Thadam 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie|,Arun Vijay,Vidya Pradeep, Tanya Hope

Thadam 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie|,Arun Vijay,Vidya Pradeep, Tanya Hope

– Hey, look there.
– Huh? The girl wearing a blue top? Her name is Deepika. She works for a movie website. Write reviews. We both have different working hours. Excuse me. Sorry. The only time I get to see her
is in the elevator every morning, and nowhere else. Sharp at 9:10. iIf I miss out,
I won’t be able to see her all day. iShe knows I see her. At first, she deliberately avoided me. The crowd would slowly thin out,
and by the 7th floor, we’d be the only two people left. So, she will be left with no option. She has to see me. And one day, I asked her. Can I take you out for a cup of coffee? Cheers, dude! What did she say? You didn’t tell me your name,
introduce yourself, and you’ve come straight to the point? Now we are left with two seconds. Your 7th and mine 8th floor will come. Where’s the time to waste? Did she say yes for the coffee? So… Your question is wrong. Ask me the question in the right way,
and we’ll go out. “Ask me the question
in the right way?” I am not getting anything. She should either say yes or no. Bye, dude, I need to leave now
to catch the elevator. Okay. Bye. It’s a feminist thing, right? It’s wrong to ask,
“Can I take you out for a cup…” Is it? But I should’ve asked, “Will you take me out
for a cup of coffee?” Your question is still wrong. Please hold on. It seems you’re an equal rights champion. “Can I take you
or will you take me out?” Both are wrong. Can we go out for a cup of coffee? Sorry. Give me any clue. She is playing with you. You’re playing with me. If I ask you in any way,
you will not come. I didn’t refuse to go out. Ask me the question in the right way,
I’ll definitely come. “Can I take you out for a cup of coffee?” “Will you take me out
for a cup of coffee?” “Can we go out for a cup of coffee?” Your question is wrong. Ask me the question in the right way,
I’ll definitely go out. I’m such an idiot. Tell me, dude. I got it. Tomorrow,
she will come for a coffee. It was a very simple one. But I was breaking my head over it
unnecessarily. Wasted so much of time. Can we have some tea? Come, let’s go. I hate coffee. My name is Ezhil. I know. You’re a civil engineer. You work in the construction company
at the 8th floor. You stay in Adayar. You don’t smoke or drink. You love Ilaiyaraja’s music. What? You know everything about me. See. What is this? It’s an ATM machine, Seth! What? An ATM machine? Looks like you were failed
to open it, that’s why you plucked it out here. Haven’t you heard the news? I don’t follow the news. Then, you should start following the news,
then you’ll know. I thought of breaking it there only
and remove all the money, but I failed to do so. That’s why I plucked it out. The machine has been damaged. I tried to open it,
but I couldn’t do much. Why did you bring it here? Do you know any ATM mechanic? It will be easy to break this
if we have any mechanic. They loaded cash into this machine
right in front of our eyes. There should be
at least to 30-35 lakhs in it. They’ve brought a stolen ATM machine
loaded with cash, but we couldn’t open it. You come. I think he’s found a guy. I found a guy. Call him faster, please. But he’ll be here tomorrow. Sethji, carrying the machine around
in the vehicle is a big risk. The cops are patrolling the streets. You can keep it here
until the mechanic arrives. Don’t worry. I know Sethji for three years now. He is trustworthy. Sethji, give us 2 lakhs now. When we open the machine
and find out how much money is in there, then we can share it accordingly. – What do you say?
– No way. Let the mechanic come. Look, Seth, there are six of us,
including the ATM security guard. We need to give them something tonight. I’ll find another place. Hey, let’s go. I convinced him
it’s better to do business with a known person than with an unknown. Kavin… Refund money as soon as you received it. Dad, the ATM mechanic is here. Fools! They didn’t know where the money is… And instead, tried to break it. Okay, Seth, did mechanic arrive? Let me know what’s happening. Not yet.
I will let you know once he is here. Don’t cheat us. You must open the machine
only in my presence. I know. Hang up now. Sounds like there should be
to 30-35 lakhs. Sethji, you’ve been tricked. – What are you saying?
– There is nothing. “Nothing?” It’s a fake. I can’t see anything. Can you see anything? The man in the blue shirt. He is 65 years old. A retired postmaster. He posted an ad in the matrimony column.
We met only yesterday. He liked me right away. He shouldn’t see me. What are you going to do? Do you know? You only tell. I’ve been roaming with him
in the temple for the last two hours. I’m going crazy without smoke. What are you staring at? “Smoking is injurious to health.” Did you get that? You heard that? Tomorrow we’re going on a date.
Ask me, where? Where? At first, a health check-up at Apollo. If we do it tomorrow,
we get a 10% discount, then to a concert to watch Natya Sabha. He waited for a girl like me. Now I am enjoying a cigarette, after that,
I have to listen to his cheesy lines. What did you say about me? I told him you’re my friend’s son. Hi! He’ll be here in five minutes. He was saying
we’re gonna marry next month. Until then,
I’ll somehow get his account number. He should have at least 5-10 lakhs. I’ve worked out a proper plan. Now, what do you? I have decided that I will give you 20%. Wish I could find
a rich government employee. – Sister, are you on Instagram?
– No. – Now where are you going?
– Sister? My purse? Whether he’d be good or bad,
enjoying with him Whether he’d be liar or honest Enjoying with him Whether he’d be good or bad,
enjoying with him Whether he’d be liar or honest Enjoying with him. Seems she saw us? Even if she did,
she won’t come in. This is the gent’s toilet.
We are safe here. Why are you not answering my call? I’ve been calling you for a week now. I thought you’d get it. Get what? – This won’t work out, Sandhiya.
– What? Our relationship? Dude, in bathroom
she is talking about relationship. Then why did you give me hope? Hope? Did I ever say I loved you? – Did I say I’ll marry you?
– No. But we went to the hotel
a couple of times. – Someone take her away.
– What does that mean? Listen, he saying he’s not interested. Sister, if you want to fight,
please go out and fight. Why are you fighting here? You came to the toilet
to escape from me… Hey, is your friend gonna break here
in bathroom? …you thought I can’t come
to the gent’s toilet. How can I say about him? – I don’t have any idea.
– You can’t dump me like this. Whatever you’re doing is wrong. Get it over, man. Tell me one thing,
why will you dump girls like this? I get bored after sometime. Boring? Now, you only tell how much time
will someone live with a girl? I’ve invested my dad’s entire savings
in this project. Including my savings, I’m building a two-storey apartment. Total six units. Premium apartments. All are 2BHK. If this project is successful,
I’ll make it. It will be successful. Love you. My dad is no more. My mom is living with her husband
in Dubai. Second marriage. I haven’t seen her in eight years. She is happy with her kids. Your roommate isn’t here? No, she’s working in day shift. I never thought
I’d fall in love with an engineer. I thought it would be a writer
or a filmmaker. Why? What’s wrong with an engineer? – Boring.
– Boring? Nights, plan, concrete, construction. Don’t you need a magic in life? Magic, huh? You took this picture in Kolkata, right? Yes. Have you seen Howrah Bridge? Are you going to say
it’s an engineering marvel? No. Visitors go there very easily
by wearing this. – Give it to me.
– But a lot of engineers work behind this. Seriously. The concept behind Howrah Bridge
and this strapless is the same. Think about it.
Such a magnificent bridge. Give it to me. It’s a CAT principle.
Hey, wait. Listen to me. Look, there is no pillar,
but it can support any weight. Isn’t it a magic? – Give it to me.
– Tell me. This can be done only by engineers,
