Surya Ki Gang | Thaanaa Serndha Koottam | New Tamil Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Suriya, Keerthy Suresh

Surya Ki Gang | Thaanaa Serndha Koottam | New Tamil Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Suriya, Keerthy Suresh

I have fallen in love with ‘I Love’. “I love you.” I feel ‘Wow’. Mr. Prakash Pandey,
here’s your first question. Who shot Gandhiji? Brother, Godse. Say Godse.
– Yes, I will. Doctor…
– You please stop. Let him speak. Will I recover?
– Can you hear me? When I see them…
– Godse. Nobody is getting well.
– Brother, come on, say it. Brother, come on. Say it.
– Please cure me. He’s not able to understand. Sir, there were two people
with surname ‘Singh’. Satwant Singh and Balwant Singh. Sir, both were walking together. 33 gun shots were fired on the chest and she died on the spot. Sir, didn’t you ask
about Indira Gandhi? I asked so
because my qualification is M.A, M.Phil. Mahatma Gandhi was shot by Godse,
is an easy question. Sir, I am a clerk and
I will remain one all my life. My son wants to be a CBI officer. He is capable of it, sir. Sir, when we ask about their ambitions children normally say that
they wish to be doctors or engineers. But, my child wants
to be a CBI officer. It’s my dream too.
Sir, if you oblige… Perform well, all of you. You are sure to get
into police this time, isn’t it? The bus is here. Do well, all of you.
Come back with good news. Okay. Bye.
– Okay. Sir, pay for the tea. Go away. Your qualification is M.A, M.Phil.
and yet applied for a clerk’s job? Yes, sir. – Do you realize
that you are over qualified for it? Sir, my job is to give
tokens at cycle stand. This job is like a cakewalk to me.
I will do it. sir. Madam, I have not come with
anyone’s recommendation. You will be a part
of tomorrow’s interview along with Uttam sir. My son is so capable that
he’d clear the interview on his own. I just hope that Uttam sir does not
become the spoilsport in it. Please manage it somehow, madam.
– I will manage. Thank you so much, madam.
– I told about myself. Do some other job.
Why do you want to be in police itself? Wives would scorn all the time in this
profession. Some other job is better. Look… It takes time to get the job
of our choice. I cannot change for wife’s sake. You will understand when you marry. Stick. Sir, I wanted to meet your senior
to speak regarding job vacancy. I have spoken to sir about your job. Go and meet him.
– I hope he does not demand bribe. We will see that later.
You first go and meet him. Pandey, What will we gain
if you are offered this job? Do you have money? No, I don’t.
I will earn only when I work. Yet, you are asking me
to bribe you for job. Please give this job to me. I shall pay you from my earnings. Isn’t that okay with you? So, I hope you would
offer me the job. Pandey, you are quite talky. If you are offered this job,
you would have a great future. God bless you. Listen to my words carefully. The ongoing recruitment is
that of sub inspector of police. The total number of vacancies
in it is 1811. But, the number of applications
received for it are 42,933. The requirement is minimal while applicants are plenty. Let me frankly tell you that among the 1811 seats 300-400 seats would be based on merit. Rest, would go to recommendations
from higher authorities, to those who bribe or to someone
with a political influence. This is how the system works. Out of them,
40 seats are under our control. We charge Rs. 85,000-1,00,000 for it. You have come here
on Sharma sir’s recommendation. So, let’s fix it at Rs 75,000.
What do you say? Sir, this is my fourth attempt. I am doubtful if I would be
among the first 300 candidates. But, I am sure that I could
secure a place within 1811 seats. If you go by rules…
– He will win, sir. We will win, sir. If everything goes in the right
way, the right people would win. Incapable people
are at a higher position while capable ones are non-existent. Am I right, sir? Are you too trying to
get into police force? – Police… No. I am not interested in it. Sir, my track is different. But, my friend dreams
to be in the police. Sir, if someone does not
perform well in the interview it does not matter if he does
not get the job. But, when faced with rejection even
after doing well, one gets dejected. Sir, it hampers confidence. Such people start
to question their own ability. Mind gets confused in those situations. I am asking you to give Rs. 75,000
to avoid your confusion. Then, go home and
look at the mirror and you will see your faces glow. Sir, but there’s a small problem.
– What? I have a little less than Rs. 75,000. How much?
– Rs. 74,000, sir. Just Rs. 1000 less. Please adjust. The constable standing outside took
away Rs. 1000… – To let us meet you. Do not waste my time. Today, is my birthday. Sir, happy birthday. Many happy returns,24th birthday, sir.
– Are you done with your talk? Get out. Sir, sorry. I shall give you.
– Sorry, sir. Sir, he is not habituated in giving.
So, I shall give it for you. Make it fast. Happy birthday, sir. It’s my gift.
– Hey… Hey, where are you running? “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Come on, follow me.” “Revel and dance.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Revel and dance.” “Come on, follow me.” “Revel and dance.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Revel and dance.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Revel and dance.” “Let anyone show their prowess to me.” “Let anyone show their prowess to me.” “I shall erase the hurdles on my way.” “I shall erase the hurdles on my way.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “I enter with an uproar and confront the tempest.” “Do not mess with me.” “Give a second thought to it.” “You might lose your life
lest you irk me.” “You better know that I can kill.” “I can turn a rock into ashes.” “Beware. I am a killer.” “Come on, follow me.” “Come on, follow me.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” “Together, revel and dance in joy.” Okay, let me go.
– I hope you pass this time. – Let’s see. Why do you hurry?
Let the results be out. You could’ve spoken
to him at the entrance. Why did you let him in? What will people think?
Why do you allow other men to get in? First, work hard and
earn a living for your family. We neither have enough food
nor clothes. Have you ever bothered about it? No. You doubt very easily. You have not yet got into police.
Question me after that. I shall then definitely answer you and give you the details of creditors. People are bound to get into our house
to take back their money. Dubious indeed! How do we manage, if you do not find a
job until the police job is confirmed? I will die if I do not get this job. Hey, idiot. Or, I shall…
– Enough. Die and kill are the words
used by cowards. We shall fulfill our dreams. You will have the police badge pinned on your chest. I will be in CBI. We will fulfill this dream without any sort of bribe
or wrongdoing. Do not lose hope. It’s okay if my shirt is crumpled,
but yours must be tip-top. Our shirt must be spotless clean, son. You look smart. Son, listen. I wished that my son must
be an honest officer in the same office where I work
as a peon. – Okay. There’s a wicked officer,
Uttam, in my office. Stay put. I’m a CBI officer. I have come to raid your home. Please cooperate.
Do not interfere in job. Please, let us sit and talk.
– Please, sir. Please, sir. All of you please
get inside for 5 minutes. Close the door. Sir, there’s no point in concealing
the truth from you. You’ll find money hidden everywhere. Let’s talk in person.
– We will speak over here. Okay, sir. There’s 10 lakh rupees in it.
Please accept it and close the matter. Come here. Keep these 2 bags in my house.
Go in my vehicle. Nobody should know about it. What happened? Why are you giving such looks?
Are you trying to trap me? Sir…
– You will be at loss. Take it home carefully. You then go and take some rest. I could not sleep when I reached home. I sent a letter against him. Someone else gave the
letter back to this man. Then on, he remains mad at me. He will take revenge on you for sure. Give the interview well. Become the officer there.
– Okay, father. Do not worry. Nachiket Verma.
– No, it’s Nachiket Sharma. He looks honest just like his father. Please take your seat.
– Thank you, sir. Did you choose this career
to fulfill your father’s dream? Madam, just as everyone I too have a dream in life. I want to bring my dream to life and be a CBI officer like all of you. It’s my father’s dream too. CBI has many departments. Which department do you prefer? Economic offenses.
– Why? People feel that we are a poor country. But, that’s not true. Our country has so much
of black money that if it gets retrieved poverty could be rooted out completely.
– Hey, what will you root out? Hello, sir. Good morning, sir. Okay. So, will you root out poverty? But, how? I mean, I cannot do
anything alone, sir. We can together solve every problem. Is that so? What will you solve? Give me his physical test papers. What is your height? Stand up. Stand straight in attention. Sit down. Here, the first rule
is to obey seniors. I need your opinion on something. You see your senior taking bribe. He asks you not to reveal it out. Yet, you do not relent and say that you would send anonymous letter.
Will you do so? I won’t write
an anonymous letter, sir. You are intelligent.
