Template | After Effects / Cinema 4D + 4 plugins | Intro du Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3

Template | After Effects / Cinema 4D + 4 plugins | Intro du Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3

Download – Modify – Enjoy TEMPLATE
Plugins : link in description THE RESULT Download the template, link in the description Extract files This file is useless Install all fonts I already have them. You need to have these 4 plugins It’s the images from the beginning. Each character has 2 versions : – normal – 10 colours To switch from a normal image to an image with 10 colors, I used a free software “inkscape”, Link description Open inkscape It is the image that I will transform, it is necessary that the image is at least in HD 1080p Add image to inkscape Choose the number of colors, you need a drawing style But the image is not in png, it is necessary to remove the white I will use photoshop I use magic gum Problem it removes part of the face too brightens Copy layer Use the magic gum on the one underneath Select the part that disappears Do: copy and paste delete the rest Take the normal eraser and manually erase what remains It takes a lot of resources. I’ll replace Black Panther with Dr Strange. First, there is the drawing style image and then thanks to a mask that enlarges the photo image appears Replace Black Panther images with Dr Strange images Replace with new image (drawing style) Uncheck “png sequence” Repeat with the other The images are linked Go to the middle of the sequence Place the image properly in the “center of the painting frame” It is necessary to reposition the two other images, it is necessary to place them exactly at the same place as the first one Reduce the opacity of the two images to know where to position them exactly The positions are perfect Remember to reset the opacity to 100 percent Change the rotation z, if necessary To move the character don’t do it like that: It must be moved in the sequence of just now by selecting all the layers And watch the results Change everything else the same way:
– Replace files
– Reposition layers I’m going to change a text Double-click to edit the text Write the new text Position it, making spaces before the text Another example of what can change When the first part of the intro (drawings) is finished, save and close to go to part 3D Increase the number of images to 600 Modify the text “studios” You have to adapt your size Now we have to deal with the “marvel” text, start by recreating the cube that is around the text Deactivate old marvel text Add “steel” texture to new cube Change texture dimensions Copy – Paste the letter “M” that is in the “Construction” folder Put a new text Change letter spacing Create a Boolean, to remove material from the cube The cube must be above the text The ground is hidden, it must be taken out of the file Select all Boolean and transform it into a single object Hide Boolean The marvel text is replaced But now we have to change the camera’s trajectory It is necessary to place on a key “clear rectanggle on the timeline” With the help of different view angles move and rotate the camera And click on the red key to save the new location Update the location of textures This is to enable texture visualization The texture is no longer adapted Save, you have to modify the ground texture I made a mistake.
The file is in “post scene ground”
I’ll go later Put the front view Make a screenshot of the text in the cube I put the right project Show screenshot Replace with new screenshot Resize it Adapted the layer mask so that it is just on a letter I have one letter less, so I disable the last layer, if there is a letter more, you should add another layer Disable the screenshot But the file is way too big It is thus advisable to reduce it, it is necessary media encoder You just have to do this Smaller for the same thing I’ll change the texture quality to preview it The texture is well placed I reload the “steel” texture Now, you have to add the textures to the walls Select the faces that will have the video textures
– Press and hold shift to add
– Keep pressing Crtl to remove Add video texture Reload textures The video texture may not be right here’s how to change it… This is one of the video textures Replace with new video Copy the effect of the video that was already there and paste it into the added video Delete Change colors Position the video so that it starts as desired I will reduce again the size of the video with media encoder I’m updating the texture of the wall Change texture dimensions Increase the luminosity of the texture In the roundings, the result is not perfect I’m gonna make one last wall, quick. Do not forget to increase the brightness on others Once all walls are finished, render Open part 3, just get her some information. Copy green texture And paste it in part 2 Remove unnecessary textures, transform part 2 into part 3 At the beginning the ground has a reflection, but it disappears after This is what I will do again on part 2, with the help of part 3 Go to the beginning of the timeline Add keys Go to image 180 Set all reflections to 0 and add keys Delete what no longer serves any purpose Select all sides :
– Press and hold shift to add
– Press and hold ctrl to remove Add the green texture Save as part 3 Open last part (4) Replace with the right ground texture for the text Render the last part Cinema 4D, it’s done. Open the after effects file from the beginning, it also contains the final edit You have to replace the three videos made with cinema 4D Open “part 3d text” These masks are there to hide the imperfections Move the contours of the mask to completely surround a letter Delete mask position keys Go forwards/after and reposition the layer around the letter, check that the timer is activated. All that’s left is the final rendering Thanks for watching.
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82 thoughts on “Template | After Effects / Cinema 4D + 4 plugins | Intro du Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3

  1. Salut, je tente de réaliser la partie cinema 4D mais j'ai deux soucis. Premièrement quand je connecte les objets du boolean et que je fais la suite qui va avec, je me retrouve juste avec le "Plan sol" de visible. J'ai donc laissé le boolean et j'ai essayé d’inclure des vidéos sur le sol : problème je ne peux mettre que des vidéos en .avi sur les textures et aucun .mp4. Si tu as des solutions je suis preneur. En attendant c'est un super tuto! Très beau travail de ta part !