understood? Give it to me. Fool! What did you say? That’s my roommate’s. Are you mad? Give it to me.
Give it. Give it to me. It’s my shop, friend. Eighteen shops including this. We got caught in a cheating case. They sealed all my shops. Then my wife left
and then life was also gone. When did they seal your shop? It was before we met. It’s been four years now. I need to go to the court tomorrow. There’s a hearing. The lawyer said
I’m getting a three-year sentence. You asked me
why I was in a bad mood since morning. The other shop owners are rich. They’d be okay even if they go to prison. Have you got your case filed? Why are you reading this? The lawyer’s already read it
a hundred times. I’ll be going to prison anyway. Three years in prison,
I’ll get ripped apart. I heard there are perverts in there. If a handsome guy like me
ends up in prison, that’s it. I’ll get punctured, Kavin! They will ruin my face. From tomorrow onwards,
I’m going to get an oil massage. Ask for a discharge, sir. You’ll get it. What? A discharge? Are you kidding? Your friend has sold 32 computers
claiming it to be original. Shall I tell you something? Only the boxes were original
and all computers were fake. He got caught red-handed. How can we get a discharge? He’s getting three years, confirmed. Did you read the seizure memo? Why should I read that? The charge sheet is very clear. Only packing boxes have been seized,
mentioned in the memo. Nowhere written as computer. Careless mistake. The guy who wrote the memo screwed up. Do as I say. Ask for a discharge, you’ll get it. Murali was embroiled in a case? It was Kavin who saved him
by finding a loophole. What do you used to do
before meeting me? What’s your education? -12th grade.
-12th grade? Dude, I am a B.Com literature. Why are you asking? Just like that. What were you talking to the lawyer? You were talking technically,
I understood that, but don’t know what? Then, the Judge released only me. You speak six languages. You seem to know law points that
even lawyers don’t know of. You’re over intelligent. Who are you? Who? I’ve known Kavin since 10 years. Whatever he is doing,
he is doing it because of me. The knowledge which he has today,
he could have bought this city. But he lacks discipline and focus. That’s why he is like this. Heard he gambles a lot. Hello! He has lost so much money. Have you met the factory owner? He betrayed us. If we pay him a lakh
then only he’ll give us the ATM machine. Every time there is a drama. He has already taken
so much money from me, you know right? He has forgotten everything. He’ll only work when we pay him. I will… If you hit him,
still he’ll ask for the money. Do you want tea? Hey, just go. If we arrange a lakh,
then only we can take our next step, not before that. I hid six lakhs from you,
but you lost that too in gambling. How much are we left with now? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And there’s another ten on feet. Just buzz off. I don’t even have money for a cup of tea
and you’re asking me? Now there’s no water here. Hi. Why is she smiling like that? Who is she? She even knows your name. Auntie was saying
you were supposed to come yesterday? Auntie? Yes, she was saying that
I don’t have to call her auntie, but instead mother. I’ll get used to it soon. She means your mother. But your mom has died. I saw in the news
that it’s raining heavily in Kolkata. I’ve been praying for the last three days
that there shouldn’t be any rain when you’re piloting flight. Oh, so he drives flight? I’m learning Bengali. By the time we get married
and move to Kolkata, I think I’ll be able to converse fluently. I am confident. By the time you learn Bengali,
he must have left you. Hey! Who are you?
Why are you hitting me? What did I do?
Please, leave me… Actually, I came here
to withdraw cash for auntie’s treatment. My bank is right in front. She wanted 1.5 lakhs for her treatment. But I only have a lakh in my account. Should I give this cash to you
or wait until auntie is here? Brother, random men are hitting me. I have no clue why? I am having a bad time. Don’t let go off this chance.
Just grab it. – Come here…
– Wait, I’m coming. I don’t understand what to say. I think auntie is here. She just messaged me. She is waiting around the corner. Will you come? – You go ahead, I’ll follow you.
– Okay. Come, let’s go and meet your mother. Auntie. Hey, Kavin, your mother. I never thought
that I will meet him here. Mother wouldn’t have even thought either. – Right, mom?
– Absolutely. – Auntie.
– No need for that. You may leave. I’m here now. I’ll take care of her treatment. No problem. She works at a cell phone shop. We met while we were traveling
in a sharing auto. Her parents were looking for a groom. I said I’m looking for a bride for my son. My son is a pilot in Kolkata. What’s wrong in this? You make use
of whatever opportunity you get. Why did you show my photo? You expect me to show his photo? She’d have died. Had been laying the trap
from last three years… …all my hard work has gone to waste. Let me smoke a cigarette. – Yes.
– How’s auntie doing now? Did you give her my number? You haven’t changed that number yet? You usually change your number
every two months. I told dad that auntie’s health
is not well. He wants to meet her. No, not now. She’s in the ICU. Oh, my God! Don’t worry. I’ll call you when she gets discharged. When I saw your photo,
I liked you right away. But I was a little scared
that you might not like me. If that girl crosses my line again,
then you’re dead. Hello? Hello? Seems to be disconnected. Why did you refuse the money
that came our way? – What are you doing? Leave me.
– Did we ask? Are you gone mad? Stop it! She came to give you the money
on her own. I’m going to beat you to death. How are we going to repay Das? We were getting a lakh in a platter… – Leave…
– And you let that money go. Leave me. Fool. She works in a cell phone shop. How much do you think she earns? Her dad is a security guard
at a garment shop. So what? Leave it. What? Leave it? Did you just say, “Leave it”? – Murali…
– Take your hands off me. – You will surely say this.
– Murali, listen to me. You don’t mind, right? Hey, stop. Murali! I know it doesn’t matter to you, right? Leave that beer, at least. I’m leaving for Pondicherry
early morning with my friends. With whom? There’s another girl
and three guys. I’ll be back on Monday. Hope you don’t have a problem? What? With three guys? What type of girl she is, man? She was born in Dubai
and grew up in Delhi. If I make a fuss about this,
she’d think I’m a low-class guy. We need to show her
that we okay with it. But we are not okay with it. Now look at you,
you’re burning with jealousy. One of those guys is mad about me. He sends me flirty messages every day. He is very rich, 6 feet. He’s so handsome. I think he is messaging me now. You can go wherever you want to, but remember, that you’re my girlfriend. Brother, stop the vehicle. Brother, the money is due
in another two days. What have you done
in the last four days? You haven’t done anything
in the last four days then what will you do
in the next two days? Yes, Kavin. Where is Murali? In my warehouse. You need to settle my payment by morning. I won’t accept part payment. You have one day time. Then, I’ll cut him into pieces
and will parcel you. Thank you, guys. Thank you! Cheers! Thank you. Thank you, guys. Dude, what’s this party for? Brother, the construction
isn’t completed yet and all units have been already sold. Thank you.
Thank you, guys. Thank you. Brother, I urgently need some money. Dude, you should’ve asked me
last week. No business for the last two months. Why don’t you ask Anna? What do you have for surety? Give me a week time, buddy. You’re stuck in Das’ case, right? Now no one will give you any money. What happened? You haven’t touched your food yet. Promise me you won’t tell it to dad. Yes, tell me. You know auntie, Kavin’s mom,
she is not Kavin’s mom. She is basically a fraud. Everything they told us is a lie. They betrayed us. What are you saying? If they have taken the money
for the treatment, we’d have lost it. Shall we go to the police? But Kavin didn’t take the money. If he had taken it,
