Tesla Model 3 Review – 6 Months Later

Tesla Model 3 Review – 6 Months Later

The Tesla Model 3 may very well be the
most important car of our time. With its release, the Model 3 ushers in a new era
of affordability around electric vehicles accompanied with the sales and
scale never seen before for an EV after only one for over six months it’s
time to dive deep and take a look and if the Model 3 has lived up to the hype
we’ll look at which core features have been the most important what issues
we’ve had thus far and what could be improved with the car the first thing I
got my Model 3 all I could think about doing was throwing up to actually become
a Tesla owner was surreal what was I going to wreck the car would it live up
to the hype a million things were going through my head when I was actually
signing the paperwork for my Model 3 which took like five minutes by the way
in stark contrast to the normal experience at a car dealership my first
day of ownership was more about the car and not about the paperwork most of the
time I spent at the Tesla store was on an overview of the car and an overview
of its features looking back on the first day of ownership now I was right
to be nervous and filled with excitement this car has matched and exceeded all of
my expectations and to say the Model 3 is a great car is an understatement in
my book it is the best car you can get for its price range. So what makes the
Model 3 so good? Let’s dive in. First the looks this car simply looks stunning the
design language is clearly Tesla and it turns people’s heads everywhere you go
they’ve done a good job making a great-looking electric car which is
something almost no other car manufacturer has been able to do at
scale up until this point it doesn’t look like a weird mobile and it also
doesn’t look like an ordinary car which let’s be honest if you’re going to try
to get people to switch to driving an electric car you actually need to make
that car look like something that people will actually desire Tesla gets this and
has exceeded at this with their design language the grille this front
angry headlights sharper lines that run the length of the car
towards the hips all work in tandem to make the model three look aggressive but
not too aggressive the interior is just as stunning as the exterior and also
turns a few heads with how sparse clean and simple it looks it’s also quite
practical I love the storage space and the phone dock as well as the USB ports
up front going to the model threes into your ear from any other car that has a
ton of buttons and gauges it’s like going from a phone with a physical
keyboard to an iPhone and once you go to this experience you’re never going to
want to go back now when the model 3 was first announced having one screen in the
center of the dash without anything behind the steering wheel caused a bit
of an uproar in the Tesla community and in the media questions arose like how we
ever see the speed and is that even safe so after six months of owning the car
was all of that discussion and concern valid no it wasn’t not having a screen
or gauge in front of you is actually pretty free Tesla was able to make the
steering wheel smaller allowing for better grip and ergonomics thanks to its
nifty vent design technology you can actually push air through the steering
wheel at your face which on a hot summer day has been a very welcomed feature
looking over at the top left corner of the display to read the speed only took
me a few hours to get used to and now that I’m used to it I can’t say it’s any
different than just reading the speed from behind the steering wheel plus
Tesla gives you a speed chime that you can set in the car as well and it’s
something that I actually use a lot you can set the car to give you a chime when
you hit a certain number over the current speed limit some people would
probably find this chime annoying but I highly recommend setting it when you
first get the car if you’re not used to how a Tesla accelerates I found it hard
to figure out how fast the car was going when I first got it without looking at
the speedometer so the chime certainly helps
ergonomics is something Tesla thought a lot about with the Model threes interior
design and honestly I think overall it’s better than the interior design of the
Tesla Model S the cupholders are where they should be
there are pockets and the door coat hooks the arm rests on the console and
the doors are very comfortable and my arms never get sore the seats are also
one of the most comfortable seats I’ve ever sat in in a car I’ve taken the car
on six-hour road trips and never felt sore which is something I personally
have never experienced before riding in a motor vehicle another nice thing about
the interior especially on long road trips is the premium sound system it’s
crisp it has a nice base and it’s one of the best sound systems of any car that
I’ve ever experienced and it’s become one of my absolute favorite features of
this car maintenance of the interior has been pretty minimal thankfully since
everything in the model 3 is pretty easy to clean the seats are very durable
since they’re made out of a vegan leather the only area of the car that is
not very easy to clean is that piano black finish on the center console even
if you take a ton of precautions and try not to get any scratches you’re just
gonna end up seeing micro scratches on that thing almost no matter what you do
even if you use microfiber cloth it’s almost inevitable that you will see some
scratching on that material now on to driving the Tesla Model 3 after six
months the thing I still can’t get over is the electric torque this thing
produces its quick and the non performance version for me has been
plenty fast in day to day situations where I’m not trying to impress my
friends it’s basically like Elon said in the past it’s like owning your own
personal rollercoaster and even after six months of ownership I still feel
good every time I punch it what powers that great instant acceleration of
course is the model threes electric motors and battery having an electric
car over the past six months has taught me a lot and I found that I actually
enjoy having an electric car more than I thought I would I start off every
morning with the equivalent of a full tank of gas and I don’t have to go to
gas stations anymore which I don’t miss at all especially in situations where
people are freaking out over an inch I mean hurricane like they did this past
summer and all the gas stations in the area started running out of gas I didn’t
