Temper Telugu Full Movie | Jr.NTR, Kajal Agarwal, Puri Jagannadh | Sri Balaji Video

Temper Telugu Full Movie | Jr.NTR, Kajal Agarwal, Puri Jagannadh | Sri Balaji Video

‘Lord Shiva!’ ‘Lord Shiva!’ Life doesn’t spare anybody. It fulfills everybody’s fun. We don’t understand what
life is unless it happens. By looking at me, you understand that
someone has thrashed me badly, right? Getting thrashed is
not a new thing for me. It started in childhood. Why are you staring like that?
Will you steal? Will you steal? You are so small…
will you steal? – Catch him! Catch him!
– Hey, stop! Stop! Where will you escape?
Will you escape from my cell? – Hey!
– Why do you beat? – Why do you beat?
– Sir, shouldn’t we beat you? Do you know whose man I am? Do you know whom you are beating? – Whose man are you, sir?
– Johnny Bhai. – I am Johnny’s man.
– Greetings, sir. He is our boy. Leave him. – Is he your Johnny Bhai?
– Yes. Hey, you keep watching like that.
Keep watching like that. What else, sir?
How are sister-in-law and children, sir? – They are fine!
– You are beating! – Sir! Sir! Sir!
– Hey! He says he is Johhny Bhai’s man. He says we shouldn’t beat him..
shouldn’t beat him. – Why do you beat me, sir?
– Committing thefts and moreover. – Will you act smart?
– No! Will he warn me
if you don’t do give build up? Watch.. watch.. hey,
how I beat your Johhny Bhai! – Watch!
– Mother! – Hey!
– No! Are you a goon? He is a kid! He must have said
without knowing anything. You wait, I will tell you.
Keep this… keep this. – Why did the weight become less?
– Sir, there is nothing in bank too. – Take him away!
– Okay, sir. – Come! Come!
– Hey, don’t tell him always about you. – Sometimes tell him about me too.
– Okay, I will tell… I will tell. Rascal! What did you say about me? I took your name by
thinking you are a big hero. Why do you get beaten
without beating him? What should I do then?
Should I go and beat him? Will you not beat?
You are like a bull. – Why don’t you beat him?
– What beating? He is a policeman. What police?
We steal money from public… …he is stealing money from us. – What is the difference?
– What is the difference? Dress! Dress! If they wear it then nobody
will stop them or question them. He is a policeman! Policeman! Nine… ten.. Hey, why are you looking
there when I am talking here? I have understood what my
career will be if I stay with you. – I will quit.
– Quit? I will wear…
I will wear police dress. – I will become police.
– What will you become? Do you know on whom
you are putting your hand? To-be police! Remove the hand! ‘And then I became quite
determined to become police.’ ‘They said I should
study to become police.’ ‘I don’t have parents like
other for studying in school.’ ‘That’s why I worked during
the day and joined night school.’ ‘I wouldn’t study properly
but I want to become police.’ ‘I would see how luxurious
it is if I become policeman.’ Wrong route and moreover. We can take Rs. 100
if there is no licence. We can take half from the thief. If two people fight then
we can take from both. Not only these,
we can trample anyone. I used to practice dialogues too
by watching police movies at times. ‘In the neighbourhood
of this Kondaveeti…’ ‘…rogue like person who
commits crimes and atrocities…’ ‘…I will beat like never before…’ ‘…and finish you totally.
I am such a lion!’ ‘Inspector Ranjit Kumar!’ ‘Hey! Hey!
If you failed in first standard…’ ‘…then I studied degree.’ ‘If there are bombs in your
house then I have guts inside me.’ ‘If there is money in your pocket
then I have revolver in my pocket.’ ‘If you take out this revolver
then it is illegal.’ ‘If I take it out then it is legal.’ ‘If you kill a person
then is called killing.’ ‘If I kill then it is protection.’ ‘If you twirl your moustache
then it is hooliganism…’ ‘…and if I twirl moustache
then it is heroism.’ ‘Shall we leave the station
and go to centre? Ready!’ ‘I am an Inspector
if I am wearing ‘khaki’ dress.’ ‘Otherwise I am a bigger goon than you.’ ‘Come on!
At which centre shall we fight?’ ‘Jagadamba? Market? Sangam? Tell me!’ Two idlis! ‘Somehow I worked hard
and passed tenth standard.’ Hey! Degree became very difficult after that. ‘At one stage, I thought of giving up.’ ‘But every scam happening
in the country would inspire me.’ ‘I would feel sad by thinking
I am not there in it.’ ‘I wouldn’t sleep at nights by thinking
when I will grow and become police.’ Brother, I am unable to study. They say it will take another five
years to finish degree. What to do? Study. If you work hard and study,
you will learn. – What if I work hard and buy?
– What? I will pay money and buy degree. ‘Finally I bought the degree
by taking help from few people.’ ‘Only physical test I passed genuinely.’ ‘Finally, either because of
my good luck or your bad luck…’ ‘…I became Sub-Inspector!’ ‘Jai Hind!’ Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! – Hey!
– Where will you run? Why are you standing
there and watching? Come. Why did God give the sea? – For fishes?
– Isn’t it? We go in boat to catch them. Anyway we go so we
bring something in them. Why does police call it smuggling?
Not only that… …they are arresting
our boys every now and then. That SI arrested my brother today. It will take five minutes to kill him. But they will bring another
strict officer if he gets killed. I don’t want that. Look, remove him and replace
him with the SI who listens to me. He shouldn’t have morality. He shouldn’t
know what honesty and sincerity. In short, he should be worse than me. Worst than you is difficult, buddy! Yes! There is one! He is in Hyderabad. If we all belong to one category
then he belongs to different category. Yes! Police! You are under arrest! God! I don’t know anything!
I don’t know anything! Stop! You! Sir! Sir! Sir!
I don’t have anything to do with them! So why did you run after seeing me? I am very much frightened of police.
I thought you must be police. – I will shoot you..
– Sir… sir. Johnny Bhai! The fear inside you
has made me police. Johnny Bhai? ‘I will wear the dress..
I will wear police dress.’ ‘I will become police.’ Hey! You? Sorry, sir.
I didn’t think you will become police. – Anyway, who was it running just now?
– I don’t know. – Don’t know? You!
– I really don’t know. But the one who died was Suri! – Suri?
– Yes. – Did he die?
– Yes. Sir, I saw him running
after killing Suri. – Where is the dead body?
– I will show you. – Take me there.
– Come. He is Suri. – What is his story?
– He is Madhav’s brother. His gang and Shakeel’s
gang are at loggerheads. Shakeel’s gang tried to
kill him many times but failed. But someone came and killed him. – Shakeel and he are loggerheads, right?
– Yes. You call Shakeel.
We will sell his dead body. – Sell dead body?
– Call him. – Hello.
– Suri guy. He is in front of me. – Should I kill him or not?
– Who are you? Whoever I am? Why do you bother?
Should I kill him or not? I don’t care who you are. If you really kill him
then I will give you ten lakhs. So watch TV in half an hour.
News will come. Hey, you call up my station
and tell constable to come. Hey? He has no respect for guru. Hello. – Hello.
– I killed him. Are you happy? Who are you?
I tried many times to kill him. You killed him easily. Tell me where I should send the money. Or you come once. I want to see you. We will meet when
the right time comes. Keep ten lakhs in a bag
and send it to Red Rose Cafe. Okay. Okay. Let us bring the money. Come. Ten lakhs for the murder I witnessed? Let us go to Shakeel’s house. Why? He gave the money, right? He says he wants to see me once.
Let us go and meet him. “Lungi dance! Lungi dance! Lungi dance!
Lungi dance! Lungi dance!” Police! You wanted to see me unnecessarily. When did I say? Do you think police will not come
if you commit murder? Murder? What murder, sir? – What murder?
– Yes. Do you think we don’t
know you killed Suri? We found shooter’s phone
at the place of murder. Call list says he called
you before and after the murder. See! Sir, hundreds of people call me. How can you come to me based on them? I don’t know you are…
I will give ten lakhs if you kill. Red Rose Cafe. Enough or should
I take you to the control room… …and make you hear
the entire conversation? Yes? Rascal! You.. Sir! Sir!
No, sir! Please, sir. Leave me. I will leave you.
Quote one figure that I like. Sir, I will give ten lakhs. Rascal! Isn’t there difference
between shooter and police? No respect? Is the rate same? Sir, 20 lakhs cash is ready. My God! My God!
30 lakhs within one hour. Madhav’s brother died, right? – Let us go to his house.
– What? Isn’t it over yet? Police! Sir, see there. Why did it happen
like this to me, uncle? – I want to talk to you?
– What? I think you like your
younger brother very much. Sir, not just I like him… …he is more than a son to me..
more than a son. I have proof with me to
say who killed your brother. Proof? I think it must
be that scoundrel Shakeel. Even Shakeel doesn’t
know who killed your brother? So who killed him? Who? Why do you need?
I will file a case based on the proof. Sir, give me that proof..
leave the case… …I will bury that rascal here.
It is very easy. Government will give
gold medal if I file the case. Gold medal? Money… whatever
amount you want, tell me. I will give. Take it and buy golden bricks. Brother is dead.. you are in deep sorry..
women are crying there. Don’t know whether you have ten
in the house if I ask you suddenly. Brother! Forget ten?
Do you want twenty? Take twenty. – Ramlingam! Come here!
– Yes, brother. Brother, show me how he looks. I will
cut him into pieces and burn him alive. This rascal? My goodness! You grew up under me. My God! My God! So many ideas you have!
How intelligent you are! Since I didn’t grow up
under so I became intelligent. I will give five.