then he was also a bad man. He is a good guy in my eyes. Who could it be at this time? My mom’s condition has suddenly worsened. The doctor said to me
they need to perform surgery right away. All my money is in fixed deposits
and bonds. I couldn’t withdraw suddenly. Do you have any money with you now? I’ll return it back in seven days. What happened? Nothing. It’s okay, baby.
Don’t cry, don’t cry. No. Thanks. You can talk to your father if you want. He’s working in night shift. He isn’t here. This is my own earned money,
which I saved for my dowry, but you can take it. I’ll call you in the morning. Kavin, do you know my name? Excuse me. Dude, I’ll leave now. How can you leave your own party? I need to go
to the land registration office tomorrow morning. Okay, you take care. Bye-bye.
Take care. Okay, guys, bye-bye. Bye! – Have fun!
– Bye! Hey! Hey! He is too advance, sir. Always throwing the rule book
in our faces. Do you know why she got transferred? I don’t know, sir. She helped a culprit
in her previous posting. Really, sir? Am I lying? – She got a three-month suspension.
– They did right. Everybody, come out. Did you take such sort of training? – She’s here…
– Sorry, madam. Don’t contaminate the crime scene. Yes, madam. Sir. Sir. Who informed us? The housemaid, sir. She was out of the town
and returned only this morning. The killer has put the body in the tub
and turned the tap on. The maid was the one who closed it. I don’t know if we’ll find any evidence. Did forensic people tell you all this? Did you find the murder weapon? We looked for it, but couldn’t find it. It doesn’t look like a knife wound. It’s something else. Point of entry, sir. The murder should’ve taken place
at this point, sir. The victim’s name is Akash. He doesn’t have a mother.
His father lives in America. We already have so much of workload
and these people… Look for a good restaurant
and get some nice coffee. – Okay, sir.
– Shalini, you’ll handle this case. First, inform Akash’s dad. Then see if he has any relatives locally. It’s my brother. See, if there is any money
or valuables missing. He always used to keep his cash here,
but it’s not here now. How did you arrange the money? How does it matter to you? You got your money. Release Murali. Doesn’t look like you got the money
through the trade, that’s why I asked. So I wondered nine lakhs in one night. Even I can’t manage that, so I’m asking. Don’t know what you did. Go. Move your leg. Why did you give me the money? You knew I was lying.
You know that, right? But you still gave me the money. Why? What if I had just taken the money
and left with it? If you had just left with it, it would’ve been easy for me
to forget you. You’d have found it difficult
to forget me. The inspector isn’t interested
in Akash’s case. Let me be frank, madam. We’ve been doing the rounds
for last three days. This case has reached once again
on the same end. We have no witness or evidence. I don’t believe we’d see any progress. You’re the one hanging on to this case. Okay, sir. Came to know that this house
was locked that night, madam. The security guard drunk and slept. He doesn’t know anything. Did you ask people around? I did, madam. Most of the houses are unoccupied. People come here
only if there’s a function. There are people
who don’t even own a single house, and these people have built
such big houses and leave. Stupid rich men. Get in the jeep. Yes, madam. Let’s check the street behind us. Okay, madam. – Give it.
– All the details are here. Sir, inspector Shalini Malar
is here to meet you. Someone is here, right? It’s urgent. And she’s waiting half an hour. You all understood this, right? Yes, we understood everything. – What happened?
– Sir. Sir, I’ve been enquiring
in Akash’s locality for the last three days. There was a party in the house
behind the murder site that night, sir. Hey, go that side. Go. The house owner is from Coimbatore. His son hosted the party. I have traced him and asked him
to come from Coimbatore. He is outside. Come to the point. Sir, this is his cell phone. This is a selfie
he took with his girlfriend from his balcony. The timeframe matches
with the timeframe of the murder. Sir, zoom into it
and look at the left side. I know this fellow. His name is Ezhil. Former IIT student. Forward this picture to all stations now. – Yes, sir.
– And find his current address. Set aside all other work
and concentrate on this case. Yes, sir. He’s dead now. Mr. Ezhil? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Anyone out there? What do you want, sir? I’ve been locked up since 10 AM. They’ve taken away my phone. And they’re not giving any reasons. We asked him to eat, but he refused. What’s your problem with Akash? – Akash who?
– C.S. Akash. 3rd Cross Street, Neelankarai. I don’t know any such person. What’s happening here? If you want to discuss about some case,
then ask… Where were you last Sunday night? I was in my office, at a party. You left your own party midway. What was the hurry? I need to go to the land registration
office tomorrow morning. Okay, you take care. Bye. There is no such particular reason. I had a headache. A headache? Didn’t you leave early saying you had a land registration
in the morning? But you never went
to the registration office on Monday. We’ve enquired. You lied. See, I know that you’re trying
to get me fired into some case. What did you say? Get up. Listen… last Sunday,
you left your office at 10:30 PM. You can reach your home in 20 minutes. But you came home by 3 AM. Where were you? My car had a puncture on the way. Where? Natesan Street, Little Mount. Does it take three hours to fix a tire? In my view,
it takes half an hour at the most, sir. I didn’t have a car jack. I had to ask around for help. An auto driver passed me but didn’t stop. A couple of cars stopped,
but they didn’t have a jack. Finally, a call taxi guy came. He helped me. Which call taxi? – I didn’t notice.
– Registration number? I don’t know. You don’t know which taxi,
you didn’t notice the registration number, suddenly someone turned up
and helped you and left. Am I right? Lift him up. Akash died last Sunday. He was murdered. Someone stabbed his neck repeatedly
with a sharp object. Why are you telling me all this? You neither knew Akash
nor went to 3rd Cross Street. Correct? This is a picture of yours
in his balcony that night. This one evidence is enough for me. Out. Forget your future, business,
and everything else. Your life is done. I’m going to bury you. The inspector is trying to frame me. I’m innocent. We have previous enmity. Give me my phone
and then I’ll show you who I am. Give me my phone back! Sir! There is a problem, sir. What? Hey! He was caught in drunk and drive. The Vyasarpadi station inspector sent him
after seeing the photo we circulated. He is sloshed. He can’t even say his name. He got drunk and ran his motorcycle
into the police jeep. Bring him to the storeroom. Where were you on the night of the 2nd? I don’t remember. If you beat me up like this,
I will forget where I was this morning. Sir… You had chicken biryani
and prawn fry for lunch. Am I right? Bring one chicken biryani
and one prawn fry. Sir, on 02nd, I was with my friend. He wasn’t feeling well on that day
so I went out to get medicine, then I had my dinner and went to my room. – What’s your friend’s name?
– Murali. He has a shop at Ricky Street. – You continue.
– Yes, sir. And note down his friend’s address. Just do as we say. Understood? Okay, sir. Okay, sir. Don’t be over smart. Please give the phone to the DP. Understood? Okay? Srinu, can you come over
to the police station? It’s urgent. 2412, Nehru Nagar, Vyasarpadi,
Chennai. You kept a ladies’ hankie. Hey, being a man
you use ladies’ handkerchief. Aren’t you ashamed?
What other ladies’ things do you have? Now tell. Why don’t you speak? Sir, check him properly. He might have things like lipstick,
hairpin, rubber band, etc. Look, how he’s standing. Should I beat up some more? Sorry, madam. He’s crashed into a police vehicle,