– That’s of no use. I will write the name
and address as well. If required,
I will paste a passport size photo too. Truth must be revealed to all. I will see to it that he gets dismissed
rather than suspended. Sorry sir,
but I shall show his naked truth. If you are asked to raid
a politician or VIP’s house will you agree? Sure, sir. Hello. I am calling from the CBI department.
– Sir. Who is the station inspector?
– Sir, today he is on leave. I am the sub-inspector
who is incharge now. That’s okay. What’s your name?
– Sir, Vittal Rao. Vittal Rao?
– Sir. Listen to me carefully.
– Sir. Today, we have to raid a certain place. You must come with SI or two constables
along with a lady constable. Okay, sir.
– Meet us at Nana Chowk. We will go as a team from there.
– I understood, sir. Okay, jai hind.
– Jai hind. Madam, time is up. You seem to be in some stress.
I can lead, if you wish so. Are you worried that
we’re going to raid a minister’s house? It’s not me,
but they who have to worry. We cannot do this job
with fear in mind. Did you inform everyone in the station?
– Yes. Inspector is absent. SI…
– What’s his name? Vittal Rao. Is the vehicle ready?
– Yes. What about our team?
– They are ready. AP… Yes, I am ready.
– Murli Kumar. Murli Kumar here. Are you all ready?
– Yes, sir. Shall we go, madam?
– Let’s go. Sir…
– We have to raid a VIP’s house. You must be with us, all day.
– Okay, sir. Can I know the place where
the raid is conducted? Just follow the orders.
– Yes, madam. Warrant.
– Sir. What is your name?
– Manya, sir. Wear your cap properly. Okay, let’s not waste time. Let’s go. Yes, sir.
– Sir. Sir, do you always wear such clothes? Hey, Ram. Gandhi, Nehru, Bose and I
always wear such clothes. – Bose? He is Bose to us
and Netaji to the rest. That’s because we are very close. Do both belong to the same age group?
– No. He is of my father’s age group.
We are just… Will you take the photo first? Please smile. Do not let anyone out.
– No one will go out. Hey, do they want to take my interview? Ask them to come later. Jhansi Rani.
– Uttam Kumar. CBI special wing.
– I repeat. Please come later. We have come to raid your house.
Kindly cooperate. What? Corporation? AP sir. You can begin. Murli, go upstairs and disconnect
the telephone lines. – Who are you? Whom and what are you trying to raid?
– My God! Is this an answer after all?
– Cooperate with respect. Otherwise, I will have to
forget that you are a minister. Please, begin. The truth is being tested. Hello.
– No one can go out during the raid. Be seated here. Sir, I have nothing to do with them. I am just a reporter.
– Can’t you understand my words? Go and be seated quietly. This light will be given on rent.
– Please solve my problem. How do I light it?
– Idiot. This is called the cup.
The flame lights in it. How can we do that?
– Did you break that as well? Who are you all?
– Madam, go out. Why has the police come here? Listen, what is happening?
– Sit here. I will tell you. Do not argue with them. They hit very hard. Everything here
is my hard earned money. God will not forgive you. Where is the prayer room? Please stop.
– Wait. Let me handle. Listen, I have done nothing wrong. You probably are doing so because
you are unaware that I am a minister. Listen carefully. Honest people fear none. We are honest and just. We are not bothered about the rest.
– But, you cannot go in. But…
– Move aside. Let us do our job. All our Gods are here. I pray to them regularly.
They are my wealth. I am not lying. I cannot lie here, sir.
– Uttam… There’s a locker here.
– Madam, you search everywhere. There’s nothing much in it
except some gold and a few diamonds. Please believe me. Listen to me.
– Move aside. Come aside. where’s the key?
– Sir, please advise him. Give the key. Hey, listen.
– Give the key first. Give it to her. Let her have a look. I think someone has
cast their evil eye on us. Sir, nothing is there in it.
Please believe me. I open it only once a year. Please do not open it. He opened it. It’s an asset of my life.
What did you do? Why did you throw it? Mahatma, he threw away your slippers. Those letters were written by Gandhi
to Nehru and was passed on to my dad. No one had touched it
except my mother. Dear masters,
where did you all disappear? Shasthri, did you see how these
people are trying to insult me? What do I do? Vittal Rao…
– Sir. Take him out. What do I do?
I cannot leave you all and go away. Please come out. But, they are pushing me out. Look at them.
They are taking away everything. The jewels that
I had kept behind Nehru’s photo and the gold that was wrapped in cloth everything has been seized. We can see everything. Come on, clear everything.
– Yes, madam. My God! What did they do with my house? What are you doing? Nothing.
– I had told you to be seated there. How long will I sit there? Sit there, till I say. To hell with his orders. Sir…
– Wait. Be honest about the rest of the hidden
money to get your punishment reduced. If we find it, it would not be good.
– You have taken away everything. I swear on my father
that I have nothing left. Father… Find his father’s photo.
– Sir, it’s upstairs. Check all the rooms.
– Break the door. Listen… Did you by mistake tell them about
the rest of the hidden money? Did I say that? What will happen now? There’s a room behind this wall. Oh! Madam, move aside. Look. They have stored money
even in the bathroom drum. I will not open my mouth, anymore. Get up. Sir, you…
– Sit this side. Quick. ‘I swear that I will not even breathe.’ ‘Why are you staring at me?’ ‘You will get to know
only if I look at you.’ ‘So, I won’t look at you at all.’ ‘Why is this madam staring at me?’ ‘Do I look so handsome?’ ‘I am not able to hold
my breathe either.’ ‘Why is he looking that side?’ ‘The worn out car is on this side.’ ‘Take that as well
and stop chasing me.’ ‘There are few broken items too.
Take them as well.’ I think they are going back. I am relieved. Why are you crying?
Everything is fine now. Hey, Gandhi.
The almighty up there saved us. Madam, can you see there? Hey, can’t you let us pray
in peace at least? Give me a rod. Hey, what are you doing? Will you destroy my house too? To keep your name as Gandhi is wrong. How could you think
of doing that mistake? Actually, my father and Gandhiji…
Sir, please stop it. Put your signature on it. It’s my hard earned…
– Sign it. Please come aside. You will not get anything by handing
over all these to the government. Please spare a thought to it. ‘I think she will agree.
Why didn’t I think of it earlier?’ How much will you pay? It would have been better
if you had told this before. You ruined my house. Then, take 2. Will that work?
– Do you plan to take 50 percent share? I am not used to seeking favours. Sir.
– Yes, madam. I shall give it to him. Tell me.
– We have fixed at 2. Okay. My God! Sir, he slapped him without even
thinking that he is a minister. I want to be like them. It’s difficult to be like them…
In fact, you can. You can surely be like them. Put your signature. Thank you. Those people who think that
they can get away with their misdoings should know that there’s an honest team
that would get hold of them and it’s called the Jhansi Rani team.
Come on. Mr. Vittal Rao,
you must arrest all of them. You must stay back until the
higher officer arrives. – Yes, madam. Madam… Today is my first day at office. I can say from your performance
that you are my biggest inspiration. When we are honest and dutiful towards
our job, we need not fear anyone. Just remember this matter.
– Yes, madam. Thank you.
-Thank you, sir. The one who is honest towards his job and the one who is truthful
never fears anything. Am I right? I am trembling out of fear. I slapped that old man in my tension. What name did he say? Gandhi. I felt like slapping him each time
when he said that name. Come out.
– Why are you shouting? I am petrified. Will you do as I say?
– Yes. Will I receive salary? AP, do you want to be a CBI officer?
– CBI or RBI is immaterial, if I get salary. Tip also will do. Murli Kumar, you are the CBI officer
from today onwards. Hey… I am 57 years old and
no one gave me a job. But, you gave me one.
Thank you so much. Hey…
– Sir, no one till date told me about job and salary. Give me the salary
even if don’t give a job. – Get up. I will not leave your feet
until you agree. Hey, what are you doing? Don’t leave me.
– Yes, I’ll give you both job and money. Get up. Tomorrow onwards,
we will not be good to others. What can we do? Bad will turn good
only when good turns bad. So, shall we change? Who are we?
– CBI officers. I didn’t hear you. CBI officers. We’ll rob the ones having stolen cash
and no one can find the real thief. I understood. – Please repeat.
– Repeat what you said. Listen carefully. This is the money of
the dishonest. So, do not fret. Okay? Before we could go
to the union minister’s house we must send a girl
as a reporter there. Shall I go dressed as a female there? You need not dress as one.
Go as it is. I know a girl. Shall I send her?
– Is she beautiful? She is not as beautiful as me. Yet, we can manage. AP was looking like a real officer.