  2. I can change the pictures with the avengers, i mean i wanna made a personalized intro, if you can help me bcs i am a begginer

  3. Enfin un excellent tuto pour cette intro sa fait très longtemps je cherche un bon tuto pour cette intro et voila cette excellente vidéo qui apparait vraiment un gros merci et un gros gg tu mérite bcq de like et je m'abonne pour cette vidéo super

  4. If I paid you like $5 dollars, would you be able to put what I want said in the logo part and send me the video? Cause I have a newer version of after effects and it wont let me open your project, since you created yours in 15.1

  5. Hi, I have a problem. When I'm connecting the boole, the cube and the m (12:28), the new object does not have texture or anything (no phong tag, no polygon selection tag). I really don't know what to do.😭

  6. Hello. How much would you charge to customize this for me? Like using pictures and videos of my choosing and changing the name obviously?

  7. I think the compressed file is got curropted and it is not extracting. I dowloaded it 2 times but the file is not getting extracted

  8. Salut, peut on changer ces images des vengeurs par nos photos
    je suis débutant. on est obligé de utilisé C4D

  9. le fichier prend 6 jours a être installer et mon disque est clean, j'ai une bonne vitesse internet, une solution svp ?

  10. Hi everyone, I need some help. In the 3D part , when I select all Booleean and transform it in a single object, the Booleean.1 created has no proprieties, the new "MARVEL" text is completelly black. What am I doing wrong?

  11. Hey man, nice video, but I do have a question, maybe you can answer it. How did you made those letters merge what you had the MARVEL text in the cube instead of HOPIZ? I am trying to get a similar design and I cannot manage to do it. Perhaps you can give ma a link, or explain it yourself?

  12. I can't download this https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=oQDnfPS5VZE&event=video_description&q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Ffile%2Fylbj98i8hah531l%2FTEMPLATE%2BAE%252BC4D%2B-%2BINTRO%2BMARVEL%2BCINEMATIC%2BUNIVERSE%2BPHASE%2B3%2B-%2BHOPIZ.rar&redir_token=5iqL8kbmLUV_bvSlrMDFzw7T1x98MTU1NjM4MTQ0NkAxNTU2Mjk1MDQ2

  13. Bro where is the (example template mcu.aep) bro I can't find it I will finish 80℅ This only Balance Please Help Me🙏🙏🙏 Please Help HOPIZ please replay soon please

  14. We can export HOPIZ TEMPLATE logo in green screen (utube time 25:31) we render time 198 F to 436 F or 150 F to 600 F ah bro it is confused in tutorial please clear it

  15. Petite question: Lorsque je connecte les trois objets à 12:31, et que je les cache, la partie "MARVEL" disparaît complètement, contrairement à ta vidéo. J'ai également remarqué que le "boléen.1" n'avait pas de texture, alors que le tien oui. Merci d'avance pour ton aide, et super tuto à part ça 😉

    Edit: Je peux t'envoyer la vidéo du problème si nécessaire

  16. Hey, I have question. I got some problem it's about render part when I render a your template intro is about 36 sec!! but it's very very very very long time to finish. Can you help me? give some tips or tricks? Oh, almost forgot I'm brandnew of After Effect. My PC Spec : i5-7400 RAM 8GB VGA GTX1050Ti (Sorry I'm not good at eng.)

  17. Dear HOPIZ, I tried to make the introt I really wanted and could you please make me a fortnitos introt?

  18. After rendering project, the word "STUDIOS" isn't expanding and growing larger with the bars that protrude from it. Anyone else having this issue or know a solution to this issue?

  19. You did an amazing job at explaining everything. I think your video is easier to understand than film learnin because he misses some explanations and your's not only looks better, but you were able to create a much smaller template size (he uses photoshop files while you use AVIs to put into the logo). I'm going to attempt this soon, but thank you so much for making an amazing tutorial. And which points did you use Trapcode Shine, Optical flares, and RSMB Pro?

  20. I know you are so professional with all this stuff but I have a big question… Why don´t you render with Media Enconder since the begining instead of do it with AE and then go with Media Encoder? That takes you more time… Just my point of view

  21. Hola, Cunado pongo las letras para hacer el hueco de MARVEL no me deja, deja solo huecos de letras

  22. Hello!
    I would love to say first thank you for the great tutorial and great template!
    I am planning to make this intro for my brother's birthday and I wanted to ask if there is a way to turn videos of him into videos that can be put into the letters? And if so, how?

  23. hi! love the template! but I have question. So you know how the characters come up before captain throws his shield, is there any way I can replace the characters with my own pictures? and to change the name of marvel to a custom name?

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