have to panic at all with the model 3 which was great the only downside I
found with owning an electric car of the past six months is with road trips no
matter how you look at it typically it will take you longer to drive an
electric car on a trip than a gas car because of the limits on the cars range
as well as the time it takes to charge now there are some ways you can mitigate
that extra time on road trips and something that I did on the several road
trips I took this year with my model 3 was to plan my charging stops during
meals so that way by the time I was finished eating the car was charged up
and ready to go either to the next super charging spot or to my end destination
the upside still vastly outweigh any of the negatives that you may experience
when going on a road trip you’re still getting that instant torque comfortable
interior and drive and that awesome software that comes on the model 3 is
screen the software on the model 3 is amazing and it’s been so interesting to
have a car that just like my cell phone receives regular software updates and
these are just little small improvements or bug fixes
sometimes these software updates are major features that are released to the
car or major overhauls to the cars UI in my experience I’ve gotten several new
features since taking delivery including a new version of autopilot with 360
degree view on the center display of the cars around the model 3 blind spot
visualization on the center screen a dash cam feature Auto high beams and
better regenerative braking intensity the software is snappy and responsive
the navigation is hands-down one of the most useful things I’ve come to love
about my model 3 it’s easy to navigate anywhere you just swipe down on the
navigation bar to either go home or go to work the live traffic built in is a
godsend the live traffic is also built into the navigation which will route you
on the fastest route which in my testing has been equal to the experience I get
with Google Maps routing safety is another area where the model 3 has held
up over the past six months it’s been given one of the highest safety ratings
ever given to a vehicle here in the US by our government and I’ve already had
some experience with its safety features including the forward collision warning
which has saved me from accidentally running into a car once I’ve also
experienced the side collision avoidance system and it does work as advertised I
had a truck coming in to my lane all of the sudden and before I had time to
react my Tesla moved into the other lane avoiding the truck while still sounding
and alert now let’s move on to reliability I put out a video early on
into my ownership of the Model 3 and it proved to be a bit controversial with
all of the issues I ran into most of them were minor issues the charge port
door sensor wasn’t working correctly so the entire charge port door assembly was
replaced the driver’s side windshield wiper was loose and scraped the
underside of the hood and caused a chunk of the wiper blade to fall off as well
as the hood wasn’t aligned properly Tesla fixed all of these issues early on
however when they realign the hood they did scratch the paint in several areas
of the car causing the car Daffy to go to a body shop for repair and lead paint
when the car came back from the body shop the steering wheel had scratches on
it so that that also had to be replaced the only other issues I’ve had that have
been more recent are that the center armrest squeaks when you pull it up and
the rubber part above the wood panel on the dash is actually discolored a metal
piece fell out of the charge port door it appears that the adhesive Tesla used
for this metal piece just doesn’t hold up well in colder climates now while
these issues do sound like a lot and chirp it has been a longest list at
least to me it just doesn’t feel like that big of a deal I have felt very
taken care of by Tesla they’ve done everything they’ve can and done all the
right things to fix the car the total time my car’s been in the shop has been
about two to three weeks which may sound like a long time for a lot of people out
there but do keep in mind that what all my car was in the shop I was given a
Tesla Model S loaner which made it very hard to complain
about the time that my car spent in the shop because I was just whizzing around
town you know going ludicrous speed and just having fun while on the subject of
things that didn’t go correctly with my Model 3 let’s talk about some of the
things that I think could be improved with the car the largest area in the
Tesla Model 3 and all Tesla’s for that matter that needs to be improved is the
music streaming service availability currently all the cars come free with
Slacker which has been fine but it’s just not a great experience because
Slacker is more like pandora than Spotify when you ask slacker to play a
specific song it’s going to start a radio station of that song rather than
just playing the song outright like you would expect on most major other music
streaming services another area of improvement Tesla could
focus on with the model 3 is the windshield wipers the auto wiper mode
has been inconsistent though it has gotten better in the past few months it
still doesn’t work well at night though which makes sense given the Tesla’s
using the auto pilot cameras to sense rain well the aerodynamics of the car
are extraordinary one consequence of that is dirt seems to collect at the
back of the car a lot more than anywhere else which makes sense given how water
comes down the back glass and drips down the lid and deposits dirt in that area
here’s a short list of some other improvements I think could be made to
the car as well a more scratch resistant black finish on the console and a manual
release for the two front doors that is less accessible so passengers don’t
extinct if Lee pull it first before pressing the button to try to get out of
the car with all of these improvements and minor issues I’ve had with my model
3 I’m still in love with this car and don’t regret my purchase for a second
what Elon Franz JB and all the other Tesla teams have done with this car is
nothing short of extraordinary once you get a model 3 you’ll never want to drive
any other car and that’s certainly how I still feel 6 months later
thanks so much for watching this video if you like this video please be sure to
give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more Tesla
videos like this one thanks again for watching for 6 Months Later Reviews, I’m Josh Teder.