– Where is that girl? Did we leave her there? Where is that girl? Sir…
– Yes. Can I go?
– Who are you? What are you doing here?
– Sir. No one had noticed me. I was insane to stay back.
– Who are you? What are you doing? Are you in any way connected
to the duplicate gang? Was it a duplicate gang? Wait, I shall note it down.
– What will you note down? Sir, tomorrow’s headlines will be the
breaking news about duplicate gang. All of you, please pose for a photo.
– That girl wants to click photo and are you all posing for it?
– Sir… No. Don’t do so. If she gets caught, all of us
would get caught too. What do we do now?
– I think she will come in 3 minutes. How?
– If… If she does not come back
it would be better. Why do you say that? The issue is that… …when I see her,
I cannot control my feelings. I do not want things
to get out of hand. I try to remain away from
such matters. I mean, matters related to heart. AP, life can move ahead only
if you lead a loveless life. She is here.
– What are you saying? There comes the cart. Look, she is on her way. Why are you shying away? No.
– Look. What are you doing?
– Who is she? She is not the one.
– The almighty is with me. What do we do?
– Don’t worry. Just do as I say. Come on. Hey, just trust Almighty.
– Follow my vehicle. All of you, get into the car. What are you blabbering over there? It’s high time we get going from here. Sir, you seemed to be doing
an awesome job by asking me to follow your orders. Now, change your attitude
and stop wasting time. “Is it right that I am losing
myself for you?” “It does not seem right when you
disappear every now and then.” “Light up my heart.” “Where are you headed, beloved?” “The strings of my heart are bonded to
yours with the spark of love.” “You started nestling in my heart.” “The strings of my heart are bonded to
yours with the spark of love.” “You started nestling in my heart.” “My heart beats for you.” “Beloved, lock me up in
your eyes.” “My heart beats for you.” “Beloved, lock me up in your eyes.” “Light up…” “Light up my heart.” “Where are you headed, beloved?” “Your love plundered me.” “I am impressed by your charm.” “My smile…” “Tell me the reason for my smile.” “I am not in my senses.
I am losing my way.” “My heart beats for you.” “Beloved, lock me up in your eyes.” “My heart beats for you.” “Beloved, lock me up in your eyes.” “Light up…” “Light up my heart.” “Where are you headed. beloved?” “The strings of my heart are bonded to
yours with the spark of love.” “You have nestled in my heart.” “The strings of my heart
are bonded to yours with the spark of love.” “You have nestled in my heart.” “My heart beats for you.” “Beloved, lock me up in your eyes.” “My heart beats for you.” “Beloved, lock me up in your eyes.” “My heart…” “Beloved…” I shall carry it.
– Okay. Hello.
– Hello, boss. Tell me. There’s no news about us
in the newspaper. Newspapers of none
of the languages have published our news.
So, no one would reach us. There’s no issue at all.
– Keep the stuff safe. There’s a wedding at sister’s place.
Bring it over there. Okay.
– Bye. I think it’s brother’s call. Don’t waste time talking.
Concentrate on your studies. Meena…
– What do you want? Alright. Lie down. I need coffee.
– The phone is ringing. Get coffee. Okay, I shall get it. Get up. How long will you sleep?
Get up. I have to do all the work. Hello.
– Hello. What happened? Are you fine? Yes, I am good.
– Did you see anything in the newspaper? No, nothing. There’s no problem.
– Thank God! You make the arrangements
for the wedding. Almighty is very kind. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Good morning, sir. Uttam, why did you conduct
raid without my permission? Raid?
– Yes. At minister’s house.
– Which house? A raid was conducted
at his MG road residence, in your name. Who will raid in my name? Sir, look at that.
They looted everything from us. Let them be doomed. Sir, look at my husband’s plight. You give a written complaint.
Action would be taken. I shall give the complaint. But, party will react
even before you act. I can earn money again. What if I become disgraced?
Do something without anyone’s knowledge. Are you the real one? You came to your senses
after being looted. What do I say? They acted so well. Ask them. Established actors too would
fail to act like that. Sir, warrant papers looked authentic. There was no space for any doubt. Sir, I am sorry. Have you ever seen how the
Raid warrant paper looks? CBI has no right to seize
gold and jewelry. That right rests
with income tax department. People are not aware of that. Some people take advantage of that. Okay. You have seen them and will stay with me
until I get hold of him. You will watch me deal
with this situation. Okay, sir.
– Your name does not suit you. Let’s change your name
until the case is solved to ‘Foolish Babu Rao’. How is that? Is that good enough? Narayan, do not back off
at this point of time. How will I manage if you let go of me,
at this time? I practiced for 2 hours
and could not do anything. Why are you troubling me?
Go away. Please.
– Madhu, listen. People should do
what they know best. My body is such that
I won’t be able to do that work. Let me go.
– No, please don’t go. Please think about it. I shall give you a plantain
if you agree. You are bribing me
with a plantain? Do I look like the monkey sitting
outside the temple? I hate you for the same. Peter, let’s go.
– Please listen to me. What a surprise! Sir, what brings you here?
– I had come to the temple. Okay, go and pray. I told you once that I won’t come.
– Please give it a thought. I won’t relent even if God
asks me to do it. – Sir, please… What happened?
Do you need any help? Let me know if you have any problem. Only he has the solution to it. Are you sure that
this man has the solution? I don’t think so. Are you making fun of my looks? No way. How can someone
make fun of the funny? Let’s go. This guy cannot do anything. I am there for you.
– Hey… – Hey… Okay, I understood. Carry on. There’s no point in standing here.
Let’s go in. Why do you plead him when
I am there for you? – Sir, listen to me. Let’s pray first. We’ll pray later, sit here.
– Should I sit here? Okay. Should I just sit?
– Yes. Is that all?
– Do not move your hands or legs. Okay. What are you doing?
– Hold this as well. Madhu is a sweet girl. She helps everyone. Greetings.
– In this era marrying a handicapped
is really very great. It’s a virtuous deed. I am so proud of you, Madhu. Dear, his face seems alright. You are standing straight
and looking at him. That’s why he seems okay. You will see his skewed face
from the side. Yes. I think she is right. His hands seem to be alright.
– You’re looking from the wrong angle. You will see his twisted hands
from the side. Yes, true. I made a mistake. What is your name? You must not say such words
in the temple. It’s a sin. What do you want to say? He is saying the name of the temple
in a short form. I understood. Sit quiet. Give it to him. Take it. Take it. They have given it
as a gift for our marriage. Greetings. Thank you.
– Stay blessed. We shall take leave of you.
– Okay. Give us alms. Stop. I saw everything
that happened inside. You were acting handicapped
and disabled. I know this girl very well. Go away.
– I’ve parked my vehicle to the right. Are you going to another temple? You lie a lot. You are a fraud. Okay. Look at who is saying it. I do not rob honest people. When you do it,
you will be called Robinhood. Then, how can I be a fraud,
when I do the same? You are a big time cheat. I am a small time fraud. Such a big small time liar.
– Sir… My lies contain little truths. The money that we took for marriage
is indeed for the same. But, it was a lie that
it was for our marriage. Then, why did you make
me look disabled? That is also partially true.
Look over there. She is my sister. Sir, did you become emotional?
You are unbelievable. It’s not good to be emotional. Emotions are never valued.
-Very true. Does she take care of everything?
– Yes. But, she is not even from our family. The other girl is not her sister. 8 to 9 years back,
she came to our house accidentally, while returning from school. Then on, she stays here. She is a part of our family.
We love her very much. She works for a big company
and earns a lot of money too. She brings clothes for us occasionally and gives money for our expenses. She is a very good hearted girl. Yes. Here I come. Good morning, sir. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning, sir. Okay. All of you, come forward. Come forward. Sir is going to
discuss an important issue. Come on.
– All of them heard it. Look, If someone asks for any sort
of help for CBI or income tax raid or if you receive
any suspicious phone call then, you must inform
the headquarters. Every police station of this city and the nearby villages should be kept informed.
– Sir. Let me now see how they conduct raid. I will bury them. Hyderabad. We have come to Hyderabad
for the first time. We must act carefully. You are the leader.
– Leader? Why did you make me the leader?
– You are the leader for name sake. I am the real one.
– Leader indeed! I told you many times
that I don’t want to be the leader. Keep me as your assistant.
That is better. She is getting scared
and scaring me too. Jhansi. Sir, let’s talk. Who are you all?
– I shall tell. Shall I say? Tell me.
– No, I will tell. Yes, tell me.
– I am telling him. Let madam speak. I am the leader. I shall say.
