Tamera Reacts to Las Vegas Tragedy as a Mom

Tamera Reacts to Las Vegas Tragedy as a Mom

I woke up to Adrian’s text,
saying your husband is doing->>An awesome job.>>An awesome job. And I’m like, what’s going on?>>You didn’t even know [CROSSTALK].>>I did know he was in Vegas
covering the OJ Simpson release. And I just spoke to him 8 PM,
cuz we have to get up in the morning, you know the next day. So the next time I hear of his
name is when you texted me, and then my best friend texted me,
and said, is Adam okay? And I’m like, what the hell is going on? And then I look at my phone, and
then it says, 50 people dead in Las Vegas. And you’re just shocked, because I
hadn’t heard from my husband yet.>>Yeah, right.>>I was freaking out.>>Mm-hm.>>Right.>>So then I call him and
there’s just this sadness.>>Yes.>>Because he got to speak to
some of the first responders.>>Yeah.>>And as a mom, it’s scary because
I don’t want this to become the norm. I don’t want this to become the world
that my children grow up in.>>Right.>>So,

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  1. I'll wait for Tamera to express her opinion again "as a mom" before I trip on her. This ain't the right video.

    RIP to all Vegas victims. I'm praying for all the survivors.

  2. This is tragic by the title made me a chuckle a bit. Why did they need to include the 'as a mom' part. We all know that is Tam Tam's trademark.
    Nonetheless, prayers for everyone suffering atm due to the shooting and the natural disasters happenin around the world 🌎 Fix it Jesus 🙏🏾

  3. It is perfectly okay that Tamera is speaking from the point of view of being a mother because other parents were in Vegas when that shooting occurred. I haven't lived with my parents since I was 16, yet my mother still worries about me, asks me to not stay out late (gets upset if I do) and asks me to let her know when I'm home and more. Mothers worry every day about their children and the lives of their kids. It's a parent thing. Not all parents are that way because some are more confident in their children's safety, mental wellbeing, future, et cetera.
    I remember when I took my uncle's wife and their toddlers to the pool (they asked to go)and my uncle told me that none of them could swim so if anyone was drowning or in danger, I should save the kids. He loves his wife so much, but his children are his world and part of him. He loves his wife so much, but despite that, his children will always come first. Just like Tamera's children were one of her first concerns after hearing about the shooting. She loves Adam, she won't want anything horrible happening to him, but if anything did happen, it will directly affect her children in ways that would be hard for her to deal with as she too will be directly affected. Her kids are her first priorities.
    If you want someone to talk from the point of view of not being a mother, listen to Jeanie or Loni or even Adrienne, if you want the view of someone who is not a biological mother.

  4. unfortunately Americas government is so busy getting involved in other countries business that its forgotten to fix its own.

  5. Sick how the media WONT even refer to him as a TERRORIST because he is white, watch this be a brown person or black, it’s quickly label as “thug” “terrorist” but When it’s a white person it’s always “lone wolf” “gun man” “mental illness” “enjoys music, no criminal records”

  6. Tam Tam as children of God we cannot in live fear. Also I am as protective as u are ( no kids yet) but still I kinda fear the world they will be born into but its a reality that we have to fave this dreadful world…and that Las Vegas shooting is the beginning of what is the come to this world.

  7. Guys can somebody make me understand why this terrorist started shooting people? How did it start? I'm genuinely confused

  8. This is incredibly sad and my heart goes out to the people and families involved. 
    Tamera not everything has to be about you as a mom! why aren't you speaking about the fact that people have lost their lives and how their families will be affected due to this? This world has been messed up for a very long time. These evil and wicked things didn't just start suddenly happening. This is the world we unfortunately live in. So yes your children will grow up in a world were bad things happen JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Stop making everything about you Tamera! This should have been about the victims. NOT ALWAYS ADAM AND YOUR CHILDREN. Show more compassion for other individuals other than just people in your family.

  9. I think it's sad to see that people don't value human life anymore… whether it's from committing suicide to killing your children or your parents or an innocent civilian… we as a community need to uplift , encourage one another and stick together and say " YOU MEAN SOMETHING TO SOMEBODY , YOU ARE LOVED " cuz people will lash out in ways people can't even think in the wink of an eye

  10. lol the comment section full of salty people because she said as mom !shame on you guys been a mother is something so deep and emotional

  11. How about her reaction as a human? Why in the context of being a mother? I love Tamera, but every single time she talks it's from her perspective as a mother or a wife, as if those are the only two roles she has. She's Sister Sister, for crying out loud….I'd like to hear more from Tamera, the actress who has managed to have longevity in her career (I know that her response as a mother made sense in this context, I was just annoyed with the constant pidgeonholing done by this show).