100 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 Review – 6 Months Later

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  2. There is no such as vegan leather. Leather is either derived from animals or from synthetic materials. And what is a primary ingredient of synthetics? Petroleum chemicals.

  3. You took several road trips in only 6 months?! The range is over 300 miles. I never drive more than 300 miles a day! That is more than 6 hours of driving at 50mph, I would never do that.

  4. Great review. I won't buy one due to battery technology isn't good enough. I leased a 2013 Nissan Leaf for 2 years. I quick charged the car frequently and when I turned in the car, they confirmed I'd lost 18% of the battery capacity. Horrible for just 2 years. The Lithium Ion batteries aren't good enough. Just look at you Smart phone, cordless tools, etc. After a few years they just don't have the runtime when they were new. My cordless mower used to mow the whole yard on one battery. Now it's 3 years old and it dies halfway through. Maybe a lease is OK but a purchase is going to be expensive when the batteries fail.

  5. Too bad it cost 50% more than a comparable compact. The subsidies end this year too. And Tesla loses money on each car sold. People are taking giant risks buying these cars.

  6. 4 months today and 14,200 miles on my model 3 LR RW. I drive it a ton for work. Charges to 330 miles a charge and costs $2-3 to charge it fully at home. It's wicked fast. Best car ever. Costing me way less than had I bought a gas car. No tune ups, no oil changes, just rotate the tires and add windshield wiper fluid.

  7. 6:44 you don’t panic about gas but what is there in a electricity crisis?
    What do you Run out of electricity in the middle of the road?

  8. Model 3 is a cheap wanna be S… being a college student, I’m unable to afford this at this moment, but hell I’ll move away from his middle class society and fulfill my dreams.

  9. Cool video. Keep them coming.

    I've heard from most people that own a Tesla about the placement of the speed indicator (on the screen). I don't know why Tesla didn't simply add a heads up display. This is one of the most high tech cars in the market and adding a heads up display would fix this. I've driven cars with a heads up display and have always found it a feature to be a positive!

  10. "The most important car of our time"? Don't make me gag. Only fanboys get excited about this bare bones 0-60 one trick pony. The interior has all the charm of a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta and the exterior is a snooze too.

  11. Best looking car ??? …WTH … I saw one parked next to a Mazda 6 and the Mazda looked much more premium and cleaner .. Sorry dude , not drinking the Tesla Kool Aid.

  12. You don't want to have even a slight fender bender because even with the slightest impact this car costs a crazy fortune to repair often taking numerous months. This alone makes the car impractical. The speedometer to the side is impractical regardless of what this kiss up would have you believe.

  13. I went to the iPhone. Realized they were crap and promptly turned back to the much superior and freedom oriented Android. Not a good comparison. Apple almost never makes their own tech. They only steal others tech and put proprietary accessories on everything and bar anyone from repairing their outdated, low quality engineered machines. Tesla on the otherhand is a genius and also open sourced their initial patents.

  14. No offense, but this whole video feels like a smart phone user crossing the cult barrier and becoming a follower. Elon Musk must have been taking lessons about marketing from a notorious "magical" brand of smart phones and computers.

    Nobody should judge your preferences; if you like this car, good for you; but if you think that people turn their head because of the car, sorry to say that but it is not the reason. They wonder how much disposable income you have, to buy this car, versus something else. The effect is more pronounced with the S model, but also the 3 model is more expensive than an average car of comparable size and class segment.

    The interiors are bare, if you like it that's fine; but once again; it does not make people to turn their head, except for curiosity. Even the model S looks like a homemade car, or some sort of restored drag race car; which are notorious for having every interior stripped. The quality of the interiors is disappointing; and even a GM truck feels better than the interior of a Tesla (I drove one in multiple occasion, since my workplace use them as company cars for moving around). Solid, yes, but if you think that you can get a BMW for the same price of a model 3, or a Porsche/Maserati for the price of a model S, the things start to look a bit different.