– Sir, I will tell you. I will tell.
– Any one of you, blurt it out. Who are you?
– I shall say. Come on, show me your papers.
– Give the papers. Show me the papers.
– Ahmaddullah traders. Second floor, Ahmadullah traders.
– Give me the papers. I will see. 401, Ahmadullah traders.
– Show me the papers. It’s on the second floor.
– Papers please. Madam, can’t you verify
the address properly? – Excuse me. We came to the wrong place.
– Give me the papers. I’ll just touch it. They are conducting raid here.
We came and hindered it. Madam, how can we disturb them?
– I cannot understand your words. Tell me. What’s the matter?
– Sir, I am telling you that… Wait, I will tell you. You are CBI officers
while we are income tax officers. You have come to conduct raid
and we too have come for the same. We were actually going to second
floor but came to the first, by mistake. Continue your job and we shall too. Anyhow, sorry for the inconvenience. Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go. Fast.
– Sorry for the inconvenience. You please go ahead.
We will follow you. Please go. What will we do?
– I will tell you. Where is Rehmatullah traders? It’s over there. It’s a big shop. Is it?
– Yes. What do you want?
– Petromax light. I have another one. It’s very good.
– I don’t need that. This is not good. I want that.
– You must buy it. Sorry, sir. We shall pack petromax
and stand over there. Get inside. Uttam Kumar, income tax department. Jhansi Rani, CBI… no. Income tax department. Murli… We are Income tax officers who have
here to conduct raid. Please cooperate. But, what do you want? What do you want?
Why have you come? Why’re you looking at me? I stepped
forward just like that. Not on purpose. Who are these? Search every nook and corner. AP, go upstairs. Do not spare anything. Check every table, corner and drawer. Check everything. What is he up to? What’s happening? What are you doing?
Get up. Go downstairs. Right now. Check for dollars, rupees
and every possible thing. There’s nothing, sir.
– Search well. You will find them. Did you get any precious items, madam?
– No. There’s nothing in here. What to say? They destroyed all the files. What are you doing? What do you want? Get up, everybody. Move aside. I said, move aside. Hey, why are you
destroying the mattress? Why are you ruining the stuff? Wrong information. What was that? What did that boy give?
– Nothing, sir. I’m the income tax officer. Show it to me.
– There’s nothing in it, sir. What do I do
if you are the income tax officer? Let me see.
– I’m in no way connected to this shop. How dare you stop an income tax
officer from doing his duty? I told you that there’s nothing in it. Hey… Tell me a heavy dialogue.
– I will beat up each and every one. This was Dharam’s dialogue in ‘Sholay’. I will beat up each and every one. Anything else?
– No, I can’t remember. I will sup everybody’s blood.
– Yes. That will do. Hey, I will sup everybody’s blood. I swear on the one who
gave birth to me. Seize everything.
– Okay, sir. Do not spare a single box. Come on. Okay, sir.
– Hey, I am the income tax officer. Put your signature. Do not spare anyone.
Take statements from all. Quick. Hey… They must not know our truth
lest they thrash us. Let’s go from here at the earliest. I accept that you can do anything. Please come in.
– Is this your house? Yes, it’s my house.
– Did you buy it back? Yes. Meet these little ones. How are you?
– She is Indumathy. She is Shobhamathy.
She is Geethamathy. She is Divyanmathy. She is Bhanumathy. What was her name? Romamathy. Let’s go upstairs now.
– Is your room upstairs? I do not remember all the names.
There are many more to meet. Come on, let me introduce you to them. “We are the ones who fear none.” “You will wonder at our moves.” “Beware, we are invincible.” “We have come to turn
the world topsy-turvy.” ‘Let the elite soar.” “Let them soar, let them be so.” “Let them race ahead.
Do not let them free.” “Let them race ahead.
What can they do?” “Let’s break their intent.” “Let’s erase their chances.” “Let them be lost in darkness such that they never find light.” “We have arrived.” “Keep in mind that
you are less to none.” “Do not fear anyone.” “Deal with your faltering feet.” “Let go of the fear of loss and gain.” “You are right not wrong.
Be fearless.” “We will never lose,
now that we are one.” ‘Let us break their intent.” “Let us erase their chances.” “Let them wander in darkness such that they never find light.” “We are the fearless ones.” “You will wonder at our moves.” “Beware, we are invincible.” “We have come to turn
the world topsy-turvy.” “Let the elite soar.” “Let them soar, let them be so.” “Let the elite soar.” “Let them soar, let them be so.” The food was great. I need one more plantain.
– How many more will you eat? Come on.
– One more plantain, please. Do not give him more. He will blast. Here’s the lime paste.
I shall keep it here. Sister, are you happy now? Yes, sort of. Only one has got married as yet. I have to solemnize 7 more weddings. We shall do that grandly, too. How will that happen?
You donate with all your heart. We cannot think like that. By the way, is there any reason
for doing all these? Tell us. There would be surely
some or the other reason. What do we call to go back
through memories? Flashback.
– Right. Something would have
happened in his house. Boss, let out your feelings to us.
You will feel better. You can tell if you wish to.
Otherwise, leave it. Sir, is your story quite long? I am feeling sleepy.
– Hey, keep quiet. Son, tell us your story. If you are asked to raid a politician
or VIP’s house will you agree? Do you have the courage?
– Absolutely, sir. Then… Will your father manage our job? We cannot do anything without
proper orders or higher officials. Remember this.
– Sorry. Do you know any proverb? I can’t remember as of now, sir. But, I know one. Shall I tell you?
– Sir. ‘Do not jump into the river
if you are not aware of its depth.’ Didn’t you understand?
Ask your dad. He will tell you.
– No, I understood. Okay. Interview is over.
You may leave. Please go out. Thank you. Sir, I could recollect a proverb.
Shall I say that, sir? ‘The mighty oppress the weak and
the almighty oppress the mighty.’ ‘If not, someone definitely does give
back when the right time comes.’ Let’s see when that happens. Hey, I want to tell you something.
Do you want to hear? I can easily get you a job here
if I make up my mind. After that, when your dad
serves tea for me you would not be able to accompany me. Your father will get out of the room. You’ll stop him, but he’ll not come in.
Do you know why? That’s because, I am the king here. Everyone is scared of the king. But, I am not a bad person. I will definitely get you a job. But, only when your father dies. You can get the job of a peon. You will serve tea for me
and open the door of the car. You can do anything here. Now, go and tell your dad to deposit money for your job or die. I will tell you a proverb. ‘No matter how high a sparrow flies
it can never be a hunting eagle.’ Son… Why are you so late today? I just spent time with friends.
– Okay. Son, how was the interview?
Did everything go well? – Yes. Son, your dad is respected
in that office. Did everyone treat you with respect? Yes. Madam received me well. Okay, son.
– Then, Uttam Kumar, he was… I did sense that he might take
my revenge on you. No, he is a good man. He just asked one question
and I answered it correctly. Will you get the job?
– Yes. That’s great, son. Shall we have food?
– Okay. You said that you will get the job
but your face looks sad. It looks good. Will you get the job?
– Yes. Many had applied for the post. There was heavy competition. We will see after the results are out.
– But, will you get the job? Why do you repeat the same question?
Will I get food only after getting job? Give me food. I am hungry. Okay. Calm down. Son… did anyone ask you as to why
you wanted to be an officer in spite of being a clerk’s son? Do not talk nonsense. If your Dad dies during his tenure then you would be given his job. Go and ask your dad to die. Did anyone tell you that? I shall wash my hands and be back. Dad, let us have food. Dad… Dad… Dad… Dad, what are you doing? Dad, open the door.
What are you doing? Dad, open the door. Dad, open the door. Dad, open the door. Dad, open the door. What were you doing till now? I am calling out for you
from such a long time. I got random thoughts.
– Won’t you let me wash hands? Okay. But, you should have answered me. You closed the door when
I was talking to you. What will I think? Why will I die
if you do not get the job? Wash your hands and feet.
Let’s have food. Friend, I will die if I do not
get this job tomorrow. Hey, you… My… wife ran away. I had fought with her the other day and so she left. They said that I did not get the job. How will we get the job? We don’t even have money with us. Everyone would have got to know. I will be humiliated. Okay. Did you get the job? Are you sitting here? I thought you too left me. I cannot go out from tomorrow. We should have given him
Rs. 75,000 on that day. We will not get a job without money. They are playing around with us, right? Cheats. How will I live without you? That night, when I lost my friend Hari. I learnt a valuable lesson of life. Committing suicide is sin. But, even after studying hard
if someone commits suicide then, it’s not suicide but murder. They killed my friend. How would I spare them? Someone plays around
with our department and are you all watching the fun? Mr. Uttam, what are you doing? What do I do, sir?