and you were full-on drunk. Madam. Was that yours? Gowrishankar Sharma vs. State of UP, 1990. Sir, he is talking about some Gowri. Who is Gowri? I’ll tell you. Gowrishankar Sharma vs. State. He is talking about the judgment. Judgment? What about the judgment? Any form of torture, cruelty, inhuman,
degrading treatment is prohibited. What is he saying, sir? It is a crime to hit a suspect. Not just hitting. Even mistreating a suspect
in any way is a crime. Haven’t you read the judgment? See his arrogance. Prithipal Singh vs. State of Punjab. The court suspended
the entire police station for hitting a suspect. The ones who hit
and even ones who watched on, everyone was suspended. Sir, is he a lawyer? Torture him in such a way
that it reminds him of his mother. The court gave an eight-year sentence
to the constable who instigated the torture. Rigorous imprisonment. Don’t you know about
Rahit Singh vs. State of Haryana? Till this day, the head constable
is in the same prison as the convicts put behind bars. And this is not the end. The police constable who saw the suspect
is also in the same jail. Dhanapal, you go and hit him. What should we do now, madam? I sprained my hand
or I’d have thrashed him. – You go.
– Let’s wait for sir to come. We will wait. Sir. – Lock him up in the cell.
– Sir. – You come with me, sir.
– Hey, get in. Come on, get in. – Lock him up.
– Okay, sir. What is this, man? They both look the same. This is the only evidence. Now this evidence is of no use. I know Ezhil is behind the bars. I have brought him in for questioning. But you can’t keep Ezhil
locked up like this, GK. – Why?
– He runs a construction company. He must have good contacts. See, I got you here hoping
you’d give me some useful advice. Srinu, I’m retiring next month. I won’t get a second chance
to take down this guy. Look, GK, I know about the enmity
between you and him. See, I’m explaining to you as a friend,
and also as the PP. The problem has increased because of another guy
who looks just like Ezhil. That too, he got caught
by another station. Come on. Come out. They arrested him and handover to you,
and we do have a complete report of this. Move. If it wasn’t like this,
then we could have kept Kavin aside, claiming Ezhil to be the man in the selfie
to close the case. What option do I have now? Tell me that. One of these two committed the murder. There’s no doubt in this. Is there any chance
that a third person did it, and not these two? There’s no chance. Then one of them is lying. Look, now you have both,
Ezhil and Kavin. Today is Friday. We have two days’ time. We need to produce them
in court on Monday. Before that, we need to find out
which of them is in that selfie. Hello, sir. Sir, we’re making a documentary
on Akash’s case. We want to interview you. My face won’t be seen, right? No, sir. We will blur it. Firstly, the investigation was very slow. But eventually,
the full team really got into the case. We didn’t leave out any information. Continuously for two days,
we have worked day and night. None of us got any sleep. – Do you have water?
– Here, sir. Yes, ready. The inspector was running towards
one direction and the lady inspector madam
was running in another direction. The whole station was shaken up
in those two days. We need to produce both of them
in court on Monday. So, we only have two days’ time
to find out if this is Ezhil or Kavin. Till they admit the truth,
don’t give them any food. Just give water. And more importantly, Ezhil shouldn’t know that we have
another suspect in our custody. Similarly, Kavin shouldn’t know
that we have Ezhil is under custody. Both of them must think
that they’re the only suspect. – Got it?
– Yes, sir. Take off your shirt. Take it off! What’s that mark? I got hurt at the construction site
by a rod. Come on, strip. I meant your t-shirt. How did you get this wound? My bike got skid off. We hit both of them, madam. Even gave them an electric shock. They’re saying the same thing
again and again. One of them is playing game with us. We need to find out who it is. We only have that selfie as evidence. Even that’s useless now. I don’t know
what should be the next step. Let’s dig into Akash’s history. The answer must be there. Get all the information about Akash.
How he was and his friends? Get all the information. If we find out who Akash is, then it will be easier for us
to catch the killer. He mostly used to stay at home. He never used to go out. He used to play video games
and play his guitar. He used to invest most of his time
on the internet. We came to know that
you were Akash’s best friend. We played in the same rock band
in college. After he moved out,
we slowly lost the touch. Why did he return? I don’t know about this. He said he has no shortage of money. His dad sends him money every month. He was a good man, sir. When my son had typhoid in February,
he took care of the expenses. Even he didn’t deduct it from my salary. Akash didn’t have a friend circle, madam. He was the only close friend with Akash,
that too, during college. Did he have a girlfriend? There was one girl
that he loved during school. She used to study with him
in the same school. But the girl apparently ignored him. Because of which he used to be tensed. He didn’t show any interest in girls. After that,
his world was just music and computers. Do you know him? No, sir. Do you know him? I don’t know him. I was down with fever on the 2nd, madam. On that day,
Kavin got tablets and food for me. He left at 11 PM. Basically, he’s a fraud, madam. Nobody does frauds in their own city. They do it in other places. Any cases filed against them? They mostly target owners
who sell contraband. There’s no way to file any complaints. His case dragged on for years, madam. It was Kavin who found some legal point
and got him acquitted. How does he know so much
about the legal system? Huh? I won’t do anything. Tell me. He seems to know all the legal loopholes. And he says
he’s only completed 12th grade. Come on, speak up. From where did he learn
how to use laws to avoid? He used to say,
if you have friendship with policemen then you can learn a lot about such stuff. He used to say like this. Ezhil’s life is pretty clear, madam. He studied at IIT
and worked as an engineer. Now he has his own construction company. Keep moving, keep moving. But I don’t understand Kavin’s history. Murali has known him only for three years. He doesn’t know
what he used to do before that. Get the people who know Kavin. Okay, madam. – Listen.
– Madam? Be a little cautious
when you’re enquiring with Ezhil’s people. No one should know
he is under our custody. Did you check Ezhil
and Kavin’s phone records? I did, madam. None of them have any connection
with Akash. Between Kavin and Ezhil? No, madam. Kavin, Ezhil, and Akash, all three of them
have completely different circles. As far as we enquired, everyone had only good things
to say about Akash, madam. We don’t find any weaknesses. Akash’s sister mentioned
that he always had cash at home, right? Yes, madam. Get Akash’s bank statement. Okay, madam. You shouldn’t leave the town
without intimating us. Okay, madam. I made food in the morning
at kept it in the fridge. Heat it up for dinner and have it. Okay. When will you be back? I’ll be late today. Okay, listen, you take care. Okay. Another day has passed, madam. We only have one more day left. We’re just going in circles
and coming back at the same point. The case won’t move
without any additional evidence. Definitely we’re missing some point, which is right in front of us,
but not visible. Listen? What is the enmity of inspector
against Ezhil? The inspector’s daughter
used to study with him. The boy she loves
was from a different caste. Racism ignited between two of them. When he heard about her love affair,
he found a groom from his community. The day before the wedding,
the girl eloped with her lover. Till date, we don’t know where they are. But all we know is that the man who helped them at that time was Ezhil. But why did Ezhil helped them? All three were
from the same college, madam. They were classmates. The inspector would’ve finished off Ezhil
back then, but the boy had very strong contacts,
that’s why nobody couldn’t do much. Now he’s got a chance