Shut up, go home and sleep. Why will I sleep now?
You are there. That is enough. I will rock entire Hyderabad! What will you do?
I am not there from tomorrow. – I got transferred to another state.
– Which state? Seemandhra! Vizag! Sir! Don’t salute Gandhi
and Gandhi’s birthday? The new SI coming
today is also born today. Pray to God for saving
this Vizag from him. – What is it?
– Who do you think is coming? His name is Daya. He doesn’t have it. Sir! He is a king of corruption. In short, he is the first child
born to the mother of corruption. – “King.”
– Sattibabu, sir. – “King! King!”
– Nagraj, sir. Nair, sir. – Venket, sir.
– “King.” – Basha, sir!
– Raghu, sir! – “Pooja!”
– Kiran, sir! – David, sir! – What is your name?
– Narayamurthy, sir. – What?
– Narayamurthy, sir! – Why didn’t you salute?
– Hand is injured, sir. Had a catch. You may do it when it is fine. Who are those boys? Smuggling case, sir. – So why did you keep them inside?
– We arrested them, sir. Take them out once. Sir, they will escape
if we take them out. Hey, keep quiet.
Why will they escape when I am here? – Hey, bring the chair!
– Yes, sir. How will they escape
when I am here, Murthy? – Open! Open! Open! Open!
– Sir, they will escape if I open it. Sir, they are coming out. Sir, they came out of the cell. – What if they come out?
– Sir, they will escape. Will they escape
even when you are here? Oh! Murthy, what you said is correct. We should keep such people inside.
We shouldn’t let them out. Sir, you only said to open the cell. How do I know?
You should tell me, right? I heard only girls are fast in Vizag.
You should tell me boys too are fast. Tell me what shall we do now?
What case will you file? What explanation will you give? The SI who came newly.. Which SI? I didn’t take charge yet.
I didn’t sign yet. So how will you write my name? New SI? New SI? Tell me what we shall do now. What should we write?
You have released the smugglers. You will lose your jobs. Tell me something. – What shall we write?
– Don’t know, sir. Should I tell that? Write that you didn’t arrest them. Sir, case has been registered in FIR. FIR book is burnt in short circuit. What will you do, Murthy? Just now you said your hand is injured. Now you are extinguishing
the fire properly. Murthy, can we tell lies
on Gandhi’s birthday? It is wrong. Salute me! After knowing what you are. After seeing you like this. My hand is not rising, sir. “Will you say you will not wake up?
Or should I wake you up?” “Get up! Get up! Get up!” – Now where is Vasu’s guest house?
– Which Vasu, sir? Voltaire Vasu..
where is his guest house? Police! Come, sir. Brother, new SI has come. Daya… Sub-Inspector. What do you smell? The smell of your sweat will reveal… …what you are and what I am to you. You released my brothers
immediately after coming. Thanks. Where are your brothers?
They are not seen. Yes! They found a new bird. They are enjoying. Okay. What will you have? You? How will it be
if I address you informally? You! My ego will get hurt inside. Your ego must be inside. It is around me life wifi. You should pamper
it but don’t tamper it. Brother..
okay… no informal words. – What will you take, brother?
– ‘Ra.’ Raw. Give peg. Brother, today I am very happy. Since you are celebrating
your birthday with me… …so I am gifting you Sunny Leone. – What?
– Is Sunny in Vizag? Boys, this is an item song. “Come on! Be happy, boys.” “All of you come.” – She is not Sunny Leone.
– She is the Sunny Leone for our Vizag. “Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys!” “For the mass in lower stalls..
for the class in balcony.” “If item song comes..
dance! dance! dance! dance!” “The item girl dancing
next to the hero.” “Let me tell you. She has many fans,
fans, fans, fans.” “They whistle!
They throw papers in hall!” “‘Like possessed by some Goddess,
item song means.” “We will dance like this!
We will dance like this!” “We will dance like this!
We will rock all day!” “Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys!
Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys!” “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Ah!
Kiss! Kiss! Take kiss!” “They will get hiccups
if you tell them to stop!” “If you tell them to leave,
they will tighten their loin cloth.” “Hall will rock with euphoria!
It will be filled with whistle sounds!” “Dry cheeks will jump
like fish out of water!” “Hey, like this… like this…
should I jump like this?” “Let jump like this, girl!
Let jump like this!” “Let us jump like this!
Let us rock all day!” “Jayamalini, Jyothilaxmi,
Anurdha, Disco Shanti.” “Silk, Mumaith Khan,
newcomer Sunny Leone.” “When they come in small
clothes and groove around.” “Youth will suffer heart attack!
All shows will be houseful!” “Hey, like this… like this…
should I jump like this?” “Let jump like this, girl!
Let jump like this!” “Let us jump like this!
Let us rock all day!” Hey, Murthy! Come here. Where are you looking
when figure is here? Sir, this is your flat from today. – Enjoy happily.
– I will. Sir, there is swimming pool. Nobody will watch
even if walk around nude. Is it? Sir, bar is fully loaded. Make one call anytime, we will come. Okay. You leave now. I will enjoy. – Okay, sir.
– Right, sir. Right. Murthy, keep this between us. – Yes.
– Is it their flat? Yes, sir. Somehow we will make it ours slowly. You must have seen
my talent from morning. Don’t you feel like
saluting at least now? Turn back! Salute! Salute! Sir, if you force me to salute… …if my hand rises by mistake… …I will cut it, sir. I will cut it, sir. “The dream girl in my eyes.” Murthy, I like music very much. Search one good music system.
We will keep it in the house. Which brand do you want, sir? Who wants brand, Murthy? System should be good. Search one…
we will keep it in the house. – Okay?
– Okay, sir. – Go.
– Yes, sir. So sweet. Hold it. Your parrot is nice. This is not parrot. It is macau. – Is it?
– Yes. We call it macau. Does it know? – It doesn’t know.
– That is the problem. Fishes don’t know
that we call them as fish. Donkeys don’t know that
we call them as donkeys. True. – What is your name?
– Sanvi. – Not its name.. your name.
– It is my name. Oh… so what is her name? Not she… he… his name is Bobby. – He?
– Yes. Now I have a doubt. How do we know
if it is male or female? No! Not like our humans. If we conduct
DNA test then we will know… …whether it is male or female. We know it if we conduct
DNA test but how do they know it. They remember it naturally. Feelings start automatically
after seeing each other. Male will come after seeing female. – So like us?
– Yes. Nice! Nice! Can I click my photo with it? – Sure. Please… go ahead.
– Thanks. – Wonderful!
– Bobby! – Look here.
– Turn there. Turn around… see there. See there. My name is Daya.
Sub Inspector of police. – Oh! Are you a police?
– Yes. – I run a pet cross.
– Oh! Pet cross! – So animal lover.
– Yes. – We will meet here daily.
– I don’t come daily. We will meet whenever you come. – Okay. Bye.
– Right. Bye. Wait, I will bring a female to Bobby. He will go behind her
and you will come behind him. Look, Murthy.
The music I talked about last night. Pet cross! Go and find details. Sir, I know the details very well.
She is a very good girl. – Please don’t do anything to her.
– What will I do? She says she is an animal lover, Murthy.
Who is the animal here other than me? Go and find the details and set her. Sir, I am not such a person. Murthy, I am like that only.
What shall we do now? Listen to me and go.
Set her… set her. Go… go. – Hello.
– Look at her. Look at legs…
look at the skin tone… hello! Bitter gourd! Brinjal! Tomatoes! Brother, she is coming. Sorrel! Sweet gourd! – Let us finish her.
– No, brother. Why? Isn’t she looking bit stout? That is our advantage. Look at her neck.
Her chain is shining like her. It is shining! – We will finish!
– Come. – Come.
– Bitter gourd! Brinjal! – Sister, how much is brinjal?
– 45 rupees per kilogram, brother. I asked how much
one brinjal will cost. What will you do with one? Rituals of Goddess Varalaxmi
are being observed. He wants to give it to her husband. Why is brinjal required for that? How come you both are so innocent! – Rascal! My chain!
– Come, buddy! Come! – She is screaming!
– My God! – Hey, Ganga! Rangi! Come!
– Run, brother! – Bro, 50 grams of gold! It is jackpot!
– Rascals! Stop! Stop rascals! I think she might catch us! – Rascals!
– Brother, run! Hey! Have you seen his face?
He looks like a black lizard. Not him! Look at his face!
Dressed up like a superstar! – Sorry, sir!
– God! Sir, we will never
commit robbery again! – Sir, we will quit robbery!
– Will you quit? – Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir! God! He is beating
when we say we will quit! I didn’t tell you to quit. Think big! Think big! – Think big? What does it mean?
– Think big! Big! – I didn’t understand anything.
– I feel like pitying you. What are these torn vests?
What is this nuisance? – Did you eat anything?
– Sir, we didn’t eat anything. What did you ask, sir?
Nobody asked us like this till now. Sir, I am getting tears in my eyes
when you are asking like that. It is nothing. You didn’t have proper
guidance so you became like this. – Come! Come! Let us go to our house.
– Why, sir? We will talk after eating something.
Come. – To your house?
– Come. Come.. come.. my sweet boy..
come.. don’t know. – My goodness! My goodness!
– Sir, your house is excellent. You gave sumptuous food. What else do we want
today other than this? Not only today,
eat three times a day here. – Ah?
– Sleep with me in my house. – My God!
– Commit robbery happily. We will share fifty
fifty from the booty. – My God!
– Super offer! You look like God to us. If all policemen are like this
then why will we have problems? Leave all that..
tonight I will give you an assignment. – Tell me, sir.