No one has given a complaint till date. I have gone to everyone.
There’s not a single complaint. Or any evidence. – Sir, if the case is
handed over to Krishn Vishwa he would find a solution to it. He will surely come, if you request. Okay, I shall speak to him. Sir, who is Krishn Vishwa? Don’t you know him? Almighty. Please forgive him. He is innocent.
He made a mistake. He has raped a 15 year old girl. Sir, I have just one son.
Why did you do that? Do not…
– I have brought him up well, sir. I have readied another accused. He is ready to surrender as well. Sir, I fall at your feet. My family’s honour is in your hands.
– Do not talk so emotionally. What are you doing? Look, the gun fell down. If I were in your position then… Shut up.
– Sir… Oh, God! What did you just do? What did you do?
Your son did a mistake and you shot him? I fall short of words to praise
an honest officer like you. Come on everyone. Salute. Yes, sir.
– He is an inspiration for all of us. Honour this man. Salute. You will not be humiliated. Do not worry. Go home. You mean, you did not shoot your son.
But, you got promotion on that pretext. Hey, shut up.
Is it necessary to say that? Do not tell it in front of anyone. Uttam, why did they not publish
in the newspaper about the fake raid? Sir, no one has complained till date. There’s no evidence either.
– Excuse me, sir. Sir, if we publish it
in the newspaper we might benefit. Many people… Why are you stopping him?
Let them mock at us. It’s fine. This news has to be published. Okay? All the papers must print
this news tomorrow. – Okay, sir. Only then, will they fear. Fake raid conducted
in the name of Income tax? Son…
– Yes, Dad? Come here. I used to tell you about all
the raids, isn’t it? There’s a news published about fake
raid being conducted in Hyderabad. Our department too
is scared to raid this place. But, we must salute the courage
of these people. But… But, what? Do you know the dialogue that the hero
said in the movie the other day? What? It’s not wrong to do wrong
for the benefit of some people. So, do you say that this is not wrong? This is very right, Dad. It’s right.
– Is it? Hey… You just found one woman’s photo.
– Sir, she’s the one. I can’t forget her. I cannot even forget her
accomplices too. – Shut up. Suresh.
– Yes, sir. Find her address and phone number.
– Okay, sir. I will take it right now. Sir, just a minute.
– Yes, tell me. We have managed to get the phone
number of a lady of that group. – Oh! We will arrest her
as soon as we get the letter. Very good.
– Sir, excuse me. Hey, shut up. Wait, let him speak.
– Sir, there are 5 members in the group. If we arrest the lady,
remaining four might run away. We neither have proof
nor complaint to arrest them either. We have nothing, sir.
– Sir, if a lady is to be arrested, we need a proper arrest warrant. There’s a point in what she says.
Give me that. Do you know what is to be done? Shall I get it placed in that?
– Exactly. Suresh.
– Yes, sir. Place it in that.
– Okay, sir. Did you understand what he said? Sir…
– Place it properly. Good night. Sir… Listen, please excuse us. Sir, I did not understand sir’s advice. What is… Nothing much. You can go.
– Okay, sir. You had complained
that your telephone is dead. I’ve come to check the same. How can a phone die? Listen, we did not give any complaint. No, madam. We did receive a complaint. Let me check once.
– Okay. Go ahead. She will take you there. Can you get some water?
– Yes. Hello, can you hear me? It’s alright, madam.
– It was alright earlier too. No, madam. I repaired it just now. Okay.
– Here, take it. Thank you. Thank you, dear. Sir, there’s a call being made
from that number. Sir, there’s a call for you.
– Okay. What do you want?
– Chocolate. – I shall give you. Move aside.
– Dad will pay you. Okay, go. Sir, they have found the number
of one your lady accomplices. Your calls are being tapped.
Do not attend the calls at any cost. Sir, please be vigilant.
Otherwise, things can get awry. Sir, Let me disconnect the call. I think he backed off
seeing the newspaper. Sir, it’s ringing. Again?
– Get ready. Come on. Wait. I think we are wasting time. Sir, there’s a call to the tapped
telephone, from another phone. – Sir. Record. Hello. Hello.
– What happened? How long have I been calling you?
Why are not picking the call? I need that. What is the matter? – Our news has
been published in newspapers. What if we get caught?
– We will see that later. Do not worry. What is the future course of action? I am fed up of small raids. Now, we must do something huge. Huge?
– Yes. We must now target
governor or CM’s house. What do you mean?
– One more thing. There are many crocodiles in CBI
and income tax department. Let’s take one of them into confidence. i did not understand what you said. Sister, none of the employees
there are honest. Those who want to do good work,
they do not give them job. Until such fools are employed there we can do anything, anywhere. Then, no one dares
to complaint as well. There’s no evidence either.
So, they would not get hold of us. What are you trying to say?
I am not able to follow anything. They did not give us job saying that
we are not qualified. That means, the employees there
think that they are qualified. So, let them find us. If someone wants to get hold of us and erase our identity…
– Hello. Are you not able to hear me?
– Hello. We shall root them out. I cannot hear anything. Hello.
– We shall make a team against them. We will then see what happens.
– What are you saying? Time please. Let’s then see if victory
would be their’s Or ours? Let’s see who would be mightier
than the other. Hello, listen to me. I am not able to understand anything. What did you say? Tell that again. Hello. Hello. What is the matter? Hello, Dad.
– Tell me. – How are you? Hope everything is fine.
– Yes. I am fine. Do not worry about me. You are doing everything right. If I were with you, you might not
have been able to do all these. Your intentions are not wrong. Meet me whenever you get time.
– Okay, Dad. Do not worry.
– Take care. Okay.
– I will call later. They did not give us jobs saying
that we are not qualified. That means, employees there
consider themselves to be qualified. Then, let them find us. Uttam, you were handling
this case all these days. It’s better you continue
the same way. We might have ego issues
if I takeover. So…
– We have nothing as such between us. No. I suggest that you take the lead. I shall help you from the hind. I am suggesting this because I feel that our secrets
are somehow getting leaked from here. You know what I mean? So, let all of these people consider you as the villain. I shall be the indirect villain.
– I understood, sir. Yes. Let’s do like that. They have made good arrangements. Is this all right? Tell me. How can all of you sit idle?
Where’s the girl? Call her. Hi, I am Chakravarthy.
Glad to meet you. How are you?
– Very good. The girl is beautiful. Son… He seems to be happy. Is she your second daughter? She is very beautiful. Yes. My son too is no less than a hero. She can see, if she has any doubt. Shall we get them both married
at the same venue? Do not get me wrong.
I just said whatever was on my mind. Okay, leave it. Let the guy and
the girl speak to each other. Let them decide so that
we could go ahead. Wow, beautiful idea. ‘I shall invite him for coffee and
an ask an important matter.’ ‘That would be right.’
– Yes, ask me. Is it there? What do you mean? Do you have any such idea? Which idea are you talking about? Do you need or not? Need or not? Please explain clearly. Sir, you have been visiting
me since many days. So, I felt that you love me.
That is why I asked for your opinion. If you do not love me, it’s okay.
But, if you do, we must talk about it. That is why I asked you. ‘He is thinking a lot.’ Is he going to say ‘yes’. No.
– Damn! The profession I am in might create problem to you. Sir, I understood your issue. There might be a genuine
reason for it too. I can understand that. ‘What’s the use of story-telling
after refusing the proposal?’ Next week is my sister’s engagement.
– Okay. You can come as a friend if possible.
– Sure. It’s okay even if you do not come. Damn! I should not have
asked him at the first place. What about coffee? Go have it alone. The guy and girl
will talk to each other solitarily. Both look so good together. Goodness! My name is Kapil Gavaskar. Nice name, Kapil Gavaskar. It’s like a cricketer’s name.
– Yes. I too play cricket. Really!
– Hey, fraud. I am watching you giggle
and sweet talk since a long time. I think you will marry him for sure. I did ask you about it.
You had refused. Do you know how difficult
was it to plan this marriage? I do not want to mess up anything. Just look at him.
He looks like a TV actor. He is so handsome.
Don’t we make a good pair? Hello, sir. Listen, that’s enough. Enough? What do you mean? Stop your antics. Got it? What is it?
– Hey… Stop your antics. I love you. He had not confessed
his love until now. You are really lucky for me. By the way,
when is the marriage planned for? If I agree, it will happen in 10 days. Okay, listen. You go down stairs and agree. Tell them that you love this guy. There should be no hindrance
in your sister’s marriage. After that… Did you understand?