  12. …”as a mom”. Damn can this woman not be a little indépendant. I get that being a mother is a blessing and everything but damn

  13. Born and raised here in Las Vegas, last night was one of the most heart wrenching nights I've ever experienced. I've stayed at Mandalay Bay numerous times and had friends who were attending the concert. So thankful to be in EMT school and have had the opportunity to know a few of the first responders who are still trying to recover from last night. #prayersforlasvegas

  14. Lol I'm sure her kids will be raise in a safe gated community and attend the safest private school money can buy. You'll be fine Tamera. It's us normies that have something to worry about

  15. She shits, as a mom
    she eats as a mom
    she showers as a mom
    she has sex as a mom
    like girl we get it youre a mommmmmmmm stfu!!!!

  16. "As a mom" how do you tell your kids that daddy works for a 'news' organization that actively works to destroy people that look like you? How about you change your bedspread before you try to change the world?

  17. Woke up to this news this morning….was horrified. I kept crying so hard for all those that were left hurt or died…my heart goes out to all 💔

  18. Everything is a Momma response. My kids this, my kids that, Adam, Adam, Adam,,,,I mean Yo hair already look like a floor fan. I love you Tamara but Godlee change your answers up sometimes. Them Brady bunch answers getting old.

  19. Why everybody jumping on Tamera commenting about her perspective as a mom? Can't y'all tell how worried she was?! Her first thoughts were and are Adam and those kids! That will never be a bad thing in my book it is not a crime to love your family. On this show they all are passionate about SOMETHING and for Tamera , as we all know lol, its her family. We need more Tams in this world who care about how things will affect they're families, if we did idk maybe stuff like this would happen less ya know? I'd rather Tamera be like this than not give a darn about family or anyone else, if you ask me Tams got it right!!

  20. Everybody in the comments saying why does Tamera always mention that she's a mom. Let me say this as a young man with no kids with only a few nieces and nephews, when I first became an uncle and even now my whole view of the world changed. As the only male of all my siblings my life was always about protecting and keeping my sisters safe. However, these days its more trying to create a safer less violent surrounding for my nieces, nephews and even my Godchildren. So I can only imagine as a parent your first natural response is how this situation will affect your kids. In closing I'd like to also add that most mother's view the world through the eyes of mother's so they don't only see the world their kids are growing up in but they see every other kid also. Tamera seems like a great mom that would baby proof the world if she could but that is just the mother in her.

  21. I pray that all of this violence stops! Last year it was my city Orlando with the gay club getting shot up and now its Vegas. This is really sad man, like Tamera said as a mom (I have a son.) this is really scary to think that our kids are growing up in a world like this. All I can say is we need to pray up and come together as one because only love can conquer hate, thats something that God wants all of his children to do is to just love one another. ❤

  22. this is extremely disappointing tamera. she needs to understand that she is on a huge platform and in a moment like this, her point of view should have been focused on adam and his safety and then transitioning into showing empathy for the victims and THEIR families, not hers.

  23. As a mom? Tamera so if you weren't a Mom you can't react? You are a human being not just a Mom, Damn tamera is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tamera is so self centered.She'll find a way to turn any situation into something that pertains to her,her kids and her husband.We get it.You think your little world is so perfect but outside of it this is what other people have to deal with sometimes on the daily.

  25. I am from San Francisco, and my family knows someone missing in Vegas. Praying that she finds her way back home, after this tragedy.

  26. its already the norm dumbass this isnt nothing new this isnt the first time this has happened and its not the last

  27. Y’all know there are other channels to watch right ? If you don’t like Tamera’s narrative , then go watch a different y’all show. Y’all know she has kids that she talks about and loves. Y’all know she has a husband that she talks about and loves. That’s her life. This is how she feels. These are the things she speaks on. You don’t like it , mute your tv or change the channel. Stop fucking complaining though and making her feel bad.

  28. We’ve been through this in Europe multiple times and its sad to say that there are gonna be militaries everywhere police everywhere.. the tolerence level will go down. You wont even be able to go to the grocery store without crossing a military. Also police violence will increase. This is the norm and we’re already living it. In your case it certainly doesnt help to have a president that doesnt promote tolerence and peace. Im sorry for Vegas. I wish we wont ever have to go through this again, as humans.