to get back at him legally, madam. He won’t let it go. Hello? This is Bharat from Forensics, madam. Who gave my number to Forensics’ Bharat? I gave it to him. He asked for it. Yes, tell me, sir. Akash’s case is solved. What did you say? Yes, madam. Akash’s case is solved. He says Akash’s case is solved? We’re breaking our heads here
without a clue, and you’re saying the case is solved? Before that, I was trying to ask you
one question from the last six months. And what is that? Give me an honest answer, madam. Why did you refuse my proposal
for marriage? Don’t irritate me. I’ll hang up. Okay, I’ll get to the point. Our guys have found a hair sample
from Akash’s bedroom. Is it the killer’s hair sample? I took samples of everyone
who comes to Akash’s house and tested it. There was no match. Who else’s could it be, I don’t know. You just round up the suspect. I’ll check for the DNA match
and confirm it. You were asking
for the additional evidence, right? – Yes.
– We got it. He thought he had destroyed
all evidence and went. But he wouldn’t have dreamt
that a single strand of his hair was going to end his story,
he would’ve never thought of this. Even we didn’t expect
the case to end so soon. What happened? I need to go to the bathroom. He’s been vomiting since morning, sir. Not everyone can tolerate
policemen torture. It’s not because of your beating. It’s because I had duplicate alcohol
the other day. Shut up. Your beating actually felt like a massage
and sometimes it tickles me as well. Before you leave this place,
you’ll be crying at my feet. Hey, keep an eye on him, okay? Okay, sir. Take this. Put it on and get out. And sit quietly outside. – Hey, Murugan!
– Yes? Keep an eye on him. I will be back. Okay, sir. I’m here to clean. Sir, he is running away. Is there anyone? Sir, he is running. Hey! Hey, stop! Velu Brother, wake up. Keep an eye on him.
I’m going to the storeroom. Hey, stop. Rajesh? Murugan? Catch both of them. Where are you all? Catch them. Get off, what are guys doing? Pull him off. What are you doing there? Hey, stop. Why are you fighting? Stop. Stop. What are they doing? They’ll wreck the
whole police station. He’s gonna shoot. Take this. Call the Sub Inspector. Sir, Kavin and Ezhil
are fighting each other. Looks like they will kill each other, sir. Stop it. Leave him. Leave. Rajesh, catch him. He hit the Sub Inspector,
put him behind the bars. Lock him in the cell. Trying to escape? Lock Kavin in a cell, too. You dare to hit the Sub Inspector? – Did you notice one thing, sir?
– Yes, I noticed. They already know each other. Sir, you’re bleeding a lot. It looks like he broke your vein. – You think he took his revenge?
– No way, sir. It just happened in the scuffle. You’re bleeding from the back. Looks like something has chipped behind. The results have arrived. Really? Didn’t I tell you the case is solved? The killer is in your custody. He is the killer. Otherwise,
why would he try to escape? Now he’ll come to know. The sample you gave is a perfect match
with the one found in the bedroom. Who is the killer, sir? You’ve sent two samples, right? Yes, I have sent two. That’s the only problem. Problem? Both of their DNAs are matching. “Both of their DNAs are matching.” What are you saying, sir? Isn’t it impossible for two people
to have the same DNA? Even the son’s DNA
is different from his father’s. Kavin is my brother. Identical twins. That crazy Ezhil is my twin brother. – Do identical twins have the same DNA?
– Yes. Common twins can have the same DNA. But identical twins are formed
from the same egg. iThey look exactly the same.i And they also would have identical DNAs. If you have identical twins
in your custody, then this DNA would be of no use to you. Do you have identical twins
in your custody? iYes, I think so.i We had that doubt,
but we didn’t ask them. We decided not to let them know
that we have the other person in custody. I got it. First, we got the photo as evidence,
which is of no use. Then we got the DNA. What more clinching than DNA? But that is also of no use. Now, what can we do if such solid evidence
turns out to be of no use? Don’t get vexed. I’ve been researching this since morning. We have the science to help us. There is a simple method
to find the killer. Even in the case of identical twins,
but their fingerprints aren’t the same. Even if the DNA is same,
would the fingerprints be different? That’s the beauty of nature, madam. But we found no fingerprints
at the crime site, sir. If I had, I’d have sent it to you before. Don’t you know
how our department people work? I’ll send two people from my team. They’ll visit again to that house. They will look for the missing evidence. You said the killer destroyed
all evidence. Yes. He must have left
with some evidence, I can tell you with full confidence. If we find single evidence,
then we can close this case. They’re asking us to search
in the same place again and again. If there was a fingerprint,
we would’ve found it on that day. The house has also been cleaned. If they really need a fingerprint
then we have to buy it from the shop. Dude, I feel like having a cigarette. Control. If she sees us, she’d give you a lecture. I’m going in. The forensic guys are coming here next. It’s not like we can see fingerprints
with a naked eye. The forensic guys are coming here anyway, then why is she unnecessarily dragging us
into this? Damn. Madam. Madam. What is happening? Why are we here? To find evidence, madam. And what are you doing here? Evidence, evidence. Am I hiding the evidence in my bottom? Damn. Yes, madam. Your guys said
they couldn’t find any new fingerprints. Don’t we have any scientific method
to solve this case, sir? Scientific… Scientific…
Scientific… There is one method,
but it’s a bit difficult. Whatever it is, you tell me, sir. If you had a brain of police
then only you can find the killer. Didn’t I tell you it’s difficult? My parents had a love marriage. Both their families were against them. My dad was a lawyer,
and mom, a bank employee. They had compatibility issues. They didn’t get along. They didn’t realize that
when they were in love. They found out after marriage. When they got divorced,
we, brothers were six years old. I went with my dad and Kavin with my mom. Who is my father? I am. Who is my mother? I am. Who is my life? I am. I heard your mom used to gamble,
and she used to go to the club. That crazy told you this, right? I’m going to kill that mongrel. Leave me! Leave! Leave! Shut up. Keep quiet. This is the first time I’m hearing about a woman
who goes to clubs. Yes, we’re hearing it
for the first time, too. That too with her son. No wonder he’s turned out like this. She was a good mother. My mom was the first graduate
in her family. University gold medalist. Didn’t Ezhil tell you about this? Once she’s done with the studies,
the bank offered her a job. She was that brilliant. If anyone came asking for help,
she’d never let them down. Didn’t that idiot tell you any of this? If we perform an operation,
then only my husband can survive, ma’am. This is all I have. Sell this and manage your expenses. Why did you eat chuda
on an empty stomach? From tomorrow onwards,
you’re not going anywhere near the club. I don’t know how and when
she developed the gambling habit. Now, this is also a form of the disease. Today, it even has a name “Ludomania.” I don’t know why she was so angry
and disturbed? She had it under control
for several years. She was not happy with the marriage. Pressure, stress. It triggered her. Every human being has some weaknesses. For my mom, it was playing cards. Does that make her a terrible mother? Don’t you guys take bribe? Does that mean you’re terrible? Mom? Today, I lost a month’s entire salary. What are we going to do? Why are you probing into my past
instead of enquiring about Akash’s murder? Please understand that idiot properly. He is a compulsive liar. He always lies. If he says ten things,
eight out of those are lies. He underwent psychiatric treatment too.
You get it? Go and ask him. Did he say
I underwent psychiatric treatment? Check in Salem Mental Hospital,
