Superhero Drama | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, Jeff Wittek & Jimmy Tatro

Superhero Drama | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, Jeff Wittek & Jimmy Tatro

>>SUPERMAN: Guys! Breakfast! Let’s go!>>WONDER WOMAN: Oh, since when do you make breakfast?>>SUPERMAN: Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!>>BATMAN: Good morning.>>SUPERMAN: Who the [BLEEP] is that?>>BATMAN: This is Cat Woman.>>WONDER WOMAN: What the [BLEEP] is she doing here? I mean…hey.>>BATMAN: So, uh, today, everyone met Cat Woman for the first time.>>WONDER WOMAN: I don’t like when these [BLEEP] come into my house, like get the [BLEEP] out.>>FLASH: I’d definitely smash.>>SUPERMAN: I got eggs, home fries and bacon.>>FLASH: This is vegan right?>>SUPERMAN: What?>>FLASH: I’m vegan now, you know this.>>CAT WOMAN: You’re vegan?
>>BATMAN: What do you mean you’re vegan now?>>FLASH: I’m vegan now. I don’t eat-
>>BATMAN: When did this…did you know about this?>>SUPERMAN: What the [BLEEP] does that mean?>>BATMAN: It means that he’s a [BLEEP], that’s what that means.>>WONDER WOMAN: Flash is a vegan now? Since when?>>SUPERMAN: You gotta stop with this [BLEEP] bro.>>BATMAN: We’re superheroes. We eat meat and [BLEEP].>>FLASH: You guys have to respect that I’m vegan.>>BATMAN: I don’t respect you.
>>CAT WOMAN: What kind of superhero are you anyway?>>FLASH: Who the [BLEEP] is this [BLEEP]?>>SUPERMAN: [BLEEP] the breakfast. Forget about, you know, we tried. Let’s just go for a walk. Okay? It’s a beautiful day.>>BATMAN: We’re figuring, you know, it’s a beautiful day outside…>>FLASH: I’m always down for a walk with the guys.>>BATMAN: Maybe we go for a walk. [SUPERHEROES CHATTING]>>SUPERMAN: Oh [BLEEP], it’s the Marvel guys.>>BATMAN: Oh [BLEEP].
>>WONDER WOMAN: Oh man.>>CAPTAIN AMERICA: Check it out, it’s [BLEEP] Superman and his loser friends.>>SUPERMAN: Ugh, this could not get any worse.>>BATMAN: [BLEEP] Marvel man.>>SUPERMAN: What’s up Captain [BLEEP]?>>CAPTAIN AMERICA: Oh, I’m the [BLEEP]?>>SUPERMAN: Yeah, you are.>>CAPTAIN AMERICA: Look at your tights bro. You can see your balls.>>WONDER WOMAN: Well at least he has balls idiot.>>SUPERMAN: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that.>>HULK: Who’s this [BLEEP]?
>>WONDER WOMAN: Who the [BLEEP] are you with your stupid mask?>>HULK: I’m the Hulk.>>BATMAN: Hold up. You’re the Hulk?>>HULK: Yeah?>>BATMAN: Wow. I mean you look way cooler in movies.>>SUPERMAN: Way cooler.>>BATMAN: I thought you were gonna be like big!>>HULK: At least our movie did numbers!>>CAPTAIN AMERICA: Yeah, we’ve seen Batman vs Superman bro. We want our money back.>>FLASH: Spiderman’s black?>>SUPERMAN: Yeah, I had no idea.>>SPIDERMAN: Yeah I’m black, you got a problem with that?>>FLASH: No. I just…no. It’s surprising.>>SPIDERMAN: Why is that surprising? Spiderman can’t be black?>>FLASH: I didn’t say that.>>SPIDERMAN: I feel like that’s what y’all saying, so I don’t know.>>WOLVERINE: Are you racist bro?>>FLASH: I’m not racist. I have a lot of black friends… In jail.>>SPIDERMAN: Hey man, what the [BLEEP].>>SUPERMAN: That’s it?>>BATMAN: What was that?
>>WONDER WOMAN: What the hell was that? You just ran out of web?>>SPIDERMAN: That’s my pre-web.>>FLASH: How the [BLEEP] was I supposed to know that Spiderman was black?>>SUPERMAN: Yo, Wolverine, Wolverine, let me ask you something, how much time do you put into your hair every morning?>>WOLVERINE: 3 hours.>>BATMAN: Oh wow. That was honest.
>>SUPERMAN: Really?
>>WOLVERINE: Yeah.>>SUPERMAN: It looks pretty good.
>>WOLVERINE: Thank you.
>>WONDER WOMAN: No. It looks like [BLEEP] [BLEEP].>>WOLVERINE: Hey, don’t worry about it Wonder Ho.>>WONDER WOMAN: Who the hell are you calling Wonder Ho? Oh [BLEEP] he’s got knives out of his hands. I have knives in the kitchen.>>IRON MAN: Maybe you should stay in the kitchen.>>WONDER WOMAN: Oh, good one bro.>>BATMAN: Yo, Iron Man, you look like a [BLEEP] transformer bro.>>FLASH: I’m a robot.
>>WONDER WOMAN: Ha-ha, loser.>>SPIDERMAN: Where did you get your costume from Flash? Huh, Party City?>>BATMAN: What are you doing?
>>WONDER WOMAN: Oh my God.>>SUPERMAN: Flash, Flash, Flash, it’s not a dance a dance battle Flash. It’s not a dance battle Flash. Stop, stop, stop, stop. Flash stop!>>SPIDERMAN: What’s this [BLEEP] doing?>>BATMAN: The Flash, it’s like I don’t even know why he comes to these things.>>CAPTIAN AMERICA: I’ve saved 20 people this week. What the [BLEEP] did you guys do?>>BATMAN: It’s not about numbers bro.