  29. Yes .. we get it … she's a mum .. no one wants it to become the norm Tamera 🤦🏾‍♀️anywaaaaaay why doesn't the US just have more gun control or better yet why don't you just get rid of guns. Now here in the UK it is not normal or legal for just anyone to have a gun and while it isn't a complete safe haven here there certainly isn't mass gun shootings every damn week

  30. I wish Tamera didn't have to focus things on herself in order to feel passionate/sympathetic. No one wants this to be the norm, not just mothers 😂 fact is I just really don't understand why America needs to have guns. Why do you need a gun 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  31. I don't think anyone is bashing Tamera for the fact that she is proud of being a mum. The point is that thats all she EVER refers to. Its like… sometimes have a different perspective and start thinking about other people rather than just your family all the time. I mean look at the amount of passion Jeanie shows for child trafficing… she doesn't feel the need to constantly refer back to herself in order to find compassion for a situation. She can just recognise that its wrong and then she shows empathy. Tamera only ever shows empathy if its relating to her, her husband or her kids. Extremely self-centred.

  32. I love tam tam I really do. but I dislike the title "as a mom". Like I get it the real she's a mom but that's not all she is. couldn't it be Tamera reacts? As human beings we are all shook with this tragedy and I feel that she would still feel saddened from what's going on even if she weren't a mom. I would prefer Tamera reacts as a human being if they really wanted to give a reason why she's upset….

  33. Protect yourself from bullies, and usually the biggest bully in your life is yourself. You don't have to like yourself but u NEED to Love yourself.

  34. "As a mom, I don't want this world to be the one my children grow up in" I feel exactly the same way 😢
    Lord have mercy!

  35. What about "…as a human being"? You and all of the media– including that Fox News husband of yours– fail to recognize this is a terrorist attack

  36. It's incredibly sad that it happened but it's her opinion and if she wants to use the mom card let her be. Everyone who died or was injured has a mother so imagine what their going through. No mother wants to see their child dead or in any situation like that, so I get.

  37. forget "as a mom" as a human period, now! I dont want this to be the world that I have to live in, let alone children GROWING up in.

  38. y'all her feelings are valid and she made a good point- as a Mom to the next generation she doesn't want them thinking this is how we should act because kids are vulnerable. Of course 'as a human' she's upset, but as a Mom to two young kids it's awful that they're growing up surrounded by these attacks every other day. damn Tr viewers are some bitter hateful people im praying for y'alls souls..

  39. save the crocodile tears tamera….your husband, the company he works for, and YOUR president made this the norm so have several seats.

  40. God bless man😩😢 i dont understand why people feel the need to do something like this..smh but i agree with tamara because i too have a kid i definitely dont want my baby growing up in a worl like this. We need to change alot of things people

  41. We are living in the last days so it's no surprise we are hearing more tragedies happen .. the Bible warns us .. so we shouldn't be shocked .. I think ppl are now paying more attention now because crazier things are happening.. bible does say when god finally takes control he will destroy all wickedness ..

  42. Honestly, it cannot be healthy to be this defined by motherhood. Is Tamera not a person anymore? I can understand how being a parent is an identity that gives you a certain perspective on things but I cannot imagine if before every opinion someone gives, it's always attributed to that one thing. That's all that you are. Your opinion is not meaningful in its own right. It's only relevant because of what you are. Kind of like Adrienne attributing everything about herself to being a Latina from New York. At some point, you are no longer an individual. We could all literally approach events this way. Surely people who die are someone's child, sibling, uncle, cousin, friend etc. Imagine if someone asked a news anchor or talk show host about someone who got killed and they go, "As someone who is a friend of someone else, I think it's awful" or "As someone who has parents, I think the hurricane in Puerto Rico is terrible" or "Someone who's a Scorpio died? "Wow, as a Scorpio myself, I think its really sad".

    It's really stupid…

  43. For anyone who has a problem with Tamera comment. Please take a look at this https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155867299388987&id=51617358986

  44. Everyone complaining about Tamera's "As a mom" speech is making me feel less horrible for hating her recent "opinions" or lack of opinions on recent sensitive topics. She only says something when it affects her but if it has nothing to do with her 2 kids or husband she suddenly becomes a mute. Smh, she getting to me now, I'm very disappointed. 😒😪

  45. In a traumatic situation, if the first thing that u think about is your kids then nobody should frown at that. They should commend u bcuz protecting your kids is what u are supposed to do. Nothing to pick or throw shade at.

  46. I really hate how this season of the Real they're cutting the hosts off mid-sentence on these youtube clips. The least you could do is let us finish hearing their thought

  47. Well as a mom myself I don’t like what’s going on in this world but we can’t help other people’s stupidity! We just hope and pray that our children can call us and let us know what’s going on and I hope they stay safe!!! I don’t like this world but I can’t protect my children all the time!!! I am not going to be there all the time I want them to learn how to protect themselves!!

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