– Come on. Speak out. Do you have idea
about pet cross Sanvi? She? Why do you want her, brother? She puts chain around the dogs
but not on her neck. Listen to me! What is the costliest
thing to steal from her canal? Costliest from her canal is Sanvi. Rest all are street dogs. – We will steal those dogs?
– Dogs? – Why dogs?
– Steal the dogs.. – Okay, brother.
– Say okay. Let us steal. God! What is this? They have come! What can we do? – Brother, they are so many!
– Don’t talk loud! Orphan dogs!
Brother, they are very mild. We too will become like
this if we get free food. – Sweetie.
– Brother, shall we go back? Shut up! Our God trusted us and
gave an assignment to us. We have to complete this mission. What shall we do now? Thorn should be removed with a thorn. – Bite the dog like a dog!
– Means? If we both bite one day each… – …then they will follow us.
– Okay. – Stop! No!
– Stop! Stop! SI sir! – I want to meet sir immediately. Please.
– Stop, madam. Sir is busy. – Hey, let them come!
– Okay, sir. – Why have you come for?
– Please, sir. Please! How is your Bobby? Not Bobby, last night thieves entered
my house and took all my babies. – Babies?
– Children, sir. – Do you have children?
– Oh no! I mean not children. Kittens… 22 kittens are missing! – Dogs theft?
– Yes. Sir, someone has done it deliberately. They have targeted with a purpose. Sanvi, they will do with a purpose.
Who will do for nothing? There is market for
it so they have done it. What market? Don’t you know? These days Koreans are eating
dogs by leaving chicken and mutton. – God!
– By the way… …are they exporting your babies? What? Will Koreans eat my babies? What is wrong with them, sir? I like Korea. I wish to visit Seoul since long time. I watch even Korean movies. Sir! Sir! Oppa Gangnam Style!
Oppa Gangnam Style! – My babies like this song very much, sir.
– “Oppa Gangnam Style!” Recently we attended
a Korean food festival here. We even talked to chefs. – Yes, mother?
– Those rascals looked good at that time. What happened to them
during this time, sir? Yes, their days are numbered. I think by now they might
have been shipped to Korea. Shipping?
Sir, Korea is very far, isn’t it? Where do you think Korea is? From Vizag, if we go in boat… …to north then you will get North Korea,
if you go to south then South Korea. So should I go this side
or that side in boat? Why will you go?
Do you think I am dead? – Aren’t your babies my babies?
– No! Look, let us keep it between us.
Who is she? – My mommy.
– Greetings. Mommy? Why is she like this? Okay, let her be like thing.
You take your mother and go home. I will bring the babies. – You go!
– Hey, start the helicopter! – Sir.
– Start the helicopter! Helicopter? – Yes, helicopter!
– Thank you, sir. You go, Sanvi. I will take care. – War on Korea!
– War on Korea? Yes. War on Korea! You go. Nice SI. You go, I will take care.
Load the guns! Hey, order a tea!
I am having headache. Yes, sir. What is war on Korea? – Hello.
– Brother. Where are you? I am in Korea. Where are you? – I am in depression.
– Why? Missing you, brother. You don’t understand.
I respect you a lot. You might give respect
for friendship… …but I will give
my life for friendship. I have been waiting as where
I find that person. Finally I met you. I will give it after coming from Korea.
Now put the phone down. He is one. Hey, come here. Why is he worse than me? Don’t know if they gave pedigree to
our babies or not? “Show mercy.” – Baby.
– “What is this?” Hey, it seems some vehicle has come.
Go and see. Why did police van come? Come on, babies!
Come on! Come on! Get down! Come! Come! Babies! Dear, our babies have come! Chanti! Bunty! Bujji! All have come! – Come! Come!
– Thank God! Madam, Daya sir worked very hard
and brought them. Hold then tight. Thank you! Thank you so much!
Thank you! You made my day! Whom are you saying thanks to? Daya sir. SI. He brought our babies back. Oh! How did you find them?
How could you find them so fast? Fast?
Ship almost reached Korea border. A big war over there..
it took two days to bring. Complaint was given just yesterday. How did it take two days? Grandmother,
yesterday is yesterday for us. For Koreans,
yesterday means day before yesterday. How much is yesterday
plus day before yesterday? Two! It took that much time here. Somehow I doubt by
looking at his behaviour. Old woman is doing over acting. – Kill her.
– Okay, sir. We will kill. Grandmother, what do you know? Because of these dogs here… …two countries are
fighting like dogs there. Bilateral relations between
India and Korea are damaged. – What relations?
– Bilateral relations. – Oh!
– Brother, please tell her. Yes! Because of these fights,
they said they will not drink our water… …and they will not
give their water to us. They said they will
build a ball in ocean. – In ocean?
– Yes. – Wall?
– Yes. – Will they build?
– Yes. Is it so easy? Should I believe? – Thanks a lot.
– Hey, are you crying? Hey! Hey! I thought I am sensitive. What is it with you?
You are more sensitive than me. Look, Sanvi.
You don’t look good at all if you cry. I will give my number.
Let us keep in touch sometimes. What? Are you so sensitive? SI will come in sometime. Wait. – SI is coming.
– Greetings, sir. My daughter is missing
from three days. – Hey, Kiran!
– Sir! When are you presenting him in the court? Tomorrow, sir. What were you saying? My daughter is missing
since four days. – What is her age?
– She is studying degree, sir. – Do you have photo?
– Yes, sir. – Show it.
– Good morning, sir. – Has he come?
– No, sir. – Tell him.
– Sir. Tell him that entire matter… – …will get settled if he sits with sir.
– Sir. – Okay, sir.
– Sir, photo. – Did you give written complaint?
– Not yet, sir. Write, madam.
Give written complaint. Give friends’ list..
give her number. – Only then we can inquire.
– Okay, sir. – Hey, write it. Sit and write carefully.
– Sir. “Morning and evening…”
Hey, Kiran! Come here! “…in your..” Why is he acting smart? – Hey, you are acting too smart. Stop all.
– Sir. – Please, sir! Please, sir!
– You close the shop. Close it. No way! Close it!
Close it! Close it! – Sir, try to understand.
– What else then? Do we look like rowdies
to come and collect every month? We will not come.
You should come and pay. – Okay, sir.
– Go! Who is he?
Who is he touching my music system. Look… why is he giving flute? Why is she playing it again? Who he is, Murthy? Cake… cake…
Murthy, why is he giving cake? Mouth… mouth…
he is cleaning the mouth. – Find out who he is. Find! Find! Find!
– I will find. I will see him! That is my music system. What is it? What is it? Who is he? By the way,
why did you give handshake to him? Sir, it is nothing like that.
He is not boy friend. He is her would-be, sir.
They are going to marry next month. Marriage? – Love or arranged?
– I don’t know, sir. Let it be anything,
why should I bother, Murthy? Why didn’t she tell me?
Whom did she ask and got committed? He… he looks like a donkey! – Is he good looking?
– Sir, girl is pet cross… …boy is Red Cross. So will I keep watching
if they.. Murthy, it is my system. Do you know how I feel
if anybody touches my system? What did she like in him?
She is a good singer. So what? Boy is good flutist. – Oh.
– Good flutist. So don’t we know to play flute? Murthy, fix it! Murthy, fix a musical program tonight. Call him and tell him
about musical program. – I will tell him, sir.
– Call him. – Okay, sir.
– Call him. – Okay, sir.
– Tonight is your game. – Hello!
– Hi! – Greetings.
– Hi! – Greetings.
– Greetings. – How are you?
– Great. – Greetings. How are you?
– Hi! – Greetings.
– Greetings. Who are you? I am flutist. Hey, Roja! He is a flutist. Wow! Flutist? – I like flute very much.
– Thank you. – Come, sir. Come.
– Okay. – But don’t be physical.
– Please come, sir. Come. – Some distance… please.
– Sit. – Shall I start?
– Yes, go ahead. – You are late.
– Oh! How come! First I will start with a small flute. We will go to base later. Okay? Ready? Okay. “He is the charmer.” “He is our sweet Govind.” “He is the charmer.” “He is our sweet Govind.” “He has cast a magic with his music.” “Yes! Come and dance!” “Dance! Dance with me!” “Play with me!” “Let us begin!” “Your slim waist.” – “God! God! I have seen all.”
– Hey! Police! – Hey! Hey! Hey!
– Welcome, sir. – What are you doing here?
– Musical program. Musical program in brothel house? – Is it brothel house?
– Oh! – I didn’t know.
– So what did you think? Sir, I thought music class. They called up and
offered good payment. I came searching address using GPRS. I didn’t know it is a brothel house. Anyway, is this the location where
romantic people and drunkards come? Oh! What do you think of us? – Sir.
– How do we look? How do we look? – Don’t you know brothel house?
– No, sir. – Don’t you know? Don’t you know brothel?
– No, sir. Don’t you know? – Don’t you know club dance?
– No, sir. Don’t you know?
Rascal! You are doing the same! In the last night raid
in brothel house… …a flutist by name Vennela Kishore
was caught red handed. The culture association
responded immediately… …and banned his musical programs
all over the state. Rascal! Had I trusted you
and got my daughter married to you… …my daughter’s life
would have been destroyed. Forget what has happened? I think he is your to-be son-in-law.
You don’t worry. I will see that no cases are filed. You get your daughter married to him. What should I do? I thought he
will sing solo songs with my daughter. How do I know he likes
group songs and item songs? Aunt, you are getting it wrong.
They have called me. They said they will give good payment
if I do solo performance. – Will they make payment to you in return?