    Looks nice, sure; it is a fun looking car; it is interesting to drive, because electric; and won't save the planet; considering the amount of energy and oil required to make the rest of the car (yep, electric cars are exactly like other cars, minus some tweaks; but they are built in the same way, use the same materials of regular cars; they pollute exactly the same, if not worst, considering the batteries on board; which is not exactly cleaner).

  15. What we need the least in this world is THINGS that look aggressive! Especially not in road traffic. Check out the new VW ID.3, that looks like a friendly and confident car. Much better!

  16. Without a supercharger a once 8rh road trip is 36 hrs with a hotel room.
    Battery have a 160k warranty and cost $7000 to replace and they will need to be replaced.

  17. Never mention Range on road trip and Charge Time the only two thing and body cares about.
    Just says it takes longer to do road trips.

  18. Did he actually said the design looked "angry"? The look is at best controversial.

    I would say at this price range for an "EV" vehicle it is one of the better looking cars out there.

    But at "this" price range there are a lot of better looking cars out there. Mustang, CLA, A class, Golf GTI, Camaro, Charger, etc.

    I thought it was gonna be an unbiased opinion of a car, oh boy am I wrong about that.

  19. The interior is stunning? 😁🤣😅😆 The interior of a Tesla look like a living room with no furniture except for a oversize "iPad" in the middle. I honestly do not understand the hype…..if I had a free car for six months, my 👃 nose would be brown too!
    The car does look sharp though….I like the lines.

  20. Waaay too many issues in 6 months.
    No luxury car owner would be this happy with this many issues. I guess it’s true.
    Love is blind.

  21. Take it from someone living in Florida…when a hurricane is coming your way you will WISH you had a gas powered vehicle. If you fill up your car before the storm, you absolutely know you're going to have enough for at least a week of running around…With ANY electric car (not just a Tesla — just in case any fanboys' ears perk up thinking I'm hating on Tesla), you will be depending on that single full charge and then what? Even if you don't use the car that much…it still loses between 1-2% battery per day just sitting idle (tested by Hoovie's Garage on his Model S).

    How do you charge your beautiful e-vehicle when there is no electricity for days (or potentially weeks in a bad storm). If you have a solar array with enough wattage to run your house and charge your car congratulations! you're about 1/10 of 1% of the population…

    Don't get me wrong…the model 3 is a great leap forward in car technology, but don't use the 'when there's an emergency and people are crazy looking for gas' reason for touting it…In an event of a real emergency, the first thing to go is the power…you can still get gas from many sources (even other cars)…can't do that with an electric car when there's no power.

  22. This car looks amazing–if only my country had support for it; I also think that, if it ever did, it'd probably sell for twice its cost in the U.S. One can still dream, right?

  23. اولین ویدیو بارگذاری کردم – ببینم یوتیوب چطوره ؟ چطور موفق باشیم – با شناخت رفتار های بازنده ها

  24. I believe you love your car, but the list of problems you gave would put it at the bottom of the list for new car problems.

  25. Its funny/great how some of those improvements you suggested have already happened cause Tesla can just update the software, which they do often, and improve the car. Things you wont even think of like a quiet mode not to wake kids. Plus updating the software to better manage the system giving you more range and a higher speed. And i love that your Tesla will now pre-heat your battery before getting to a supercharger giving a high rate of charge from moment you connect, rather than starting to heat the battery when you plug it in. A great time saver.

  26. i perfer pandora. it plays whatever i ask of it. but you have to subscribe. been with pandora for 18 years heard about spotify maybe 3 years ago and don't want to change.

  27. Looking forward to when I can finally getting my hands on one, but may be a couple of years. I have slowly transitioned, in a way, as I have been Hybrid now for 8 years…so, unless Toyota can actually make an all electric to rival the model 3, I am all in on the Tesla for my next car.

  28. Do you sleep with her? :o))) Sorry buddy, but it really seems like you are on Elon's payroll… Of centre display is a security flaw, no matter how much one can get used to it. You turn your eyes away from the road in the horizontal direction, not vertical only as it is in case of traditional layout. Working the trip around the charging is not exactly what I consider convenience. I am happy for you that you like your car so much, but your review really seems to be very, very biased…

  29. Appearances are subjective, to me Model 3 is okay looking, really nothing that special. Fit and Finish has been an issue at Tesla. However, my concern is all the technology, which means all the more to get glitches. The more stuff / technology there is, the more stuff you have to fix. The big screen in the middle for the map is a good idea. I prefer knobs for the radio and heater. I have found that LCD screens can be difficult to see when bright light (sun) shines through a window and reflects off the screen. Also, the screen gets all smudged up with finger prints after awhile. Give me an old fashion speed odometer, and a battery readout. I like to keep things simple.

