The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire in 2019 | You Might Not Need to Work

The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire in 2019 | You Might Not Need to Work

You often dream of quitting your job, ditching
it all and moving to paradise. In this video, International Living revealed
top 10 cheapest places to live & retire for 2019, and the reasons why we think these are
the best places to consider. The list isn’t just for retirees, it’s also
for people who want to live somewhere so cheap that they don’t have to work. 10. Spain. Spain is one of the most popular European
countries for those looking to live and retire overseas. Beaches, mountains, fabulous cities, colorful
festivals and sunshine almost everyplace. One of the biggest factors attracting people
here is Spain’s cost of living. A couple should be able to live comfortably
on about $2,000 a month or less. Many fruits and vegetables sell for €1 a
kilo or less and the quality is superb. Even in larger cities with more tourist traffic
such as Madrid or Barcelona, the cost of living is pennies on the dollar compared to other
major European and United States cities. If you are buying Spanish property, the average
property price per square metre in Barcelona is around €4,500–€6,000. 9. Thailand. This diverse country has it all. Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches
are located in the south of the country. From the bustling seaside resorts to the more
tranquil islands, there is something for everyone who dreams of retirement in the tropics. You can live here comfortably on around $500
a month. It all depends on which part of the country
you want to live in and what kind of lifestyle you prefer. There are many places where you can dine well
and still leave the table with change from $5. A full check-up by a Western-trained doctor
in a modern hospital will cost you less than $40. 8. Peru. Best known as the home of the mountaintop
Inca citadel, Machu Picchu, Peru still remains fairly undiscovered as a retirement destination. The cost of living is one of the cheapest
anywhere with rents starting as low as $150 per month and filling three-course lunches
starting at $2.5, including a drink. Compared to other Latin American countries,
Peru has an average cost of living. It’s cheaper than Brazil, Colombia or Chile,
but more expensive than Bolivia or Paraguay. In general services, food, transport, accommodation
and clothes are cheaper than in Europe or the US. But technical and electronic products, as
well as imported food and clothes are more expensive than in their countries of origin. 7. Portugal. With a sliver of coastline and an interior
that can take you back centuries in time, Portugal in many ways still belongs to an
earlier era. People are friendly and courteous. The low cost of living is a big draw for those
who choose to live in Portugal. Even in the capital, Lisbon—one of Europe’s
most charming cities—a couple can live comfortably from about $2,200 a month. A lunch for two at an inexpensive restaurant
runs $16; pay double that for a mid-range eatery. A one-bedroom rental in cities averages $690,
and outside the city center you’ll pay $450. Utilities average about $110, and internet
usage about $27 for one month. Romance, culture, and adventure awaits you
in your ideal spot in Portugal. 6. Colombia. Located at South America, Colombia is where
the Pacific and the Caribbean collide with the Andes and the Amazon. It’s a country that is more beautiful, dramatic,
and diverse than nearly any other. And Colombia boasts beautiful areas where
the cost of living is the lowest you’ll find anywhere in South America. You can live here comfortably on around $1,000
to $2,000 per month. Utility costs including water, electricity,
garbage service and broadband Internet service average about $110. The national average for an apartment in both
central city districts and suburbs is less than $270 per month. 5. Malaysia. Malaysia has everything that may want to make
someone relocate there. Besides, the rainforests, islands and beaches,
Malaysia is known for being a modern, robust and ever-evolving country to live in. The country’s diverse ethnic mix makes being
a stranger here easy. It is also a prefect destination for those
looking for an affordable retirement. A family of six, or six friends, can dine
out in a good local restaurant for less than $6 per person, including beer. The climate in Malaysia means that fruit and
vegetables are grown all year round. In general, food products in markets will
cost half what they do in the UK or the US. 4. Ecuador. Ecuador, one of the best retirement havens
for years, lies in the northwestern corner of South America, bordered by Colombia to
the north, Peru to the south and east, and the Pacific
Ocean to the west. Since the land produces excellent food, mostly
with year-round growing seasons, prices at local markets are so low,
it is difficult to carry more than $15 worth of fruits and vegetables. You can own a home on a Pacific Coast beach
for less than $150,000. Apartment rental prices depend on the location
in the city, but tend to cost about $80-$450 per month. Monthly budget comes in at less than $1,500
a month. 3. Mexico. Mexico always features among top retirement
havens. It’s home to more North American expats
than any other country in the world. Wherever you go in Mexico, the people will
charm you, the natural beauty will seduce you, and the remarkably affordable cost of
living will entice you to stay. Accommodation in Mexico is affordable, whether
you choose to live with flatmates or by yourself. The closer you are to the city centre or the
beach, the more costly it becomes. Many couples live a very comfortable life
for $1,500 to $2,000 a month. Although Mexico is affordable, but banks and
money exchange services are still wildly inconsistent. 2. Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the safest spots and
best places to live in Central America. It welcomes foreigners with open arms. Expats are attracted to Costa Rica for numerous
reasons, which include the low cost of living, excellent healthcare, beautiful beaches, rainforests,
and cool mountains… Many families also look to Costa Rica for
their education system. A couples can live well on $1,500 per month
in expenses, including housing, transportation, food, medical… The average local salary is about $750, so
that is usually the absolute lowest you could expect, but $1,000 is a better super-budget
baseline for foreigners. 1. Panama. Panama is an excellent spot for expats, retirees,
and even digital nomads. It’s modern, comfortable, safe, and friendly. The lush mountain towns of Panama rank among
the best retirement destinations in the world. And many people choose Panama because of the
weather and ease of living. It’s possible to live in Panama for as low
as $1,000 per month. Those looking to buy an apartment should expect
to pay around $200 per square foot in the city center. Healthcare in Panama is good and affordable
for minor problems. Most clinics charge a nominal fee of between
$20 and $60 for an office visit. Hospitals in larger cities are all of the
state-of-the-art equipment and specialists can be found in any field. But because “cheap” is a relative term, you
need to calculate your budget and then find a country,
where you can get the right balance between cost of living and standard of living so that
you can be happy and comfortable in your retirement abroad.