– Yes. What is the payment made at midnight? – Aunt, it is not that.
– Who is your aunt? – Relax!
– Hey! Listen to what he says. – Leave it, mom.
– What should I listen to? I listened to you and
agreed for this marriage. You said he is very good. Now see. Aunt, I am a good person. Hey, if you call me aunt again then
I’ll make you bite with dogs. Be careful! – Aunt.
– No, sir.. You? You will not ruin your life by getting
your daughter married to him, right? – You have clarity?
– Absolutely. – You leave.
– Sir, it is not that. – My fiancée, sir.
– Leave! – Sanvi, I will call and tell you..
– What will you call? Sanvi, I will tell everything
that happened. What will you convince here? I will kill you
if you are seen near her. – Go!
– Sir, it is not that. If you again stop or meet her,
you will die. Anyway why do you get married to
the person who beats dogs with stones? What? Does he beat dogs with stones? Yes! He wakes up the
sleeping dog and beats it. My blood boils by watching his deeds. Do you like dogs so much? Like? I was born in the midst of dogs,
I grew up with dogs… …I worked in dogs’ chemist. What do you think a dog is? Only dog loves us unconditionally. It loves human’s
more than fellow dogs. Leave all that. We even search
for dogs in humans. Do you know? Dog like husband who obeys his husband… …dog like wife who takes her
husband’s abuses. Dog like driver, dog like maid. Whether we are at home or not, dog like
old woman like her who guards the house. These are not sufficient
and so we bring another dog. Sanvi, humans don’t need humanity.
They need dog’s behaviour. ‘Dog’s behaviour! Dog’s behaviour!’ Look, if I were to marry… …I will become a dog to my wife… …and I will turn my wife into a dog. Yes! “I fell on the spot
after watching you.” “I forgot myself on the spot.” “I fell on the spot
after watching you.” “I forgot myself on the spot.” “Like some magic
happened on the spot.” “I fell for your words on the spot.” “What have you done to me?” “I don’t understand it at any cost.” “You killed me by pulling and pinching
my heart.. you made me love you.” “One more time,
baby, one more time.” “Tell the same word one more time.” “One more time,
baby, one more time.” “Tell the same word one more time.” “One more time.” “On the spot.” Yesterday Ceylon Subbarao came,
so I asked him. He says there is only two hours difference
is there between them and us. Grandmother,
that was before Korea got split. Timings have changed
after they got split. – So why did Subbarao tell me like that?
– What does Ceylon Subbarao know? He went to Ceylon. I went to Korea. Tell him to meet me once.
I will tell him Korea timings. Oh God! Why does he shout like this? Why doesn’t he tell that slowly? “You have hurt me with your eyes.” “You have gestured with
lips and disturbed my sleep.” “My heart played swinging with you.” “Oh dear, I liked you in many ways.” “I fell on the spot
after watching you.” “I forgot myself on the spot.” Sir, for how many days
should I come like this? I am shouting daily saying
my daughter is missing. But no police is reacting. Who is Arun? Who is Arun? My daughter’s friend.
They study together. – Where he stays?
– He stays at Gajuwaka. His house is behind
Yellamma temple in Gajuwaka. He too is missing from
the day your daughter is missing. Do you understand what happened? Your daughter eloped with him. They will return once his money and
your daughter’s jewellery are spent. Go! They shout unnecessarily at police
but don’t know to look after children. We will inform after finding. – Hello.
– Friend. – Tell me the matter.
– His name is Thota Venkat Rao. He has a mangrove. I want it. I tried by threatening him. He acted in haste and
informed the collector. My work should be done. Murthy, take out the vehicle. When did you buy the property, sir? – 25 years ago.
– Oh! – How much it costed at that time?
– Two lakhs. – Sir, what is the price in market now.
– It is around five crores. Oh! It has increased a lot.
Wonderful! Good! So why are you not selling
when Voltaire Vasu is asking? He threatened many
times to sell for 50 lakhs. Anyway I don’t have
any intention to sell. I have kept it for my granddaughter. Sir, your son will give
to your granddaughter. Why do you take that tension? My son and daughter-in-law
died in accident. Only I am there for my granddaughter. But why does Voltaire Vasu say papers
are with him and plot belongs to him. Sir, original papers are with me. But he too is showing
original papers, sir. If he goes to court by carrying
them then you too should go. Will this matter get
settled anytime soon? Will your granddaughter enjoy
the money from this property? Listen to me.
He is saying he will give 50, sign it. Sir, this costs five crores. Sir, is it important than
your granddaughter’s life? Five crores? You know how big fool he is. What if he kidnaps the
girl and keeps her somewhere? What if he kills her?
Sir, why should we take these tensions? Sign it. Sir, understand what I am saying. Sign it. Sir, someone has kidnapped the girl. Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you
that something like this will happen? Sir, they will kill the girl. If something happens to the girl
then neither you nor I can save her. Why do you need the property
that will kill your granddaughter? Listen to me and sign it.
Murthy, give the paper. Sign it, sir. Sign. Sir, please understand
what I am saying. Let us save the girl. Sign it. Cheating, sir… Injustice, sir. Sir, how did you feel
like cheating the old man? Is this is not called a cold
blooded murder then what is it, sir. Sir, don’t you feel anything? – Don’t you have conscience?
– I have saved. Otherwise they would have killed. In return I got 50 lakhs for him. There is one such angle, Murthy.
Why don’t you think? Oh! Is there a reason
to your foolish deeds? Sir, this is not correct.
You are committing mistake. Being a police officer,
for a loafer. You are supporting Voltaire Vasu. I am seeing from childhood. He is a big criminal. Isn’t it? You are seeing him, right? You know he is a criminal. You and he are staying
here since 25 years. So why don’t you kill him? Take the gun. Go and shoot him. What will happen to you in return?
You will get hanged. Die. The justice that
you believe in will survive. If you can do it then do.
Otherwise shut up and keep quiet. Don’t shout unnecessarily. Stay on that side or this side. People like you who stay in between
are not of any benefit to the country… …or your family, Murthy! Justice, honesty, country,
patriotism… stop the nuisance! Learn to count
how many bundles of… …500 and 1000 currency notes
are there in that bag. Ugh! It is illegal money!
I will not touch it. Look… look,
this is your note and this is mine. This is justice and this is injustice. Here… I have crushed them together. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me which is your note and mine. Tell me, Murthy! Murthy, the honesty inside
you is not there in this note. Don’t shout! The first witness for every injustice
that happens in the country. They have kept..
they have kept a photo on this. Here… keep it… keep it and… – …take that bag home.
– I don’t want. Okay, you are my bank.
I am depositing them with you. Keep it. Hey! It will be good
if a tsunami comes… …and you get drowned. It will be good if you die! Call! Call… call which
tsunami you will call… call! Pray to the God you worship.
I will sit here all night! Yes! Tell the tsunami to come.
I will take it. Murthy, it will not
come for me specially. When it comes, you, me… …Voltaire Vasu, old man,
his granddaughter and everyone will die. It has no confusions like you and me.
It has more clarity. It will come, drown us and carry us. Tsunami? Tsunami. I will sit here. Tell it come! Why doesn’t it come? You are talking as
if I committed rapes or murders. Why do you join the
department for nuisance. Father. Today is the last day. If I don’t pay the fees then
they will not allow me to write exams. They will remove me from college. Use that money if you need anything.
I will not feel anything. – How much has to be paid?
– 40,000. Dear, your father doesn’t
have so much money. Why should you wait till
they remove you? You quit college. You quit college. All the police families are doing well.
Only we are crying like this. Mother’s bad luck. You are born to a
father who couldn’t educate his daughter. People like you who stay in between
are not of any benefit to the country… …or your family, Murthy. Hey! Hi! – Happy birthday!
– Thank you. Tell me. Ask me what you want. Will anyone ask like that?
You should give something. What should I give? If you don’t like what I give you now
then where should I keep it. These saris and all…
I can’t do all that. Mobiles? TV’s? Electronic gadgets? Tell me anything from these smuggled
items. They will come in five minutes. I will ask if I want. But please don’t take
me in police jeep today. Please. It is minimum
common sense to bring a bike… …when you take your
girl friend to movie. Correct… correct… correct…
what shall we do now? Why don’t I stop someone?
He is correct. Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Police! I have all papers. Who wants your papers? I want your bike.
Get down… get down…get down. – Is it a chase, sir?
– What? – Chase?
– Why do you want? Get down! Talking of chase? Hey, come to the station
in the evening and take your bike. – So what should I take now?
– Use my vehicle. Use my jeep… use it nicely. – You sit.
– Sit, madam. Sit. Hey, fill the tank and
return in the evening… enjoy. Full tank? Who is he? There are dogs in
your department, right? They are very trained
and intelligent, right? Hmm. We asked many times. They didn’t give. Our dogs are to be bred. Will you arrange for it? It has been long time…
nobody cares for us. If dogs need it, you ask it decently. When we ask for it,
they look at us like dogs. Let us set something. Don’t know this world. – Which shop you want?
– What for? – For frying and eating.
– I hate killing fish. – Chicken?
– No. – Mutton?
– No. – So what do you eat?
– Lentils… ghee. – Oh!
– Brinjal curry. – Mango… drumsticks vegetable soup.
– Oh! So don’t you want papad? We shouldn’t eat all
these if it is not there. – So should I eat?
– No! Anyway they are dead. If they are thrown
into the sea again, sea will get dirty. You wait.
Hey, tell me which fishes you have. Sir, I have all varieties. What all varieties? Throw the net down.
What is this? What is this? Pamphlet, cat fish. – What are they?