>>SUPERMAN: It’s not about the numbers bro. It’s not about the numbers. Relax.>>CAPTIAN AMERICA: Alright, well check this out.>>SUPERMAN: Okay, okay, check this out, check this out, check this out, check this out.>>WONDER WOMAN: Do that! Do that! Do that!>>FLASH: Can you do this?>>WONDER WOMAN: Boom.>>SPIDERMAN: Yo, that was like 2 seconds! Is that about the same time it takes you in bed, my [BLEEP].>>FLASH: Actually, I last 10 seconds, [BLEEP].>>WONDER WOMAN: What?
>>SUPERMAN: Flash, just don’t talk anymore.
>>FLASH: It’s a big difference.>>FLASH: I [BLEEP] hate Spiderman.>>WONDER WOMAN: Well, I bet none of you guys can do this.>>FLASH: Yup! Yup! [BLEEP] yeah!>>IRON MAN: Yo, yo guys, check this out. “I am Iron Man.”>>BATMAN: What the [BLEEP] was that?>>CAPTIAN AMERICA: I want to know what Batman can do.>>BATMAN: Why don’t you just shut up man?>>CAPTIAN AMERICA: No, no, no, you see we all have super powers, that’s what makes us superheroes.>>BATMAN: I said shut up man.>>CAPTIAN AMERICA: You’re nothing but a little human.>>BATMAN: Take that back right now! Take it back! He’s a [BLEEP] dick! You’re a dick!>>SUPERMAN: I love Batman, but feel bad for him, you know. I mean [BLEEP].>>WONDER WOMAN: It’s really hard for him. Don’t worry, we’ll get them next time.>>FLASH: I swear, you’re like the coolest superhero.>>WONDER WOMAN: Yeah, you have a mask, you’re Batman.>>BATMAN: No, you know what, I am upset. I am pissed off, okay. I am freaking PO’d right now?>>SUPERMAN: Batman relax.>>BATMAN: You don’t get it Superman, you’re a [BLEEP] alien, okay.>>FLASH: You’re over reacting.
>>BATMAN: You guys aren’t from this planet.>>SUPERMAN: Batman.
>>BATMAN: I’m going to go for a drive.>>WONDER WOMAN: Oh come on, don’t be so dramatic.
>>FLASH: Batman come back. Let’s go with him.
>>SUPERMAN: Where are you going bro?>>FLASH: Batman!
>>WONDER WOMAN: Come back, come on. We’ll get them for you, don’t worry.>>CAT WOMAN: Hey.>>SUPERMAN: Look bro. It’s not my fault. She was sitting there and she was looking super hot. Like… What…what are you doing here?>>CAT WOMAN: That was really dramatic, wasn’t it?>>SUPERMAN: Uh, kind of, yeah.>>CAT WOMAN: I figured I’d just stick around and maybe just, I don’t know, lick myself.>>SUPERMAN: Jesus Christ. Uh, well, Batman is, um…he went somewhere, but he should be back soon, so.>>CAT WOMAN: You know, it’s a big job for me to lick myself.>>SUPERMAN: Jesus, uh, okay…>>CAT WOMAN: Why don’t you come take a seat by me?>>SUPERMAN: Just until…just until he gets back. Alright, why not. Alright. So what’s the deal? Are you like a cat or a woman, like what’s up? [CAT WOMAN PURRING] Okay, cool, cool. It was [BLEEP] up, I know. I know it was [BLEEP] up. Cool, cool. Oh wow, that’s pretty cool.>>BATMAN: Sometimes when I need to blow off some steam, I go for a ride in the Batmobile, you know. I feel so much better you guys.>>SUPERMAN: Oh, oh, oh, woah bro, relax, relax, it’s not what it looks like.>>BATMAN: I just couldn’t believe it.>>SUPERMAN: Bro, look, I can explain.>>BATMAN: Oh!
>>SUPERMAN: Please relax bro. She’s crazy, she’s absolutely crazy. You didn’t tell me.>>BATMAN: Are you [BLEEP] kidding me right now? I leave for 5 minutes.>>SUPERMAN: I know. I know it looks bad.>>BATMAN: [BLEEP] fight me man.>>SUPERMAN: Batman, no. I’m not going to fight you.>>BATMAN: If you’re a man, you’ll [BLEEP] fight me.>>SUPERMAN: Batman, you’re my best friend. I’m not going to fight you right now.
>>BATMAN: Quit being a [BLEEP]. If you’re a superhero get up and fight me.>>SUPERMAN: Listen bro. Listen, listen. I don’t want to fight you back.
>>BATMAN: Get up and fight me!>>SUPERMAN: I don’t feel that. I don’t feel anything. I’m a superhero, that doesn’t hurt bro.>>BATMAN: Hit me!>>SUPERMAN: I didn’t want to do that bro. I didn’t. Batman. Batman. Come here. Wake up, wake up. I’m sorry bro. I didn’t mean it. Look at me, look at me, look at me. Are you good?>>BATMAN: Yeah.>>SUPERMAN: We can’t let this cat [BLEEP] [BLEEP] this up.>>BATMAN: Yeah.
>>SUPERMAN: We’re too good of friends.>>BATMAN: We are, dude we are.
>>SUPERMAN: I love you bro.>>BATMAN: I love you. Please don’t ever hit me again.>>SUPERMAN: I won’t, I won’t. I promise.>>BATMAN: Okay.
>>SUPERMAN: I love you.>>BATMAN: At the end of the day man, super bros before super ho’s.>>SUPERMAN: We good?
>>BATMAN: We’re good.
>>SUPERMAN: Good good. I love you bro.
>>BATMAN: We’re good, we’re good.>>SUPERMAN: Where the [BLEEP] is Flash, by the way?>>FLASH: Do you want to make out?>>CAT WOMAN: No.
>>FLASH: Okay, cool.