– You explained everything to him. What if he reveals everything?
– He? He will not do anything like that. Okay. Go downstairs. Go as a pair. Hold each other’s hands, just like love birds. Go. Hey, smile.
– But why, in this manner? Why is your face looking sad? Me too?
– Yes. Why are they tied up
just like in movies? We have kidnapped for the first time.
That’s why it seems so. Sir, if anyone wants a police job these 5 people have to consent. These scoundrels take bribe
even for teaching posts. Let me show you. Look at him. He takes Rs. 10,000
for kindergarten teacher’s post. This guy takes lakhs of rupees
for 10th and 11th teaching post. You will go to hell. Parents educate their children
with great difficulty. For such an education,
qualified people like us have to plead
to these people for posting. These people have to be bribed
for the post of police. When the beginning is such, how can they be sincere
towards their duty? They will bribe too. It’s okay if 10 people
compete for a seat. What will we do if
there are 10000 people? Hey, stop your knowledge session. The ones who are eligible
for the 10 seats must get the job. Now on, do not accept bribes. Instead, do the opposite.
Take this bag of money. Give me the bag.
– Here, take it. Here’s your asset.
Now on, do just one thing. Tear the list that you have here. Then, give the job
to the deserving candidates. By the way, why is this bribe money for?
– You tell that as well, sir. It is for you to not accept bribe
in the future. Why is this bribe money for? It’s for not accepting bribe. You will not bribe a poor
or qualified person, in the future. I feel like putting bombs
in their bags instead of money. No, sir. Do not place bomb in it.
Place money. Sometimes, to destroy the evil we too must become one. They found our number
as well as house. We will get caught now.
We are almost caught, anyway. They will get hold of us very soon. We never thought that
we would end up in such a situation. Sir, I am scared at the very thought
of earning through hard work. We have seen a lot of money
kept in boxes and cases. If I get to see them once again,
my life would be settled, sir. ‘Let’s plan a master
stroke like before.’ ‘I will settle somewhere
else after that.’ ‘Not just me,
all of us would settle in life.’ ‘I want my daughters to get married
in a grand manner.’ ‘Think of some idea.’ ‘We are living everyday
in the fear of getting caught.’ ‘We will do exactly as you say.’ ‘Think of an idea.
Find a way out.’ ‘We shall then go to a place
where no one would find us.’ ‘We will live there happily.
Find a way out.’ Mummy… Mom, I am hungry. Hey, look here. Wanted 50 dynamic graduates. Uncle, where are you? Wanted. CBI walk in interview. I am ready. My name is Prakash Jyothi Pandey.
I am a graduate with distinction. Ask the first question.
– Pardon. CBI walk in interview.
– Oh! It’s going on there. I know. This was just the trial. Sir, my documents. Hello, follow the line.
– I am sorry. Next. Prakash Jyothi Pandey. I collected everyone’s biodata. Oh! great.
– They are ready. Let’s start. Get up. We did not ask you to sit. Out. Go and learn the interview etiquettes. Okay. Tell us about yourself. I am Navnidhi Krishnan.
– Ramanathan. Naresh Yamaraj.
– K. Kunjumon. I’m Kathakali dancer. Can I dance, sir?
– Narayana Murthy, sir. Muruttukalan, sir.
– Karigalacholan, sir. Upliyapan, sir.
– My name is Manmohan, sir. Many girls love me, sir.
I don’t love any girls, sir. Because I love only CBI, sir. Ayesha Begum.
– Panirselvam. Chidambaram.
– Mazhivalan, sir. Vijaykanth.
– Wasim Khan, sir. I am Prakash Jyothi Pandey.
– Prabhakaran, sir. Vannamathy. You are appointed.
– Madam. Tell me your name again.
– Vannamathy. You are appointed. You can go now.
– Okay. Thank you, madam. Madam, shall we call the next? I am Kamini. Age 21. Vital stats-36-20-36. Please go.
– Do not fret. I shall talk. Please come. What’s your name?
– Kamini. Show me your file, Kamini. The file is quite big.
Degree would be big too, I suppose. Please wait outside.
I will talk to you personally. Bye.
– Bye. Goodness, sir. Why a CBI officer?
– CBI is more powerful than police. It was always my dream to work in CBI. I want to eradicate the antisocial
elements in our society, sir. I want to save my nation and
that is my only passion, sir. Sir, my dad is in the hospital. In India always everyone become
movie stars and cricket player, sir. But, I am always become
only in the intelligence, sir. It’s been 40 years
since we attained our independence. But, we are yet to develop
like our neighbouring countries. If you give me job,
love to you all, madam, sir. Sir, there are a lot of problems at home.
– Okay, don’t cry. If I get this job,
my girlfriend will marry me, sir. What’s the problem in our country?
– Corruption sir and I hate corruption. What’s your name?
– Sashikala. Okay, good. Do you know driving? I have born for driver, sir.
My Daddy driving runway was burn, sir. That’s why my name is Karmegham, sir.
I have driver blood, sir. What is the full form of CBI?
– Central Bureau of Investigation, sir. Central bank of India, sir. Central bank of India, sir. Central bank of England…
Sorry. Central bank of Iraq, sir. Madam, please select me.
– Central Bureau of Investigation, sir. Calcutta, Bangalore, India, sir. Central bank of India, sir. Central bank of India. Central bank of India. Central body of India, sir. Central Bureau of pulling, sir. Central Bureau of Investigation, sir. CBI order.
– Sir… In the year 1941, a special
police establishment was formed. But, in the year 1963, they changed the name to CBI
(Central Bureau of Investigation). Am I right, sir?
I am always prepared, sir. If you are so very prepared,
why couldn’t you secure a job till now? I give all my interviews
in the same way. But, since I speak a lot,
I get rejected. Sir, is it necessary that all the
questions have just one answer? If there are 3 answers for every
question, what can I do about it? Ask me any question.
I shall give you 3 answers for it, sir. Okay. What’s your father’s name? This happens always to me. Even if I have a chance of getting
a job, I lose it because of my words. Sir, I know I will not get this job. But, will you give me a second chance? Why should I give you one? When a corrupt politician
loses in election he goes back to the public
after 5 years to ask for vote. He gets many chances, sir. If such corrupt people can get
a second chance, why can’t I, sir? You may leave, go. What did you say about working
in CBI for 2 years? Madam, I feel good now. I thought that you
will not question me. 1941 and 1963. Okay, I know that. I just wanted to check.
– Thank you, madam. All right, friends. We have selected our 30 candidates. Hope to meet you all soon. All the best and keep trying. Thank you, sir. Okay, friends.
Tomorrow at 9 a.m. At the same place. Neat and sharp. Got it?
– Okay, sir. Shave and come tomorrow. I too shall shave. Welcome back.
Today, we’ve gathered here for a purpose. We must bring corrupt
and dishonest people to light. Who are you?
– Prabhakaran, sir. No. You?
– Vannamathy. I did not ask your name. You?
– Manmadan, sir. No. You? CBI officer, sir.
– What? CBI officer, sir. CBI. CBI officer. We are given names when we are born. Then, relatives, friends and the world
call us with different names. But… When someone dies people address them with profession,
such as a policeman postman, politician teacher or cobbler died. You are known by your profession
and not your name. Your Job is your identity. Tell me. Our job…
– Is our identity. What is your identity?
– CBI officers. I cannot hear you.
– CBI officers. But, all these are temporary. Tomorrow’s raid will be
a practical test for you. If that works out well then, we will continue. In case… We could not work together or suppose you get separated into teams then, remember the words that I would say now. We are not common people who would
feel helpless in face of corruption, but officers who run this government. We aren’t bothered about politicians
who would change every 5 years. If officers like us who work for
50 years in the office and bureaucrats and
also government employees are honest, everything will be alright
in this country. We will be honest.
– Yes, sir. I did not hear you.
– Yes, sir. You 5 girls are equal to 100. Are you aware of that?
– Yes, sir. You can achieve anything that you want.
Are you sure of it? – Yes, sir. Subodhini. This is your first salary.
– Thank you, sir. All the best.
– Give it to everyone. Manmadan.
– Sir. Marry someone soon.
– Okay, sir. Thank you. Prakash Pandey,
did you get a job now? People like you deserve first chance and not second. Distribute it among all. Fast. Give it to him. You are all officially the most
powerful officers of India. Are you proud to be a part of CBI?
– Yes, sir. Are you the best?