– They too are same. – Leave it. These are good. Give them.
– Okay. Give four. – Okay.
– Yes. Hey! Leave me! Hey! Who are you?
How dare you touch my girlfriend! Hey! Daya! Forget! Forget! Forget her!
Hey, catch her! – Hey!
– Daya! – Leave her I say!
– Daya! Hey! Whom I told you to bring
and who did you bring? – Sorry, brother. sorry… sorry.
– Leave me! – Mistake happened.
– What mistake? I mean we didn’t want this girl..
they brought her. – Hey.
– Brother, she was sitting on that bike. What bike? Will you bring anybody
who sits in that bike? – Hey!
– Didn’t I tell it is a mistake? Sorry, brother. – Brother, sorry.
– Who had beaten her? Sorry… sorry… sorry, brother. – See how they beat her.
– Sorry… sorry. She is my life. My girl friend. – Will you take out knives on her?
– Say sorry. – Say sorry.
– Brother, sorry… sorry. – What sorry?
– You come here… come. Sorry, brother… sorry, brother..
take her away… she is scared. You come to the guest house.
We will talk. Sanvi, you don’t take any tension. Tell your family members
that you fell down from bike. Don’t fear. Go and sleep. When did you come? What happened? I couldn’t sleep all night. It happened by mistake. Forget it. They tried to kill me by thinking
of me to be some other girl. But had they killed. What would have happened to you? My mother, grandmother and our life..
what would have happened. Nothing happened now. Forget it as a nightmare. What if the girl they
are looking for is found? They will kill her, isn’t it? She has a life. She must be having a family, right? It is a mistake to kill a person, right? I couldn’t sleep all night
by thinking of that girl. I have been crying. Daya, I don’t know who that girl is. But she should live. You should save her
as a sincere police officer. Her life is the birthday
gift that you will give me. Sanvi! He is a friend and she is girl friend. I don’t know the
girl whom I should save. Where are you? Why are you here? I told you to come
to the guest house, right? Keep this gun with you. If anybody comes closer, shoot them. Hey! Hey!
Why are you giving the gun to her? Because of this girl,
your girl friend was beaten. – Leave this girl!
– What? Leave this girl, brother. Why? Is she too your girl friend? If something happens to her
then my love will become a problem. Problem only to your love. If I leave her then
it is a problem to my life. Hey! Bring her! Hey! What is this angle? Didn’t I tell not to touch? Why did you show a new angle? There are many more angles. Oh! Hey, there are
four dogs in my farm house. I give them pedigree and money to you.
That is the only difference. Will you answer back to me? You have touched the wrong point. Didn’t I already tell you
that ego surrounds me like wifi? It is on! Wifi is on. Turn it off. Username Daya! Password police! If you have guts then
cross my wifi and come. Hey! Hey! Hey! You talked about friendship.
Is it this? What is the friendship
between you and me? You are villain and I am hero. Hey, you were in adjacent
state and I brought you here. Yes! So here.. I am Inspector Daya talking.
Listen carefully. Your time has started. Only Vizag will be there,
Vasu will not be there in it. From today I will target
everything that belongs to you! I will make you lose your sleep.
I will sleep in your heart. – With me.. will you fight with me?
– Hey! If two people fight with me then
it is war. If one attacks alone… …then it is attack.
This is Daya’s attack. Brother, he is not in the station and
not in the house. What shall we do now? Call him. He is disconnecting it. – What?
– He disconnected the phone. What does he think? What does he think? Username is Daya! Password police! What is the friendship
between you and me? You are villain, I am hero. Murthy, I talked a lot. Murthy, everyone has ego. Why should it be only to me like wifi? Why should only I talk anything? He talked to the minister and… …brought here from some other place. Murthy, do you know
what rubbish I talked? Yes! Come on! Did I stop there? No! I will make you lose your sleep.
I will sleep in your heart. He gave me a beautiful
flat for me to sleep. Murthy, why should I sleep in his heart
as if there is no place anywhere? Will he not get hurt? Attack! This is Daya’s attack. What is that word attack, Murthy? I didn’t read it anywhere..
I didn’t watch in any movie. How do you think this word
came to my mouth? I lost my control! Murthy, he is a good person.
Had it been me, I would have killed. Attack? Attack? My hell! – Hey!
– Brother. Go and sit in police station. – Kill him immediately after he comes.
– Go and kill! Okay, brother. Hey! Stop! Stop! He has sent some message. East or west, friendship is the best. See what message he has sent. He says, East or west,
friendship is the best. – What should I do?
– Brother, another message has come. See. Ours is not a challenge
between brothers. Our is brotherly relationship. Crap! Crap! You! Brother, it seems he is afraid. He will fear.
Now he must be knowing… …nothing exists without Vasu. Call… Minister? – Sir!
– What? I heard you are frightened of
a small boy. They say you don’t take
the call or reply to sms. Message? I will kill him. Don’ talk! There will be many issues.
Am I not there in between? Look, I am coming to the
guest house in ten minutes. – Make arrangements.
– Bring! Bring! First bring! Hey, he is coming with Minister.
Come! Come! – Sir.
– Are you mad? What if I get shot?
Why did you become like this? Sir, he has put so much fire..
he is put a burning stick.. – Hey.. Leave he gun.
– Sir. Forget what happened. I came to make you both compromise. Poor boy! See how he is repenting. – Kid?
– Yes. – He?
– Yes. Why do you say like that?
What should I do now? Sir, I will not talk
to him unless he hugs me. – Hug him.
– Okay. Poor kid!
Take him closer and console him. You both hug… hug each other. Come.. come. Don’t smell me. I feel irritated. Ah! He bit me! He bit me! Small kid.. maybe his teeth. – Finished, right?
– Let us have a drink. Where is the girl? Hey, you! Where is the girl? I came to a different place..
for whom? Isn’t it for you? Will you take revenge on me? Wrong.. Hey, you stop.
He is changing the topic. – Tell me. Where is the girl?
– Look. I never called anyone as brother.
I called only you. So will you declare
war on this brother? Who started it? You or me? You must have started. Otherwise
why will the boy say like that? Who? Is he a boy? He said he will give
life for friendship. Didn’t I give? Where did I fire? I fired somewhere
in the air? Did I fire in your heart? What does it mean?
What is the meaning, sir? – What is the meaning?
– Hey! Don’t confuse me! Tell me. Where is the girl? Hey! Why are you watching like that? Are only the five of you brothers?
Am I not? – What will you drink?
– What am I asking and what he is saying? You? I am asking what you will drink! Hey! Will you address me informally? Should I do that? Should we call elder brother like that?
Aren’t you my elder brother? Should we call brother as sir? Why did he become
like this nowadays, sir? Why do you have so much ego?
Why do you get so angry? You! Yes, Vasu.
These days your ego has become more. – Who? Me?
– Yes, you! Sit! Drink! We will talk later. Ask him where the girl is. Everything after drinking. Sit and drink. Sit, Vasu. Where is Laxmi? Who is Laxmi? You beat us and took her away. Oh! Is her name Laxmi? So don’t you even know the name? I don’t know. My girl friend asked
her for gift. I took and gave her. Who is your girl friend? Will you give my dead
body is she asks tomorrow? How do I look to you? How do I look? Did I meet her when I came for you
or did I meet you when I came for you? Is she and you one? Let anything happen to Laxmi,
what have we got to do? You are important to me. If I am important then I want Laxmi. Who is he, sir? Why does he talk about girl
after the compromise is made? Is this the compromise you make? Sir.. sir.. a big salute to you! I am hurt! You shouldn’t
talk to me for next 24 hours. Let me live my life! Hello, stop drinking. What is the benefit that
happened to me from this meeting? What happened? Brothers got separated. I brought them together
and united them. What did you do? You have hurt him.
Boy got upset and left. – What about girl?
– What girl? You don’t know the matter.
You come by carrying a towel! Ugh! She is the gift you asked for. Laxmi. Hey, what is this? I wouldn’t have been
alive if you were not there. What happened? Why are they trying to kill you? Please don’t ask me anything now. I cannot tell you anything. Nothing will happen to you.
He is there. You are so lucky. “Ayy laill laila laila..
heart has lost its way.” “I have fallen into a new pit..
in love.” “Even if you don’t open your lips..
your smile says it all.” “I invite you to the
border of my romance.” “At first sight..
you are filled inside my heart.” “This route is haphazard.” “My heart went out of control.” “I have become your captive.” “We will touch the sky..
oh, dear.. oh darling.” “Love me without any limit,
oh dear.” “We will touch the sky..
oh, dear.. oh darling.” “Love me without any limit,
oh dear.” “Like a painting of Picasso.” “I have made her
figure in my heart.” “Love has blossomed
today like this.” “Why do you do hard penance?” “I give you my word.” “Will I not follow you like
a shadow if I give my heart?” “You are the cold
breeze giving solace.” “I liked your attitude very much.” “Though many are there,
nobody can be like you.” “We will touch the sky..
oh, dear.. oh darling.” “Love me without any limit,
oh dear.” “This beauty wins my heart..
I am lost.” “Is my heart necessary
to you like this?” ‘When my feelings
are getting unleashed.’ “They are being called for.” “Wouldn’t there be
chaos inside the heart?” “With these funny antics.” “By remembering with love.” “We will win at the end.” “Come.. come.. you win.” “Start your games.” “Show the power inside your body.” “At first sight..
you are filled inside my heart.” “My heart went out of control..
I have become your captive.” “We will touch the sky..
oh, dear.. oh darling.” “Love me without any limit,
oh dear.” “This beauty wins my heart.” “I am lost.” “Is my heart necessary
to you like this?” “We will touch the sky.” 24 hours are over, sir. Shall we talk? Tell me. Where is the girl? – Why do you want that girl?
