Stray Dog Acting Weird Saves Puppies & Injured Mama After Owner Dies – Hope For Dogs

Stray Dog Acting Weird Saves Puppies & Injured Mama After Owner Dies – Hope For Dogs

Melissa you’re going to be on your way
from your place at the devoted barn and you’re coming up here and I’ll send you
the information and you know I don’t really know what’s going to happen I
think everybody’s going to be ok with this dog going and finding a new home
and I think they’re going to be very open to getting some help for the rest
of the dogs that are here as well wa2 s films an award-winning nonprofit
conceived to explore observe and produce programs about human animal interaction on this episode what I love I love to
help people like this just right you know we get kind of a bad rap here and
these are great little communities and people that are just trying to do the
right thing you know trying to help their dogs they took over the dog from
somebody who passed away and they just need a little bit of assistance so we
love that love to be able to help them so you’ve talked to these people before
I am okay second time chat will yesterday lovely people actually March I
think you’re going to get picked on and they shouldn’t – they’re nice they’re
just pork doing ethic so I’m just coming out here to see if I can help with the
dog that you have as puppies probably she has an embedded collar
oh yeah up she does what we’re trying to do is we’re just going to keep it the
owner he passed away so we’re going to keep the dog um yeah you can help um
what we’re trying to do they really just hear somatic light actually yeah get us
some medical kit to make sure she’s okay with the puppy baby and uh the puppies
are real good Billie young the tuna they were three and the guy who gave one away
oh-o-oh see like a bow kind of about four weeks ago four weeks
maybe they’re really healthy really good shape at anything we’ll give me a few
minutes ago well and you’re also interested in wife oh yeah if you can
tell me about Wylie if we can help him out I don’t know he’s hurt
usually hey mister go thank you nearly somewhere he’s a good dog you know he
was a string so we’ll have the puppy and he gave me last time yeah I think he’d
be a good dog a real great dog to that I don’t me myself personally I don’t mind
if you take he’s a real good dog he deserves it and again she doesn’t have a
mean to take care of her so well if we could what I would love to do if we
could get mama is she still nursing the party oh yeah she if we could get her
and I would take her to the vet and have whatever needs to be done medically we
could actually bring her back to you if you want to keep her absolutely love you
out with that but we need to get that taken care of people can buy the collar
can have Zoey – okay Polartec thank you we’ll have Marla target oh she should
come back she an older daughter wrote about you oh my grandma did you guys oh
my gosh mom is doing a good job Mama’s doing a good job McGirt atta boy
yeah yeah I know he an eldest carries abruzzo am I here you just want to get a
runaway hi baby we’re gonna keep these I’m going to get
deep guys big okay and mom I don’t know what might keep our might never say say
oh my goodness are you so cute good son are they eating regular food now
yep they’d make a food I see you – what are you doing oh yes they are
yes watching would it be okay if we would help you with production I’m
assuming depending on how bad things got a color okay but I don’t want it to take
from me I am fine a day as long as I can get
connected with able to burn thing I’m gonna help you find her because he’s
here my people could either puffy soup yeah and he’s been here to see this
morning oh very beautiful wow yeah the owner had him I really think earthy they
moved away I really do think that could happen but uh these guys evening keep these guys and get mom get them
back here and then we’ll do something we can you know somehow get like an outfit
when you guys thing is this you with this one she went that way and then that
way baby don’t most baby I’m going to hold them
for men I don’t want them run in the road I’m going to see if I have one of
my cars that have my friends real quick wait no wait oh mama
okay so this is my that’s my cell phone number on there okay yes move oh well he
knows what she looks like after he has the collar thing next to me she will
come back hoping it’s old you guys we gotta wait on me
can we brought one crate my dog is loose in the car so let me get her back right
here why can I give you a treat good boy what is it boy where’s your friend you see it’s not to
kind of see how he feels but I’m sure it never had a leash on okay just a little
bit of we’re connected oh we’re just kind of doing slow and running out of
drink slow kind of counter conditioning installation will you be going to the
vet today I’m with mom so yeah so the objective will be for you in and Mama to
get to the bank and then if we can get back here to much good really good
lightly you know he’s probably never had a
lesion so because he worked hard I’m going to give him one no pressure
go back I’ll just look a little bit more with this too much pressure so nothing Bad’s happening to him so
he’s having a good experience so when we do have to be be mean and put the leash
on he’s already had some good experiences where nothing Bad’s happened
you got a good treat good job buddy you’re the bully I’ve been give me too
many why I want you to get sick that’s why we can drown through it okay good
job you got again I was so good all the way there’s good boy son no training dog
Trixie holding all goes into 101 I’ll are sitting on a student on the east
side of the tree we’ve known you for many many years if you do so you do you
bring awareness to stray dogs well I run the world animal Awareness Society in WH
us films and what we do is we create various programs to help actually
increase the impact of rescues and organizations like yours and in doing so
when we come across this and we come across
dogs in need we feel compelled we can’t just leave that animal in that situation
but they’re there design of story guys there they’re out there surveying
they’re not a rescue they’re just out finding the problems and selling this
I don’t have anything see now do you guys see what he’s doing he’s going to
the leash and looking for a tree leashes now for him equal treats which is good
so then when we do ha leeches mean treats you guys like to
come into the leash this time put a leash on it’s going to be a party a
party yeah we good thing thank you that’s a millisecond for a treat I would
you I’m liking this a galactic I’m liking you Wiley a lot now if you don’t
have a little bit of blood on him and I’m trying to figure out where it’s
coming from he does have a little bit of lemon and
startop where’s that blood coming from bloody poison so slip and roll over so
we worked and roll over that gun play with me rough right haul I want to look
so you just have a little bit of blood coming off of his penis brain with the
tip wait is Egyptians I’m going to see I want to see on your belly can I look at
your belly cookies you’ve got a little bit of blood under penis buddy just kind
of a problem that is a problem used to be oh man is he cute so I might
talk because he is bleeding from his penis barn family who’s all on here who
can make their way up to decided to turn it for me with a pen on the back of the
car okay look good girl yeah that’s a good girl I got shot yesterday all right it’s open
but I think the car might off but it looks like the skin i shot yesterday
well hungry their mamas little Honda see if we can work your way out for snacks we you buddy all right we’re off to the vet off
to the vet to have them looked over we cific River Raisin in Monroe okay so um
we are headed to the vet with her so her nuts the color is off but she definitely
has a lot of damage on the top hopefully it does she got what we gonna make her
come away come away me hey hey we’re International run down to the badges I
mean I’ll make you wilee boy help save a life today your
donation will send the world animal Awareness Society team on our next
mission from all of us here at the world animal Awareness Society and WH OS films
thank you for watching we’ll see you next time
it’s an animal world out there watch the world animal Awareness Society channel
and feel right at home come sit subscribe and stay a while

