvious; the Child narrator with the Baker father. Changed the whole message and feel of the final scene, it didn't work or emphasise a stronger message. Pointless.

  4. @footlightz Well, I thought the device of the narrator sounded interesting, but I will withhold judgment on it. The rest of what you mentioned, however, sounds rather silly

  5. Saw this production and recently bought the download- it's a fantastic production with a new and interesting spin and beautifully captured on video..tremendous…

  6. Its a cool concept, especially with it being IN the woods, the child as the narrator and Rapunzel in a tree but overall this version creeps me out. I'll have to watch it to fully judge it.

  7. This is kind of creepy looking but I am looking forward to seeing this, I always love looking at new interpretations of old musicals and I have to admit that this looks pretty good. As much as I love the original (nothing will replace it) I really think this will be a cool take also and I love the set and the costumes, especially this witch, because to me it just looks so fantastical and magical like they really are in a different world from us. Can't wait to see it!!

  8. i did this musical at school just a while ago! i love it! its really good! i want to find the movie but can't find it! HELP! please 🙂

  9. Hi there, just go to our website; which is in the description underneath the video. Unfortunately YouTube won't let me add in to this comment. Happy watching!

  10. I loved how this version didn't just try to copy the original but far from it took a totally different interpretation. It brought the story very close to reality for me and was both haunting and heartbreaking at the same time. I just loved the new take on the classic.

  11. Am I the only one who enjoys or at least respects the new versions of the show minus the whole kid and his father side story?

  12. Considering the play is based on a re-rendition of 'classic' fairytales kind of invalidates your argument don't you think? So puffing up about how great originals are kind of makes you a hypocrite in this case. Considering this is a DARK HUMOR rendition you're taking it far too seriously and missing the point of this interpretation completely. If it kept to the 'original' rendition there would be no point in interpretation at all and we might as well stop writing books and making art as a whole.

  13. This one would probably be decent but, nothing can beat Bernadette Peters as the Witch. That one is just hands down phenominal!

  14. I wish you didn't have to pay a stupid amount to watch this 🙁 I'm a poor girl interested in theatre! There's no hope!!

  15. ¿Que hacer para conseguirlo?. Seria estupendo con subtítulos en español. Tengo el de Bernardette Peters que es estupendo, pero… QUIERO ESTE!!!. También estoy esperando la película. ¡Que los dioses me sean favorables!

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  17. The original production was created quite a while ago in NYC, the London production was quite different and the Broadway revival added new elements and a new song or two. There is no right or wrong way to produce a particular show. Each Director is an artist (we hope) that will create a new piece of theatre with each producion.

  18. Awesome show.  Too bad I couldn't watch it.  Company doesn't have the best customer support. 🙁

  19. phenomenal staging. intensely touching. one of the only few productions that fits right into the park along with its set, sondheim's brilliant music and the interesting direction. perfection.

  20. boa noite,brasil rio de janeiro,gostaria que o saite colocasse toas as pecas de teatro e musicais completos,obrigado pela atenção.

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