Terminal 21 Mall Bangkok– Enjoying the Food Courts & Exploring the cinema Theaters #livelovethailand

Terminal 21 Mall Bangkok– Enjoying the Food Courts & Exploring the cinema Theaters #livelovethailand

Coming up in this vlog, Terminal 21, enjoying
the food courts & exploring the Cinema Theaters Wats app fellas welcome back again in to another
vlog from Live Love Thailand Today we are going to terminal 21 one of the
luxurious malls in sukhumvit area Bangkok. This mall has an airport terminal design each
floor representing an specific country From around the world. 1st we will explore the food court & enjoy
some local food & exotic fruits, and after that we are going to Explore the
cinema theaters at the 6th floor. So we have here a stand that makes smoky fruit
shakes inside fruits like melons Pineapples and seems very popular since it
has too much demand and I guess that’s Not because of its taste but to take some
selfies with the smoky thing. Here we a have a stand of crepe, with different
choices salty sweet cheesy and more, So I ordered one with banana and Nutella that’s
my favorite and it only cost 40 Thai bath Which is around 1 and half dollars. You have also Ice cream rolled crepe choices
if you love it cold and not hot stuff. Here we have a cup cake stand with different
flavors and colors they seem tasty And delicious all displayed in a way that
makes you mouthwatering while you Waiting your order. Now we are going to the ground floor where
there is another local food court And see what can we taste there and enjoy. Thai coffee one of my favorites, the delicious
coffee with creamy milky shake with Ice and it cost only 50 Thai bath when you
are in Thailand try it, it’s do delicious. If you are not coffee friendly, you have other
choices like mango shakes or Coconuts. Also you have different kind of fruits sliced
and ready to eat all fresh and cheap So what a wonderful place to pamper your stomach. Here we have the famous Asian dumplings with
different fillings and with very Cheap prices sold by peace. Another option you have the barbQ stuff meat
chicken fish all cooked in front Of you once you order, you can take away or
enjoy them around. After we have enjoyed the food lets go up
to the 6th floor to check the cinema Theaters complex which is very famous by locals
and tourists in terminal 21. Here we are now at the cinema theaters floor
so let’s check around, as you see They have a demonstrated a filming act in
the middle with Hollywood signs up And on the floor it’s a unique way to make
you feel like you are in Oscar prizes Ceremony. Here you can browse on big screens to check
the films that are showing and to see Their details
And after that you can buy your tickets from the thicket stands. Here goes the yummy stuff, combos of popcorn
with different flavors and drinks to enjoy them while You are watching the movies
not so cheap but a movie without a popcorn is not a movie. While you are waiting your movie show time,
you can entertain yourself with Video games just on the same floor , so you
will never get bored. That was all in this vlog I hope you enjoyed
it subscribe for more vlogs from Live Love Thailand.

14 thoughts on “Terminal 21 Mall Bangkok– Enjoying the Food Courts & Exploring the cinema Theaters #livelovethailand

  1. This a typical plan to spend a rainy day in Bangkok where you can eat in a mall make some shopping and watch a movie having a wonderful time and surviving a hot or a rainy weather .thank you for sharing keep the good vibes

  2. looks a nice mall great deal of food choices there the cinema looks modern too
    🔍full viewed🔎🎭 supported🎭✅ hit a like for you👍🇦🇺👍😉 😊

  3. Your channel is one of the few i disable adblock on
    Excellent videos in 1080p
    Can't wait until i'm in thailand in october this year
    Carlene M – england

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