– To play hopscotch, Hey, you don’t seem to understand
the seriousness in matter. You must be thinking that you will
save her because your girl friend asked. My brothers’ lives.. Look, she has got a proof with her. If it is leaked then
lives of my brothers will end. – What did your brothers do?
– Why do you want all that? Tell me where the girl is?
I should kill her. What is the need to kill
her for taking the proof? You want girl or proof? Proof. I will bring that proof. – Will you leave her?
– Will she give you? If she trusts anybody on
this earth now then it is me. I will bring. Leave her. My situation too is the same. If I trust anybody
in this earth then… …it is only you. My brothers’ lives… I am leaving by trusting you. – Murthy, take out the vehicle.
– Sir, what you are doing is wrong. Cheating, sir. Don’t cheat that girl. Stop, Murthy! Don’t irritate me. Do as I say. Is your fear lost? You are crying since the time you came
but you are not telling what happened. What happened? Who are they? If you trust me that I will
remove your problem then tell me. I work in New York. Mother and sister stay here. I came to Indian to see them. Sister should have come
to the airport to receive me… …she didn’t come. Don’t know what happened.
Mother and I searched extensively. We didn’t know her whereabouts. One day we received a call. Sister, I don’t know whether I will
stay alive or not by the time you come. – Where are you?
– Don’t know. I was coming to the airport for you… …brothers of Voltaire
Vasu brought me here. Sister, I have seen hell. They said they will kill me today. Kill you?
What are you talking, Deepti? Sister, you don’t know. Death is much better
than these people. They had shot everything
in video camera. I have seen them keeping
that CD in lorry. Phone too is not mine. I am sending GPS. Hey! Whom are you calling? After that I went to
the address sent by Deepti. Deepti! They killed my sister, sir. Sir, Vasu’s brothers have
raped and killed my sister. I trusted a media person by mistake… …and told about the CD. He is Voltaire Vasu’s man.
He cheated me. After that I got
frightened to tell anybody. And then you saved me. – Does mother have American Visa?
– Yes. Then give me the CD and
go to America with mother. Do you trust me? Do you trust me? – I trust you.
– Come, let us go home. Don’t tell this matter to mother.
She doesn’t know anything. She says police told her
that Deepti eloped with some boy. Mother believes it. Sir, my daughter is
missing from four days. Sir, did you get any
information about my Deepti? Take mother inside. Come, mother. There is an urgent
call from office asking to come. We should leave for
America immediately. America? Now? Yes. Hello. Book two business
class tickets to America urgently. I am sending both mother
and daughter there. Hey… CD… what happened to the CD? First book the tickets. CD will come. Why are you watching like that? Murthy, why are you
looking at me with disgust? I am sending mother and
daughter to America safely. From there I will go and
give the CD to Voltaire Vasu. This is what is doing to happen. Murthy, nobody can give
a better solution to this problem. Stop watching like that. What? Why do you
look at me with disgust? Didn’t I tell you
not to watch like that? You go. First you go to station.
Don’t stand in front of my eyes. Go! Go! Okay, Sanvi.
No problem. Entire problem is solved. I am sending Laxmi
and her mother to America. – Is she next to you?
– Yes, one minute. Hi, Laxmi. Happy journey. Thank you, Sanvi. Okay, listen. Give your American
number to him. I will call you again. – Tell me.
– Did she give the CD? Not yet. Take it immediately
and come to the guest. Okay. – Laxmi, call me after reaching New York.
– Okay. It is..
you said you will give some CD. We are going to America. I think Deepti might come home. Tell her that I am not angry. I will tell her.
I think you are late. Go. Brother! 40 days…
they have raped my sister for 40 days. Brother, this is not rape and murder. Burning… sister,
they are burning the entire body. They have burnt her with acid. In Gandhi’s country..
on the day of Gandhi’s birthday… …they have kidnapped my sister,
brother. See that CD once, brother. Don’t spare them easily. They should get punished
according to the law. Entire country should know. If anybody tries to do it
again then should be die out of fear. Brother, who have the freedom
for these animals to roam free… …on roads in my country. Brother, don’t spare such people. My conscience says justice
will happen only by you. I will come again when it happens. In Gandhi’s country..
on the day of Gandhi’s birthday… …they have kidnapped my sister,
brother. – Where are your brothers?
– They found a new bird. Sir, our daughter is
missing since four days. Pick up the phone. Your daughter eloped with him. Pick it! Pick it! Pick it! Pick up the phone. You are talking as if rapes
and murders happened because of me. Why do you join the
department for no reason? What is it, sir? You said
you will go to the guest house. Why did you bring the CD here? Sir, I think it is Voltaire Vasu. Will you talk? Why are you like that, sir?
What happened? Sir, you are shedding tears. I never saw you like that. What happened, sir? Something happened
in the airport, sir. What happened, sir? Nothing happened. If nothing happened… …then the vehicle should
have gone there directly. Why did it come to the station? If nothing happened then the
CD that should be in his hands… …how come it came here. If nothing happened then
why are you not taking his call? Sir, something is hitting me!
Sir, something is hitting me! You are looking new. You have changed!
You have changed! You have changed! Murthy, I didn’t change!
I am the same loafer! I am a rogue who will commit
any mistake for a mistake. I am Daya without
having any compassion. You don’t nag me. – Stop!
– Sir, you are lying. You have changed! I am saying no! I am saying it. Who are you, sir? Is it me or you that is seeing you? Mr. Murthy, I will shoot you! I will shoot you! Don’t irritate me. I am thinking because
you have wife and children. Mr. Murthy? Sir, did you remember
my age after so many days? Sir, since when did you start
thinking of neighbour’s family? Sir, this is called change. You have changed! Sir, you have changed! You have changed! I don’t know how much you struggled while
taking birth from your mother’s womb… …but in order to born from within… …you are struggling a lot.
Sir, you are struggling a lot. Sir, I am saying you have changed… …and you say you didn’t change..
debate is unnecessary. They will say it. If those rascals go out
with CD then you are correct. But only if their bodies go out… …I am correct, sir. Sir, I will sit there and watch.
I will sit there and watch. I will sit there and watch. I will sit here and watch. Hey, why are you not
taking brother’s call. – You said you will give some CD.
– CD sir? It is on the bench next to sir.
Come and take it. Sir, you wanted to
see me like this, right? So why did you stop? Do it, sir! Salute! You should beat them
and I should salute you! You should beat them
and I should salute you! Yes! Thrash the rascals! ‘My India is great!’ ‘My India is great!’ Sub Inspector Daya! Daya! Daya! Police! Police! Police! Police! Police! Police! Police! Police! New SI has come to the city! Hey! All these you have
seen a son born to corruption. My mother… my mother law and
order too had given birth to a child. Name is Daya. Daya! He will break your eyes
without showing any compassion. He took charge just today. Henceforth and your brothers… …not even God can save them. Ta-ta! See you! Bye-bye! Hey! Hey! What is that dialogue? What is that dialogue? Sir! We were on touch
till one hour back. He told me to book two business class
tickets. He said he will bring the CD. Now she shouted something and left.
What did he say, sir? He said it very clearly. He said his mother had
a child so he couldn’t come. He should be with her
when the child is born, right? You are talking of CD since long time. If it is so important then
why did you give it to him? – Who gave him Ministry?
– What? He has cheated us! He is not our man. He has changed. You brought him and
kept him on my head. You only said you wanted
a worst guy than you. How come you drop in between? Hey, first leave from here. All of you go underground. – Okay?
– What will he do? What will he come and do? What will he do? Hey, do you know what you did? Murder should be like murder..
rape should be like rape. Leaving all that,
you shot it yourself with camera… …and prepare CDs and keep it
on my head. Will you keep it? Rascals! Go! Go underground! “For the upliftment
of the good and virtuous.” “For the destruction of evil.” “For the re-establishment
of the natural law.” “I will come, in every age.” “I will come, in every age.” “Saviour!” Catch her! “Run! Run! My saviour has come!” “You cannot escape him!
He is everywhere.” “He has come! Saviour has come!” “You got to call him saviour!” “You got to call him saviour!” “You got to call him saviour!” “You got to call him saviour!” “You got to call him saviour!” Brother, he is not allowing
us to leave cross Vizag. – What should we do?
– Don’t come out! Don’t come out until I tell you. Hello? Mr. Venkatrao, you had a mangrove, right? We want to buy it.
What do you say, sir? I had it. I lost it in land grabbing. Oh! Is it? Who did it, sir? It is natural for rowdies
to do land grabbing. But a policeman who
should protect the public… …has cheated. So didn’t you get angry? Didn’t you feel like doing
something to that policeman? Anger? I wanted to give
him a tight slap and ask him… …how did your parents
brought you up? Sir, I don’t have parents. Sir, I don’t have parents. I am an orphan. I was born to air and grew up in air. Sir, I had nobody
to teach me good and bad. I believed what I saw is true. Sir, there is no
mother to give food too. My stomach would burn. I thought how to survive but… …I didn’t think how to live. Sir, I don’t even know how I lived. Sir, I committed a mistake. Just now you said
you will do something. Do it! Beat me, sir. When you beat me now then
I should go and beat them. Beat me, sir. Beat me! Why do you watch me when son
is committing mistake? Beat, father! Beat me, father! Beat me! By tomorrow morning if the papers are
no written in the old man’s name… …then there will be a bomb under
Vasu day after tomorrow early morning. Tell him. Sanvi, I am not a good person. Everything I told you is a
lie and whatever I did was cheating. But now I have changed, Sanvi. You are the reason behind that change. I am this. Your wish after that. Who told you to tell the truth? You didn’t tell me
when should have told me. You told me when
there is no need to do. Now I am in confusion. Will you stay with me or not? Actually I should leave you. Since you said that my contribution
is major behind your change… …so little satisfaction. Let us manage with this now. What do you say? Carry on. “Temper!” “He’s got the temper.” “He’s call the pamper!” “And the girls Crazy your.” “Tem.. tem.. temper, tem.. tem.. temper.” “Tem.. tem.. temper, tem.. tem.. temper.” “Tem.. tem.. tem.. tem.” “Your grandfather is temper,
your father is temper.” “Your uncle is temper,
you are more temper.” ‘The temper to set things
right is in his blood.” “Every person with
guts needs to have temper.” “If anybody instigates you,
temper will rise.” ‘If control is lost then
words will be of no use.” “Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!