– Yes, sir. CBI means, you are the best.
Are you the best? – Yes, sir. Remember one more advice of mine. If you are courageous and
honest towards your job you need not fear anyone. Tomorrow at 11 a.m.,
madam will give you the briefing. Okay, sir. This is our first operation. This is a secret operation. No information should
go outside this room. Understand? Yes, sir.
– Do you understand? Yes, sir. Disperse.
-Thank you, sir. Thank you, madam. Why are you looking at me? I don’t know what kind of magic
words you said that we forgot everything and assumed
ourselves to be real CBI officers. We are CBI indeed! Yes, that’s true. Am I right?
– Yes, we are real CBI. Yes.
– I had visited you so many times for my son’s job. Today, in the CBI interview
held at hotel Ambassador my son has got selected. What will you do now? You need not do anything now. Mr. Uttam.
– Sir, you? Yeah, it’s me. Make it fast. Go in. Do not worry.
Everything will be alright. Sir. Sir, we will have to go upstairs
at the earliest. Shall we go?
– Shall we proceed? – Yes, sir. Sir, they are in the 3rd floor. Our men are stationed on all the floors.
They can’t escape today. I saw that they are the same
people. Let’s arrest them. – Okay. You go by stairs.
– Close the back gate. Okay. Hey, cheers. Come on, enjoy. Enough of your party. Dry them well. Leave me. Relax. What is your name? I asked your name. Jhansi Rani. Okay. Jhansi Rani.
– Yes, sir. The great freedom fighter.
– Goodness! What is your name? Meena Devi. Then, why did you tell
your name as Jhansi Rani? Meena Devi does
not suit a CBI officer. Instead, when I say,
Jhansi Rani, CBI officer people would get scared. Are you people CBI officers?
Bloody jokers. Hey, take your hand out.
We are not jokers. We are just big people affected by this
bloody corrupted system. Just because we are down it does not mean we cannot get up. One day, when we will
all try and get up. How are you related to that group? How are you related to that lady? Sir…
– Hey, are you kidding around with us? Do you kid around
with that madam, too? Hey, I will bash you up.
Be respectful in your answers. Sir, shall I wait outside? The group interview
that was conducted here, were you involved in it? G. R. Jewellers is a gold showroom. Our team was not enough for that. We needed more people. So, we conducted the interview
and selected candidates. Okay. So, you interviewed for CBI
and selected people. Yes.
– Don’t you feel ashamed to do such things, being a woman? Men are responsible
for most of the wrongdoings. Then, if women do it, what is wrong with it? You… She was talking a lot
on that day too, sir. My husband got bedridden
after he met with an accident. He never got better. All the responsibilities came on me. I tried my hands at various jobs. But, wherever I went people
spoke wrong about me. What else could I do
in such a situation, sir? Wherever I go for job interview they shoo me away
as soon as I greet them. It’s not my mistake that
I greet people like that. I am a Bharatnatyam dancer. So, all of those qualities
got into me as well. What can I do now? I am a poor man. I had no job. Boss gave me the job of CBI officer. We did our job sincerely
even though we knew that it’s not real. My senior CBI officers, Have you started thinking that
you are CBI officers in reality? You consider this as a truth or lie, but I am Jhansi Rani CBI officer. What are you doing at 1 p.m. tomorrow? What are you going to do
with that female tomorrow? Damn! Tomorrow 1 p.m.? Sir, tomorrow, at 1 p.m.,
we are going to loot GVR jewellers. We will back off if you refuse, sir. I think tomorrow’s task is quite risky. Take care of yourself. Yes, it’s risky of course. Keerthi, to be truthful,
I am least bothered about myself. I am just worried about those four. They are like family to me and are like kids. They’d agree to anything that I say,
without any doubt. They never question my decisions. Does anyone trust to this extent? Okay Mrs. Meena Devi or whatever. What is the list written
in your ration card? There are many names mentioned in it.
– Sir… Okay. If you wish that they be safe…
– Sir, they have nothing to do with it. I shall stop this task if you say.
– No. This raid should happen the way
you people had planned. Uttam has to reach
the spot when you raid. Then, except your brother
everyone would be spared. Sir, what will you do to him?
– What? What did you ask?
– Sir, do anything. Just leave me. Just leave me. Please, sir. I will not break their trust. Do you know… I don’t mind falling into trouble,
but they must be safe. I wish that they are saved from all these. I will listen to all your words
and do whatever you say. But, please spare me, sir. Come aside. Sir, I will do as you say. Really?
– Yes. Sure?
– Yes, sir. If everything goes by plan,
I will set everything right. Do not say such things.
I will become weak indeed. Why shouldn’t I say?
It’s obvious that I will be worried. Sir, please move the gun aside. Are you happy? Yes. Let me go. Okay. Mr. Vishwa, why have you called
an urgent meeting? You have caught hold of them. Take them to the court tomorrow and
punish them so that case gets closed. If we do so, they could be bailed
out in the absence of evidence. You would have seen
many such cases, sir. With all due respect, I feel that if we punish the guilty we
could stop crimes from being repeated. The one who is innocent
should never be punished. People must fear the law before
committing any sort of crime. Only then,
will an individual become sensible. Others will forever be scared
of committing crimes. Without strong evidence if we produce them in court they could be bailed out
in no time, sir. Since they have planned to rob,
the case would go on. Leave the decision to me
as to how to deal with them because I have already
thought about it. Trust me. I assure you that no one will know about it and
we would not be defamed either. – Okay. That’s it. This is enough, sir. Thank you. Sir, I shall leave right now. Okay, carry on.
– Thank you. Jhansi Rani. Uttam Kumar. CBI, special wing. Search. Sir, please listen to me.
– Shut up. Fast. Open the door. Did you all sleep? Greetings, sir. Please come here. Uttam, joint director CBI. Sir, what did we do? Ours is a genuine business, sir.
I have retained all the bills. People get scared of the name CBI.
Hope your business is authentic. Yes, sir.
– Then, why fear? Crooks take advantage of this fear. What are you talking about, sir?
– Come along. I will tell you. They will raid within 2 hours. They are not the real CBI officers.
They are frauds. Clear all the jewellry from here
before they arrive. We shall pack the real jewellry and take it along with us. Place fake jewellry as show pieces so that they do not doubt.
– Okay, sir. They should not know about
our plan at any cost. Behave normally to them.
They will get caught. Okay? Okay?
– Okay, sir. Check the camera.
– Okay. This will be the evidence against them. Sir, super sir. Very good. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning. Prakash Pandey.
– Yes, sir. We are going ahead. You lead them.
– Me, sir? Yes.
– Thank you, sir. Sir, I have a doubt.
Suppose you get late, shall I complete the raid? Mr. Prakash Pandey, you speak…
– A lot? I won’t speak anymore, sir. Thank you, sir. Come on. Move. Make it fast. Vittal Rao. – Sir…
– Do not make any mistake this time. Absolutely, sir.
I am leaving right now, sir. Be very careful.
– Yes, no problem, sir. Hey, make it fast.
All of you come forward. All of you must be very careful.
Come on. Bus is going the other way.
Why are you taking this route? I have no idea. Listen, the bus is going the other way. Why are we roaming around
in the same place? This is our fourth round. Sister, what happened?
– Nothing. Is everything alright?
– Yes. Hey, are you ready? Everything is fine. No problem. When I become permanent in this job I will build a house.
– Where? In Model Town.
There’s a suitable vacant plot there. Are you married? No, sir. What about you?
– No, sir. My name is Prakash Jyothi Pandey. I wanted to marry a CBI officer
from past 30 years. Sir… – Do you want to marry me
after this operation? Sir…
– What is it? Bathroom.
– Aren’t you the CBI officer? Don’t you know to control? Keep your legs straight.
You’d be able to control. I’m busy now. Okay, boys and girls.
– Okay, sir. Attention.
– Yes, sir. Stand as it is. Be seated.
I will be back. You are the incharge until then.
– Okay, sir. Hello, sir. Can you please come here? Me?
– Yes, you. Please come. He doesn’t know that I’m from CBI. I shall speak to him and be back.
Excuse me. Move aside. I want to see the building. Now will be the revelry. Will something happen here? You look decent. So, I shall tell you.
A CBI raid will be conducted here. Are you from CBI? It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?
I myself am not able to believe. I got the job yesterday and
today we are in the secret operation. I am not the only CBI officer here. There are 30 CBI officers
sitting in the bus over there. What, 30?
– Yes. Sir, which oil do you apply
on your head? Please tell me. I am going bald, sir. I will apply oil to you myself.