85 thoughts on “Superhero Drama | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, Jeff Wittek & Jimmy Tatro

  1. None of the avengers actually have superpowers, except for the SUPERHEROS! so in my opinion the superhero’s win even tho there nothing to Batman, and they should’ve said “ Well ur cheap ass suit don’t even fit u fat bitch” to Spider-Man

  2. Captain America he just has a shield batman has a batmobel and a grapling houk and more then what i said
    😠oh your mad now hu i dont care loser

  3. Ammm if I know so Batman is actually a guines bc he makes Avery my hem self so don't feel bad about your self Yu know what u have sighing that u didn't know u have

  4. Batman: plz don't hit me again
    Superman:I won't I wont, my mama told me never to hit women
    Batman:😨 man i only thought you were only racist
    Superman: no I'm not

  5. Captain America doesn’t have powers
    Iron man doesn’t have powers
    Hulk’s power was an accident
    Wolverine just got lucky

  6. Captain America: We all have superpowers

    Iron man: (got nervous)

    Batman: Atleast I don't need doctors to get strong

    Captain America and Hulk:……..

  7. Captain America says batman don't have powers so he's not a super hero but iron man doesn't have powers either he just has a iron suit

  8. 3:53 let's see. Iron Man is in a suit, spider Man made his own webs, any one can replacate wolverine claws. And Captain America litterly has a boomarang sheild

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