Will you see the temper?” “Impress everyone, save everyone.” “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!” “Impress everyone, save everyone.” “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!” “Your grandfather is temper,
your father is temper.” “Uncle is temper,
you are more temper.” “Temper!” “Your muscles look like
beautiful mountains.” “They will give warmth in winter too.” “When the sun is very hot,
it becomes more.” “It is making the
throat feel thirsty.” “Your words are temper, looks
are temper, actions are temper.” “Bottom temper,
top temper, total temper.” ‘You are raised the temperature.” “Impress everyone.” “Impress everyone, save everyone.” “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!” “Boom shaka! Boom shaka!” “Boom shaka! Move your body!
Boom shaka!” “Play, boy! Play!” “Give up tension!” “Play! Dance! Enjoy!” “I cannot wait for hours together.” “I will give it all to you.” “I will become mental
if you provoke me like that.” “I will snatch if you don’t give.” “You have temper inside the house,
outside and everywhere.” “Front, down, total temper.” “How to stop when
you are tempting me?” “You! You! You! You! ” “Impress everyone, save everyone.” “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!” “Impress everyone, save everyone.” “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!” “Your grandfather is temper,
your father is temper.” “Uncle is temper,
you are more temper.” Today on the shores
of Vishaka beach… …a girl’s dead body was found. It is a rape and murder. I couldn’t do the post-mortem. I can’t explain the torture
underwent by that girl. There are needles inside the body. Sir, do you have any information
on people who must have done it? Voltaire Vasu’s brothers. Ravi, Vamshi, Mani, Sandeep. We condemn the rapes on women! We condemn the rapes on women! We condemn the rapes on women! We condemn the rapes on women! We condemn the rapes on women! You are seeing that Deepti’s
rape and murder case… …culprits should
be punished severely… …youth, women
and everyone are protesting! Punish the accused! Punish the accused! Punish the accused! Punish the accused! Punish the accused! One rape takes place
every half an hour in India. We want justice! Deepti’s killers! Sir, Nirbhaya Act is not
sufficient to them. They want more! Punish the accused! We should do something about this. Those four guys should be
hanged in the middle of the road. Condemn the rapes on women! We want justice! Anybody providing the information
on Voltaire Vasu’s brothers. Police department has announced
five lakh rupees prize money. Yes, sir. I am fisherman.
I found where they are. I have seen them. Start the helicopters. “For the upliftment
of the good and virtuous.” “For the destruction of evil.” “For the re-establishment
of the natural law.” “I will come, in every age.” “I will come, in every age.” Sir, he has ruined us! He has ruined my brothers’ lives. He arrested them. Remove! Remove! Remove his job! Hello. What happened? I called you four, five times.
There is no reply. – Did you see the news?
– Mother is not well. Why? They are showing about Deepti on TV. They are showing Deepti’s
dead body again and again. Mother collapsed after seeing it. Severe heart attack. I had to admit her in hospital. – Is mother in a position to talk?
– No. Keep the phone near mother.
She will hear me. Mother, I am there. I am there. Hang the accused! We want justice! We want justice! Sir, they have brutally
raped and killed Deepti. This has become a
big issue in the country. Whole India is waiting
for your judgement. Please do justice to Deepti,
your honour! Produce the evidence. What is this? The one
which you submitted as proof. That CD is empty.
There is no data in it. Is this your proof? There was data in the
CD when we produced it. Your honour,
there has been some manipulation. Sir, court doesn’t want ifs and buts.
It wants evidence and truth. By keeping a blank CD and
wasting the time of court… …they have framed my clients,
who are innocent, in a dangerous case. It is a clear cut case, your honour. I request the court to identify
my clients as not guilty… …and release them. Sir, did you sell it? Did you sell the CD?
For how much you sold it? Order! Order! Due to lack of evidence… …we declare these
four people as not guilty.. Sir, I have proof with me. What proof you have? You take one day’s time.
I have proof with me. It is not that…
you don’t seem to understand it. It will become a big problem
if you extend the case… …and don’t produce any proof. Sir, you take one day’s
time by trusting me. I will definitely submit it. Your honour, there is evidence. I asked for one day’s
time to produce it. I object your honour. Until now they said CD and
now they are saying some proof. Our clients have already
faced lot of damage. Entire country is thinking
that my clients are accused. Your honour,
it is not good to extend this case. One day extension granted. – No!
– The court is adjourned. Evidence goes missing in the court,
Deepti’s case postponed for tomorrow. By the way, what is there with him?
Did he say something? However I ask him,
he is not telling me. There is something with him.
Otherwise he won’t look so confident. Should I tell the truth? I don’t have any proof with me. What is it? But you said you
will submit in the court tomorrow. Had I not said like that
then they would have been left. How did the CD get exchanged? Sanvi, don’t I know this corruption? All these years I believed that… …I am the worst guy in department
and others are very good. By believing it, I took that CD
and gave it to the lawyer. Had I been like before then
I would have made many copies of it. – What about tomorrow?
– Don’t know! Don’t know! Hey, cheater! You said,
East or west, friendship is the best. Cheater friend! What do you have? Bring the proofs that you have. Come to me. I will give whatever you want. Let us meet in the court. Hey, they are my brothers. My family. We are born to one mother. Do you know how it will
be if you disturb the family? Pain! Rascal! How will you know? Orphan rascal! Who? Who is an orphan? Who is an orphan? I have a father! I have a mother! – I have a sister!
– Brother! Your brothers have
killed my younger sister! I will not spare anyone! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Tell me where you are now. Tell me where are you? Where am I? Hey! I am at Bheemili beach. I don’t know where I am exactly. I will be found
somewhere on this belt. I am alone… sitting with anger. Come! Come! Hey, I don’t know whether
you will come or your men! You will definitely not come.
Your gang will come. Send two liquor bottles with them. – What?
– Liquor bottles. – Liquor is finished!
– Liquor? Empty bottle is there!
Liquor is finished! Send two liquor bottles
with those rascals! I will be here if
you say you will send. Otherwise I will leave! Hey! Stay there!
Stay there! Stay there! I am sending! I am sending
the liquor bottles. Hey, go! Come, rascal! Come! Send! We will see it! Send! Send! Come! “God! God! God! God!” “God! God! God!” “Oh God!” “I am a useless fool! Oh God!” “There is no mistake that
I didn’t commit. Oh God!” “It went out of my hands..
it is lost.” “My life.. God!” “God! God!” “Give one again..
give my life to me.” ‘Repair.. repair.. I will do repair.” ‘Repair.. repair.. I will do repair.” “Oh God! Oh God!” “Oh God!” “Oh God! Oh God!” “One who scolds me when I commit mistake
one who asks me by holding my collar.” “I don’t have anybody for me.. God!” “For those who have nobody.. God!” “You are the biggest support.. God!” “Shouldn’t you punish
me when I took wrong path?” “My God! God! God! God!” ‘Repair.. repair.. I will do repair.” ‘Repair.. repair.. I will do repair.” “Oh God! Oh God!” ‘God! God! God!” “Oh God! God! God! God!” “What will happen if one mistake occurs,
how many lives will get destroyed?” “Who knows other than you? God!” “We are not Gods! Oh God!” “God! We are brainless people,
Oh God!” “Shouldn’t you scold
us if you don’t stop us?” “You God! God! God!” ‘Repair.. repair.. I will do repair.” ‘Repair.. repair.. I will do repair.” “Oh God!” “Oh God!” “Oh God! God!” “Oh God!” “I am a useless fool! Oh God!” They have come. Where is the bottle? Do you want bottle? Bottle? I trusted brother Vasu
and was waiting for the bottle. You not only cheated me,
moreover will you do manhandling. Who beat me on ribs? Who? Who beat me on ribs? – Who? Who?
– Me! Is it you? Wait. Rascal! Someone beat me in between
when I was talking just now. I didn’t like him. Who is he? Who is he? Look, I am drunk. I am unable concentrate individually. Please co-operate. Hey, if you don’t get me correctly. Who is the guy in shirt who
beat me when I was talking just now? Come… where is he? Is he here. ‘This is my story!’ ‘I was left alone on the seashore.’ ‘Court next morning.’ ‘I don’t know what to do!’ Only ten minutes are left
for the court session to begin. Everyone is waiting for
the evidence Daya will bring. Will Daya come or not? “For the upliftment
of the good and virtuous.” Will Deepti get justice? What is the proof he is having? “For the destruction of evil.” We want justice! We want justice! We want justice! We want justice! “For the destruction of evil.” We want justice! We want justice! I want to tell you something. It is my luck that
you entered my life. Even you don’t know
how much I changed with it. We want justice!
We want justice! We want justice! – We want justice!