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  1. These sound very tempting BUT – 21 years ago I made the move to Hungary. Turns out today it is the safest most beautiful and least expensive place to live. It is in the heart of Europe if you want to get in your car and travel – go to the countryside to buy from farmers – fruits, vegetables, raw milk and milk products and even meat. I had no choice – when I figured my style of living on my $1000 retirement budget – it would have been a sad fact anywhere. Cashed in my 401K and even with the penalty for early withdrawal – it bought me a 1000 sq ft downtown apartment with high ceilings and lots of windows. By now, I've become a dual citizen which means free domestic travel and medical insurance for under $40/month ALL INCLUSIVE. Can't tell you how relieved I am not having to worry about ending up on the streets for my old age. Now there is also a country house and a vineyard. Was a realtor in NC so if you have questions – please feel free to ask. I'm retired and would love to help anyone else who wants to enjoy their golden years.

  2. Costa Rica, You ought to be kidding. Met tourist here from New York and they could not afford it, in Playa de CoCo. Most homes have 10 feet barbed wires with alarm system and businesses have armed security guard. Go figure that out!!!

  3. Going to the Philippines under ugly face DUTAE(AKA:duterte) is like committing suicide and not a good choice if you value your life and bad choices always have bad consequences as these two men found out the hard way. Remember the german tourist, who was kidnapped, ransomed for 2 million dollars and released. Then, was stupid enough to come back/returned and got kidnapped again and this time no more ransom paid and lost his head, literally (ASG videotape it cutting his head-off). Another one, a Korean businessman named, Jee Ick Joo was kidnapped by the PNP police and after the wife paid the ransom, the PNP chief IGNATIUS FERRO, Head of PNP Anti-Drug, hack him to pieces in their main police HQ and feed parts of the body pieces to their dogs, cremated the remaining parts and flushed down the toilet. Now you can teach others the pitfalls of going to the Philippines.

  4. Update: Aug 18, 2019: Two PNP members, one a Chief of Police (Colonel), Inspector Markson Almeranez and the other Sr Inspector Magdalino Pimentel, clad in civilian clothing, wearing a wig, and a face mask assassinated a 51 yrs old foreign woman touring in Mindoro. Both got caught when local police encountered them riding in tandem with their disguise on.

  5. Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines are legit inexpensive and safe places. Safe as in much safer than USA. Guns are illegal.

