Testing New Acoustic Reflectors in the Concert Hall | Sydney Opera House

[ Music ]>>It’s like playing with
a whole new instrument.>>It’s fantastic. We can hear ourselves
much much better than we have ever
been able to before.>>Not just for people nearby
but the people on the other side of the orchestra
more importantly.>>We’re testing this
wonderful reflectors. These are prototypes
of the right shape of the reflectors planned
by the architects and us for the realisation in future.>>We’re putting
out 28 reflectors over the Concert Hall
stage so it’s going to be a major improvement
for the musicians and by doing this
we’ll make sure that when we do the
final version that we actually have
calculated it correctly.>>Obviously improving the
acoustics is a really central part of Renewal, but the hall
needs to be quickly adaptable from one mode to the next so that it is equally
wonderful for amplified music.>>If you sing or play a violin
you like to have the room to reverberate because it
kind of carries the sound. If you play a drum set
it’s going to be very noisy and annoying for you so you
want to make it more dry. So as you can see we put
up drapes, that’s normal, the curtains on the sides. But above us we have
some hanging curtains, which is unusual. And we are recording also;
the dummy is recording like your ears are
working and we can compare for the same configuration
the different seats. [ Music ]>>I was more conscious
of 30 violins playing. I have never heard the
hall sound this good.>>If people go in there
and they feel that sense of that kind of tingling sense
of the depth and the clarity of the music it’s going
to make people want to come a whole lot more. [ Music ]

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