– Love you! – We condemn the rapes on women!
– Hey! Stop! Last night our boys tried a lot. It didn’t work out well. What do you think?
Do I have proof or no? Don’t keep quiz programs at this time. If you have anything then give it to me.
I will give as much money as you want. Tell me one figure that I like. 10.. 20.. 30.. 100. – Didn’t like.
– 100 crores. I didn’t like it. Hey! Hey! Do you know
how much is 100 crores? Even my entire property is
not sufficient. I have to borrow 30 more crores. How much you love your brothers! Come. Come inside. Come. Hey! Mental! “For the upliftment
of the good and virtuous.” “For the destruction of evil.” “For the re-establishment
of the natural law.” “I will come, in every age.” Where is the proof that
you said you will submit? Judge sir is asking for the proof. Where is the proof? Your honour, I am the proof. – I am personal witness.
– Did you see? Did you see those four people… …raping Deepti? Not four people, your honour! Five people have raped
and killed Deepti! Fifth one is nobody but me! We five people have kidnapped her! Hey! Are you mad? We five people have
tortured her badly! Sir, he is telling lies! Sir, we had pierced her with needles,
we had cut her with blades. Not one or two, your honour! We showed her hell for 40 days! Sir, she would request us to kill her! We all would feel happy
when she asked like that. Sir, we are sadist rogues! Isn’t it? – Hey, psycho!
– Sir, he is telling lies! – Sir, he is telling lies!
– Order! Order! If you are one of them then
why did you file case on them? Sir, I asked for money.
They didn’t give it. Sir, we fell out with each other.
I decided to do black mail to them. I lied to them saying I have a CD.
They didn’t believe it. I filed the case.
They feared and escaped. You all came to know that I have
kept a blank CD in court yesterday. But still I lied saying
I have another proof. Sir, they tried to get me killed
last time. They beat me very badly. They left me by thinking I died. Sir, when I was on
the verge of death… …I understood the
hell that girl experienced. I started repenting. I should have died,
I thought why am I alive. Millions of people..
temple like court. God like you. Sir, I felt I stayed alive
for telling the truth to you all. Sir, even now too this
rascal tried to buy me… …on the staircase outside the court. Sir, I don’t want money now. I want truth. Sir, we all committed
big crime on Deepti. Don’t spare us. Sir, actually we were not
supposed to kidnap Deepti that day. It was your granddaughter Sandhya! You don’t feel like believing it, right?
Sandhya, sir. Gitam’s college,
studying in second year. She goes to tuition to Gajuwaka daily. In fact we planned to trap
your granddaughter Sandhya, sir. We had fixed it, sir.
Recce was done. Exactly on the day of kidnapping… …Sandhya didn’t come. Deepti was found. I said no. But Mani didn’t agree, sir. – Sir! Sir! He is telling lies.
– Let us kidnap Deepti… …is she not a woman? We will see Sandhya later.
He said all this, sir. Sir! Sir! He is telling utter lies. Sir, he is telling lies. Sir, I think on Thursday or Friday… …we came again for Sandhya. But Sandhya was not there.
She went to Guntur. I think to your brother’s house.
I think he lives there. Didn’t you fear while
committing such crime? Fear for what, sir? What will you do? Maximum punishment will
be life imprisonment. Sir, if not this court
then another court. There are hundreds of sections..
there are hundreds of tricks. Sir, we are able to rape
a girl immediately after seeing her. Are you able to punish immediately? Leave all that, sir.
We accept that we committed mistake. Will you be able to
hang us in a day or two? It never happened anytime in India… …so how can we hang you within
two days, you will say this. Sir, there are already 52 prisoners
in this country who got hanged. If you delay in hanging
them then by the time… …our number comes,
it will be 25 years later. There will countless Sandhya’s
and Deepti’s by that time. Sir, that’s why I like
this country very much. Sir, tell me which country
provides this kind of freedom. My India is great! I am proud to be an Indian! Sir, I have the guts to confess in front
of everyone that I committed mistake. Do you have guts to
hang us by tomorrow morning? – Hey!
– Stop! Order! Order! You! Order! Order! Calm down! On Indian constitution. On country… on women… …these five people have
no respect on them at all… …have no right to
live for another minute. I order them to be hanged
them within 24 hours. No, sir! Sir, he told lies! What you they do at the maximum level?
They will hang you! Die! But the justice you
believe in will survive! Either stay on
that side or to this side! Why did you do this? Why did you take the blame on you? Daya, you committed a big mistake. What will happen to me? I cannot live without you. Stop! Hey, dog! How were you born? How did you take birth? Kill him! Kill that policeman! You are committing a mistake. You are committing a mistake, madam! You are committing a mistake, madam! You don’t know about him. He is God! He is God! Hey! Right now a tsunami should come… …and drown you. It will be good! It will be good if you die! Mr. Murthy, the tsunami
that you wished for has come. Sir! Sir! Sensational judgement in
the country for the first time. Culprits are going
to be handed within a day. Rascal! Are we psychos? Will they call us psycho in court?
You too are a psycho! In the next ten hours,
as per Indian timing… …five people will
be hanged at 5.30 am. Like never before,
women in the state… …are waiting for the
scoundrels to die and… …have been stuck to TV. God! Tell what kind of food you
want to eat for the last time. – What? Food?
– Yes. On one hand we are going
to die and you are talking about food. See him! Give him! He will eat. – For me… Lentils.
– Yes, tell me. – Ghee.
– Mango. Brinjal curry. Along with this… …Samba asked for sambar
and papad compulsorily. Remaining four didn’t
eat food out of fear for death. Only one hour and 25 minutes are left. – Hello.
– What, Mr. Murthy? What is happening? Mother is unwell so I am in hospital. I watched TV just now. – How come they hang brother?
– What should I say, madam? CD is lost… …so in order to get
justice for your Deepti… …and by thinking that
those rogues might escape… …he took the blame on himself. Oh! What has happened? I have another copy with me? – What are you saying?
– I have a copy. In order to tell
an important matter… …Deepti’s sister
is talking from New York. First stop the hanging sentence! Daya is not related
to this crime at all. Those four people
have killed my sister. I have CD with me. Please! Telecast it urgently. It is okay if those
four people are left… …but don’t kill my brother. He is making a sacrifice
which no brother will do. Judge sir! Judge sir! Sir. Sir. Daya, we received orders
to stop you from hanging. Didn’t you commit this crime? Entire CD is being telecast on TV. Sir, I don’t know
the matter of CD now. Have they asked to stop
only my punishment or everyone? – Only yours.
– So will you kill us by sparing him? Hey! Shut up! Catch him! Leave me! I will kill him! Sir, these rogues have
shown her hell for 40 days. Don’t kill them with
two minutes punishment. Sir, untie me for just
10 minutes and see what happens. – What?
– Sir. Anyway you will hang them. Sir, leave them to me
for ten minutes before that. Leave me!
I will kill him before I die. I will kill you! What are you thinking, sir?
About consequences? Don’t write in book. He didn’t fire the gun! Our policemen didn’t receive
any bullets so you didn’t untie me. This matter will remain
between four walls. Listen to me and untie me, sir.
Only 10 minutes. I will not use more than that. These rogues don’t need it too. – Untie me, sir.
– Hey! Untie him! I am coming! I am coming!
Wait, I am coming! – Untie me! Untie me! Untie me!
– Come! Come! Say bye to your brothers! Hey! He killed him! – Brother!
– Get up! Brother! Brother! Brother is dead! Where is he? – He is there! Catch him!
– Will you kill my brother? Stop! Stop! Come! Come! – Go! Go! Where to go?
– Catch him! – Catch him! Catch him!
– Where? Catch him! Hey! Hey! Ravi! Hey! – Hey! Hey!
– Brother! – It is wrong!
– Watch.. come.. come. My name is Daya, I don’t have it. Hey! Come! Come! Brother, don’t leave him! Kill him! I will kill him!
I will kill him, brother! – I will not spare him!
– Brother! – Take that rod and kill him!
– I will kill him! – No! No!
– Hey! No! Don’t beat! Don’t beat with it! Don’t kill him!
Don’t do anything to him! Sir, still file minutes are left. Tell me if there is
anybody like them in jail. The four guys who killed Deepti
have been hanged… ..in Vishaka central jail
ten minutes back. Day who got ready to face
death for saving justice… …is going to be
released in short time. Sir, I didn’t see Gandhi. You are Gandhi that I had seen. Sir, it is sufficient if there is
one person like you in every station. Sir, it doesn’t matter if a person like
me is there or not in every station… …but it is sufficient if there is
one person like you in every country. Forgive me. Police! Police! Police! Police! Police! “Temper!” “He’s got the temper!’ “He’s call the pamper!” “And the girls crazy your.” “Tem.. tem.. temper,
tem.. tem.. temper.” “Tem.. tem.. temper,
tem.. tem.. temper.” “Tem.. tem.. tem.. tem.” “Your grandfather is temper,
your father is temper.” “Uncle is temper,
you are more temper.” ‘The temper to set things
right is in his blood.” “Every person with
guts need to have temper.” “If anybody instigates you,
temper will rise.” ‘If control is lost then
words will be of no use.” “Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!
Will you see the temper?” “Impress everyone, save everyone.” “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!” “Impress everyone, save everyone.” “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!”

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  1. asalu emi acting baasu adhi… really ur are true talented boss..

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  2. NTR the best performer among ALL TFI new generation stars..but the way of handling the character of posani garu and his acting give goosebumps………..it was perfect casting……and we cant stop NTR while he is in court sessions…another in RAKHI movie…that movie also connected to harrasment on women

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