  6. I'm American and travelled around the world already but my choice as the cheapest and the best country to live and retire is the Philippines. A lot of beautiful world class beaches, luxury cities, friendly people and a very good English speaking country-not hard to communicate that even little kids can understand & speak English. Philippines is paradise not only to retirees but to everybody who wants to relax and visit the country. It is now becoming the blogger's paradise, too. Kindly update your videos because there are lots of traveler's which are more knowledgeable of your topic. Your list is not reliable & updated. Just watch YouTube and you can find the best places that are worthy of promotion, particularly in Southeast Asian countries😝😁

  7. how can u move and live in another countury with our authority to live. most countries do not accept you as perm residience..

  8. Hey you're sharing wrong information. Developed country couldn't be cheap. Generally under developing countries are cheap mostly Asian. Among them Nepal is the finest cheapest country. Whoever watching this video visit Nepal its going to held "visit Nepal 2020" i know you wont be let complain about expenses

  9. Pakistan 🇵🇰 is the cheapest and save country in the world more than all these top 10..
    peoples are friendly guest full ..
    Green and beautiful mountains
    Waterfalls Rivers sea canals beaches lakes.. cities names.. khyber pukhtoon khwa.. one of the most beautiful province in South Asia..
    Gilgit Baltistan.. Karachi and Lahore ..
    Couple can lives just 200$ per month

  10. Croatia is much cheaper then Spain and Portugal (cheap is life in CRO; only summer tourisam on a coast is relatively exspensive) and it's cleaner and nicer, locals are great in all 3 countries.
    All the rest of ex-YU is two times cheaper or more (except Slovenia), but not so nice… or depends what you like. Think about Montenegro! Coast is the same as Croatian, but so cheap that Croats from Dalmatia travel in Montenegro for shopping.
    I haven't been in Albania, but I've been in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary: all much cheaper then Spain, all real old Mittleeurope, cultural, safe… If I would have $500 pension I would check all those – STAN countries: Kazahstan, Kirgistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and – why not? – Pakistan and Nepal. Or at least pay a long visit.

  11. 2000 dollars a month.?…thats much per month,wish i could get such amount i add up my little ssavings and get self employed….I wasn't born to escort others on this planet.

  12. Try PHILIPPINE provinces! 🇵🇭😊
    in Mindanao: Like Davao City, Siargao, Gensan, Kidapawan City, Koronadal City….

  13. Unaccurate details about the cheapest living,,, Thailand and Malaysia is more expensive rather than Philippines, try to live and read some comments here… 😂🤣

  14. Indonesia is the cheapest place to live. trust me. I am Indonesian and had been visited all the city mentioned in this video, because I was work as a seaman for 20 years and had been travel around the world many times. there is no place like in Indonesia, there is no cheapest place to live compare to Indonesia.

  15. Bitch, she doesn't know what she's talking about. Good thing her job is just to read. As far as I know, another big factor that retirees consider is communication.

    PHILIPPINES: Hold my beer.

  16. The beauty of blue lagoon and the green woods with the tweet of birds feels like life is more live! Travel more at

  17. My wife wanted to move to Belize again?. What happens to US SSI if US goes Martial Law? No payments to Ex pats. Weigh all risks

  18. So vague. Forgot to mention that Thailand requires (at today's rate) 26,000 US dollars in a Thai bank AT ALL TIMES for you to retire. That might impact your budget just a touch

  19. Shame you can see she does know there is an Africa.
    Madam its a continent. Like a real large like piece of earth like.
    Africans come by on $way less than what you preach.
    Especially South Africa. Yes its a whole country! With people. 56million of us. And we need you rich tourist to come spend that $thousands what you were saying is cheap.
    Come see for yourself. Cheap cheap comfortable living.
    And by the way, our people are fantastic and friendly and not what you see the whole time on tv.
    Cheap cheap like a canary!😘

  20. Folks, as many of you have stated…. some cheap, yet safe countries were left out on this documentary list…not sure why, was there a kickback?? At any rate, I'm also looking to retire in the next 4 years and have not decided where-still searching… To that end, I have traveled to many parts of the world, Italy, UK, Brussels, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Japan, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and are currently on a Russia Vietnam vacation……. Thus far, I believe Vietnam is hands down the cheapest and safest country I've been to… Staying at a 3 star hotel in Vietnam where I have access to American tv such as HBO, AC, wi-fi and more importantly, extremely clean room that can pass a white glove inspection-all for approximately $10.00 / day.. I can choose to eat for under $2.00 dollars (meal includes a pork chop, a couple of eggs, rice and a few veges) or I could choose a more expensive sea food meal which I'm really not a fan of…As one gets older we no longer have the ability to grapple on the street with just anyone as we once did nor are we interested in having to pack when you go out at night… so peace of mind besides cost is certainly important to me since our retirement income will be for the most part fixed…. So based on my travels, it is my humble opinion that Vietnam should be consider when narrowing a list of countries to retire in…. food for thought….