– Do you have rink cold drink? Sir, we have met for the first time.
It’s very hot here, too. Let’s have a cold drink.
We will feel better. I shall treat you for the new job
that I got. ‘All of you, please go out.’ ‘If we publish it in newspaper
we might benefit.’ ‘Sir, we neither have any evidence
to arrest them nor any sort of complaint.
We have nothing.’ Can you hear me? Sir…
– Have you reached there? Sir, I am on the way. Over. Contact me as soon as you reach there.
Over. Yes, sir. I will reach in some time. Don’t worry sir. Over. Raghu, are you following the same
vehicle that I told you? Yes, sir.
We are following the same vehicle. Good. Keep following. Over. Why don’t you raid
if all the officers are ready? Sir, it’s CBI raid. Not a dance show. We are waiting for our boss. But, you are the boss.
– Yes, but I am the boss to those 30 people. I have a boss too. We are waiting for him
to start the raid. Sir, you have a call from boss. Wait. I shall speak and come back.
– Hey… Excuse me.
Why are you holding onto my shirt? Are you out of mind?
Boys, don’t shoot. He did a mistake.
Let’s have some cold drink. Come on.
I shall get you some cold drink. After the raid is over,
we shall watch a movie too. Come on. We’ve received orders from above that
our next raid would be at cinema hall. Hello.
– Listen. Listen…
– Be silent. Okay, go ahead. I am right here. ‘The mighty oppress the weak and
the almighty oppress the mighty.’ ‘If not, someone definitely does give
back when the right time comes.’ ‘Sir, do you remember the proverb?’ Tell me the problem.
I am a CBI officer. Keep quiet. He has conducted the raid already. Then, why are we here? 30 officers are waiting here
since morning. Sir, what’s happening? We are not able to understand. Sir, give us a reply. Listen, I have to tell you something. The matter is such that… Where are you? Where are you?
– Sir. Tell me your location.
– Sir, there’s heavy traffic, sir. Over. Someone had called me. He is there where you are headed to. So, did you get to know, sir? Sorry, brother. You are a genius. You found it out so soon.
– Hey, idiot. If I get hold of you… Who is the idiot, sir? You and your family are idiots. Your father, forefathers uncles, great grandfather, and your whole clan are idiots. You are the greatest idiot among them. So, who is the idiot? You wanted to catch
hold of us red-handed with your great plans. Hit and kill him. Start the jeep. Start the vehicle. Hey… Who are these people? Help me. Give me your hand. I will take care of them.
Go and save him. Officers…
– Come on, let’s go. Sir, are you safe? I am fine.
– Sir, hope you are good. I am perfectly fine.
– Can you hear me, sir? Yes, I am fine.
– Are you able to hear me? Give me the chain hanging there. Give it here, sir. Fast.
– Take it. Give me one by one, sir. Give it. Give me. Sir, take care. Don’t be hasty. Hey, why didn’t you take him out? You had asked us to take
the necessary things. – Idiots. Lift it.
– Take him out fast. Be careful. Let’s go. You people sit in the vehicle. Sister, you please go and
be seated in the jeep. I am responsible for all these.
– Do as I say. Go now. I will not leave you.
– Go and sit in the jeep. I cannot leave you.
– I will be safe. You go. Make it fast. Go away. My legs are trapped. It’s aching a lot. Come fast. Wait. Make it slow. It’s aching a lot. Oh! I got hold of you. Come on. Fast. Sir, I need more troops. Here, take it.
– Okay, sir. Sir, yes sir. I got hold of him, sir. Sir, his gang ran away.
Please get hold of them. Sir, they are near
the harbour railway station. Over. Okay. I will be there. Sir, give me the vehicle keys.
I will manage the rest. Wow, you act really well. Only I could make out. Good try. Hey, you might have proved yourself
an idiot to others, but not Me.
– Sir… You are more dangerous than a criminal.
– Sorry, sir. You are a traitor. Hey… Okay. So, it is him. Yes, it’s me. It’s not safe to play
with guns at this age. Are you scared? Whose age? Mine? Never. Sir, these people work better than you. That’s why I took their side. I did not want to cheat you, sir. Okay. Arrest us. But, atleast listen to us. I just have 2 things to tell you. Firstly, I had to do the work that
your department was supposed to do. We raided the places
which were erased from the list. What wrong did I do?
– Tell me, sir. Secondly, the raided money was spent at the right places.
But, when you raid, public does not get the information
about that money. Interestingly, we have no right
to ask about it, either. This money can be used
for the welfare of the society. The honest and deserving candidates
will get their right. Surround this place on all sides. People with money can enjoy life. But, those who don’t have,
manages with what he has. He wails and dies eventually. Don’t they have the right to live? So, I have decided that I would live for them
and give them a good life. What wrong did we do? We wanted the malice of the society… It was my mistake to let you free. So, you’re on their side. I’ll never call you an idiot
in the future. Please, sir. Please understand. Sorry, sir. Sir, what are you waiting for?
Shoot them both. Mr. Uttam, do you know them? Sir, don’t you know? He is the same person
who made me Uttam Kumar. – What? It’s because of him that
I am on the other side of law. Sir, do not bother about his words.
– Do whatever you want to me. Just kill him.
– But, conduct his enquiry for sure. Sir…
– Arrest him. What? – We will do something
only after thorough enquiry. Arrest him. Sir, such a man should be shot
not arrested. Oh! All are watching. Arrest them.
– Sir… Please give me the gun. I will shoot them. Sir, please. Sir…
– There will no problem. Hey, this guy might kill us.
– Hey, Uttam… What did you say? Look at his courage. As soon as he picks the gun,
shoot him off. What are you saying? Who else is here? Who is having a gun?
– No, sir. I have no gun with me. Sir, give me the gun.
– Shoot him the moment he picks the gun. No one will harm you, sir.
I am not talking to you. He can shoot. He is insane.
What are you trying to say? Think and speak. Sir, do not take the gun.
– As soon as he picks the gun… Hey, who is it? Why do you worry?
You go ahead. I was just saying so. Brother, shoot him. He has no accomplice here.
He is just scaring me. Did you get scared of me? No, sir.
– You will die. I’m telling the truth. We know nothing.
– You cheated us. Hey, save yourself
if you have the spine. Your eyes would anyway
close after I shoot. Sir, what happened? Hey, who shot him? He shot him.
– I did not shoot. Sir, there he is.
– Sir, he is the one. Who shot him?
– Sir, he is the one. There he is. Hey, who committed this mistake? Your whole finger is hurt.
Please sit down. Sit on your knees.
Hey, he is not sitting on his knees. Sir, show me your hands.
Did you hurt your finger? Did you hurt the middle finger? Hey… Who would have shot him? Sir, this pain is nothing. Now on, start getting
used to bigger pains. If you oppress the deserving and honest,
they will react this way. The corrupted and
the ones who take bribe would in the future
meet a similar fate. It’s all about money. One day, the same money
would ruin them forever. So, we all must choose
the path of honesty and make a better world for
the future generations. What did you tell me?
To save myself if I had spine? I not only have spine,
I am fierce too. Brother, I am leaving the place. I hope you know what to do
if sir moves from his position. Be careful. You might be tired of chasing us. Take rest for some time. Let me go. One minute. That was good. Smart. After seeing all these,
I put forth 2 offers to you. First one, join my department. There would be no case against you. Are you not able to believe it?
– Sir… Let me explain to you. I officially take you
into my department. Sir, what are you saying? I will get you the job. What kind of job?
– Inspector. Sir, inspector?
– Yes. Inspector.
– I… Yes.
– What all can I do being an inspector? The illegal activities that you are
doing now, can then be done legally. Can I conduct raid?
– Yes. It’s been my Dad’s and my dream.
Are you sure about it? I swear on God that you can do it. You can raid daily. There’s a long list.
– By the way, I am doing the same even now, sir. Then, why should I
join hands with you? Good joke. If you fight with someone at night
I will be asked to conduct raid. Then, when you become friends again
I will be stopped from doing it. This is how they work. If you wish to work diligently
after retirement you can join us anytime. You are always welcome, sir. Let’s go. Wait.
You did not hear the second option. Enough of it, sir. Our legs are aching.
– Just listen to him. That is okay. This case came to me 7 days back. I now know all of your details. I need only 2 days to do my duty. Arrest us, sir. You must go through many people
before reaching me. Yes, I saw that. That’s because… Who are we?
– Police officers. I did not hear you.
What did you say? Police officers. Reach us. A small team
for the welfare of the world.

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