whether it was him or me. From age 16 to 17, who was in you? Go and search. You’ll come to know who’s the liar. Yes, please investigate me. From 2006 to 2007, for one year,
he was under full security. They locked him up in jail. The fork we use to eat. He stabbed the fork in the doctor’s neck. And the doctor was fighting for his life
in the hospital. Go and ask him. He’ll tell you the whole story. Go ahead and ask
who murdered the doctor? Me or Ehzil? Your case will be solved right there. What you said is true, madam. He was a lawyer’s son. While he was food,
the doctor said something to him, and he stabbed him with a fork
in his neck. What was the boy’s name? I want to know his name. I don’t know, madam. That incident happened
before I joined here. Nobody is here who used to work
at that time. I’ve heard this story,
but I’ve seen that chief doctor. Due to that attack,
he was unable to talk properly. But he died last year. The boy was patient, right? You must have records. The record room got wrecked
because of the floods last year. I dumped all the records in the warehouse. If I find anything, I’ll send it over. My brain is already fried
and now we found this psycho. See, brother, I have to go home. One of you has to handle my night shift. What is Kavin’s problem? I don’t know. He was like this when he returned home
after mom’s death. Angry, hatred, stupidity. He was always the problem child. How did your mom die? Jaundice. That’s what dad said to me. How did your mom die? Jaundice. There is something mysterious
about their mom’s death. And I think Kavin knows the truth. Get me any information
about their mom’s death. Okay, madam. Mom? – Are you Lakshmi’s son?
– Yes. I’m your mother’s colleague. I found her lying on the road. Looks like she lost her entire salary. I took her to the doctor. He said her BP is high. He advised for some tests. Looks like she hasn’t eaten
from past two days. Call me if you need any help, son. Your mother has my number, okay? Who is my father? Who is my mother? Who is my life? Nothing like what you think
has happened, son. Come here. Look at mom. I don’t care
what people say about me, son. You are my life. What you think about me
is all that matters to me. Your mom isn’t that sort of a woman. What kind of a woman am I? I didn’t give birth to you
to cry like this in the middle of the night? My father was so strict. I mustn’t stand by the window. I mustn’t talk to the neighbors. I mustn’t return late from college. I got stuck in one hell from another. I won’t gamble any more, I swear. My prince, I made you cry. What kind of a mother am I? Today, your mother will not go to work. After eating, we’ll go for a movie. You don’t worry.
Everything will be all right. Okay? Don’t cry. Come home straight after school. Don’t go for football today. Okay? If you come
then I’ll understand that you believe me. iAfter the demise of my mother…i i- Come. Come in.
– …my dad brought Kavin home.i Kavin had several problems. iHe used to get scared a lot.i Dad? iHe always used to be insecure.i What should I do in this? I was scared to even look at my dad. I used to maintain distance from Dad. Ezhil didn’t treat me like his brother. He’d be at home for six months
and then out for next six months. Don’t know where he used to go. Just used to run away. He got suspended from all the schools due to bad habits. Come on, throw the card. Get up. Who is this? He has all the qualities of his mother. Don’t talk about my mom! Ezhil, leave him. Stop it. Ezhil, leave him. Stop it. Enough now. Ezhil. Ezhil, stop it. That’s enough. Don’t hit him. Move! Move! Stop it. Dad, leave me. Stop it, this is too much. Why didn’t you die before mom? After that, I joined college. It was my father’s wish that I study law. iBut Kavin was the one interested in it.i iBut he didn’t have the discipline
to attend college.i iHe discontinued his studies
within a year.i Occasionally,
he’d come to steal something and leave. He had only one obsession in life. Me. He always wanted to be better than me. I have learnt three languages. So, Kavin learnt six languages. When Ezhil was studying
in the final year of college, my dad passed away. After that,
relation between us was also ended. I got to know
that Kavin started following me few days back. My life was very comfortable. I have completed the college,
got a well-paying job, then I started
my own construction company. But Kavin’s life is stuck
at the same place. And he couldn’t take that. Anger, hatred, antagonist. And he dated many girls, but didn’t have a single girl
who truly loved him. What did he steal? A solitaire ring. I got it for Deepika. Do you know any cops? I don’t want to register any case. iLet me handle this.i They are saying he doesn’t have the ring. They held him in the station
for two days and released. I didn’t steal your ring. Go and check your drawer. You’ll find it. I came to take mom’s photo. These cops broke my hand. The doctor said it will be bent
even if it heals. I’m urinating blood. And I know you are involved in all this. No problem, I’ll take the revenge. After that, I have seen him today. He wants to trap me in this murder case. Whatever he is saying is correct, madam. Sir, can I say something? If he didn’t kill Akash,
then why did he try to escape? Hello? Yes. Stay on the line. Sir, the inspector is calling you. – Ganesh.
– Madam? What’s the matter? I don’t know, madam. The inspector asked you
a question yesterday and you didn’t answer. What question? There was a party at your office
on the 2nd and you left early. You told your friend that you had to go
to the registration office, but you never went
to the registration office the next day. Why did you lie? Don’t be afraid. If you tell me the truth,
I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. The inspector’s daughter’s number. Yes, madam. My husband and I
came to Chennai that day. Ezhil came to see us. We had a lot of debt here. We asked him for the help,
so he came to gave us the money. But why are you asking me all this?
Is there a problem? No. I couldn’t tell the inspector
that I went to see his daughter. If he finds out,
he won’t spare them. – Constable.
– Yes, madam. – Lock the door.
– Yes, madam. – Where are the inspector and Bhaskar?
– I don’t know, madam. They both discussed something
and then they left. Does any one of you know
how to open a lock without a key? Everyone knows, madam. You all look for Ezhil’s car key. You still suspect Ezhil, madam? On the night of 2nd, he stuck at Little Mount
for more than three hours because of a flat tire. We canvassed the whole area. But we couldn’t find
even a single eyewitness who saw him that night. We checked with all call taxi agencies
that cover that route, but we couldn’t find the guy
he told us about. Madam, here’s Ezhil’s car key. Now we’ll know whether he lied or not. I told I had a flat tire on the way. He was right, madam. It’s flat. What if police come here looking for you? Police? Tell them you weren’t feeling well on 2nd,
and they’ll leave. Before they come for the second time,
you go away. You got it? Why? What did you do? How did you pay back Das? Do as I said. Won’t you check
if the vehicle has enough diesel or not? Sorry, madam. This is an old jeep,
and it’s just guzzling more diesel. – Madam?
– Yes? Kavin’s friend, he ran away, madam. He ran away? I had informed the area police station
to keep an eye on him. But when we went home, it was locked. And he was not there, madam. Aren’t you ashamed? Instead of keeping an eye on him,
you’re giving excuses here. Madam, one minute. You asked us
to check Akash’s bank account. He withdrew 12 lakhs before he died. Yes. After the murder,
Kavin repaid 9 lakhs loan of Murali. The inspector received this information
by around 6 o’clock. He instructed us
that you shouldn’t know about. Where is sir now? Sir. Open. On 02nd, the robbery took place
in in a jewelry store. Unsolved. The inspector is framing Kavin
for this robbery. Just hold it. Is he trying to setup Ezhil
for Akash’s murder? If Kavin was in the jewelry store
on the night of the 2nd, he couldn’t have killed Akash. Correct, madam? Which means Ezhil killed Akash. This is just a robbery case. Even if he admits to it,