94 thoughts on “Stray Dog Acting Weird Saves Puppies & Injured Mama After Owner Dies – Hope For Dogs

  1. Help the World Animal Awareness Society save thousands of at risk dogs working with dozens of dog rescues around the world. The work never stops, and we need you. Donate and help us help rescuers save more lives!

    It would be so helpful if everybody would share the video on their Facebook pages, on Twitter and all other social media networks. Let the commercial adverts run, they help the dog rescuers. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. People in this world is so cruel like this women is like the saviour of like humanity and animals. I would love to like her when I finish school

  3. Its one thing to be poor, and another to realize you dont have thr means and not make the right choice. I'm sure many people are still nice even if they're poor, but if you KNOW u dont have the means then ask for help. Don't wait

  4. That dog must have been tied before since he's cautious with the tie. The dude did a great job caring for them, stray but still mingle with humans. He clearly doesn't want to give him up but doesn't verbally say it.

  5. Those are the healthiest dogs I have ever seen in my life. They look like they could be in shows. Their coats are super glossy, they look happy and well-fed, the puppies are bouncing around like they haven't a care in the world — like, yes, the mama dog is doing a great job with them, but she wouldn't be able to do that if she wasn't being well taken care of herself. This guy is a hero. He may be poor, but what resources he has, he is clearly more than willing to share <3

    edit: medical issues aside, of course. Like, they've got some stuff going on that needed more help than the man could provide himself, but what's really great is that when he realized that, he called someone. Honestly this dude is great.

  6. He is a good man, atleast he is doing a Godโ€™s work, by helping this dogs by adopting them.
    Please update us ya…
    Thank you people for also helping these doggies.. God bless all.

  7. I don't understand the whole video though, the two puppies are so cute, friendly and healthy.
    When I read comments, I was so surprised that the guy is not that rich but he can take care them so well.
    Money really cannot proof if someone is good or bad.

  8. Ist i wnt to giv tanxs to dat guy fr infrmng da lady to sav the pups n mom. Secndly to da lady fr rescuing dem fr bettr lif…

  9. God bless the man for takeing care about dogs !He is kind and loving human beaing ๐Ÿ’“ Thank you all for helping dogs !You are doing excellent work !

  10. That guy has a good heart but it doesn't look like he can afford to take care of 3 dogs, I just hope they are well fed and he doesn't make them sleep outside with all that trash.

  11. Ella es mejor ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ! que el encantador de perros .

  12. You can just tell that man loved those puppies. The puppies were cubby and happy. So was the mother. My dog had a litter of 10. Itโ€™s not cheap. Stop the hate.

  13. The black guy is trying to do the best he can. I'm pretty sure most other people in that community would do nothing for the dogs…except kick them off their property.

  14. I am really surprised when I see such videos.
    I mean, that's the US, the land of opportunity, a rich country.
    But everywhere garbage is lying around. In gardens, under houses, behind houses. In between, strays again and again. People do not seem to care about their property or their environment. I would not have expected that from the USA.

  15. All pets should have to get health check every so often so often for everybody nobody excluded like a drivers license so we know tha animals are taken care of.

  16. We donโ€™t have strays in my neighborhood much because thereโ€™s some kind of animal place here in town that captures dogs regardless of whom they belong to and send all dogs to the east. Coast for some reason. I Sam reason they will not offer any information and I have to leave.

  17. Props to that man for taking care of those dogs even though he was not doing well financially. I hope he is living a good life.

  18. Sadly there's a lot of poverty in America and I don't think that a poor person cannot be a good pet owner. I don't make much money living in Taiwan most of it goes back home to help other family members for helping Taiwanese people that I know that these families. The truth is is anyone can be a good pet owner if they give all they have

  19. My family Adopted Wiley shortly after this video and he is doing great! Let me know if you want to do a video of his new life!

  20. Proof money cannot buy happiness. All this man wishes to do is help all of them . God bless him ,for he is rich at heart, and that has so much more value as a human being than being actually rich. The world is blinded by wealth, and false happiness. Enjoy the little things in life.

  21. So grateful that you rescued these dogs. This is the first time I have watched your videos which are really good, but became really frustrated with those ads cutting peoples' conversations in half….. It means that I shall have to forego watching them as I find that so annoying. They need to either show the full add at the beginning of the video or at the end.

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