  30. I don't mind Tesla, but 'stunning' it is not, unless you think an iPad is stunning, the Alfa Romeo 8C is stunning, but a Tesla? Not so much.

  31. No doubt that it's a great car, but there are several Cons:
    1) AutoPilot is actually dangerous as it brakes inappropriately when approaching and passing cars on your right (adjacent lane). This bug is known and is actually listed in the Manual (believe it or not)! Instead of addressing this and fixing it, Elon has added his second "Fart" feature, video games and NetFlix. Warped sense of priorities.
    2) Inability to turn on front camera as a safety and parking feature. Can only turn on the rear camera.
    3) The steering wheel is smaller, but the placement of the screen is so close that when driving in a "10 o'clock – 2:00 o'clock manner, your right hand blocks the view of the blind spot warning for cars on your left. 10 -2 is recommended by professionals and is widely considered safest.
    4) Since there is no warning light on the outside rear view mirrors, this makes blind spot traffic on your left even more dangerous. Actual mirror warnings are superior. Also, there is no audio warning like on most modern cars.
    5) The display will only show miles left or per cent of battery remaining instead of displaying BOTH simultaneously (like other EVs).
    6) The glass roof is popular, but there is no interior cover to block out the sun. Car gets extremely hot inside in Summer. All other cars with a moon or sun roof have a sliding interior roof cover.
    7) The front head restraints are stationary and not adjustable. If you do not drive with the seat almost straight up, the head restraints will not be effective. If you need to recline your front seat to account for a back problem or other issue, you are in danger from a rear end collision.
    8) No "Bird's Eye View."
    9) You have to actually step on the brake pedal to put the car in what is called "Hold." If the Hold is released or not even initiated, the car will roll free Backwards! Almost all modern cars have "Hill Assist." The Nissan Leaf will brake and hold automatically resulting in true one pedal driving. If you want a mode that will not roll backwards, you need to set "Creep" mode which will force you to hold your foot on the brake to keep it from moving forward on its own. Creep mode should be automatic (and always on) and only the Hold mode should be optional.
    10) The interior heating system is very poor; car is cold. The A/C is good.
    11) No heated steering wheel (even in the dual motor performance model that costs way over way $50,000.

  32. Is 'vegan leather' polyurethane? If so, that's crap… How about a real leather version for those who want durability and know there was other uses for the rest of the cow so don't feel too bad eating their burger while sitting on their real leather seat…. I believe the choice is more about cutting cost than anything else… Also too many things on the tesla seem too cheaply made, that plug cover, how easy things are to scratch, etc. Beef up the car a bit, another $1k worth of improvements would go a long way…

  33. For a $40K+ vehicle the issues he pointed out are unacceptable. I had never had a car in the past 20 years that would exhibit such problems in the first 6 months. Squeaky console armrest? Wipers rubbing against hood? An entire charging port had to be replaced? Damn. Also, am I the only one who felt the guy was reading text from a teleprompter?

  34. I would say, the 3 most important things that needs constant improvement is battery life, safety, and price in a tesla model 3. As a driver, I dont need high end infotainment system to distract me from driving like videos and streaming. 😀 Good video tho, I wish to purchase a model 3 in the future.

  35. Dude, look away every now and then. Melting my brain. Or glasses, yes, get some glasses. Now, back to enjoying your vid, nice job.

  36. For a nice "affordable” $50k car , , ,
    shame they couldn't have thrown in an attractive grill (or front).

    Room for improvement in coming years for this fine car.

  37. I would miss the gas…why? BECAUASE CALIFORNIA just shut off the power grid to 800,000 customers to avoid wild fires and TESLA had to notify people to charge their cars because the power was going to be off for days….Electric cars will never replace fossil fuels until you can drive 12 – 15 hours continuously on single charge. Unfortunately, in Detroit, we are dependent on our vehicles because we have zero form of public transportation.

  38. Vegan leather, please… what an oxymoron. Does your ass really care what the animal that ‘donated’ its skin ate?
    A more benign politically correct BS, but still BS. Marketing can be so full of hyperbole

  39. The road trip factor sucks but should get better over time, right now one of my typical road trips would take 2-3 fuel stops, about 8-10 tesla stops given moderate traffic. But once they break the 1000km barrier on the consumer models the range issue will basically be resolved.

    The teslas still feel very cheap inside for the price tag (model 3), the other models are better in the sector, but we all know the bulk of the cost goes into R/D, the batteries, and motors. That being said Im sure in the near future a lot of us will make the switch to electric cars for commuting purposes at least.

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