he’d be out soon. Don’t let anyone know that I told you. That taxi driver
apparently helped us in this. If taxi driver comes forward
for testimony, then can Ezhil be saved, madam. That too,
only if Ezhil is saying truth. Sir is asking you to hold it. But why, sir? Idiot! He is good for you. Robbery at Akash’s home, you repaid the loan of 9 lakhs
the day after his murder. That one point is enough
to get you hanged. Sir, I won that money in gambling. What did you say? There is this Marwadi called Ashok Seth,
you can ask him. I don’t lie. Sir, we play poker once a year. The minimum stake is a lakh. I only have a lakh. Kavin came here on the night of 2nd. He played cards all night
and he won 10 lakhs. The ACP sir is a good friend of mine. Okay, you may leave. Thank you, sir. Case solved. Ezhil is the murderer of Akash. Sir! Step aside. I need to talk to sir. Sir, our troubles have come to an end. – How?
– Akash’s murder is solved. Akash was killed by Kavin. The call taxi driver who helped Ezhil
has come to our station. Sir, I told you earlier
that Ezhil is innocent. We were canvassing that area
for last two days, sir. With very difficulty,
we reached the call taxi driver. Today morning we arrested him, sir. The call taxi driver
is sitting right behind. Have you questioned him? Yes, sir. He is the same guy. When that call taxi driver
came to the station on his own to record the statement. It became obvious that Ezhil
couldn’t have committed that murder, and that’s truth. If Kavin had won the money by cards, then there is no need for him
to kill Akash. We were back to where we started. Take it to court, GK. Let them decide. There’s no other way out. After that,
the department couldn’t do anything much. The case went on for eight months. Finally, the day of the verdict came. GC 2252017. Ezhil. Kavin. Yes, my lord. We all were very excited
to hear the judgment. Both of you step forward. More forward. You too come forward. One of you is a murderer. I have no doubt about that. In spite of several adjournments, the prosecution couldn’t exactly prove
which of you two did it. I want put guilty behind the bars,
but we couldn’t know who’s the murderer. Now how can I put someone behind the bars? I can give a verdict
only with the facts presented to me. See, PP, the law doesn’t allow us
to imprison two people for a single case because one of them is innocent. We can’t punish him. A hundred criminals may get away,
but no innocent person must be punished. That’s our legal system. In such situation,
apart from releasing both of them free, we don’t have other way. All of us were stunned
by the hearing the judgment. No one expected a judgment like that. Are you the one
who’s investigating officer of this case? – Yes, my lord.
– This is a black mark for your department. Despite knowing one of them is the killer,
we have to set them free. But, sir, who has done the murder? Don’t know. – Madam.
– Hmm? We need to shift everything
to the new station. Should we take your table too, madam? – Take this away.
– Yes, I’ll take it away. Okay. I asked you to send these photos
back at Ezhil’s house. – Sorry, madam.
– Why are they still here? Okay. Give it to me. Give it to me. I’ll send it by someone. What happened, madam? The case has been going on
for eight months now, but she never came to see Ezhil. When I asked him, he said,
they broke up right after he got charged. What happened, madam? The first day,
we showed Ezhil a selfie. Do you remember? Do you remember it or not? Yes. He saw the photo and went silent, but he never said
that he was his twin brother. This is Shalini,
SI, from Neelankarai Station. Tell me, madam. You said Akash was in love
with a girl in school, right? – Was it a one-sided love?
– Yes. What was the girl’s name? Deepika. Definitely, we’re missing some point, which is right in front of us,
but not visible. Deepika never came to Delhi. She said she’d come,
but she never did. I tried calling her back,
but her phone was switched off. Thanks, Divya. Ezhil. I don’t know how to tell you this. A friend of mine spotted Deepika
with a man at the Vijaywada Railway Station. It seems like, they were hugging. I didn’t want to tell you this. No, Divya. You are mistaken. Someone witnessed it, Ezhil. Deepika isn’t that type of a girl. Forget her, Ezhil. Stop torturing yourself. She hasn’t gone missing. She is gone. Even her mom doesn’t miss her. You’re the only one still looking for her. You said she was with a man. Who is he? Deepika’s classmate from school. His name is Akash. I spiked Deepika’s drink. She got fainted. Then I took her to Vizag
and used her as my wife for two days. Then I killed her. I made it look like a drug overdose and spent 10 lakhs
to make the case disappear. She believed till the very end
that you’d come to save her. Madam, they’ve sent us the records
from Salem Mental Hospital. It seems they have all the records
except for the ones you requested for. They found a copy among the personal files
of the doctor who got stabbed, which they’ve sent. Who was in the hospital? Kavin or Ezhil? Both of them. Ezhil was here for three months
and Kavin for one year. When they were in the 10th grade,
since then they hated each other. Did you read the last paragraph, madam? Read the doctor’s handwritten note. “No matter how much they hate each other. If there’s a problem, they team up.” At first, I thought you came
just to give me trouble. Eventually, I understood
you were there to save me. How did you get this wound? He got drunk and ran his motorcycle
into a police jeep. He was caught in drunk and drive, sir. Look, who crashed into our vehicle? I knew that you were looking for Akash
before killing. You destroyed the evidence,
but you didn’t follow the investigation. I did. I knew you’d get caught anyway. This is an airtight case. You would get a life imprisonment. The doctor states that till the very end
he didn’t know who stabbed him. Kavin or Ezhil. And the doctor has written this. The doctor of that mental hospital
didn’t know whether you stabbed him or me. So he punished both of us. But I knew that the court can’t do that. I thought you can get away
only if I get caught. So I just decided to take this gamble
and took the plunge. And Salem Hospital’s report? I destroyed it. Even if they find it,
it’s not going to be a problem for you. I knew that GK would go to any extreme
to frame you. I’m going to bury you. The inspector can do anything
because he is on the King’s seat. I needed a trump card to beat that. So I studied in the lock-up. What happened, madam? He was playing the game with me
from the moment he entered the station. He diverted my concentration from Ezhil. I knew she previously helped
two innocent people. If I played my cards right,
she might help me too. I called this taxi driver as a witness. But nobody should know about this
except you and me. But she won’t let go this case. She will dig into it. She must’ve found out the truth by
now. What are you saying, madam? I don’t understand. She can’t reopen this case. She arranged a false witness for you. If she opens it, she’d get caught. That’s it. This case is over. What happened, madam? Who played the trick? The truth will be with Shalini. No, nothing. This is the biggest gamble
I’ve played in my life. I went all in with expectations and I won. I won’t gamble anymore. Why did you help me? Just that, you never liked mom, but she never stopped loving you
till the end. If she bought me a shirt,
she’d buy one for you, too. She’d utter your name
in her sleep and cry. If she were alive,
she’d definitely wanted me to help you. I did it for mom, not for you. I’m going to get married. The girl’s name is Anandhi. I left illegal works. What about you? I have sold all my properties. Now I’m going to Bombay,
and from there, to Copenhagen. I doubt I might come back again. So maybe, this is the last time
we’re seeing each other. Akash’s case is truly unique
in this whole world. – There would be no other case like this.
– Not really, sir. Such cases have happened around the world. – Really?
– Yes, sir. Malaysia, Nigeria, USA, Germany…