  21. a full check up in a modern hospital in Chiang Mai is about $90 as of Jan 2019. Not sure where they are finding a full check up for $40.

  22. Its ok not to be mentioned here. Let these countries feel the impact of overpromotion. This isnt an official list anyway. Its very subjective.

  23. @Winningshot…You are a clueless individual who has a juvenile brain with a borderline IQ of 30. It's not uncommon for DUTAE's(AKA:duterte) DDS to inflate their bragging comments. It's hard to shut up ignorant idiots. Beside killing 36,000 plus poor Pinoys, name one accomplishment DUTAE(AKA:duterte) made that is good for the Filipinos and the country, the Philippines… LOL you hate the truth.

  24. @Jamie e…I'm trying to figure out where you came up with that assessment from? Dude. Ponder this quote from Socrates: "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser." Jamie e, you're just another idiot who proved DUTAE (AKA:duterte) was right, calling his supporters the stupidest people in the whole solar system.

  25. I am a retired single male, living in my paid off home, driving my paid off car's and can meet all my taxes, insurances, living expenses, etc. for at or slightly under $1000 monthly.
    Why would I care to live in another country? I visited at least 38 of them, on 5 continents, when I was a young man in the Navy!

  26. This list is so random and Messo-American Latino biased. There are more cheaper and more chill places to live, Nepal, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Georgia (weed 100% legal too), Tanzania, Mozambique…

  27. Don't believe this information about Colombia. In Bogota the average for an apartment is around US$800 per month (not $270)

  28. For some reason or another you fail to mention ANYTHING about security and crime. Mexico for instance? It's not all about how cheap the cost of living is, many of these places are cheap on life and a hideous way to end a life.

  29. Hi! ¡Excelent video! Thanks for sharing. Maybe this site could be helpful for your followers if you decide to share it with them. All the best for you.
    ¡Hola! ¡Excelente video! Gracias por compartir. Quizás este sitio podría ser útil para vuestros seguidores, si decide compartirlo con ellos. Todo lo mejor para usted.

  30. I would suggest you move to Kerala, Goa or Himachal Pradesh in India. $1000-1200 are way more than enough for a family of 5 or 6. Choose which climate suits you. Also these states are free from religious turbulence. Good luck where ever you are settling in the world.

  31. None of these places are making sense. places in Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, you can live good very much $200-$300 a month.

  32. Sounds good but most of this countries are more expensive and the bad elements have no souls. And no respect with other human beings.especially the Latin Americas.

  33. while i watched this video its very much out of touch with whats real most of the places shown are not cheap,,,,,spain being a very clear example as it was a country that went bankrupt, not so cheap these days, in the 1980s yes but now not a chance.
    i also noticed comments on the philippines, and as i agree with most of the comments of cheap one thing that is not true is the safety as tourists are attacked kidnapped and corruption is ripe, and because of the corruption the cost of living has doubled in the last 5 years, i know this well as i lived there for 15 years, as for most places around the world , as some seem cheap, you have to look at the quality of life and in real terms cheap and quality of life do not always go hand in hand,.

  34. This is the first time ever I gave a video a thumbs down. Information given is far from accurate and misleading.

  35. No thanks,, 2 Canadians were kidnapped in the Philippines,, held for ransom and beheaded.. Please report safety issues

  36. In Panama and costa Rica is to hot … 35 degrees Celsius every day with 88% humid… and days are every day of the year the same 9h light ! Trust me you will miss the winters in Europe, the 15h daylight, the cold days ,the autumn…

  37. the title is CHEAPEST place to live,,,,

    in choose from asian countries. cheapest one is there. but living inside EUROPE there LUXURIOUS living….

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