100 thoughts on “Thadam 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie|,Arun Vijay,Vidya Pradeep, Tanya Hope

  1. Wow very very blockbuster movie
    Kya movie sir maja aagaya dekhne ka 😘😘👌👌👌👌

  2. বাংলাদেশ থেকে কে কে আছে

  3. It's Tamil cinema.. U north guys simply put labelled as South India..
    Each language of South has its own essence like Tamil,Telgu, Malayalam and Kannada..
    First try to understand it..

  4. whats a movie my all time one f fav lov u arun vijay sir 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👌👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌👌👌👌🙌🙌👌👌👌🙌🙌👌👌👌🙇‍♂️🙌🙌👌👌🙌🙌👌👌🙌🙌🙌👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌👌👌🙌🙌🙌👌👌🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🙌🙌👌👌👌🙌👌👌👌🙌🙌👌🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️👌🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙌👌👌👌

  5. चितवनमा क्रिकेट रंगशालाःखुट्टा कमाएको छैन भन्छन धुर्मुस||Dhurmus Suntali Foundation||

  6. Bhai kya movie h yr dimaag hi guma kr rkh diya sara I liked this movie 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

  7. Ye movie dekhkar itna jarur kehna chahunga ki jitna dimag South walo k paas utna India k Kisi bhi state main Nahi hai salute them saala Hollywood bhi Kuch Nahi inke samne💪🙏

  8. Umesh Gupta ki har ek film family pack hoti hai
    Lekin Yea movie dimaag ko hila diya🙏❤️👌
    No.1 movie Sir 👍

  9. Wooh bhai allin or kabin shi khel khel gyaa 😍😍😍
    Comment kro kisko kisko pta chela gya kon maara thai

  10. What a class movie aisi thriller movie pehle kabhi nahi dekhi i have never saw such a class thriller movie ever

  11. Supper🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 movie🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  12. بہت اعلی مووی۔۔بالی وڈ تو بکواس ہیں انکے سامنے

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